Call It Like It Is: Trump Supporters are Part of a Cult Following a Deranged Leader

While Donald Trump officially has the title of “president,” he’s really more of a cult leader than anything else. An unhinged madman who hasn’t found a conspiracy theory he doesn’t like, he’s admired by millions of Americans who will seemingly turn on anyone and anything when it comes to their blind devotion to Trump.

In January 2016 when Trump said his supporters were mindless sheep who’d blindly support him no matter what he does — even if he shot someone in a public street — he was right. I’ve never seen such a large group of people so devoid of reality in all of my life. I really do feel like many of them would disown their children before saying a single negative word about the orange menace.

While that might sound a bit extreme, keep in mind that it’s actually quite common for cults to separate their members from their friends, family, and basically anyone who could expose the lies and propaganda they’re being fed.

If you doubt me, watch Going Clear, the documentary about Scientology and the extreme lengths the “church” goes to in order to keep its followers as isolated and brainwashed as possible.

In fact, I’ve often referred to Trump as the “Scientology of politics.” A man who’s so obviously fake and full of crap yet, inexplicably, there are quite a lot of people who fail to see that he’s nothing but a liar and a fraud.

I’ve lost count of how many different people, groups, or organizations are apparently “out to get Trump.” Practically anyone who says anything negative that exposes his dishonesty and incompetence is part of some elaborate “conspiracy out to get him and destroy America.”

Because that’s absolutely reasonable and not-at-all insane to believe.

From the United States press, to the international media, the NBA, the NFL, and even other Republicans and conservatives, if you dare say anything disparaging about Donald J. Trump, to his supporters — you are the enemy.

As a Texan from San Antonio, I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone that I’m a huge Spurs basketball fan. As some folks reading this might know, the team’s coach for the past two decades has been Gregg Popovich. Not only is he considered one of the greatest coaches of all-time, but he’s probably one of the most respected people, not just in sports, but in general. He’s developed a reputation for building teams that “do things the right way” without letting any over-inflated egos get in the way, and has shown an uncanny ability to adapt over time to the ever-changing game of basketball. It’s how he’s managed to win 5 championships during his career as a coach.

A graduate of the Air Force Academy, and a very intelligent person, usually when Popovich speaks, people listen.

Yet despite how respected he is, not only around the country, but especially among the vast majority of Spurs fans, following his latest comments where he called out Trump’s ignorance about the National Anthem protests, I saw people who I know are diehard Spurs fans who’ve heaped praise on Popovich for years suddenly calling for him to be fired for speaking out against this current “president.”

Instead of realizing that Popovich is an incredibly intelligent and well-spoken individual who they’ve respected for two decades, which means there’s probably a good reason why he’s spoken out against Trump, they turned on him to defend a rich con man from New York.

Just look at how some NFL fans have reacted since Trump’s rant against the league.

By far the most popular sport in the entire country, one that brings about calls every February to make its championship game, the Super Bowl, a National Holiday was the latest enemy to Trump supporters. Many of them decided that they’d rather boycott teams and players they’ve loved for years, if not decades, burning team merchandise and tickets they had already spent money on, simply because the league chose to stand up to Trump.

Hell, following a speech a few weeks ago, Trump managed to make the Boy Scouts — the freaking Boy Scoutsinto a political issue.

To most Trump supporters, he can do no wrong. When he mocked Senator John McCain’s war record, I saw many agreeing with Trump that he wasn’t a war hero. Apparently it’s okay to disrespect veterans just as long as Trump does it first.

When he lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in the streets of New Jersey, despite the fact that there’s absolutely no evidence to support that claim, I saw Trump supporters declaring that they saw the same thing, too.

After Trump mocked a disabled reporter, even though the video evidence of the disgusting display is indisputable, Trump’s supporters defended that as well.

Even after the video emerged of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, female Trump supporters began wearing shirts reading things like “Trump can grab my pu**y,” essentially mocking sexual assault. At that time, I had a friend tell me that they would never allow a man to do that to her or her daughter — yet she was still going to vote for Trump, anyway.


Because she truly believed it was just “locker room talk,” and Trump had never actually done that.

No matter how many campaign promises he breaks, whether it’s not having any way to make Mexico pay for his border wall, or clearly not having a health care plan that would make coverage “better, cheaper, and cover more Americans” — his supporters make excuses.

For many of them, the only source of information they trust is Donald J. Trump, himself — the very con man lying to and manipulating them.

That is exactly how cults function.

The first thing any cult or conspiracy theorist must indoctrinate their followers into believing is that any and all information that counters the propaganda and lies they’re telling them are “part of the conspiracy.” That’s why it’s essentially pointless to argue with these types of people. No matter how indisputable your facts, they’ll always dismiss them as part of some “conspiracy against the truth.” Then when they can’t, they’ll either make excuses for the lies that are so egregious they can’t deny them, or they’ll do everything they can to deflect away from the points you’re trying to make.

You know, kind of like bringing up Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at random times trying to either change the subject away from Trump or claim something they did was worse than something he has done.

And the hypocrisy of these people, it’s unbelievable.

After years bashing Obama for playing golf, they suddenly couldn’t care less that Trump’s on pace to cost taxpayers more on personal travel expenses during his first year in office than we spent on Obama during his entire eight years as president.

When Obama played golf, it’s because he was being lazy and not doing his job. When Trump plays golf, it’s because he’s the “hardest working president ever who’s still working even when he’s playing.”

Because, you know, Obama clearly never conducted presidential business while away from the White House — only Trump does that.

The economy is another topic where Trumpsters prove how absolutely naive they are.

Around a year ago Trump was calling the economy a disaster and the monthly economic reports “phony” or a “hoax.” Yet now, even though the economy is essentially just as strong as it was for most of Obama’s presidency, and the monthly economic numbers are coming from the same sources, calculated just as they were before, suddenly now Trump’s bragging about those numbers, as his supporters use them to brag about how “he’s improved the economy.” When the truth is, he’s done next to nothing to help the economy. Aside from signing a few executive orders which really don’t have much of an impact, Trump hasn’t passed a single major piece of legislation since he was sworn into office.

Yet it doesn’t seem to register with Trump supporters that when he told them the economic numbers prior to his inauguration were “phony” or a “hoax,” he was blatantly lying to them because he knew they were stupid enough to believe him.

These are people who could hate or criticize something one minute, then praise and defend it the next, not because anything about it actually changed, but simply because Trump told them to.

When I say I’ve never seen anything like this, at least when it comes to politics, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never witnessed a group of people who have absolutely no shame when it comes to their hypocrisy of defending someone for comments and behavior that they’d never let anyone else get away with. They’re people who’ve proven time and time again that they’ll turn on anyone and anything that dares to expose the truth about Donald Trump and what a dishonest, unethical con artist he truly is.

That is exactly why I view them more as members of a cult following a deranged leader more than American voters supporting a “president.”

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • James Roger Bell

    Shakespeare had this one…….you idol of idiot worshippers!!


    Complete and utter nonsense from the “LOSER CLASS”. You morons haven’t won an election since halfway through Oscuma’s first term. You are all Anti-American, social imbeciles and again – LOSERS!!

    • Mariellen Nagle

      You, sir, are completely off base. To say what you did shows a tremendous amount of arrogant ignorance.


        Blah, blah, blah…LOSERS

      • Sharl

        Glaringly you’re in the Trump cult. Limited vocabulary & NO facts to make a complete sentence. There’s plenty of sheep out there, how does it feel to be one?

    • Marina Curtis

      Caring about the course your country takes is not anti-American. It is the opposite.

    • .
      Did YOU just try to change the subject from T-Rump to Obama, @thecolonel57:disqus ?

      Oo, oo, lemme re-read the opening article, I think it described that tactic somewhere …
      … paraphrase quote:

      “… Trump cultists will do everything
      they can to deflect away from the
      points you’re trying to make … like
      bringing up Barack Obama … trying
      to either change the subject away
      from Trump … claim something
      Obama did was worse than
      something Trump has done …
      anyone who says anything
      negative that exposes Trump’s
      dishonesty and incompetence is
      [ anti ] American …”

      Yup, pegged you on the nose, @thecolonel57:disqus , you are right on script.

      My guess is that you know that everything in the opening article is true about how objectionable T-Rump is, but somehow like the feeling of being a bulldozer bully like T-Rump, and plowing your way through people who are just a little bit different from you, you know, all those Americans with dark skin, Americans who’s gender and sexuality make you uncomfortable, like women, Americans who’s religion you imagine in an uncomfortable way, Americans in need under almost any circumstances, especially if you believe those Americans are “other”, if you believe those Americans are not like you.

      Hence you voted for T-Rump, who campaigned AGAINST Americans, in speech after speech, who condemns American football players seeking dialog about racial inequality, but says there are good people on both sides when talking about neo-Nazis and the KKK.

      As the opening article says, my paraphrase quote:

      “… Your hypocrisy is unbelievable …”

      And I think you know that, so I believe that you also know that you are lying to yourself, first, before you even wrote your non-responsive garbage in here.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol…. gender obsessed individuals are their own cultists.

      • .
        Keep it accurate, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus wrote:

        “… gender obsessed individuals are their own cultists. …”

        @peterblaise:disqus wrote:

        “… you like … the feeling of being a bulldozer bully like T-Rump, and plowing your way through … Americans with dark skin, American … women …”

        Either you misread my post because you were thinking of something else, or you misread my post intentionally avoiding my points.

      • LILIBETH

        Your points are ludicrous Peter. We have discussed them before. I am a DARK SKINNED AMERICAN – remember? And one that has actually given birth to five children – so that makes me a WOMAN. I certainly can be forceful when I need to be – we all can.

