Trump Lashes Out at Obama in Embarrassing Saturday Afternoon Rant

Among the many things Donald Trump is, one of them is most definitely a blatant hypocrite who doesn’t feel as if he should be held to the same standards as everyone else — including those he personally attacks. Many of the asinine things he says and does are almost complete contradictions of previous statements or behavior. I really don’t believe Trump possesses the mental capabilities to completely grasp reality, critical thinking, or complex information in enough of a capacity to fully understand how often he contradicts himself.

For instance, a Twitter rant he went on Saturday afternoon, attacking Barack Obama over recent comments he made where he said he “choked” when it came to responding to Russia’s meddling in our election.

Here are the two tweets he sent out:

First, I’d like to point out the reality that had Obama made Russia trying to interfere in our election a major talking point, I can guarantee you Trump’s narrative then would have been that he was trying to influence the election to help Hillary Clinton. So this fake “outrage” Trump’s trying to push here, suggesting Obama should have addressed it then is total bullshit. He was already whining about how the election was going to be “rigged” and everyone, including the FBI, was trying to help Clinton. So it’s absurd for him to even imply that he would have been okay with President Obama making Russian interference — for Trump’s benefit — a major talking point during last year’s campaign.

Also, why would investigators focus on Obama? Did he make mistakes in handling the cyber attack? Of course. But the focus of these investigations isn’t so much on the cyber attack against Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, it’s the long list of Trump associates with ties to Russia who keep getting caught in secret meetings and/or communications with Russian officials.

Obviously the cyber attack is a huge issue, but that pales in comparison to the possibility that a presidential campaign colluded with Russian officials to undermine our election.

Furthermore, while special counselor Robert Mueller is overseeing the much broader investigation into possible collusion, one of his main focuses right now is possible obstruction of justice charges against Trump for allegedly trying to interfere in the investigation into his former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

While Trump likes to use these pathetic attempts at diversion to distract people, they never make a damn bit of sense. The reason why so many believe his campaign might have colluded with Russia is because Trump:

  • Has frequently heaped praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Lashed out at U.S. intelligence officials when they stated Russia was the culprit behind the cyber attack.
  • Has repeatedly called these investigations “fake news” when they are very real.
  • Still refuses to truly condemn Russia in any sort of a negative way.
  • Has apparently pushed for Congress to ease sanctions on Russia.
  • Still won’t release his tax returns.
  • Has a long list of associates with connections to Russia.
  • Still refuses to publicly state, without a doubt, he believes Russia was behind last year’s cyber attack.
  • Has seemed to oddly support quite a few pro-Russia policies, especially in regards to NATO and the European Union.
  • Was the only person who benefited from the highly sophisticated cyber attack that helped him “win” last year’s election.
  • Fired the head of the FBI, citing the on-going investigation into his campaign as part of the reason.
  • Allegedly tried to obstruct justice prior to firing the head of the FBI.
  • Has tried to undermine the credibility of the investigations into him at nearly every turn.
  • Has behaved like a textbook example of someone who’s guilty and terrified of people finding out the truth.

It’s not as if he “won” and people immediately thought, “Oh, he had to have worked with Russia.” If none of the things I just listed were true, then most folks probably wouldn’t think there was any possibility of collusion. Except all of those things (plus more) are real and factual. In particular, the way he’s acted toward all of this which, as I just pointed out, is textbook behavior of someone who’s guilty of something.

Oh, and can someone please tell me how pointing out that Russia seemed to be helping Trump during last year’s election would have benefited Hillary Clinton? If anything, Obama’s reluctance to bring this issue up probably hurt her as, at that time, most Americans didn’t understand the depths to which Russia had gone to help his campaign.

That’s just a prime example of Trump not being able to understand any of this, simply evoking Clinton’s name in a desperate attempt to deflect attention off of himself.

The bottom line is this, Trump can keep lashing out at whoever he wants, whenever he wants, but that’s not going to change the facts or what investigators ultimately discover. As long as he continues to act like someone who’s scared to death of people finding out the truth about him, the more intense the scrutiny’s going to be.

Though I get the feeling, like most of us, Trump realizes that this has already spun completely out of his control. These obsessive outbursts are nothing more than his last-ditch efforts to try anything to save his own backside. However, at this point, there’s likely nothing he can do to prevent the inevitable — which is exactly why he’s terrified.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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