Male Trump Supporter Brutally Attacks Female Senior Citizen at Event in North Carolina (Video)

For anyone to deny that Donald Trump has inspired his supporters to become hostile, angry and even sometimes violent is to deny reality. There have been isolated incidents where radical liberals have acted in ways that are appalling (the death threats to DNC officials come to mind), but violence linked to Trump rallies or his supporters has been a common theme throughout his campaign.

From a Latino man being brutally beaten by two Trump supporters in New York, to all-out brawls that have broken out between protesters and his supporters, it’s clear Trump’s rhetoric has made some of his supporters feel empowered to act out aggressively and violently.

Then again, when your candidate’s message has essentially been been centered around the idea that everyone not “on their side” is the enemy and working to “rig the system” against him, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that those backing Trump are angry, paranoid and hostile.

That said, few things have been as disgusting as what happened on Monday in North Carolina when Trump supporter Richard Campbell allegedly assaulted 69-year-old Shirley Teter — by punching her directly in the face.

As reported by WLOS ABC News 13:

Protesters met Trump supporters before the rally, and Teter was having fun.

“Whenever groups of them would start chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!’ I would chant back, ‘Dump! Dump! Dump! Dump!’ It was kind of comical,” Teter said.

After the rally, Teter experienced something she had never seen in all of her protests. Peace teetered over into something else.

“I said, ‘You better learn to speak Russian,’ and I said, ‘The first two words are going to be ha ha.’ He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me,” Teter said.

She was punched in the face.

Oh, by the way, besides being 69-years-old, Ms. Teter also relies on the assistance of an oxygen tank, which she fell on after being punched in the face. She was taken to the hospital with sore ribs, a sore jaw and a cut elbow but no serious injuries.

She also asked if a Trump supporter punching her in the face qualified as “deplorable,” an obvious reference to Hillary Clinton’s comment where she said half of his supporters reprsent a “basket of deplorables” (racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic).

This is also the same rally where several protesters inside the event were assaulted as well.

There’s really nothing I can say to adequately describe how incredibly disgusting this is. Physically assaulting someone is bad enough and is never acceptable, but for a man to punch a 69-year-old woman using an oxygen tank in the face is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve seen this entire campaign. I sincerely hope that when they arrest this guy, he’s punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Every person is responsible for their own actions, but it’s clear that Donald Trump’s tone, rhetoric and the way he’s built his campaign has inspired violence and empowered people to feel as if shameful behavior like what took place Monday in North Carolina is acceptable.

Watch the story below via WLOS:

Allen Clifton

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