Trump’s Doc Makes a Fool Out of Himself on NBC News, Raising More Questions About Trump’s Health (Video)

One of the bigger stories Friday revolved around an interview Donald Trump’s doctor did with NBC News where he discussed the highly scrutinized “medical evaluation” he supposedly wrote for Trump last December. In it, he declared that the Republican presidential candidate would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” if he were to win the job.

While I’m sure this interview was designed to address renewed interest in the fairly ridiculous letter, personally, I think it did the exact opposite.

To begin with, Dr. Bornstein claims he was given plenty of warning to compose the letter, yet did so in five minutes as a limo waited outside his office. Now, maybe it’s just me, but if I’m a doctor for a leading presidential candidate who was asked me to provide a very important document detailing the health of someone who might very well become our next Commander-in-Chief, that’s something I would take very seriously. Either you spend the adequate amount of time writing a credible medical evaluation, or you tell the limo to come back later because you weren’t finished. So forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical of his excuse that the reason why the letter came off sounding rather ridiculous is because he was in a rush.

But there’s much more.

Dr. Bornstein used the excuse that he was rushed when writing the letter, but he actually defended one of the most ridiculed lines where he stated that Trump would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

“I like that sentence, to be quite honest with you, and all the rest of them are either sick or dead,” Bornstein said.

What does that even mean? Just because former presidents such as Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush are much older now and not in the greatest of health doesn’t mean they weren’t healthy when elected. That statement had nothing to do with the current health of past presidents, but their health when they were elected.

Not only that, but is he really suggesting that Trump is more healthy than President Obama — a fairly active and fit individual who’s 15 years younger than the Republican presidential candidate? And what about George W. Bush? He’s the same age as Trump. Where’s the evidence that “The Donald” is healthier than our 43rd president?

The good doctor also put his endorsement on Trump’s mental health.

“His health is excellent, especially his mental health,” Bornstein said laughing.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure that a doctor who claims to specialize in gastrointestinal issues is exactly the best person to discuss the mental health of someone — even if Trump does seem to live with his head up his own backside. Typically you won’t see doctors make these types of bold health claims outside their field of expertise. Those words also sound an awful lot like something he was told to say since many of Trump’s critics have accused him of being mentally unstable.

Obviously, that’s just speculation on my part based on the circumstances and people involved.

Dr. Bornstein also addressed accusations by many (myself included) that the letter was actually written by Donald Trump himself, by saying that it sounded that way because he “picked up on his kind of language” then “just interpreted it” as his own.

So, wait, did he mean to write such a ridiculous letter or didn’t he? I’m a bit lost.

In this interview, Dr. Bornstein is doing two things:

  • He’s claiming that the letter sounded rather absurd because was rushed when he wrote it.
  • He’s doubling down on some of the most ridiculous parts of the letter.

But then he completely contradicts the entire premise of the letter by later saying that Trump’s health is no better or worse than the average person with the same lifestyle.

“I don’t think he’s in any better or worse health than the average person that goes and exercises every single day,” Bornstein said. “Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink — and that’s simply the best advantage you can have to live — and he’s got a good family history.”

Wait a minute. So, we’ve gone from Trump being the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” a man with “extraordinary” physical strength and stamina whose test results were “astonishingly excellent” — to him simply being no better or worse than any other 70-year-old who lives a similar lifestyle?

Then let’s address this “good family history” comment. While Trump’s father did live until he was 93, he was suffering from Alzheimer’s at the time of his death. So, I’m not exactly sure how having your father die of a severe debilitating mental illness constitutes a “good family history.”

None of this is adding up.

First, he completely contradicts his reasoning for the lack of professionalism of the letter by defending practically every aspect of it — then he contradicts the entire premise of the letter by saying that Trump is no better or worse than anyone his age with a similar lifestyle.

I clearly have no way to prove that Donald Trump wrote his own medical evaluation, but Dr. Bornstein’s interview only solidified my belief that he did.

If you ask me, during this interview, he came off as someone who, knowing there was no actual way to disprove anything that was written in that letter, was told by “someone” to come up with an excuse for the mistakes and very non-medical language used since it had come under such intense scrutiny over the last couple of weeks. Because while he seemed to “stick to the script” by defending the comically written “medical evaluation,” he also contradicted the entire thing when he said that Donald Trump is no better or worse than anyone his age who’s living a similar lifestyle.

I would like to point out that him saying Trump is “no better or worse” is extremely vague and many 70-year-old individuals who’ve lived healthy lifestyles still suffer from severe medical conditions. So that comment doesn’t really address anything related to whether or not Trump is or isn’t healthy.

Practically nothing he said during this interview addressed anything specific about Donald Trump’s health. All Dr. Bornstein did was make an excuse for why the letter was written so poorly, defend the context of it, then contradict the entire thing by offering a very generic health analysis — that seems to indicate he isn’t aware Trump’s father died of Alzheimer’s. That’s interesting considering he was his doctor, as well.

From my perspective, all Dr. Bornstein’s interview did was solidify my personal belief that Donald Trump wrote his own “medical evaluation.”

Watch the interview below via NBC News:

Allen Clifton

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