Trump: Police Officers Should Have the Right to Illegally Confiscate Guns (Video)

During a meeting with lawmakers on Wednesday, Donald Trump said that he believes cops should have the right to confiscate guns from people whether or not they were legally allowed to do so.

“The police saw that he [the Parkland shooter] was a problem — they didn’t take any guns away,” Trump said. “Now that could have been policing, they should have taken them away anyway, whether they had the right or not.”

No, that’s not “fake news,” folks. That is Donald Trump, the Republican “president” of the United States saying, point blank, that cops should have the right to confiscate guns whether or not they have a legal right to do so. According to his “logic” during this rant, he seems to believe that if a cop thinks someone is too mentally ill to own guns, that alone should give law enforcement officers the right to seize guns.

I don’t want to get into a debate over whether or not that makes sense. Sure, it sounds fairly reasonable. If someone seems like they may be a threat, take away their guns. However, I’d like to point out the rather obvious “slippery-slope” created if we were to allow cops to violate the Constitutional rights of Americans simply because they “felt” something. Let alone the door that would open for other rights to be violated based on “feelings.”

The Constitution is fairly clear about our rights as Americans and that whole “due process” thing.

Though I’d like to point out the irony of the “law and order president” who’s whined about “illegal FISA warrants” (that weren’t illegal) when it relates to him quite literally saying that he feels cops should have the right to violate an American’s Constitutional rights basically whenever they feel like it.

Had Barack Obama said this, the NRA, the GOP, and the conservative media would’ve been losing their damn minds. Could you imagine the reaction from Sean Hannity? Alex Jones?

Take a moment to contemplate what conservatives would’ve been saying had Obama said he felt cops should be able to confiscate guns “whether they had the right or not.”

Barack Obama never came anywhere close to saying anything like Trump did today, yet guns nuts still spent his eight years in office painting him as an anti-Second Amendment radical who was always working to “take away their guns.” The rhetoric became so outrageous the whole Jade Helm conspiracy sprung up where morons all over the country were accusing Obama of using a military exercise to declare martial law to confiscate guns.

I’m really curious to see how the right’s going to react to this. While I’m sure some might call out the dangers of Trump saying cops should be able to confiscate guns regardless of due process, I’m fairly confident the usual pro-Trump cheerleaders like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, and most of the conservative media will go into overtime either ignoring these comments or doing their best to defend him on a statement everyone reading this damn well knows they’d be going ballistic over if Obama had said it while he was president.

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Watch his comments below via Pat Ward:

Allen Clifton

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