Trump Surrogate Delivers One of the Most Awkward & Absurd Defenses of His Sexism Yet (Video)

I don’t feel sorry for anyone who volunteers to defend or support Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel slightly awkward when watching them do it. That’s exactly how I felt watching Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continually try to blame Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump sending out sexist tweets early Friday morning.

What was Rutledge’s reasoning behind blaming Clinton for Trump’s tweets? Because she dared to call out Trump’s appalling comments about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s weight and ethnicity.

“It’s unfortunate that this issue was raised by Secretary Clinton during Monday night’s debate,” Rutledge stated. “She’s the one that jumped off in the ditch, bringing back comments from the ’90s. So it’s unfortunate that it turned to that, rather than turning to jobs and the economy and national security.”

“OK, that was Monday, this story was dying down,” MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle replied. “Donald Trump told America, told the millions of people following him on Twitter, our children who in their own schools have their own little elections, look at a sex tape. And it wasn’t just Alicia Machado. Monday night he doubled down and said, ‘The views on Rosie O’Donnell, they’re universal.’ He’s been saying this for years.”

Ruhle is absolutely right. While I get that bringing up comments from the 90’s might seem a bit ridiculous, it’s actually a very valid issue. As Ruhle pointed out, Trump’s sexism and sexist comments toward women continue to this day – this isn’t something about him that only exists in his past. After all, Tuesday morning he was on Fox & Friends saying Machado’s weight was a “real problem.” This defense that Clinton is trying to dig up stuff from the past that’s no longer relevant doesn’t make any sense considering the sexism he displayed then is still very much who he is today.

But despite Ruhle’s best attempts to reason with her, Rutledge continued to double-down on blaming Clinton for Trump’s behavior.

“Well, again, Secretary Clinton is the one who jumped off in this ditch, and it was not Donald Trump,” she repeated. “We have seen, for the past several months, that he has been focused on talking about jobs and the economy, bringing back jobs to the inner cities.”

She then excused the timing of his rant (which began around 3 a.m.) by suggesting that there are people up at that time who are interested in the issues.

She clearly missed the irony in her response considering she’s blaming Trump’s rant against Machado on Clinton, claiming he’s been the one who’s trying to stick to the issues (which he hasn’t) — while defending the time of the tweet by saying some people might want to read about his policies at 3 a.m. — even though all he was doing was going on an unhinged late-night rant that had nothing to do with any sort of policy.

Again, while I don’t feel sorry for anyone supporting Trump, this was slightly difficult to watch. When you see someone who clearly doesn’t believe the nonsense they’re saying, after you have a quick laugh, then it just starts becoming sad and awkward.

Check out the interview below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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