Trump Throws Temper Tantrum, Announces He’s ‘Most Likely’ Not Doing Fox News Debate (Video)

trump-megyn-kellyDonald Trump is nothing more than a hack billionaire reality TV star who’s running for president. How anyone can support this idiot is mind-boggling. Listening to his rhetoric, watching his behavior, I have to constantly remind myself he’s a 69-year-old man and not a petulant 12-year-old. Anytime anyone is even remotely critical of him he runs to Twitter to go off on some ridiculous tirade about how “terrible” they are, then praises everyone who kisses his ass. In Trump’s world, the only people who are “wonderful people” are those who bow down to him and refuse to call him out for the seemingly endless list of b.s. he’s constantly peddling to the American people.

Well, all that seems to be coming to a dramatic standoff as “The Donald” just threw another fit and said he’s “most likely” skipping the next Republican debate because Fox News insisted on having Megyn Kelly moderate the event. In other words, he’s ticked off because Fox News isn’t bowing down to his demands. The conservative news network also took a bit of a dig at the current GOP presidential frontrunner when they mocked Trump’s complaint about Kelly being “unfair” (which is basically what he says about anyone who calls him out) by saying “Putin doesn’t play fair.”

Though to make matters worse, he seems to be exploiting the Wounded Warriors by saying he’ll hold an event for them during the timeslot of the next GOP debate. Clearly he’s trying to “save face” over the fact that he’s apparently too much of a coward to participate in a debate where Kelly is the moderator. Because that’s typically his go-to move whenever he gets his feelings hurt – he dangles “helping the veterans” out there to try to distract from the reality that he’s nothing but an egomaniac who’s terrified of being made to look like a fool on a national stage.

Kelly is a “lightweight” as he called her. Right. While I’m not fan of Kelly, he’s clearly doing everything he can to avoid having to face her one-on-one. She’s not running from him, but he’s damn sure trying to run and hide from her.

The “pro-life conservative” apparently also doesn’t know what the morning after pill is, as he refused to answer a question about it, telling a reporter he’ll answer his question as to whether or not the pill constitutes “abortion” at a later date. Which only further proves how full of crap Trump is as far as his stance on being “anti-abortion.”

This press conference was nothing but Trump throwing a massive temper tantrum because his ego was hurt when Fox News decided it wasn’t going to bow at the “altar of Trump.” This was an absolute embarrassment, which is saying something considering he made these remarks at an event where he was being endorsed by renowned racist, bigot and birther, Arizona’s Joe Arpaio.

If there was ever a single moment that showcased how incredibly unfit Trump is to be president, this was it. This country cannot have a leader who throws public hissy fits whenever someone says or does something he doesn’t like. If he can’t handle Fox News, Megyn Kelly or practically anyone who might remotely question anything he says – he sure as hell can’t handle dealing with world leaders like Vladimir Putin or the Ayatollah of Iran.

Donald Trump isn’t an adult – he’s a spoiled infant. He’s an egotistical blowhard who lashes out whenever his ego gets bruised. History is going to look back on the 2016 election and hang its head at the fact that this blithering idiot managed to become a legitimate presidential candidate and very likely the nominee of one of our nation’s two largest political parties.

Update: Trump’s campaign has announced that he is officially skipping the next debate.

Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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