Trump’s Nothing More Than a Wannabe Dictator Who Acts Like a Crime Boss

Well before he “won” last year’s election, I said that Donald Trump never wanted to be a “president,” he wanted to be a dictator. He’s never had any desire to lead a Constitutional government based on laws, a system of checks and balances, democracy, and the freedom of the press.

Oh, no.

What Trump wants is to be able to rule like authoritarian Russian President (and quasi dictator) Vladimir Putin. Not only has Trump repeatedly praised Putin’s “strength,” he’s also spoken highly of the way in which Kim Jong-Un and Saddam Hussein unilaterally wielded their power in barbaric ways. He literally said that it was “incredible” the way Kim Jong-Un came into power by savagely murdering anyone who could have challenged him.

Donald Trump’s world has always been based upon one primary philosophy: He’s the boss and nobody questions or doubts him.

It’s a pathetically weak and ignorant way to “lead.” That said, a person can get away with that when they’re the CEO of their own company — but not when they’re the “president.”

That’s why Trump spends so much time lashing out at the media. It’s not because all these major networks, magazines, or newspapers — from all over the world, I might add — are “out to get him,” it’s because, for the first time in his life, he’s having to deal with people he can’t control.

Throughout his life, Trump’s constantly claimed that the system is “rigged” against him whenever he feels something isn’t going his way. From last year’s GOP primary, to the Emmy awards, to today’s media calling out the circus that is his administration, whenever anything goes against Trump, you can bet he’s always going to play the victim and claim someone or something is “out to get him.”

Donald Trump may go down in history as the only rich white male who was born into a wealthy family who spent much of his life whining that the system was “rigged against him.”


Donald Trump wants the media to report what he tells them to report, Congress to do whatever he says, and every aspect of our government, and law enforcement, to do what he wants — not what our rules, laws, and Constitution demand.

In other words, aside from trying to act like a wannabe dictator, Trump essentially behaves like a stereotypical organized crime boss.

He wants his subordinates to never question anything he says, clearly feels that law enforcement officials should “pledge loyalty” to him, not the law, and he thinks members of Congress are there to “protect the president,” not serve their constituents.

Then when he doesn’t get his way, he goes on the attack. That’s when he:

  • Tries to undermine the credibility of U.S. intelligence agencies for not telling him what he wants to hear about Russia’s cyber attack against last year’s election.
  • Makes people he can get rid of, such as former FBI director James Comey, aware of the fact that he holds their job in his hands and he would really like for them to do what he wants.
  • Lashes out at media entities or companies on Twitter who aren’t saying or doing what he wants them to do.
  • Publicly belittles current Attorney General Jeff Sessions, obviously trying to force him to resign so he doesn’t have to officially fire him.
  • Undercuts the media by barring recording devices at press briefings because they dared to ask questions he didn’t want the White House press secretary answering.
  • Goes on Twitter to try to intimidate and threaten Comey into not speaking out publicly against him by suggesting he might have recorded their conversations.
  • Passive-aggressively threatens to ruin the political careers of Republicans who don’t bend to his will and do what he says.

Much like how an organized crime boss isn’t going to specifically threaten to harm someone, Trump almost never specifically says what he’s going to do to those he’s trying to pressure into giving in to his demands. He just makes it very clear to them that, if they don’t, things may get very “unpleasant” for them.

That’s why I laughed when, just after Comey publicly testified that he felt Trump was trying to obstruct justice, the “president” and his defenders tried claiming that he couldn’t possibly have obstructed justice because he never specifically asked the former FBI director to end any investigations. Obviously playing stupid about what Trump was trying to do when he tried to get Comey to “pledge loyalty,” brought up the FBI director’s job on a few occasions (with Comey knowing full well Trump had the power to fire him whenever he wanted to), and always made sure no one else was around when the two had these talks.

They’ll deny it, but anyone with half a brain realizes that the reason Trump fired Comey wasn’t because of his job performance, it’s because the former head of the FBI wasn’t doing what he wanted him to do — he wouldn’t “pledge loyalty” to Trump.

We’re seeing this all play out with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Since he did the right thing by recusing himself from the Russia investigation, as opposed to doing what Trump wanted, the “president” has spent the last few days publicly belittling, bullying, and embarrassing Sessions hoping he’ll resign so that he won’t have to technically fire him. That way he can use the same excuse he did after Comey accused him of trying to obstruct justice – that he never specifically told Sessions to resign.

Of course not.

He’s just trying to publicly humiliate the former Alabama senator hoping he’ll quit that way Trump doesn’t have to go on record firing his attorney general just a few weeks after firing the head of the FBI — because neither did what he wanted them to do in regards to the on-going investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia.

While I’m certain he’s going fire Sessions if he refuses to resign, Trump’s doing his best to avoid doing that. Even as stupid as he is, Trump’s aware that the backlash for firing one of his most loyal GOP backers for doing what most people felt was the right thing isn’t going to play well among his party and even some of his most ardent defenders.

It’s also important to keep in mind that one of the main reasons why Trump’s wanting to get rid of Sessions is so he can get rid of special counselor Robert Mueller.

Think about this for a moment, within the next couple of weeks, we could see an administration where the “president” who’s currently under investigation for possibly committing treason will have fired the head of the FBI, his attorney general of just a few months, and the special counselor assigned to oversee that investigation — all because the three men weren’t doing what he wanted them to do in relation to that investigation.

Yet, according to Trump, he’s completely innocent; there was no collusion because they said so; they have nothing to hide even though they keep getting caught trying lie about or hide contact with Russian officials and spies; it’s all “fake news,” he never tried to obstruct justice; and, oh, by the way, just curious, can a president pardon themselves and their family? Trump’s just asking, for a “friend.”

This is all an absolute joke and a harrowing embarrassment for our nation.

Donald Trump and his supporters may call him “president,” but it’s clear that’s not what he wants to be. This is a man who desperately wants to rule like an authoritarian dictator and act like an organized crime boss.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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