The Curious Case of Thinking Trump Cares About Anybody But Himself

If you listen to most Donald Trump supporters, they actually believe he’s an “honest straight-shooter who tells it like it is.” They insist he’s going to “make America great again” because he actually cares about them and their families. I know… It doesn’t make one bit of sense.

Donald Trump is a thin-skinned, pathological-lying, unhinged con man who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and his ego.

He didn’t run for president because he wanted to serve the American people to help make this country better. He ran because he wanted to be able to call himself “the president” and brag about “winning,” which is exactly why he’s never going to shut up about his election “victory.” No matter how long he lives, even if he’s still around 30 years from now, he’s still going to be talking about last November’s election “win” like it was some historic, monumental victory — when it was one of the most pathetic “victories” in American political history.

The 2016 Election: The year the United States “elected” a “president” who 54 percent of the country voted against, awarding him the highest office in our land after he received 3 million fewer votes than his closest opponent.

Like with nearly everything else in his life, Trump’s focus during his campaign was on “winning,” promoting himself — and nothing else.

It’s no wonder why reports last year surfaced indicating Trump was telling potential VP candidates that they’d be the most powerful vice president we’ve ever had. It’s not because the position was going to be given any more power than it’s had before, it’s because Trump was planning to make everyone else around him do most of the work. He doesn’t really want to be president, he just wants to be called president.

When he held all those rallies (and still continues to do so even after being sworn into office), that’s not about him trying to get “one-on-one” with the American people. Those events are about nothing more than an egomaniac who loves standing on a stage with thousands of people hanging on his every word, cheering basically everything he says. He wants that sort of admiration — he needs it.

The same goes for his obsession with Twitter. He doesn’t use his Twitter account to connect with Americans. He uses it to get easy attention. When he needs a “quick fix” of self-validation for something ridiculous he believes, that’s often when he turns to Twitter.

Donald Trump is someone who constantly needs people telling him how amazing he is. And if someone isn’t doing that, that’s when he’ll often brag about himself in a desperate attempt to get someone to speak highly of him in some way.

I have no doubt that every single day it eats away at Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton received more votes than he did; his electoral victory was by one of the smallest margins over the last 70 years, and his inauguration crowd was much smaller than Barack Obama’s crowd.

Donald Trump is the sort of unhinged, petty mental-infant who, if he can’t be better than you, will try to tear down whatever you’ve accomplished. Then if he can’t do that, as we’ve already seen on more than a few occasions, he’ll simply try to take credit for achievements he had nothing to do with.

Just look at the way he constantly portrays himself as some sort of “victim.” I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s so needy for attention that he’ll brag about how “rich and successful” he supposedly is — then follow that by whining about how everything is “unfair” or “rigged against him.” He wants people to agree that he’s “rich and successful,” while also feeling sorry for him. It’s absolutely preposterous.

I’ve watched very few Trump interviews where he doesn’t spend a good chunk of the time bragging about himself or trying to make people feel sorry for him. This is a man who recently, right in the middle of talking about China, handed professional journalists copies of the 2016 electoral college map to brag about last year’s election.

One of the biggest running jokes right now — aside from Trump’s administration — is the fact that millions of conservatives actually believe that an insecure, greedy, narcissistic egomaniac who’s been wealthy his entire life actually cares about them, their families, and their problems. The only thing Trump cares about is figuring out what lies he feels his supporters are gullible enough to believe that way they’ll keep feeding his ego by telling him how amazing they think he is.

And as long as he’s getting that admiration, he doesn’t care how dishonest he has to be or who he has to hurt — just as long as he feels he’s “winning.”

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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