Trump’s Latest Executive Order shows Textbook Incompetence and Childish Stupidity

While most of the attention over the last few days has been focused on Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from seven countries, that hasn’t stopped him from proving how incompetent he is in other areas as well.

For example, an executive order he signed on Monday that would require federal agencies to cut two regulations for every single new one proposed.

That’s one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard of. This isn’t how adults behave. This is a policy that seems as if it was taken directly from some idiotic meme he saw on Facebook.

This is a policy that’s predicated on the idea that all current regulations could be absolutely vital and beneficial, yet if someone realizes that something needs to be changed, they’re going to have to find two current regulations to eliminate in order for anything else to be added.

It’s absolute stupidity.

This the type of mindset that’s the antithesis of intelligent thinking. One of the pillars of innovation is the introduction of ideas, new concepts or different ways to go about things. That doesn’t happen if you’re governing based on the principle that if you want to propose a new idea, you have to first decide which two existing policies you want to get rid of.

But this is who Trump is — an incompetent buffoon with the mind of a child. He’s pandering to millions of people who operate within the realm of “reality” where things that sound right are always “right,” even if they don’t make a damn bit of sense once you add even a shred of intelligent thought to them.

You know, the people who think a saying like “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” actually makes sense — even though it doesn’t.

While many have joked that Trump is basically a public representation of the “drunk racist uncle who shows up for Thanksgiving,” that’s really not too far off from who he is. This is someone who’s “governing” based on ideas being given to him from someone like Steve Bannon, a man who ran Breitbart — the right-wing conspiracy website where that “drunk racist uncle” gets a lot of their information.

Furthermore, Trump views these fringe, right-wing conspiracy sites as “legitimate news.” He’s praised and thanked Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars — someone who said the government was behind the Oklahoma City bombing, that Sandy Hook could’ve been a hoax, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are actually demons who smell like sulfur (no, that’s not a joke — Jones said that).

So, while it’s funny to joke that Trump’s a lot like the “drunk racist uncle,” in many ways, that’s exactly who he is. And this new executive order is just another prime example of how he’s “governing,” not like someone who’s competent enough to run a country, but like a fool who’s basing his policies on Internet memes.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Edward Krebbs

    May I add that it is also rank sloganism (dare I say a natural fit to Trump?)

    How does one count a single regulation ? Most laws introduce a slew of regulations. Just to pick on the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, the levels of each chemical have to be studied individually. So is “one” reg the complete list or is Arsenic 1, Barium 2, etc……

    Then also add in that there are all sorts of laws and regs which are ignored but Congress never got around to taking them off the books. I could live perfectly well n a world where cars aren’t required to have a runner with a lamp preceeding the car by 200 feet (or whatever the law was) although it would be nice if people still weren’t allowed to spit on the sidewalk.

    I agree with the article thorougly. Just wanted to add one more thought.

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  • puzzled1

    Oh Allen, speaking of childish stupidity (since you brought up the topic), here is a quote from a liberal progressive, Bill Maher:

    “In 2016 Conservatives won the White House, both houses of Congress and almost two-thirds of state legislatures.

    Whereas liberals on the other hand caught Steve Martin calling Carrie Fisher “beautiful” in a tweet and made him take it down. I’m not making that up. That actually happened.”


    That’s the number of political offices lost by Progressives in the past eight years. The results of your rants are amazing Allen.

    • alsandor

      You could be more precise about Steve Martin’s tweet. He called her a “beautiful creature” and some people with their panties in a bunch complained that that objectified her. Calling them “liberals” is a bit jejune, don’t you think?

    • FD Brian

      well lets be honest, a lot of those seats, especially at local and state levels were lost due to gerrymandering, it certainly wasn’t policy, as well as a huge influx of outside money into those states as well. That’s not to say progressives don’t have their own set of problems, its just that democrats haven’t figured out how to fuck the people in the system as well.

  • Nancy B

    On surface, especially with the vagueness, the 2 for 1 EO sounds idiotic. But the UK does this and it’s quite effective. And Canada, based on the UK’s success, is giving it a shot, too. The main secret to their success is that they have to prove that the new reg will save money, over the old one(s).

  • Brian

    Hah! You really hate seeing someone keep more campaign promises than Obama. And only one week in.

    • renee katz

      His promises are one of a mentally, Evil man. And those who agree with him, have the same problem. Check the facts (if you can read) and you will cry when the harm comes to you and your family

    • noah vail

      it won’t be long before this despot, like all others before him in history, comes after your guns or other means of self defense….will you be saying Hah! then ?…you morons will never learn …your only contribution to society is to insure that America never runs out of stupid…

  • Islander

    How about Canadians being screened for anti-Canadian values? This act in Quebec this weekend raises that question. How many Canadians don’t have Canadian values?

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