Trump Jr’s Latest Excuse for His Father Not Releasing His Tax Returns is an Absolute Joke (Video)

Of all the “controversies” surrounding the 2016 presidential election, the continued refusal by Donald Trump to release his tax returns is, by far, one of the most absurd. While it’s true that there’s no law requiring him to release these documents, the bipartisan decision of presidential candidates voluntarily releasing their tax returns is a tradition that dates back 40 years. Heck, in 2012, the very same Donald Trump called out then-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for not being more transparent about the release of his tax returns. It only adds to the ridiculousness of this entire situation considering how hypocritical it is that he’s not even following his own advice.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to claim that the reason he’s not releasing his returns is because they’re currently being audited. That lie has been debunked by the IRS (you know, the people who are actually auditing him), which has said he’s more than capable of releasing his returns even if they’re in the middle of an audit.

Then there was a statement made by his campaign a couple of months ago where they basically said the main reason why they aren’t releasing his returns is that the American people are too stupid to understand them.

Well, now Donald Trump Jr. chimed in on his father’s taxes, saying that they would be a distraction from the campaign’s message.

“Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would distract from (his father’s) main message,” Trump Jr. told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

He also went on to say that releasing them would create “300 million tax auditors” asking questions about his father’s returns and scrutinizing his business record.

In other words, he doesn’t seem to think that the American people have the right to scrutinize a businessman who’s made his business record a big part of the reason why he claims he should be president.

It’s an absolute joke.

While his father’s campaign has hammered Hillary Clinton for supposedly lacking transparency (even though she’s constantly scrutinized for everything she does), there Trump Jr. was, whining that allowing the voters to see his father’s tax returns would open him up to the same scrutiny every presidential candidate from both parties for the last 40 years has dealt with.

However, when you really look at what he was saying, he essentially confirmed that they’re not making his father’s tax returns public because what the American people would learn from those documents would hurt the campaign.

Or another way to put that: Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax returns because he’s clearly hiding something.

This nonsense about his father’s returns being 12,000 pages long is pure propaganda. Every media entity in this country has teams of economic and tax experts who know how to decipher and interpret tax returns — even those that are 12,000 pages long.

Donald Trump, his campaign and everyone who supports him can make all the excuses they want, but it’s clear that the reason why he’s potentially risking his entire campaign by not releasing these documents is because he’s terrified of the American people learning the truth about him and his business dealings. Furthermore, if the situations were reversed and it was Hillary Clinton who was refusing to release her returns, everyone defending Trump for not releasing his would be saying that her refusal to do so is “proof that she’s unethical and corrupt.”

Every lie and preposterous excuse from the Trump campaign about why he won’t release his tax returns only serves as more proof that he’s afraid of people knowing the truth about his supposed “success” and any questionable business practices he’s benefitted from.

Donald Trump will go down in history as the most arrogant, boisterous businessman who constantly bragged about his success — who was too much of a coward to actually prove how successful he’s really been.

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Allen Clifton

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