Trump Humiliates Self Bragging About Poll That Actually Shows What a Dumpster Fire His Campaign Is

In many ways Donald Trump is the perfect representation of the majority of the people who support him. He’s not overly bright and doesn’t really know anything about politics, but he thinks he does and often makes a complete fool out of himself when talking about the subject.

Take for instance a tweet he sent out where he claimed that a new ABC News/Washington Post poll had him up 11 points over Hillary Clinton among female voters:

When I saw that tweet, I immediately headed over to Real Clear Politics to see if this was actually true, because it certainly didn’t sound like it was.

And, of course — it wasn’t.

When you actually look at the poll, Clinton leads Trump among women voters by 8 points in a 4-way race (she leads by 4 points overall). What Trump did was compare her 8 point lead among women in the latest poll with her 19 point lead she had at the end of September to claim she’s “down 11 points with women voters” — clearly trying to imply that he has a double-digit lead among women.

While her lead has shrunk some in that particular poll, for Trump to claim she’s down 11 points with women voters is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Furthermore, I’m fairly certain you won’t see Trump mention the results from the latest CBS News or Fox News polls where she’s up 15 and 17 points with women respectively. So it would seem this smaller 8-point advantage she has in the ABC News/Washington Post poll is more of an outlier based on what her lead has been and what it continues to be in other recent polls.

The kicker here is, Trump tweeted this in a sad attempt to dupe his followers into believing he’s leading among women voters (he isn’t), while apparently being oblivious to just how terrible the rest of the polling data was for his campaign.

Allow me to run through some of the numbers.

First, it showed Clinton leading Trump in “Net Enthusiasm” 83-79%, which goes directly against Trump’s belief that his supporters are more excited for his campaign.

While Clinton’s Favorable/Unfavorable numbers weren’t great (43% Favorable/53% Unfavorable), they were a hell of a lot better than Trump’s (31% Favorable/66% Unfavorable). To put it in another way, her “Net Favorable” rating is -10% — while his is at -35%.


Despite Trump claiming that “all the polls” showed him winning the second debate, this poll actually gave a clear victory to Clinton that night at 45-32%. But who needs these silly scientifically sound polls when Trump has absolutely worthless online surveys he can brag about, right?

Also, 57% of those responding thought it was inappropriate for Trump to have said he was going to jail Clinton if elected.

When people were asked who they felt was qualified to be president, 59% said they believed Clinton was, while only 39% believed Trump had the right qualifications.

As far as which candidate has the right temperament for the job, 59% said Clinton did while only 34% said the same thing about Trump.

While only 45% of respondents said Clinton had strong moral character — not exactly great numbers — only 30% felt Trump was morally sound. This is another one where the “net rating” tells a bigger story as Clinton’s was only -7%, while Trump’s was -36%.

Again — ouch.

Let’s run through a few other stats from this poll really quick:

  • Who do you trust to handle terrorism: Clinton 48%  Trump 46%
  • Who do you trust more to handle an international crisis: Clinton 55%  Trump 39%
  • Who do you trust more to handle ethics in government: Clinton 45%  Trump 37%
  • Who do you trust to look out more for the middle class: Clinton 51%  Trump 37%
  • Who do you trust more to handle women’s rights: Clinton 69%  Trump 22%

When they were asked about the video tape where Trump admitted to being a sexual predator:

  • 35% said it made them less likely to vote for him.
  • 57% didn’t believe his apology was sincere.
  • Only 40% said that’s how they believed men talked in “locker rooms.”
  • 68% said they believe he’s made unwanted sexual advances toward women.

How legitimate of an issue is Bill Clinton’s affairs and how Hillary Clinton might have reacted toward his accuses was asked with 62% of respondents saying it was “not a legitimate issue,” while only 24% said it was either Extremely Important/Very Important/Somewhat Important.

Meanwhile, when people were asked about Trump’s treatment of women, 48% said it was Extremely Important/Very Important/Somewhat Important, while 42% said it was “not a legitimate issue.”

Needless to say, practically every inch of this poll that Trump bragged about on Twitter is an absolute disaster for his campaign.

This poll basically showed:

  • Clinton’s supporters are more excited about her than his are for him.
  • While Clinton’s not extremely popular overall, he’s really unpopular.
  • She’s crushing him when it comes to people who think she’s more qualified than he is (which is mind-numbing to think about the fact she leads him by 20 points in that question, but only 4 points overall).
  • People trust that Clinton has the right temperament for the job, while the vast majority of people don’t feel that way about him.
  • Based on several questions, most people think Trump has a very low standard of morals and ethics.
  • Most people aren’t buying Trump’s desperate attempts to make Bill Clinton’s sexual past an issue against Hillary.
  • Nearly 70% of Americans believe Trump has sexually harassed or assaulted women.

Again, let me remind everyone that this is a poll he bragged about on Twitter even though his claim that he’s up by 11 points with women is pure fiction and basically every other metric found in the very same poll showcases what a dumpster fire his campaign has turned into over the last few weeks.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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