Trump’s Neurotic Obsession Goes off the Rails During Tuesday Tweeting Tantrum

I know writing about a Twitter tantrum Donald Trump’s gone on seems rather redundant, but as long he continues to use social media as his main form of communication, as long as his daily meltdowns are relevant, I think they deserve to be discussed and debunked.

And just like his Monday meltdown, I felt Tuesday’s was newsworthy. Not only because of the obsessive nature of his tweets, spanning around two hours, but because of the blatant bullshit he spewed in several of them.

Let’s start with the first one he sent out this morning:

Once again, his “logic” is amazing.

A network actually proves it has journalistic credibility by not only admitting a story was a mistake, but basically getting rid of three journalists responsible for the false story — but in “Trump’s world,” that vindicates his claims that CNN is a “fake news network.”

Only in the minds of Republicans can a network proving it has ethical standards somehow “prove it’s fake news that can’t be trusted.” I guess CNN should just do what Fox News does and label many of their personalities “entertainers.” That way they can push whatever asinine conspiracies or lies they want, like Sean Hannity does, while not being held to any sort of journalistic standards.

That tweet was sent out at 5:33 a.m.

Next up, he retweeted out a meme depicting CNN as “FNN: Fake News Network”:

Nothing says “dignity,” “class,” and “maturity” quite like the 71-year-old “President” of the United States retweeting childish memes like your drunk uncle.

What followed was five — yes five — retweets from Fox News.

After all, let’s just be honest here. In a country like the United States where a wannabe dictator can’t be the authoritarian ruler that he desperately wants to be, Fox News really is the closest thing to “state-run media” as he’s going to get. So it makes sense that America’s most-watched conservative fan fiction network is his go-to source to feel good about how terrible his job performance has been.

Then at 7:30 a.m., nearly two hours after he sent out his first attack against CNN for showing that they care about journalistic integrity, he continued proving that the current “president” spends most of his mornings obsessing over cable news:

Actually, CNN’s ratings are up. In fact, they just posted their most-watched quarter in history. So, maybe when he’s referring to something that’s down, he might have gotten CNN’s numbers confused with his approval rating.

As for the claim that there are “big management changes” coming — there’s no evidence of that anywhere. While CNN has said that they’re going to be more strict when it comes to reporting stories related to Trump and Russia, the only “changes” that occurred were three journalists resigning following the network’s retraction.

This notion that all of the stories CNN’s been right on are now “fake news” because they retracted one is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, recently Fox News was forced to retract a conspiracy which Sean Hannity was pushing after one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders based his lies on a source who almost immediately admitted he was lying.

Fox News was also forced to admit that analyst Judge Napolitano’s claim about Barack Obama wiretapping Trump — the source he got this unfounded conspiracy from — wasn’t credible, either. Yet that didn’t stop Trump from continuing to repeat that soundly debunked nonsense.

Oh, then who remembers former Fox News analyst Wayne Simmons who was busted lying about working for the CIA? He was sentences to 33 months in prison for being a fraud. But that wasn’t until after Fox News had used him on numerous occasions as an “expert” on matters of national security.

Naturally, he was let go by Fox News. But guess who wasn’t? That would be Hannity and Napolitano, two men who’ve purposely spread lies and conspiracies the network has been forced to correct — they’re still both employed by the network.

Meanwhile, CNN got rid of the three journalists responsible for their retracted story.

But, please, tell me more about how CNN showing they have standards proves they’re “fake news,” while Fox News keeping blatant propagandists on the air makes them, somehow, “credible.”

Nope, Trump wasn’t done:

That tweet translates to: Any network that calls out my lies, contradictions, pathetic incompetence, and unhinged behavior is “fake news.”

Wow — he’s such a loser.

Though there is something comical about possibly the most dishonest person to ever be elected to public office constantly whining about “fake news” when almost nothing he says is true. It’s laughable that the person who just admitted his threat that he possibly recorded his conversations with James Comey was a lie — an admission that took him weeks to finally address — is the one who acts as if people should trust him and only the news sources of which he approves.

As many have pointed out for months, he doesn’t want to be the “president,” he wants to be a dictator.

Think about this. The “President” of the United States, for over two hours on Tuesday morning, apparently obsessed over one CNN story which the network retracted, taking several opportunities to push his “fake news” nonsense on Twitter.

Besides being an absolute loser, shouldn’t Trump have more important things to do? Hell, the average American doesn’t have two hours every morning to spend watching cable news morning shows, and most people aren’t nearly as busy as the “president.” I really do wonder how much actual work he does — because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like a whole lot.

This is another perfect example of how fragile and insecure his ego is. He hates CNN so much for refusing to act like his own personal state-run media network like Fox News usually does, that he spent a good part of Tuesday morning obsessing over the fact that they had to admit they made a mistake and three journalists resigned because of it.

What a sad, petty little man.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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