        Gender was never an issue before – White, Western libs pushed the issue and are now obsessed with it. Most of the world is not. Unfortunately for you, white western libs are a dying breed. Their concerns about gender will die with them and we can attend to real problems not conjured up ones.

      • .
        I’m sorry, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, I only got this in response from you:

        “… Yo r poin s a e lu icro s ete .
        We ave di cssed th be ore. I m
        ARK INNE MER CAN – re ber
        nd on t at as ac ally gi en bi th
        o ive hild en – o hat akes m a
        MAN. cert in y ca b forc ul hen
        I ee to e – we a an Gen er as ne er n sue be or – Whi , estern li s p shed he sue a a no ob sed wit it. Mo t o th or i ot. Un r u ate y or ou, w i e we tern i s a e a ying reed heir on ern bou ge er wi ie it hem n e an a end o eal rob ms no con ur u o es

        Could that be illustrative of the missing percentage of value and wealth that you as a black women in the US suffer compared to the value and worth of the white males you voted for?

        Google the disparity.

      • LILIBETH

        The disparity is your focal point not mine. You Google it if it bothers you.

      • .
        Why are you here in this thread, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, if you do not care about anyone but your own damn self?

      • LILIBETH

        My dear Peter where are you here on this thread? You have no real information to share only unsubstantiated accusations and hysteria.

        Your hysteria speaks volumes of you.

      • .
        Quote ONE item of “unsubstantiated accusation and hysteria” from me * and then we can discuss particulars, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.


        * ( … unless you think that my own reaction, to your own unsubstantiated accusations and hysteria, about equal Constitutional recognition, support, and protection, for homo sexual people and trans gender people, being “forced” on YOU, is somehow an unsubstantiated accusation and hysteria of my own … that’s @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus’s Gordian Logic ! )

      • LILIBETH

        Your hysteria that all blacks and browns are being persecuted in this country just doesn’t hold water. If that was the case we wouldn’t be here we’d be dead or fleeing the country. We would certainly not be risking everything to get in. This is only common sense though Peter something you are sorely lacking of. Grow up Peter stop acting stupid. Illegal immigration is wrong. Bringing in refugees who do not respect our country and laws and that we cannot afford and who displace black people in this country are not wanted. Your boogie man is a joke as are you. Get a life Peter this one isn’t working for you

      • .
        Unsubstantiated accusations and hysteria, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

        “Nαzi” subterfuge and propaganda tactics are not new in this story.

        Not “Nαzi-style“, but “Nαzi”

        Original Nαzi sympathizers, the Pioneer Fund, paid John Tanton to scheme up an all WHITE US to be based on European-extraction Christians, excluding all others …

        — Reds to the Reservation,

        — Browns to Mexico,

        — Blacks to Jail,

        — no abortion, not for moral purposes, but to repopulate WHITES.

        And look up each and every one of John Tanton‘s sidekicks:

        Kris Kobach,

        Jon Feere,

        Dan Stein,

        Jared Taylor,

        Wayne Lutton,

        Sam Francis,

        Jerry Woodruff,

        Peter Brimelow,

        Theodore O’Keefe,

        Stan Hess,

        David Duke,

        Kevin MacDonald,

        Richard Lynn,

        Harry Weyher,

        Wolfgang Bosswick,

        Roy Beck,

        Cordelia May Scaife,

        … and more.

        Seriously, look these people up.

        … and look up the history and connection of John Tanton‘s followers in ( and bouncing out of ) T-Rump‘s administration:

        Steve Bannon,

        Julia Hahn,

        Julie Kirchner,

        Kellyanne Conway,

        Stephen Miller,

        Jeff Sessions,

        Gene Hamilton,

        … are all ardent followers of John Tanton‘s original Nαzi sympathizer plan to make America WHITE again.

        Their Muslim ban is really a black family break up scheme — notice no white-skinned Muslim countries we considered worthy of attention at the moment.

        T-Rump prohibiting abortion fits right in — the more white babies, the better ( they aren’t worried about black babies because they will die through lack of Obamacare, or end up in jail ).

        Every single effort you see from John Tanton on down has been brewing for 20+ years and is patiently building to a boil to turn the US WHITE majority in 100 years.

        John Tanton [ ]

        John Tanton’s Papers [ ]

        Anti Immigrant Crusader [ ]

        Extremists and T-Rump [ ]

        The Making of T-Rumpism [ ]

        Anti Immigrant Eugenics [ ]

        Anti Immigrant [ ]

        Hate in the White House [ ]

        Anti Immigrant, Anti Muslim [ ]

        Anti Jew [ ]


        We must know this and fight this with every fiber of our bodies.

        Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

        It’s what MAKES US GREAT.

        Always has.

      • LILIBETH

        Poor Peter your hysteria is getting worse. Obamacare is failing because of the hi costs and lack of affordability. Illegal immigration laws are FINALLY being enforced -YAY.

        Importing poverty just isn’t working for America. Time for us to take care of our own people first. Have a nice day Peter

      • LILIBETH

        I know you will get right on this Peter dear…!

      • LILIBETH

        It is so funny that anyone you crazies don’t like is somehow magically a Nazi. Your hysterics are hilarious. Especially as we all watch the face covered antifa thugs and their black counterparts the worthless BLM. If black lives really mattered they would be in the black communities stopping or protesting black on black murders and they would be picketing Planned Parenthood who facilitate the murder of black babies on a daily basis.

        Your Chicken Little hysterics don’t work Peter try something else.

      • LILIBETH

        Your propaganda is a joke Peter. Grow up and stop with the Hysteria.

  • .
    T-Rump cut his public-manipulation teeth at the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, search:

    [ trump top wwe ]

    … watch and read, if you can tolerate him.

    BUT, underneath, it’s John Tanton, all the way down.

    Look him up, and read, if you can tolerate him.


      Love it……President Trump is still living in your head RENT FREE!

      • .
        Oy, no, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, when sprayed by a skunk, it’s reasonable to not only clean up, but find how it happened and prevent it.

        You know, why did women and black people vote for a candidate who hates women and black people?

        And why do those women and black people still brag that they voted for and love T-Rump

        — even though T-Rump has said there are good people in the neo-Nazis and KKK, and called black people son-of-a-bitches,

        — even though T-Rump has surrounded himself with John Tanton‘s minions, and is moving forward with John Tanton‘s plans to eliminate return the US to majority white by any means necessary, including eliminating abortion and birth control NOT for moral reasons, but to repopulate the white ‘race’, knowing that brown babies and their families will be deported to Mexico, and black babies and their families will be broken up by going to jail, the so-called Muslim ban, which is really a break-up-black-families ruse, and blacks will have no voting power due to gerrymandering, voter restrictions, targeted criminal convictions, outright executions on the street, and ‘banning’ from returning to the US.

        T-Rump is just a prismatic prevaricator, a liar any way you look at him.

        It’s John Tanton who is after your progeny …

        … and you think you are still welcome here in the US, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        John Tanton will win over my dead body.

        But it may take the dead bodies of your children, or their children, first.

        And you voted for it, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        You voted for it.

      • LILIBETH

        I voted for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (NATIONALISM) – not globalism. You own the skunk sweetie….Your problem not mine. I don’t blame you for howling (lol)… are getting SKUNKED right now. Congratulations!

        Libs/dims have lost over 1040 elected seats since 2009 and now the presidency…and they are still stunned! Your “the sky is falling” hysteria doesn’t work on me – you should know that by now. You people never learn. Have a nice day. And get some cheese to go along with that WHINE….

        p.s. Your interpretation of current events would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

      • .
        Nationalism was not on the ballot, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Aside from Democrat T-Rump * spitting out unelected King Bannon and John Tanton‘s pre-programmed executive orders to destroy anything and everything, what exactly do you think you have won, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, FOR anyone?

        Republicans caught in a pinball machine of their own making is not pretty, nor productive.

        * ( T-Rump ran as a Republican because he hates blacks, and felt betrayed by the Democrats who elected Obama, and because the Moe-Larry-Curly-Shemp Republican candidates were no match for T-Rump‘s WWE World Wrestling Entertainment experience, experience that somehow everyone, including the press, and Hillary, forgot about during the campaign. )

      • LILIBETH

        Yes it is.

      • .
        How could you possibly have ACCURATELY voted for US ‘nationalism’ in the 2016 presidential election, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

      • LILIBETH

        Easy, I voted for President Trump.

      • .
        T-Rump is not nationalist, he’s self-dealing for T-Rump only.

        And T-Rump has surrounded himself with an administration of racist misogynist WHITE MALE nationalists, people who are implementing an agenda to eliminate you, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus. as a black female, from any power in the US, if not eliminate you from the US altogether.

        Nope, US Nationalism was not on the ballot in 2016, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

      • LILIBETH

        Well if President Trump is not a nationalist he certainly putting up a good front. Putting the interests of our own country anf our own people first means that you are a nationalist not a globalist. Have a nice day Peter.

      • .
        Can you name ONE benefit you have personally received because of T-Rump‘s official actions, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

        Let’s not even compare to the millions of dollars that self-dealing T-Rump has already added to his PERSONAL wealth as a result of his official actions.

        You present a PERFECT example of the Kool-Aid T-Rumpettes — brain-dead pυssies up for grabs ( T-Rump‘s word, not mine — YOU voted for him, knowing his attitude toward women ! ).

      • LILIBETH

        Less illegals! I live in a city that is swamped with illegals and people are living on the streets in this city. Fortunately with less illegals people have a chance at better housing or in fact any housing.

        Thank you president Trump for protecting our American people first.

