Trumpsters Won’t Like What a CNN Analyst Said About Trump’s Treatment of Women (Video)

If you really want to see a group of people get angry in a hurry, find a group of Trump supporters and tell them the truth about the pathological-lying scumbag they support. Then just sit back and watch them all go into a meltdown filled with whining about “fake news,” Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the “establishment” — basically anything you’d heard Fox News’ most popular fraud Sean Hannity say.

In all my years following politics, I’ve never seen a group of such hyper-sensitive hypocrites in all of my life. That’s rather ironic from a group of people who often champion themselves the “anti-PC police.”

So I’m sure these folks won’t like what CNN’s John Berman said about Trump’s view of women Tuesday night on AC360. In particular, when Trump called women “special” during the same comments where he put his support behind alleged child molester Roy Moore:

So in the President’s words, women are special. Some women, it seems, anyway. He wants you to believe the women who accused Bill Clinton, for example. He wants you to believe the women who accused Harvey Weinstein — other women? Not so special. Not the women accusing Roy Moore. Not the women accusing Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes. And, of course, not the women accusing Donald Trump. None of them, at least, special enough to believe.

Berman’s comments were similar to what his CNN colleague Jake Tapper said when he tore into the “president” for picking and choosing which sexual harassment/assault allegations he feels are valid based upon whether or not he sees someone as a friend or an enemy.

“It would seem the only relevant factor for President Trump is whether you’re a friend or foe, not the credibility of the charges,” Tapper explained.

“And, just as an observation,” he continued, “if the only thing you care about when it comes to sexual harassment or abuse charges is whether the person accused is your friend, or whether you can use the charge against your enemies, well then you don’t actually care about the crime of sexual harassment or abuse.”

Both men are absolutely right.

My theory is Trump avoided addressing the Moore scandal hoping that the Alabama Senate candidate might eventually drop out of the race on his own. That way he’d never have been on the record taking a stand either way.

However, once it became clear to Trump that Moore wasn’t going to drop out, that’s when he finally decided he had to “take a side,” so he chose the one that would benefit his own interests most. Even if that meant endorsing someone who’s been accused by multiple women of sexually abusing them when they were as young as 14, while others have told stories about how Moore was known to stalk and prey on teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

It’s obvious Donald Trump’s view of how “special” women are, or how serious he takes allegations of sexual abuse, is based on nothing more than whether or not the accused is someone he feels is a friend or an enemy.

And as Tapper said, if that’s how someone views whether or not to care about sexual harassment or abuse, then the truth is — they really don’t care.

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Watch Berman’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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