Donald Trump Surrogate Gets Humiliated Trying to Link Michelle Obama’s Speech to Benghazi (Video)

For nearly four years now, Republicans have gone out of their way to constantly bring up the Benghazi attack. Even during discussions that weren’t remotely related to anything that could be tied to the 2012 terrorist attack, you’d still see many on the right often find ridiculous ways to try to interject Benghazi into as many discussions as they possibly could.

And even though several investigations (including those led by Republicans) have debunked practically every right-wing talking point and conspiracy they’ve tried to push about this attack, that hasn’t stopped conservatives from continuing to exploit this tragedy for nothing more than petty political games aimed at trying to slander Hillary Clinton and hurt her chances at becoming our next president.

So, when I heard infamous Donald Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord bring up the attack in a discussion about Michelle Obama’s amazing speech at the DNC convention where she praised Hillary Clinton’s leadership, I wasn’t at all surprised.

“Mrs. Obama is a unifying figure and she has focused on things we all agree on, that we all care about, especially those military families,” CNN’s Paul Begala said. “So when she stands up and says I trust her, this person who is polarizing and partisan and a politician, she says I trust this person with my children, it’s really, really powerful.”

“But you know, Pat Smith [mother of Sean Smith who died in the attack] trusted her son to Mrs. Clinton’s care in Benghazi and she didn’t take care of him,” Lord quipped.

“That’s a cheapshot,” Begala shot back.

“How many consulates and embassies were attacked when Bush was president?” Begala asked Lord.

“I don’t know the answer,” Lord responded. “Do you?”

“Twenty,” Begala said. “Sixty-six people were killed. How many congressional investigations? Zero. How many frontpage stories? Zero. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me crazy. That was a terrible tragedy. It has been investigated, she was cleared, even by the partisan House of Representatives.”


Discussions like this always remind me of when Bill Maher referred to debunked Republican talking points that they still constantly repeat as “zombie lies” — as in lies that simply won’t die. This Benghazi propaganda conservatives constantly use against Clinton is nothing but a bunch of lies that have been debunked by Republicans that they simply won’t stop using no matter how many times they’ve been proven to be false.

Though I absolutely loved how Begala brought up the attacks we saw during Bush’s eight years in office and how Republicans never seemed to make a big deal out of any those — yet they’ve spent nearly four years and millions of dollars “investigating” Benghazi. Obviously Begala was pointing out the hypocrisy in how Republicans seemingly had no issues with the sixty-six people who died in attacks on our consulates or embassies during Bush’s presidency — yet they’ve used the four deaths in Benghazi as a political tool to go after Clinton hoping that it might hurt her chances this November.

The truth is, Republicans have been an absolute disgrace using these four deaths (despite pleas from Chris Stevens’ family to stop using their son’s name for political purposes), not because they actually care about what happened, but because they hoped by doing so that it would help them reclaim the White House this November.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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