        Now let’s get on with the tax cuts. Oh did I mention that Obamacare is too expensive for anyone here to purchase? My sister-in-law can’t use her Obamacare because she can’t afford it! Most of the students at the University now have to purchase expensive policies and take out larger loans. We had to lay off several people due to in forcing Obamacare mandates. I could go on but of course you get the message even though you won’t acknowledge it. We are all being impacted by this crap. Fortunately we are now getting some relief. Did I also tell you that we as a small Christian University now do not have to continue to fight all the crazy homosexual mandates Obama tried to be forced on us? We are all rejoicing.

      • LILIBETH

        I certainly know that President Trump employees many women and we all know that women came out to vote for our President Trump. HOORAY FOR WOMEN!!!

        I’ll bet Bill Clinton is probably standing in front of the White House right now handing out cigars to young female interns.

      • LILIBETH

        When the country is uplifted Peter I’m uplifted, it doesn’t have to affect me personally. You only think of yourself personally because that’s the kind of person you are -not me!

        My University and its students go out on the streets on a daily basis and see to the needs of the needy. You might try this some time instead of using their misery for your political capital.

      • LILIBETH

        Hey Peter this will help many people -YOU SHOULD REJOICE….Trump’s promise to repeal and replace Obamacare has gone unfulfilled, but his order will direct the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury to make it easier for people to buy association health plans, programs providing health coverage via an industry organization to a grouping of businesses that share an affinity or common interest.

      • LILIBETH

        I am certainly looking forward to tax reform. Most of us women are. We will get to keep more of our own money.

        As we all know my dear Peter gun violence in the black community did not arrive with President Trump. Stop with the stupid hysterics you’re making yourself sound more ignorant all the time.

      • LILIBETH

        The real terror to the black community comes from being on the Democratic Plantation. It would be incombent for BLACK CITIZENS to stand on their own two feet, to be educated and/or working; not to look for daddy government to take care of them in exchange for their votes.

        Now that would be real progress by real progressives.

      • LILIBETH

        Easy… did you not listen to the last UN speech given by President Obama? Please Google it.

      • .
        Obama was not on the 2016 ballot.

      • LILIBETH

        Only his hand-picked successor who was supposed to preserve his legacy and continue his work.

      • LILIBETH

        Your hysteria is comical.

      • .
        Your ignorance is dangerous, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Others can web search [ John Tanton ] and read all the way back and forth through time and T-Rump‘s administration for ignorant, fearful, racist, bigoted, white supremacist, white nationalist, original-Nazi-sympathizer-backed plans to white-wash the US and eliminate non-whites from possible majorities, if not eliminate non-whites altogether.

      • LILIBETH

        I know you wish I was ignorant Peter but fortunately I’m not. Your hysteria is astounding even for you.

      • LILIBETH

        President Trump told you point-blank that he was not the president of the whole world, just the president of the United States of America. Please listen to the last address that President Obama gave to the UN. Obama has been very open about his globalism. You have not been listening.

      • .
        Obama was not on the 2016 ballot — but you fall into the script by diverting attention away from T-Rump‘s failings by mentioning an unrelated someone else, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, a lock-step T-Rump-supporter diversionary tactic exactly as pointed out in the opening article.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol….his hand picked successor was. You do remember where how he warned black people to vote for Hillary to preserve his legacy right?

      • LILIBETH

        Don’t worry about it dear Peter, whites are not procreating enough to sustain themselves. No matter what happens – the future won’t belong to people who think like you. Whites are at sub-replacement fertility. Bummer….but reality.

      • .
        I appreciate that you think denial of Constitutionally protected equality for browns and blacks is OKAY, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, because you think that browns and blacks will be popping out -w-a-y- more babies, and faster, than John Tanton plans can deport them, jail them, deny them the vote, deny them employment, housing, health care … oh, and use them for target practice not only on the street, but in their cars and homes.

      • LILIBETH

        Actually Peter my dear we’re just going back to the Constitution so that we the people of all colors can have true rights. No one group can hijack the Constitution and use it against everyone else.

      • .
        You mean people of all WHITE ( European Christian straight monied married reproductive male ) colors can have “true rights” ( whatever that invention is ), @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, considering that T-Rump hates blacks, and has surrounded himself with people executing John Tanton original-Nazi-sympathizer-funded “WHITE nationalist” [ sic ] agenda.

        Wow, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, you are right on the script of the opening article.

        But you NEVER read opening articles, do you, preferring to interject yourself in argument when you see familiar name in your Disqus mailbox.

        You are a round peg in a round hole, hammered home, inescapably tight.

      • LILIBETH

        Nope I mean a small minority of homosexuals and transgenders will not be able to force their agenda on the rest of us.

      • .
        Just like that black minority forced it’s agenda on “the rest of us ” ( whoever that is ) over the last hundred-plus years, right?

        And because equal rights, Constitutionally recognized, supported, and protected EQUAL rights for ALL, is NOT on your agenda, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, oh no, you want to deny equal rights to some of us.

        You are right on script, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, even without reading the opening article — I’m surprised you reply to my posts, considering that you can’t read … oh, considering your content, I can see that you are not actually responding to the content of my posts, you are just broadcasting your bullhorn premix T-Rumpet blast of spit, hot air, and off-key, off rhythm dissonance.

        You are psycho and deranged and unConstitutionally demanding superior rights for yourself if you experience other people’s equality under law as somehow a “force ” on you, much less an unwelcome force, or an illegal force.

        Geesh, once some people get theirs, they abandon all others left behind.

      • LILIBETH

        The black community didn’t force anything my dear. Human rights is not forced issue. Trying to force perversion on people and calling it “rights” is a joke. Get a clue Peter.

      • LILIBETH

        Actually Peter, I read everything. Again, your opinion is just that, your unsubstantiated opinion….smh. (sigh)

      • LILIBETH

        Wow, what lack of common sense and over the top hysterics. Take a chill pill Peter.

        Just where do you think I am getting deported to? Most black families have been in this country longer than most white families. Just where do you think blacks are going to be deported to? We also have a high percentage of legal” brown ” people who are citizens of this country. I think you are speaking about illegals getting deported. Have you by any chance read Mexico’s immigration laws? Ours should be so succinct!

      • .
        [ A ] : … second class citizenship, jail, and a coffin, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol…..CHICKEY LITTLE.

      • .
        Tanisha Anderson

        Died Nov. 13, 2014, age 37, Cleveland

        A medical examiner ruled Anderson’s death a homicide, the result of being “physically restrained in a prone position by Cleveland police.”

        The case will go to a grand jury as a matter of policy.

        In a wrongful death lawsuit, Anderson’s family alleges CPD Officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers did not provide medical attention as Anderson lay on the ground unconscious.

        Officer Aldridge had previously been suspended for violating the department’s use of force policies, according to Northeast Ohio Media Group, and was disciplined in 2012 for his role in the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.

        He was reassigned to desk duty during investigations.

        In December, an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice concluded Cleveland police have a pattern of using excessive force, including against people who are mentally ill, and don’t use appropriate techniques to account for mental illness.

        Mauvion Green, Anderson’s daughter, told the Northeast Ohio Media Group she wanted to work for conscientious treatment of those with mental illnesses.

        “I’m fighting for my mother, but I’m fighting for everyone else, too,” Green said.

      • LILIBETH

        NOW maybe we can take care of some of our own people instead of taking care of the illegals and immigrants or importing provery into our nation. Black people have disproportionately carried the burden of illegal immigration.

        I will remind you, because I’m sure you forgotten, that I have immediate family who are on the police force and probation officer’s YES IN THE PLURAL… My former neighbor is a sheriff’s department Captain, another former neighbor FBI and another friend corrections officer. My son’s father in law is FBI. So as we both know Peter I am much more up on all of the statistics and cases than you are reading about in the mainstream media.

        Unfortunately I am also up on the horrendous violence taking place within the black community that is destroying black lives on a daily basis. Ones that you will never ever print. WE all know that the number one way for a black man to die is to be shot to death by another black man not the police or anyone else but another black man. This is the real crime that affects huge numbers of blacks and that people such as yourself will never talk about.

        Have a nice day.

      • LILIBETH

        Poor Peter can’t even acknowledge that we as a people are killing ourselves at a far faster rate than anyone else is killing us. The truth is well known to all of us because we see it everyday Peter. Sorry your hysterics don’t work on me. Try something else. This kind of stuff only works on the weak-minded such as yourself. Not all black are so easily manipulated.

      • LILIBETH

        Glad you acknowledge the mental illness Peter I know that you will be out on the street working to get the mentally ill off the street. This does my heart really good. Instead of using their deaths for your political Capital you will now be working to help them.

      • .
        Yvette Smith

        Died Feb. 16, 2014, age 47, Bastrop, Texas

        Yvette Smith was fatally shot when Bastrop County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Willis responded to a 911 call about a fight between several men at a residence, according to KXAN.

        At the scene, authorities say, Officer Willis ordered Smith to come out of the house then shot her twice when she stepped through the doorway.

        An original statement that claimed Smith was armed was retracted by police officials.

        Officer Willis was fired, and his previous record was questioned.

        An evaluation from a past employer stated he needed “more development in handling explosive situations” and “utilization of common sense.”

        He was indicted by a grand jury for murder.

        Smith’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in August.

        “… A part of me is gone, you know, and I wish I could have that back, but I can’t.

        … I just want justice for her,” Yvonne Williams, Smith’s twin sister, told KVUE.

      • LILIBETH

        No stats Peter. That would be inconvenient….It’s important to note that black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country, which is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that they only make up 12-13 per cent of the population.

