Trump Can Kiss His Chances Goodbye as Evidence Points to a Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren Ticket

Despite all the rhetoric swirling around right now concerning the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump’s chances of winning aren’t all that great. That doesn’t mean he can’t win – he most certainly can – but once the general election really kicks into high gear his weaknesses are going to be exposed, badly. Even in early June we’re seeing signs where he’s losing his cool as he’s come under much more intense scrutiny than anything he dealt with from other Republicans during the primary.

Well, things might be getting much worse for Donald Trump and the Republican party as all recent signs seem to indicate that Hillary Clinton might be on the verge of selecting Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.

As most probably know, recently, Warren began really going after Trump. However, it kind of came out of nowhere. Most of us found it incredibly entertaining so we just enjoyed the show without thinking too much into it. Though unlike most people who’ve gone toe-to-toe with Trump in some sort of insult war, Warren actually got the best of him for the most part. Looking back on that, based on recent evidence, this all seems like it might have been a calculated move.

Recent evidence such as Clinton’s campaign admitting that they had been in close contact with Sen. Warren. At the time, it was a seemingly inconsequential comment that seemed to indicate nothing more than the two sides were discussing general election strategies.

Then news broke that Sen. Harry Reid had been actively working to put together a Clinton/Warren ticket. In fact, he’s already been looking at scenarios and rules for filling a U.S. Senate vacancy to replace Warren should the pair emerge victorious in November.

Here’s the report from the Boston Globe

Reid recently gave voice to those concerns and said he would not want Clinton to pick a vice presidential nominee from a state with a Republican governor — such as Massachusetts.

But subsequently Reid commissioned a review by Washington election law attorney Marc Elias (who is also the general counsel to the Clinton campaign, and has advised Warren on legal matters in the past). The review only focused on Massachusetts, and Reid did not conduct such a follow-up review on any other state, according to the person source close to Reid.

What that means is Reid basically told Clinton to please not to choose anyone from a state where a Republican governor might get to replace whoever she chose. However, he commissioned a review in Massachusetts – and only Massachusetts (the state has a Republican governor) – to look into the rules and laws to deal with a potentially departing Senator Warren. So what they’re now seemingly doing is working out what might be the best way for Warren to handle this so that her spot in the Senate remains with the Democratic party.

Obviously neither side is going to confirm or even comment a great deal on this, but Warren amping up her attacks on Trump seems to be tying all of this together as a very real possibility based on this recent evidence.

This ticket would be a nightmare for Donald Trump on several levels.

Despite what Trump says, having to deal with women exposes a huge weakness of his: His blatant sexism.

Then when you combine his sexism with his tendency to get worked up and fly off the handle, he’s definitely going to say a lot of things that he simply can’t walk back during a general election. Especially going up against two women like Clinton and Warren who are more than able to handle his special brand of bullsh*t.

But even more so than that, Warren has been proving for the last several weeks that she’s one of the few people that can dabble in Trump’s “territory” of rather harsh, personal attacks and get the better of him. While Clinton is very calculated in handling Trump from the aspect of bashing his incompetence politically, Warren is much better at the impassioned, emotional attacks that Trump excels at. As a running mate, Warren can get under Trump’s skin enough to distract him while Clinton crushes him over the fact that he’s woefully unqualified to actually be president.

Aside from Trump, having Warren as her running mate would be a huge benefactor to Clinton’s campaign with bringing over some of the more far-left liberals who aren’t happy that Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be the nominee. Let’s face it, a good chunk of the “Feel the Bern” crowd came over after “Ready for Warren” finally realized she wasn’t going to run for president. While Sanders has done a remarkable job this year, if Warren had decided to run, he probably wouldn’t have. For the last several years Warren has been the superstar of the Democratic party.

Just Elizabeth Warren’s presence alone is enough generate a good deal of excitement from some liberals who’ve been supportive, but less than excited about Clinton. She’ll even be able to generate a good deal of excitement from those who’ve been somewhat hostile toward Clinton up until now because her name adds instant progressive credibility to a campaign some have felt lacked “true progressive values.”

And if a Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren ticket manages to unite most “factions” of the Democratic party, I don’t see any rational way that Donald Trump can win.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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