Trump Official’s Outrageous Defense of Travel Ban Tweets Left me Speechless (Video)

One thing I’ll say is that CNN’s Chris Cuomo is an absolute professional. There’s no way I could have made it through the interview I just watched, listening to the unbelievable nonsense Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump’s deputy assistant, was trying to sell, without completely coming unraveled and losing my cool.

While the entire interview is definitely worth watching (I’ll link both parts below), when Gorka claimed that Trump’s tweets shouldn’t matter, and that the media is obsessing over direct comments from the “president,” I truly couldn’t believe that this man was speaking with a straight face.

“I just find it really disappointing that, not only did you have one of your staff on before me for several minutes to discuss the president’s tweets, but now we’re eight minutes into this interview and you’re doing it again,” Gorka stated.

“Let’s talk about policy. I’d like to talk about policy, not tweets,” he added.

“That is the policy,” Cuomo quickly replied. “His tweets are the policy. They are statements from the President of the United States about what he wants.”

“It’s not policy, Chris, it’s social media — it’s social media,” Gorka said.

After some over-talking between the two men, Cuomo finally asked Gorka, “Are you saying we shouldn’t listen to what the president says?”

“You shouldn’t obsess about it for twelve minutes, Chris,” Gorka quipped.

Cuomo then correctly pointed out that this is the “President” of the United States personally stating, on a public forum, exactly what he really wants — including attacking the lawyers and Department of Justice — while Gorka continued to act as if nothing Trump tweets should matter because it’s “just social media.”

The argument Gorka was trying to make here was essentially that Trump’s unhinged tweets and comments, even when he directly states something that he wants, aren’t policy. In other words, direct comments and statements made by the “President” of the United States aren’t policy and shouldn’t be taken seriously because, well, it’s “just social media.”

By that “logic,” that means nothing Trump says on Twitter should ever be taken seriously or discussed — you know, like when he publicly threatens the former head of the FBI who he had just fired — even though he’s admitted that he uses the social media site to directly talk to people. It’s truly difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that Gorka would even try to make such an asinine argument.

This is how disastrous Trump’s been as “president” and how chaotic his administration has conducted itself, overall. His hypocrisies, contradictions, and unhinged behavior are so indefensible that officials are now taking the stance that even direct statements from Donald Trump aren’t really newsworthy and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Just when you think things can’t get any more absurd, with this administration, it really is simply a matter of giving them time to prove that they always can.

Watch the interview below via CNN (Part 2 is where the comments I discussed in this article took place, though the entire interview is worth watching):

CNN interview with Trump adviser goes off the… by sarahburris

Part 2 of the Gorka v. Cuomo battle by sarahburris

Allen Clifton

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  • exit 7

    Gorka is a pig. Every time I hear him speak I dislike him more. Sadly, the argument that the tweets don’t matter is gaining acceptance among the Trumpers

    • marysrn

      Maybe not after today’s Sean Spicer press conference. He said when the president tweets, he wants everyone to know that is his policy!

  • strayaway

    Chis Cuomo is correct about three things. Trump is trying to keep mid-east Muslims out of the US, Trump based his list of nations on previous Obama restrictions, and that, glaringly, Saudis are excluded despite 9/11.

    Chis Cuomo also helps validate my thesis that libs have trouble with the concept of proportionality. Whether or not Trump was playing games pretending to some extent that this was not a ban on mid-east Muslims is a very fine point compared with this Trump attempt to protect the US from all the vehicles jumping curbs and explosions in nightclubs going on in western Europe perpetrated by refugees and the European born offspring of Muslim immigrants. Trump voters, it seems, would rather not have the daily problems going on in Europe. The Czech Republic, by the way, just joined Poland and Hungary in basically refusing more refugees. Meanwhile, Chis Cuomo is more concerned about how forthright Trump is than whether we have more problems like Europe’s.