        It is easier for you to ignore the truth and focus on the individual cases than the overall statistics. Unfortunately for most of us as black people the overall statistics are killing us. My own former BLACK coworker had her son died in her arms in her front yard from a drive-by shooting. No you don’t want to hear about that.

      • LILIBETH

        Sept. 7 2016 the Labor Day weekend, Chicago hit that tragic number: 500 homicides. More than all of the shooting by cops in the WHOLE country! Where is your rage Peter?

        Nearly all of those killed were black men, shot to death in alleys and on street corners by other black men. I CAN SEE YOU ARE OUTRAGE PETER! You will now be picketing black murderers right?

        Time for you to start proving that black lives matter. Stop black people from killing each other. Almost all of our families have had some extended member’s and friends killed by another black person.

      • LILIBETH

        Most blacks are fatally shot by other blacks. Yes , we understand this is not expedient for you. Have a nice day Peter

      • LILIBETH

        Domestic violence in the black community is absolutely rampant Peter it often leads to fatalities within the family itself. No sympathy from you though because it doesn’t hit your political agenda. 73% of all black children are born to women who’ve never been married.

        HELP US PETER. …Black women are almost three times as likely to experience death as a result of DV/IPV than White women. And while Black women only make up 8% of the population, 22% of homicides that result from DV/IPV happen to Black Women and 29% of all victimized women, making it one of the leading causes of death for Black women ages 15 to 35. Statistically, we experience sexual assault and DV/IPV at disproportionate rates and have the highest rates of intra-racial violence against us than any other group. We are also less likely to report or seek help when we are victimized.

      • .
        Miriam Carey

        Died Oct. 3, 2013, age 34, Washington, D.C.

        US Secret Service and Capitol Police officers fatally shot Miriam Carey in a car chase after she drove her car into a security checkpoint near the White House, refusing orders to stop.

        Officers fired multiple shots at Carey, a dental hygienist from Connecticut, hitting her five times.

        Her 1-year-old daughter was in the car at the time, and survived.

        An autopsy found Carey was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, her family’s attorney said, and no weapons were found in her car.

        She had previously been diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis.

        Federal prosecutors said in July that they would not file charges against the officers; Carey’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

        “… The emphasis shouldn’t be on why [ Miriam was in Washington DC ] …” sister Valarie Carey told the Washington Post.

        “… The emphasis should be what those officers did …

        … Were their actions proper? …”

      • LILIBETH

        Sorry for you Peter but your hysteria just doesn’t work on me. We all know that most blacks are killed by other blacks not white. Work on the true problem.

      • LILIBETH

        I think you need to be working to get the mentally ill off the street rather than to be angry with people who are victims of their mental illness.

      • .
        Shelly Frey

        Died Dec. 6, 2012, age 27, Houston

        Shelly Frey was killed after she and two other women were allegedly caught stealing from a Walmart in 2012, the Houston Chronicle reports.

        Louis Campbell, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working as a security guard, tried to detain them and then shot into a car in which Frey was a passenger.

        She was struck twice in the neck.

        Campbell reportedly told investigators that he opened fire after the driver of the car tried to run him over.

        The other women and two children were in the car with Frey; they continued to drive away before stopping, and paramedics called to the scene were unable to revive her.

        Frey had previously pleaded guilty to stealing shirts and meat from Walmart, according to Houston’s KHOU, and was prohibited from entering the store.

        Her family sued Walmart for wrongful death.

        Campbell has not faced any charges.

      • LILIBETH

        Hey Peter if you and other whites give all your worldly goods to blacks maybe they won’t have to steal and won’t be subject to being shot.

      • .
        Darnisha Harris

        Died Dec. 2, 2012, age 16, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

        Darnisha Harris was 16 when Breaux Bridge Police Officer Travis Guillot fired two shots into the car she was driving.

        Guillot and two other officers were responding to a 911 call about an outdoor fight.

        According to the Advocate of Baton Rouge, they saw Harris driving erratically, hitting parked cars and a bystander before Guillot opened fire.

        Harris was on probation for battery on a police officer and violating a court-ordered curfew when she died, according to the Advocate.

        Officer Guillot was previously accused of misconduct while working at three different law enforcement agencies, according to KATC of Lafayette, Louisiana.

        The incidents include shooting a dog while on patrol, allegedly fondling female inmates, and alleged improper treatment of an inmate who died of cocaine intoxication while in custody.

        A lawsuit regarding the latter allegation was settled out of court.

        A grand jury declined to indict Guillot.

      • LILIBETH

        More domestic violence that the police are called in on. I suggest you go with them next time that way we know that you will stop the violence. Thank you in advance Peter.

      • .
        Malissa Williams

        Died Nov. 29, 2012, age 30, Cleveland

        Malissa Williams was a passenger in a car driven by a man named Timothy Russell when a police officer thought he heard shots fired from the vehicle and began following them, according to the Associated Press.

        A 25-minute chase through Cleveland ended with 13 officers firing 137 rounds at the car, which was eventually cornered in a school parking lot.

        Twenty-three bullets struck Russell, and 24 hit Williams.

        They were both killed.

        Williams and Russell, who both had criminal records, were unarmed.

        Six officers were indicted in the car chase:

        Officer Michael Brelo was charged with manslaughter, and five supervisors were charged with dereliction of duty.

        Officer Brelo, who allegedly fired 49 shots at the vehicle, 15 of them from standing atop the hood, was scheduled for trial.

        The city settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $3 million.

        “… This shooting is one of the worst examples of police misconduct in American history …’’ attorneys for Williams’ and Russell’s families said.

        “… This settlement sends the clearest signal yet that real reform must be achieved inside the Cleveland Police Department …”

      • LILIBETH

        So Peter does this mean that you will never call the police when a crime happens to you? I suggest you move to Chicago. I think you would appreciate the police a lot more then. Using police misconduct to advance your political agenda doesn’t work with me. Try something else.

        And Mr. Chicken Little the sky is not falling. This country is still so great that people are dying to get in- not out!

      • .
        Alesia Thomas

        Died July 22, 2012, age 35, Los Angeles

        Alesia Thomas was arrested at her home on suspicion of child endangerment after she left her children at a police station because she couldn’t care for them.

        A struggle with Los Angeles Police Officer Mary O’Callaghan and several other officers ensued.

        While putting a handcuffed Thomas in a squad car, prosecutors said Officer O’Callaghan threatened to kick Alesia Thomas in the genitals and then did so seven times, hitting her in the groin, abdomen and thigh.

        Thomas died shortly after at a hospital.

        An autopsy found that she had cocaine in her system.

        The cause of death was listed as undetermined.

        Officer O’Callaghan pleaded not guilty to an assault charge in Alesia Thomas’ death in 2013.

        The trial is still pending.

      • LILIBETH

        Keep on using these deaths for your own political capital Peter. Meanwhile the far more prevalent deaths in the black community and at the hands of Planned Parenthood mean nothing to you. Hypocrite much? You libs never stop trying to use blacks do you? Even dead they can try to help you and your cause. USE ‘EM PETER!

      • .
        Shantel Davis

        Died June 14, 2012, age 23, New York City

        Shantel Davis was fatally shot while driving a car that police claim was stolen.

        Plainclothes NYPD officers approached her after she allegedly ran multiple red lights and the vehicle crashed.

        Police say that Davis tried to escape, and that Phil Atkins, a narcotics officer, allegedly tried to shift her car into park as it was moving.

        His gun fired once, striking Davis in the chest.

        Davis’ family and several groups advocating for police reform have disputed the NYPD’s version of events, saying it’s not clear whether the car was stolen and, if it was, whether Davis was aware of that.

        They also claim Davis was trapped behind her airbag when she was shot, not trying to flee the vehicle.

        Davis had been arrested eight times previously, but she was never convicted of any crimes.

        She was due in court the day after her death for kidnapping and attempted murder charges, according to The New York Times.

        She was unarmed when she was shot.

        Atkins had been sued seven times over the previous decade, with allegations including undue use of force, according to DNAinfo.

        NYPD’s version of events is disputed.

      • LILIBETH

        Poor Peter still trying to use the deaths of black people to advance his own political cause. The real tragedy in the black community of course is the black on black deaths, which you conveniently ignore. They give you no political capital, so of course you just ignore them. Their far more prevalent deaths mean nothing to you. Have a nice day Peter

      • .
        Rekia Boyd

        Died March 22, 2012, age 22, Chicago

        Rekia Boyd was unarmed when she was shot in the back of the head by Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin, who was off-duty at the time.

        Officer Servin was driving near his home late at night when he saw a group of four people walking outside.

        He had a brief conversation with them through his window, then turned the wrong way on a one-way street.

        According to the Chicago Tribune, he said he then looked over his shoulder and thought he saw a man from the group pull a gun from his pants and point it at him.

        Officer Servin fired five rounds over his left shoulder through his car window, striking the man in the hand and Rekia Boyd in the back of the head.

        The man who Servin believed had a gun was actually holding a cell phone.

        Rekia Boyd was taken to a hospital and died the next day.

        In 2013, Officer Servin was indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm and reckless conduct.

        He has been stripped of his police powers, and the city awarded Rekia Boyd’s family $4.5 million as part of a wrongful death settlement.

        “… My mother holds a lot inside but she’s hurting, especially when she hears about police violence …” Martinez Sutton, Rekia Boyd’s brother, told the Chicago Citizen.

      • LILIBETH

        No political capital in the far more prevalent black on black murders. So why even mention them right Peter?

      • .
        No amount of offering of information “works” on a stone like you, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus — my presentation is for Google searchers.

