Trump’s Monday Twitter Meltdown: A Deranged, Shameful Word Salad of Easily Debunked BS

Despite his claim that he’s “working” during his 17-day golfing vacation away from the White House, Donald Trump spent much of Monday doing what he seems to do most days — whining about the media and people who are critical of him on Twitter.

However, Monday’s Twitter tantrum was much longer than most, so let’s just get right into breaking down this word salad of stupidity.

He began with bashing The New York Times:

Actually, like almost every other credible poll, The New York Times predicted Hillary Clinton would win the overall vote — which she did. While Trump likes to bring up the fact that these polls didn’t predict the electoral college outcome (because that’s not what they measure), he fails to mention that even Fox News and his favorite polling company, Rasmussen, also predicted he’d lose.

For the record, it was The New York Times that recently broke the story about his eldest son’s meeting with Russian officials last year. I’m almost certain he would have called that story “FAKE NEWS!” had the publication not obtained the emails Trump Jr. exchanged with the Kremlin-backed lawyer.

The only thing I see “failing” around here is his presidency and ability to get anything accomplished despite the fact his party controls both the House and the Senate.

Of course, that was just the beginning for Trump’s Monday meltdown:

There’s so much stupid here, I’ll start with the beginning and work my way through to the end.

For starters, to claim that his “base” is “stronger than ever before” is an absolute joke. While his base does remain extremely loyal, his approval number, even in the poll he personally called the most accurate in the country, Rasmussen, wouldn’t be 15 points lower today than it was when he was sworn into office if his “base is stronger than ever.”

Besides, a politician’s “base” is almost always going to be overly enthusiastic about them no matter how piss-poor their performance is as an elected official. I’m convinced Trump could be convicted of treason and his “base” will still support him at over 70-80 percent.

What’s sad is that he seems to think holding rallies in Trump-friendly areas of the country somehow proves this delusion of his. The truth is, he’s too much of a coward to hold rallies in more progressive areas of the United States where large protests would almost certainly occur.

Then, once again, Trump perpetuates this idea that the stories concerning Russia are “fake,” despite the fact that there’s an active FBI investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russian officials, and the more recent news that special counselor Robert Mueller has now commissioned a grand jury.

Apparently he also thinks the media should still be talking about the fact that he chose someone to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court — something that happened months ago.

As far as the media covering economic news, considering not too long ago he called these same numbers “phony,” why would he want the media to focus on them now? Furthermore, they’re practically the exact same numbers we’ve seen during most of Obama’s presidency, so why should the media make a big deal out of economic information Trump had almost nothing to do with and once called a “hoax”?

Moving on to his claim about military strength and border security, well, considering deportation numbers aren’t much different than they were during Obama’s time in office, what, exactly, is Trump wanting the media to talk about? The fact that when Republicans like himself spent years saying illegal immigration was out of control, and Obama wasn’t doing anything to get rid of illegal immigrants, they were lying?

Moreover, considering he’s yet to sign any major piece of legislation that would have much to do with “strengthening our military,” I’m not exactly sure what he wants the media to say about that, either. Sure, it’s easy for him to make vague claims that he’s strengthened out military, but that doesn’t actually mean he’s done anything — which he hasn’t.

Then came this laughable statement:

By “working hard” he means golfing, watching cable news, and whining on Twitter about what “mean” things people are saying about him. I’d point out the irony of someone who seems to have spent much of his day bragging on Twitter about “working hard” — but I really don’t think I need to.

After that came the moment when a draft dodger had the nerve to attack the military record of someone who, while dishonest about his time in the military, at least actually served this country:

Did Blumenthal misrepresent his service, implying that he had fought in Vietnam when he hadn’t? Yes. But that doesn’t negate the fact that, unlike the coward Trump, Blumenthal was actually in the Marine Reserves. While it’s inexcusable that he lied, also unlike Trump, he at least admitted what he did was wrong and did ask for forgiveness.

Furthermore, as NBC News pointed out, there’s absolutely no evidence anywhere that Blumenthal ever bragged about his “conquests” or how “brave” he was, nor that he ever “cried like a baby” after his lie was exposed.

Meanwhile, Trump never admits he does anything wrong, is possibly the most dishonest person ever elected to office, and seems to think that lying about military service is as bad as possibly committing treason against your country by colluding with an enemy who attacked us.

Trump’s an absolute disgrace.

After several hours, Trump returned to Twitter to continue his Monday meltdown:

Actually, here are the reports from the “fake news media” covering, in quite a lot of detail (much more than you’d ever hear Trump try to explain), the recent sanctions the U.N. just passed against North Korea:

So I have absolutely no idea what Trump’s rambling about here considering these sanctions have been well-covered by every single media outlet he frequently calls “fake news.”

After that, he continued lying about The New York Times:

For the record, digital subscriptions for The New York Times are up 63.4 percent for the second quarter of this year and its stock is trading at a nine-year high.

Finally, the man calling himself “president” took another petty and extremely childish shot at Blumenthal, whom he apparently spent most of the day obsessing about considering this tweet came eight hours after he first attacked the senator earlier in the day:

If you’re someone who thinks Blumenthal’s dishonesty outweighs the six years he was in the Marine Reserves, that’s fine. Everyone has the right to feel that way. However, someone like Trump, a person who never served a day in the military and used draft deferments to avoid being sent to Vietnam has absolutely zero right to mock someone who, while dishonest about their service — at least served in some capacity.

This is just another prime example of Trump proving, once again, that he has absolutely no respect for our military or our veterans. He could have criticized Blumenthal for any number of things he’s done as a politician; instead, he chose to belittle his service record — much like he did Sen. John McCain’s — because Trump has absolutely no respect for anyone but himself.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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