Trump Goes on Desperate Twitter Rant Trying to Distract People From His Growing List of Scandals

Knowing the type of lowlife Donald Trump is, I wasn’t shocked to see him take to Twitter on Friday morning to attack the credibility of the reports linking him to possible treason, and laughably bring up Hillary Clinton’s emails. Obviously this was his pathetic attempt to deflect to Clinton while hoping that these tweets would distract people from the growing list of very serious scandals that already plague his administration:

Wow, that is a whole lot of b.s. to shovel through, so I’ll do it as simply as I can.

To start, there’s no proof that the allegations are “phony.” If you actually read up on reports of how all this went down, the fact that this information didn’t come out before the election actually helps add credibility to these allegations. If these were truly “phony” or “witch hunts” based on “fake” news, then why would people have known about all of this months ago but not come forward until it was too late to keep him from becoming president? These are very serious allegations that could possibly indicate he committed treason. I absolutely believe that, had these come out before the election, they would have had a major impact on the results.

Furthermore, based on all accounts I’ve read, the ex-spy who gathered all of this information is a highly respected and credible individual.

Not only that, but there’s nothing “in it” for this guy to have made any of this up. What’s the “end game” for him? There’s absolutely no reason to think that someone who was apparently trusted by both Republicans and Democrats would fabricate this report because there’s absolutely no benefit for him to have done so. Especially considering he’s now apparently gone into hiding, fearing for his life based upon the attention his report has received.

By the way, who cares what Russia says? Why in the world would anyone believe Russia? As if a country that attacked us and possibly has blackmail it wants to use against our next president is going to admit to any of that. You have to be an absolute moron to believe that they would.

Then his claims that these reports are “fake” are total nonsense. The only thing CNN did was factually report that both President Obama and Trump had been briefed about allegations that Russia had information they planned to use to blackmail Trump. For that, Trump laughably called CNN “fake news.” He’s lashing out and trying to discredit anyone reporting on this by accusing them of making things up, when all they’re doing is reporting on factual information he doesn’t like.

Then he says “his people” will have a full report on the hacking within 90 days? First, who puts a timetable on an investigation? That’s just idiotic and screams “this investigation isn’t going to be credible.” And what sane person would trust “Trump’s people” to conduct a credible investigation that includes allegations of possible treason? Dictators appoint “their people” to investigate themselves for corruption — not presidents. Then again, Trump’s really nothing more than a dictator, anyway.

And then there’s his true desperation, bringing up Hillary Clinton. Months after the election, Trump and his campaign still pivot to Hillary Clinton to try to deflect away from his scandals, incompetence and possible criminal behavior.

For those playing at home, that’s our next president saying that a private citizen who was cleared by the FBI after an investigation that lasted over a year is “guilty as hell” — without any actual evidence. Let’s not forget that this is the ignorant opinion of a clown who spent years claiming that “sources” were telling him President Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

Make no mistake about it, these tweets were nothing more than Donald Trump trying to distract the country (and the world) from the growing list of scandals that are already swirling around his administration. While I’m not a psychologist, if you ask me, everything about Trump’s behavior leads me to believe that this is someone who’s terrified of people digging deeper into these allegations and he’s doing everything he can to undercut those efforts before more information comes out.

But, please, don’t let him distract any of you.

The reality is, we’re looking at a very serious situation where our next president might have very well committed treason by colluding with an enemy who attacked us in a blatant effort to undermine our democracy during a presidential election.

We’re going to have to fight every single day to make sure our elected officials do what they’ve sworn to do: Protect this country from enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    “Unprecedented threat to the Union calls for unprecedented response” is what Donald B. Cooley advocates in the Facebook comments above after citing Martial law and nullifying the election as his examples of responses. That’s probably an expression of exasperation rather than a threat. Still, it comes within the same week as stories emerge about an opera singer cancelling out of the inauguration because of death threats and another performer cancelling out because of intimidation. Groups claim they are coming to Washington to physically “shut down” the inauguration. The levels of hatred coming from the left are unprecedented. I’ve been wondering if the hatred and threat to the Union is orchestrated by deep state institutions with the intent of creating lone wolves who take it a step further than Donald B. Cooley’s first amendment right of expression.

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