        But thank you for considering a white police officer blindly shooting backwards out the window of his patrol car at a group of innocent, unarmed Black people, killing one with a bullet to the back of her head, as “tragic”.

        I’d call it terrorism.

        Racist terrorism.

      • LILIBETH

        I’m not susceptible to democratic talking points Peter you already know that. The information that you are trying to use to your own political advantage doesn’t work on me. I’m not going to fall for any of ” the sky is falling ” Junk. Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Party is out of power and desperate. Have a nice day.

      • LILIBETH

        Most people that are killed by police officers are not black in spite of the fact that you try to convince black people otherwise. If your propaganda really worked Hillary would now be president.

      • .
        Shereese Francis

        Died March 15, 2012, age 29, New York City

        Shereese Francis was killed after family members called authorities seeking help because Francis, who had schizophrenia, had not been taking her medication, and seemed like she needed medical attention.

        She refused to go to a hospital voluntarily.

        The family’s wrongful death lawsuit alleges Francis, who was unarmed, was not aware that arriving NYPD officers were police because of her mental illness.

        When she tried to leave the room against their orders, they allegedly pursued her, grabbed her and “tackled” her onto a bed.

        The suit claims four officers put their weight onto Francis’ back while trying to cuff her, and her sister believes she saw them hitting and using a Taser on Francis until Francis stopped moving.

        Francis was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly after the incident.

        Her cause of death was “… compression of trunk during agitated violent behavior ( schizophrenia ) while prone on bed and attempted restraint by police officers …” according to the Village Voice.

        The lawsuit said the officers overwhelmingly violated NYPD policies on mental illness, in part because the department has failed to provide training.

        The city settled with Francis’ family for $1.1 million.

      • LILIBETH

        No sympathy for the 2000 babies a day dying at the handsame of abortionists. No surprise because they don’t matter to you. Only if you think someone was unjustly killed at the hands of police and they are black are they capital to you. Typical lib

      • .
        The social and citizen-responsibility of men regarding abortion is to keep it in their pants …

        … unless you are offering your body in slavery to men’s control, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Is that your point?

        Like John Tanton‘s and T-Rump‘s wishes, do you believe that women should be slaves to men’s control?

        Do you believe that men have absolutely no responsibility to PREVENT abortion by keeping it in their pants if they think that abortion is wrong?

      • LILIBETH

        The social responsibility of our nation is to not kill or murder the unborn in the womb.

        Murdering children in the womb has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. It has everything to do with kill kill kill. Unborn babies have no choice in the matter.

      • .
        The “social” responsibility of “our nation”, the US, is spelled out in our founding and definitive documents, that recognize, support, and protect INDIVIDUAL inborn unalienable rights of BORN residents within our territories ( oh well, so much for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands … ).

        Therefore, the inside of another person’s body is outside the jurisdiction of anyone else.

        And, again, you miss the prior post — the only thing a man can do to prevent abortion is keep it in his pants.

        And, duh, any living thing killed by another has no choice in “the matter”.

        Same goes for the innocent unarmed Black woman shot in the back of the head by a white police man shooting backwards out the window of his car into a group of Black people.

        That’s a crime of terrorism — the white police only have to kill one in order to scare the rest, that’s what hate crimes and terrorism are all about.

        It’s not statistics, where you claim that more white people are killed by cops than Black people are killed by cops, or that more Black people are killed by Black people than are killed by white people, or than white people kill white people, or something ɑssinine.


        There is no reign of hate and terror of cops on white people making them afraid of the cops.

        When white cops kill a Black man who was wielding a knife but otherwise standing still and not a threat to anyone, but white cops surround a thousand pound bull moose that is trying to trample and kill anyone in public in it’s way, but the cops wait for tranquilizer darts to subdue the moose and take him back to the woods, then Black people know damn well the priorities, value of life wise, of white cops.

        You have drunk the Kool-Aid, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, and you believe the delusion that there is such a thing as Black on Black crime, when you know absolutely that no Black person kills a Black person merely because they hate Black people, simply to terrorize Black people.

        Yet you insist on comparing white cops — our GOVERNMENT — killing Black people indiscriminately, hatefully, intending to terrorize ALL Black people, with private citizens killing each other, where skin color has no meaning.

        The deluded — @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus — following the deranged — T-Rump.

      • LILIBETH

        Killing babies is cannot be justified any more than killing the sick, infirmed or homosexuals. The fact that you keep trying to justify it though speaks volumes of you. You condemn yourself with your own words.

      • LILIBETH

        Dear Peter blacks kill blacks and this cannot be denied. The leading cause of death for a black man is being shot to death by another black man. If you can dispute this please give the FBI a call – they are waiting to hear from you.

      • LILIBETH

        Don’t worry Peter, whites are taking themselves out of the future…..”Multiculturalism, low fertility rate among whites, feminism, homosexuality are the main contributers to this process. (Note: I’m not criticizing homosexuality, just stating the obvious)

        Additionally, atheist minority even among white people are having less kids than anybody else. So can we say that, this is some depressing news? Or am I just being wrong here?”. THE ATHEIST REPUBLIC QOUTE

      • LILIBETH

        Any social responsibility here? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been twice returned to his “home country.”

      • LILIBETH

        More domestic violence Peter it just never stops in the black community.Police said the son of York Mayor Kim Bracey attacked her at her campaign office on Sept. 30, the York Daily Record reported.

        The reports quoted police as saying Brandon Anderson, 30, of York, was charged with punching his mother in the face, knocking her to the ground, and then stomping on her back, head and face while she was down.

        “Like thousands of families, our family is confronting the fact that my adult son is battling an opioid addiction,” Bracey said. “No family is immune from this epidemic — which is why we must do everything in our power to solve it.”

      • .
        So … lemme see if I can figure out your comment … you’re saying that the US government is on drugs, and that’s why they use lethal force against innocent Black citizens, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus ?

        Although there is an element of infrequent but definite possibility there, I have to ask again:

        Why are conservatives so analogy-challenged?

        And why are YOU unable to actually READ, and RESPOND to the actual, SPECIFIC content of the posts you feign you are replying to?

      • LILIBETH

        You are a joke Peter. Black people in this country do not need to be on the democratic Plantation to survive. Black people in this nation are not children, they are adults and are able to stand on their own 2 feet and are able care of themselves. I know you have a vested interest in keeping black children and adults on the dull but eventually

      • LILIBETH

        Your analogy of what I say is a joke Peter. You know that in fact the lib/dem propaganda is a joke. This is why you have lost over 1040 elected seats across the nation since 2007. You keep trying the same tactics and they don’t work. Unfortunately you are not smart enough to know that you need to stop. Keep it up Peter it keeps the republicans in power.

      • LILIBETH

        Peter you and the Democratic Party can’t figure out this nation and couldn’t if your lives depended on it. Fortunately they do not because the rest of us have taken control. Have a nice day

      • .
        Aiyana Stanley-Jones

        Died May 16, 2010, age 7, Detroit

        Aiyana Stanley-Jones was sleeping on her couch with her grandmother when police conducted a “no knock” raid of their home.

        Officer Joseph Weekley was first through the door and after a flash-bang grenade went off, he fired his gun, killing Aiyana.

        Officer Weekley testified the grandmother struck his weapon and caused him to fire, but she denies being near the gun.

        Police said the raid was in search of a murder suspect who lived in the second floor unit of the home.

        Officer Weekley was charged with involuntary manslaughter and a misdemeanor charge, but the case was dismissed after two mistrials.

      • LILIBETH

        This is what CONCERNS me Peter. The fact that you are unconcerned is no surprise to me.

        Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.

      • .
        So … lemme see if I can figure out your comment … you’re saying that 93% of Black homicide victims are killed by Blacks in the US government, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus ?

        Why are conservatives so analogy-challenged?

      • LILIBETH

        93% of black people are killed by other black people Peter. We as black people already know this because we see it in our communities every day. Do you really think that we are stupid?

      • LILIBETH

        As long as you can keep blacks focused on the small amount of black white killings you can get them to ignore the real problem which is black on black killings and crime. Fortunately this is not working anymore Peter. But you keep trying because you don’t know anything else.

      • .
        Tarika Wilson

        Died Jan. 4, 2008, age 26, Lima, Ohio

        Tarika Wilson was killed when a Lima Police SWAT team raided her rental home to arrest her boyfriend on drug charges, according to The New York Times.

        She had her youngest son, Sincere, in her arms when she was shot by Sgt. Joseph Chavalia.

        Sincere, who was 14 months old, was shot in the shoulder and hand but survived.

        Officer Chavalia was acquitted of the misdemeanor charges of negligent homicide and negligent assault.

        He testified that he felt his life was in danger when he shot Tarika Wilson, thinking he saw a shadow and heard gunshots nearby, when they actually came from officers downstairs, according to the Associated Press.

        The city settled a wrongful death suit with Wilson’s family for $2.5 million in 2011.

      • LILIBETH

        All the way back to 2008 well thousands of black people have killed each other since then and you’ve spoken out and said nothing. Typically hypocritical of you Peter

      • .
        Do you want to edit that one, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?


        Then delete it, because, again, you are analogy-challenged.

      • .
        Kathryn Johnston

        Died Nov. 21, 2006, age 92, Atlanta

        Kathryn Johnston was 92 when she was killed in a botched “no knock” drug raid by Atlanta police that was revealed to be based on false information.

        Officers broke down her security gate and without warning entered her home.

        As the door opened, Johnston fired the pistol she kept for self-defense, hitting no one.

        Officers fired back 39 times.

        Five or six bullets hit Johnston, and several others hit fellow police.

        Officers later admitted to falsely claiming cocaine submitted into evidence had come from a drug deal at her house, and to planting marijuana at her house after the raid.

        Officers Jason Smith, Greg Junnier and Arthur Tesler pleaded guilty to charges related to her death and the subsequent coverup.

        All three received prison time.

        The city of Atlanta agreed to pay Johnston’s family $4.8 million as part of a settlement.

      • LILIBETH

        Let’s put it into perspective Peter.Last year, according to the Washington Post’s tally, just 16 unarmed black men, out of a population of more than 20 million, were killed by the police. The year before, the number was 36. These figures are likely close to the number of black men struck by lightning in a given year, considering that happens to about 300 Americans annually and black men are 7 percent of the population. And they include cases where the shooting was justified, even if the person killed was unarmed.

      • .
        So … lemme see if I can figure out your comment … you’re saying that the US government has control over lightning strikes, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

        Why are conservatives so analogy-challenged?

      • LILIBETH

        Libs dems get more stupid every day. They don’t know how to win elections, they don’t know how to win over the nation. They keep trying the same tactics and they keep losing. How stupid can you get?

        Why is it that you dims never learn? The nation is tired of your lies.

      • .
        Alberta Spruill

        Died May 16, 2003, age 57, New York City

        Alberta Spruill also died after police conducted a “no knock” raid at her home in error.

        Officers broke through her door and threw a concussion grenade while Spruill, a city employee, was getting ready for work.

        She was briefly handcuffed but released when officers realized they were in the wrong place and that the information they were given — that guns and drugs were being stored in the apartment — was incorrect.

        Spruill died of a heart attack at a nearby hospital less than two hours later.

        The city of New York agreed to pay a $1.6 million settlement to Spruill’s family.

        “… This case for them is not about money …

        … It’s about changing procedure …” Johnnie Cochran, lawyer for Spruill’s sisters, said in 2003.

        “… It’s about the fact that their sister should not have died in vain …”

      • LILIBETH

        Injustice absolutely is exists in America Peter. BLM and antifa are continuing the tradition.

      • .
        So, according to history-free @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus,
        — as long as Blacks kill each other,
        — then it’s okay for our government and others
        — to use Black citizens as target practice,
        — just because they are Black,
        — not because there is prima facie evidence
        — or probable cause of suspecting
        — that they committed a capital crime
        — and are a lethal threat to anyone.

        “… They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit …”

        Dred Scott v. Sanford 1857
        Roger B Taney, Chief Justice, US Supreme Court

      • LILIBETH

        Actually Peter as long as dim dems see blacks killing each other they are OK with that. No protest whatsoever. No political capital to be gained for the Democratic Party.

      • LILIBETH

        No political capital for libs/dims when blacks kill each other-bummer for you Peter

      • .
        Kendra James

        Died May 5, 2003, age 21, Portland

        Portland Police Officer Scott McCollister fatally shot Kendra James during a traffic stop.

        When McCollister pulled over James and driver Terry Jackson, he took Jackson into custody after seeing he had an outstanding warrant.

        James moved behind the wheel of the car and tried to drive away, and McCollister tried to stop her by clambering partially into the car and pulling her hair and using pepper spray and a Taser.

        James put the car into drive and McCollister shot her, claiming he was stuck in the doorway and feared for his life.

        A grand jury declined to prosecute.

        The officer was initially suspended, but the disciplinary action was overturned by an arbitrator.

        “… It’s been 10 years later, justice has still not served …” James’ mother, Shirley Isadore, said at a 2013 rally marking the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

      • LILIBETH

        My dear Peter there is absolutely Injustice. I certainly hope you will work for justice instead of whining and becoming hysterical over everything.

      • .
        Although that’s completely off topic, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, the coffee shop owner is an idiot on many levels ( why not take ALL their money and donate it to local LGBTQIAS+ homeless children’s centers? ), completely unrepresentative of anyone but hi s own damn angry illogical unreasonable self, and I hope he gets sued into bankruptcy ,or fines and sentenced to pay for “sensitivity training” along with endless community service until proven reformed.

        You voted for T-Rump, who’s administration wants such behavior commonplace and legal.

        If you think that behavior of tossing someone from a public accommodation, denying them goods and services, based on personal politics, religion, morals, is injustice, remember that YOU voted for it.

      • LILIBETH

        The coffee shop owner has plenty of company with HYSTERICALS on the left running wild.

      • .
        Name ONE specific other “left” public accommodation that has denied access to their otherwise publicly available goods and services to anti abortion people, and then we can discuss particulars, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, otherwise, you are speculating out of your αss, proffering warrantless innuendo as if it were truth.

        Thank you.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol…. trying to pretend that this is the only time it ever happened is nonsense Peter. The laws of probability are against you as you well know.

      • .
        So, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, you can find

        — ONE report of extra-legal discrimination,

        — ONE report of a sign,

        — ONE politician doing a reverse T-Rump,

        … regarding who of their otherwise equal fellow citizens “belongs”.


        So, essentially, statistically, nothing.

        No legislators writing laws to permit discriminating against anti-abortion people.

        I addressed the particulars of your ONE reference.

        You did not even acknowledge my apparent agreement with you that it was unjust.

        I then I asked you for PARTICULARS of any others so we could discuss.

        I NEVER wrote that it never happened elsewhere.

        I ONLY wrote that there is nothing to discuss in your otherwise conclusory, unsupported generalizations.

        You invented motives for me where there are none, especially considering my response to the coffee shop owner’s unjust behavior,

        … and you somehow STILL have ignored my response.

        Why it that, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

      • LILIBETH

        You lefties are losing it my dear hysterical Peter.

      • .
        So, again, NO, you have absolutely nothing specific to discuss, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, absolutely no reason to be here.

      • LILIBETH

        Keep dreaming Peter. It isn’t working but it keeps you occupied.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol…… cause we know lefties never do this stuff!

      • .
        Name ONE specific other supposedly “left” public accommodation that has denied access to their otherwise publicly available goods and services to anti abortion people, and then we can discuss particulars, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Otherwise, you are speculating out of your ɑss, proffering warrantless innuendo as if it were truth.

        … still waiting …

      • LILIBETH

        You are not waiting for anything Peter. You already know the truth as has been shown to you. You just can’t handle it. The IRS and Lois Lerner told you and the nation that dems/libs losers were against conservatives on a nation wide basis. Nothing has changed.

        Fortunately the voters saw this. That is why over 1040 elected seats across the nation since 2007 have been taken away from the democrats. You never learn Peter.

      • LILIBETH

        With all the publicity about black people being killed by police the real crime is the black on black deaths in America but then you know this because you won’t talk about it.

        737 people have been shot and killed by police this year in the United States. Of that number, there were 329 whites, 165 blacks, 112 Hispanics, 24 members of other races, and 107 people whose race was unknown.

      • .
        No, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, all of that supposed self-annihilation of non-whites ( an unreferenced, incomparable, meaningless statistic ) is totally encouraged by T-Rump and his administration full of John Tanton-minions.

        … and you ask “… where am I going to be deported to? I’ve been here longer than whitey …”, as if that matters to T-Rump and John Tanton et alia.

        They haven’t forgotten, they’re just laying in wait:

        “…Draper, who until the 1960s served as both the main benefactor and the most influential figure in the Pioneer Fund, also worked with the United States House Un-American Activities Committee to demonstrate that blacks were genetically inferior and ought to be “repatriated” to Africa …”

        Your skin color alone is a one-way ticket, according to those YOU voted into power now, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Again, YOU have convinced me that YOU are beyond hope, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        But others here, and Google searchers, may be sparked to research John Tanton.

        Tanton Papers Reveal Truth About Michigan Anti-Immigrant Group

        [ ]

        John Tanton, perhaps the most important leader in the anti-immigrant movement over the past 20+ years, has deposited his papers at the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library.

        Tanton’s links to the original-Nɑzi-sympathizer Pioneer Fund [ ], and his calls for neutralizing Dr Mehler’s ISAR Institute for the Study of Academic Racism [ ] are prominently revealed in these papers.

        In a May 1997 letter to Harry Weyher, president of the Pioneer Fund, Tanton outlines how the Pioneer Fund should respond to the “Barry Mehlers of the World”.

        ISAR The Institute for the Study of Academic Racism has gathered together materials related to this story:

        — FAIR Federation for American Immigration Reform Founder’s Racism Revealed
        [ ]
        [ ]

        — Tanton to Weyher Letter
        [ ]

        — Pioneer Fund Tactics
        [ ]

        — John Hopkins Professor Defends Pioneer Fund
        [ ]
        — — Original ABC News Transcript
        — — [ ]

        — Pioneer Fund President Attacks Dr Mehler
        [ ]

        — Tanton Papers Finding Aid
        [ ]

        — Tanton Family Tree
        [ ]


        @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus , I do not expect YOU to seek out and learn ANYTHING beyond your Bibles studies and what you believe is the imperative of stamping out other people’s sin … in spite of our Constitution under which we both live, which prohibits stamping out other people’s sins.

        But your provocation of my contribution here in response to you brings a wealth of resources into this thread, expanding this thread to be an enhanced and worthy resource for Google searchers.

        And I always learn, and re-learn, a lot when confronted by your anesthetized vituperative pain, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus .

      • LILIBETH

        Lol……supposed?……Aging white population speeding diversity
        BY REID WILSON – 12/02/16

        America’s white population is rapidly aging while young minority groups are growing dramatically — sparking major demographic changes that will speed up the nation’s political divide, The Hill reports.

        The website notes the percentage of the white population in the U.S. has fallen from 79.6 percent in 1980, to 61.9 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, the Latino population has jumped from 6.4 percent to 17.3 percent in the same time frame. While the African American and Asian American populations have continued to grow, as well.
        The Hill, citing a new analysis from the University of New Hampshire, points out the number of non-Hispanic whites who died in 2014 was greater than the white births in 17 states — the largest number of states experiencing a natural decrease in white population in American history.

        America’s ‘white alone’ population decreasing while all other ethnic groups grow – census data
        Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 14:11

        YOU ARE IN DENIAL PETER DEAR!!!!!! Self annihilation of the white race is here.

      • .
        Wow, you CAN do John Tanton‘s research for him, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus — everything you bring here seems to show that you understand the source of racist white supremacist white nationalist John Tanton‘s motivation.

      • LILIBETH

        The facts are my dear Peter black, brown and yellow people are in this country to stay and aren’t going anywhere. The sky is not falling. Sorry Chicken Little.

      • .
        You are juggling hammers now, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, desperately looking to whack nails that aren’t here, there, or anywhere but in your own mind:

        — homosexuality ( as if homosexuals are ONLY “white” — hahahaha — and can’t and don’t reproduce, let alone raise heterosexual’s throw-away babies )

        — feminism ( as if feminists are ONLY “white” — hahahaha — and can’t and don’t reproduce, let alone raise chauvinist misogynist’s throway babies )

        — “white” people are a group ( who are you, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, John Tanton himself writing under a pseudonym ? ! ? )

        You crack me up.

      • LILIBETH

        The only thing that is true Peter is that the white population is shrinking due to lack of children. We also know that the black, brown and yellow populations are holding steady and growing. Your chicken little scenario isn’t working. Have a nice day Peter.

      • LILIBETH

        The real self annihilation is coming from whites. NO CHILDREN? NO FUTURE!

      • .
        Again, you echo John Tanton exactly, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, hence their call for

        — bans on contraceptives, at least paying for them,

        — bans on abortion,

        — essentially, if a men can get a woman pregnant, society will force her to bring that man’s choice to term, the woman has no choice,

        — men’s rights in sex, see a recent judge’s decision that a less then strong “no” equal “yes”,

        — men’s rights over “his” child, even if the woman accuses the man of rape in her pregnancy,

        — no paid leave, so women can’t maintain employment if pregnant, and becomes an at-home baby factory,

        … and so on.

        Thank you @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, for pointing out what ignorance and fear drives bigoted, racist, white supremacist, white nationalists like John Tanton and T-Rump and his John Tanton-indoctrinated administration.

      • LILIBETH

        Banning contraceptives? What nonsense! If you want a contraceptive you pay to play. Telling people that the white race is shrinking has nothing to do with me or anyone else it’s just fact. I know you don’t like facts but unfortunately you cannot change them. Dear Peter have a nice day.

      • .
        Although you seem to understand everything about John Tanton‘s and white-supremacist’s white nationalist’s FEARS as basic facts, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus …

        … you seem to NOT understand John Tanton‘s and white-supremacist’s white nationalist’s POWERS as basic facts …

        … considering that YOU voted white-supremacist white nationalists into power.

        However, I see that you believe that their policies align with your religious FEARS, and that’s how they are playing it.

        — You believe abortion is morally wrong.

        — They believe abortion reduces the white population … but they sell limits and prohibitions on abortion on morality because that’s what voters like you are motivated by.

        — You believe that contraception is an optional luxury, “pay to play”, as you so cynically call it.

        — They believe contraception reduces the white population … but they sell limits and prohibitions on contraception on morality and “pay to play” because that’s what voters like you are motivated by.

        “… Get your bigots to the ballot box …” = voters like you..

        Oh, here comes @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus right now.

        Yet, someday, the same people @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus votes for today will disenfranchise @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus’s vote, Constitutionally protected equal rights, citizenship, pursuit of happiness, liberty, life.

        My sharing is not “hysteria”, as you try to dismiss it ( look up the meaning of the word * ).

        My sharing is research-based fact by which we can make informed decisions.

        * hysteria, noun
        nervous system disease, 1801, coined in medical Latin as an abstract noun from Greek hystera “womb,” from proto Indo European *udtero-, variant of *udero- “abdomen, womb, stomach” ( see uterus ), originally defined as a neurotic condition peculiar to women and thought to be caused by a dysfunction of the uterus, with abstract noun ending -ia, general sense of “unhealthy emotion or unhealthy excitement” is by 1839.

      • LILIBETH

        I understand that you are afraid for brown and black people because then your political agenda would be jeopardized. Thank you for nothing. We are surviving and procreating without the need to be on the democratic liberal Plantation. The Plantation has done nothing but enslaved black people and made them dependent. Time for us to stand on our own 2 feet again and to ne responsible himan beings. This means breaking free of the left and dims who are trying to use us as political capital.

      • .
        I presume you brought that agenda with you, too, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, as it is not mine, is not part of this thread, and is not part of the opening article.

        I do not even understand it, considering that Democrat T-Rump refused to rent to Blacks, but when T-Rump turned Republican to show his disgust for the Democratic Party that promoted a Black President, YOU then voted for T-Rump, as if you’ll follow “massa” anywhere and do “massa’s” bidding.

        You are a hammer, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, treating every chance to express yourself as an opportunity to whack something, even though there are no nails here.

        Watch that recoil, I think you’re whacking your own dɑmn head.

      • LILIBETH

        Sorry Peter your propaganda doesn’t work on me. I have to laugh at libs/dims though, they keep trying the same failed tactics and keep failing. It must be hurt to keep hitting their heads against the wall.

        TEA TIME!

      • LILIBETH

        Your hysteria is only for your own kind Pete. You can use fear only for other people, not for me. I am not fearful of the small amount of people who call themselves white supremacists and I’m not fearful of the small amount of people who call themselves black supremacists. That is your GREAT FEAR not mine.

      • .
        I appreciate that you fear “fear”, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        But your inability to imagine any other reaction to evil than fear makes you adamant, and ignorant, and it makes you vote against your own interests.

        A “small amount of people” created the unnecessary war in Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of people, wasting billions of hard-earned US resources.

        I am confident that you have little to no understanding of the appropriate meanings of words, hence you easily get lost in my attempted dialogs with you.

        “Fear”, eh?

        Well, at least that’s another word you cannot quote me on, so you must have brought that word with you.

        It is not mine.

      • LILIBETH

        The sky is not falling my dear little CHICKEN LITTLE. The libs/dims merely lost another election.

      • LILIBETH

        As we all know Peter 2000 black babies die due to your abortionists per day. Their body parts are then sold. No outcry from you as expected.

      • .
        Again, you seem to understand John Tanton‘s plans very well, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Why you vote for people who implement those white supremacist white nationalist plans is beyond me.

        Also, you confuse Constitutionally protected individual rights for everyone ( including Black women ) with unConstitutional denial of rights by others, such as the people you vote for, who’s plans are to disenfranchise non-whites, subjugate non-whites, and eliminate non-whites ( including Black women ).

        I do not believe I’ve ever seen you respond to the subject of the opening post, nor respond appropriately to the prior post in a thread.

        However, in this thread, you do set an example of the problem:

        — deranged cultists following deranged T-Rump.

        To wit:

        — you claim 2,000 black babies ( ! ) die daily to “… my …” abortionists.

        … totally off subject, I ain’t got no “abortionists”, zero babies die through abortion ( the majority of fertilized eggs NEVER IMPLANT and self-abort, so your God must be the universe’s biggest abortionist ), and the majority of women who seek abortion services are dealing with a brainless zygote, hardly differentiated from a brainless egg or a brainless sperm, all of which can be considered POTENTIAL humans, once-or-more-removed, so perhaps, by your “babies” standard, we should jail masturbating men for killing millions of “babies” in one shot, or we should jail those giving blow jοbs for cannibalising “babies”.

        You fail to understand the difference between a born citizen’s self determination, and the unConstitutional denial f those freedoms by others, such as John Tanton et alia, ( let alone the self-determination of oneself over one’s own body outside the jurisdiction of government and others ).

      • LILIBETH

        I doubt if you’re white bogeyman is interest in saving the lives of 2000 black babies a day from murderous abortionists. Try something else Peter your hysteria doesn’t work on me.

      • LILIBETH

        A child is not a choice Peter you’re murdering an unborn innocent baby.The fact that you were OK with that tells me how inhumane you really are.

      • .
        I appreciate that you are trying to change the subject, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        But the subject is not whether or not abortion is murder.

        The subject is whether or not the people you vote for want to stop abortion because it’s murder, or because they want to repopulate the white race, and have murderous plans for non-whites in their queue for people like you.

        Get on subject.

        Before you vote again.

        Stop going off at half-cock.

        Know your song well before you start singing.

        Stop voting for racist white supremacist white nationalists who only mean you harm.

      • LILIBETH

        You brought up the fact that babies are a choice and should be killed Peter you change the subject. Not all decent people want to kill children. I’m not surprised that you do.

      • .
        You lïe like a fïlthy-dïrty-pυke-and-shït-stɑïned rug, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        You cannot quote me writing anything like the hysterical ( word used accurately here ) noise in your own head, and only in your own miserable self-righteous head.

        The only people I know of who believe that babies or children should be kïlled are John Tanton and his rabïd, ïgnοrant, fearful, hateful, racïst whïte supremacïst whïte nationalïst followers, neο-Nɑzïs, neο-KKK, and neο-Cοnfederɑtes, many of whom have risen to power in T-Rump‘s administration …

        … empowered by YOUR equally ïgnοrant vote.

      • LILIBETH

        Your hysteria is comical Peter. Certainly not taken seriously by sane people. Sorry for you.

      • .
        You keep using that word “hysteria” … as you invent hysterical accusations for you to believe about others, hysterical accusations without any basis in fact, exhibited by your inability to respond with any quote justifying your hysterical accusations, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        I didn’t think you had any reason to write what you wrote, and I believed you knew you were lying at the time you wrote it, writing your gibberish solely for hysterical effect.

        Thanks for illustrating the opening post theme:

        — delusional people following deranged T-Rump.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol….the sky is not falling CHICKEN LITTLE. I am immuned to your hysterical accusations

      • LILIBETH

        I don’t think you read half the crap you write Peter if you did you would understand the responses.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol..chill Peter. As you well know you’re foolish attempts to interpret my meaning have failed once again.

      • .
        I know your facile, la-di-dah careless thoughtless unresearched meaning, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        You do not know the ramifications of your vote empowering T-Rump to bring John Tanton‘s agenda into play.

      • LILIBETH

        Fortunately for you Peter I’ve done my research. You have been found wanting, but then you already knew that. Stop with the hysteria.

      • LILIBETH

        Your hysteria isn’t working on me Peter. Lie down and have a glass of wine instead of whining.

      • .
        It’s not my “hysteria” ( your inaccurate defensive word ) that has any effect on you, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus,

        … it’s John Tanton‘s

        “… to populate is to rule …”

        … plan that is pushing every T-Rump administration policy forward to remove people of color and women from any effective power over WHITE Christian straight monied males of European ancestry.

        And you are trying to hand them the keys to our country.

      • LILIBETH

        Lol…… not working Peter. Try something else you’ve come unglued since President Trump won the election. The sky is not falling and hysteria will not win the day.

      • .
        You are not my audience, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, you are my subject.

        You are also the subject of the opening article.

        I am not trying to get anything to “work” on you, especially considering your well-worn, impenetrable bigotry, as evidenced in ~23,000 posts at [ ] for all to read, way too many of them written in some entanglement with me.

        Here, as always, I am educing my understanding, and polishing my public presentations, and offering Google searchers something worthy to discover.

        I thank you for your reminder of where so many seemingly insurmountable problems lie.

        Inspired by the tireless efforts of

        Pauli Murray [ ]

        — and Bayard Rustin [ ],

        … I shall soldier on.

      • LILIBETH

        Subject or audience doesn’t matter Peter. Your well worn theatrics are are a waste of time. The sky is not falling and your foolish hysterics are nothing more than silly nonsense.

        Go back to your useless whining.

      • LILIBETH

        You appear to be suffering from a severe case of Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome. Experts say it is a degenerative brain disease caused by too many far left talking points, misinformation and propaganda. Unfortunately, there is no known cure at this time. So sad.

      • .
        “@disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus” = vapid spam by any other name, but vapid spam nonetheless.

        But, thanks for illustrating the whole point of the opening article, just in case anyone wasn’t sure that people so adamantly set on self-annihilation really existed.

      • LILIBETH

        MARCH 28, 2017
        An inconvenient truth

        A newly released study from the University of New Hampshire reveals that 38% of the U.S. has a declining white population. In 17 states more white people are dying than are being born.

        Over a 15-year time span the number of white births dropped by 8.4% in the entire United States while the number of deaths in that same time span rose by 5.8%.

        LOOK AT EUROPEANS. ….From Italy to Sweden, Europe is dying
        Douglas Murray

        BRING YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND PETER. Whites refuse to have enough children to replace themselves and are dying as a race.

      • LILIBETH

        Your boogeyman is irrelevant PETER. The is not falling. Your hysteria that makesbyou believe that all black, brown and yellow people are leaving America is just that ” HYSTERICS “.

      • .
        Yes, finally you do some research, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, and it’s EXACTLY the same research done by John Stanton for the Pioneer Fund

        … hence their plans to deal with “the problem” on too many non-whites:

        — deportations,

        — reducing to eliminating non-white immigration,

        — bans against uniting black families ( the fake “Muslim” ban ),

        — gerrymandering to dilute non-white votes,

        — ID requirements to reduce non-white votes,

        — changing election locations and number of election locations to reduce non-white votes,

        — criminalizing non-whites ( the fake “war on drugs”, et alia ),

        — reducing to eliminating healthcare for non-whites,

        — reducing to eliminating education and education value for non-whites,

        — reducing to eliminating employment and employment value for non-whites,

        — increasing deadly pollution, poison, and cancer for non-whites,

        — using non-whites as cannon fodder in unnecessary foreign wars.

        Thanks for STARTING to do your own research, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        More, please.

        You can even, follow the links I shared, links to the people in and around T-Rump‘s administration who are executing John Tanton‘s plan to repopulate ignorant fearful racist bigoted white supremacist white nationalists, because, as they see it, race wise:

        “… to populate is to rule …”

        Start with …

        … the Pioneer Fund, an original Nazi-sympathizer foundation from 1937, created “to advance the scientific study of heredity and human differences”, vehemently racist and white supremacist, giving John Tanton‘s fake Federation for American Immigration Reform ( FAIR ) a million+ dollars to scheme up anti immigrant policies with Kris Kobach, also funding John Tanton‘s fake anti immigrant “groups” ProjectUSA and American Immigration Control Foundation, and funding white nationalist Jared Taylor and his fake American Renaissance and Occidental Quarterly publications, and Roger Pearson‘s fake Institute for the Study of Man, and other key academic white nationalists in both Right Now! and American Renaissance, plus their New Century Foundation, all “neo-Nazi organizations closely integrated with the far right in American politics.”

        Continue with references …

        Avner Falk. Anti-semitism: a history and psychoanalysis of contemporary hatred. Abc-Clio, 2008, pg. 18

        Tucker, William H. (2007). The funding of scientific racism: Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund. University of Illinois Press. ISBN 978-0-252-07463-9. Lay summary (26 July 2013).

        Andrew Wroe. The Republican party and immigration politics: from Proposition 187 to George W. Bush. University of Illinois Press, 2008, pg. 81

        Southern Poverty Law Center Into the Mainstream; An array of right-wing foundations and think tanks support efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable. Retrieved March 7, 2017

        Beirich, Heidi. “Pioneer Fund Assets Divided; New Leadership Appointed”. Hatewatch. Southern Poverty Law Center. Retrieved 9 February 2014.

        Segal, Nancy L. (2012). Born Together—Reared Apart. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press. ISBN 978-0-674-05546-9. Lay summary (16 May 2013).

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        Pioneer Fund Founders and Former Directors Archived 2012-11-30 at the Wayback Machine.

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        Mehler, Barry (July 7, 1998). Race Science and the Pioneer Fund Originally published as “The Funding of the Science” in Searchlight, No. 277.

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        Lombardo, P. “THE AMERICAN BREED: NAZI EUGENICS AND THE ORIGINS OF THE PIONEER FUND” Retrieved May 21, 2008. Albany Law Review

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        See how easy that was to get started, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus?

        You can take your mastery of your Bibles studies experiences into this new realm of becoming aware of people who actively challenge and want to eliminate equivalent consideration for all.

      • LILIBETH

        Peter your hysterics don’t work on me. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING. Too many non whites are already here. Whites as a world wide population are already SHRINKING because of abortion, feminism, homosexuality, zero population growth propaganda.

      • .
        Wow, you really have an us-versus-them attitude, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, as if it’s possible for any supposed “group” of people to somehow “win” by eliminating an “other” group of people.

        You are right on T-Rump‘s script.

      • LILIBETH

        Yes Peter I am responsible for white people not having children and being at subfertility rate. Congratulations you found me out.

      • .
        It’s right there in front of your eyes, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        Some WHITES fearing, as you call it,

        … “… white people not having [ enough ]
        children [ to maintain a majority from which
        to “rule” ] and being at subfertility rate
        [ compared to non-whites, who some whites
        fear will become a majority, and then rule,
        at the expense of those white people ]

        It does not have to make sense to you, @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus.

        It only has to make sense to them,

        … in order for their ignorant, fearful, hateful bigotry, racism, WHITE supremacy, and WHITE nationalism to make them ACT against what they fear, against you and yours,

        … yet you cannot imagine their fear motivating them to create and fulfill a plan to eliminate non-whites from US majority,

        … even when that plan is brought to your face, and explained in detail, and identified, and the authors named, and the executioners in the administration identified,

        … and the cascade of policies carried out, policies aimed squarely at you and yours.

        THAT’S what the opening article is about,

        … people like you, T-Rump beliebers, caught in the propaganda fervor of T-Rump‘s WWE World Wrestling Entertainment audience,

        … people WANTING to believe that what they see is real,

        … yet the entertainers themselves knowing it’s all for show, taking all the audience’s money and dreams, and giving nothing but a false, shouting, chair-throwing, brouhaha show,

        … all the way to the bank,

        … with your money.

      • LILIBETH

        Propaganda doesn’t work on me Peter try something else. White people are responsible for their own failure to have children – no one else. Your way of life is dying because there will be no one to continue it.

        Have a nice day.

      • .
        @disqus_VGin9JoY2j:disqus, drinker of the Konservative Kult Kool-Aid,

        … there is no “… my way of life …” for anyone but myself, having nothing to do with anyone else, and visa versa.

        You have John Tanton‘s words in your mouth, and don’t recognize the bitter taste of Nɑzi poison, the spittle and drool of ignorance, fear, hate, and propaganda of racist white supremacy and white nationalism …

        … that YOU voted for in T-Rump and his administration.

      • LILIBETH

        Yeah there is YOUR way of life. MORALLY DEFICIENT….

  • RadioUranus

    Not since Jim Jones have we seen such a charismatic leader.


      Not to worry about Obungler is gone.