Trump’s Pathetic Weakness Shone Through During Wednesday Twitter Rant

While Donald Trump’s Wednesday Twitter hissy fit wasn’t nearly one of the worst he’s ever thrown, it was clear that the backlash he’s received following his hate-filled, dictator-like, largely fictional speech he gave Tuesday night in Arizona was bothering him.

He started off doing what he normally does, bragging about the size of the crowd that showed up:

Trump, himself, claimed there were “15,000 in Phoenix.”

While I can’t seem to find the final tally of how many people actually showed up Tuesday night, based on these photos reporters took from the event, it certainly doesn’t look like 15,000 people were in attendance. He also claimed there weren’t many protesters despite the fact that indisputable photographic evidence showed large crowds of people gathered outside protesting his speech.

Of course, exaggerating crowd size is nothing new for Trump. In July 2015, Trump claimed anywhere between 10-20k people turned out for a speech he gave at the Phoenix Convention Center. The only problem for Trump is, the capacity of that venue is roughly 4,200, with the final attendance number ultimately coming in at 4,169.

So Trump claimed a crowd of less than 5,000 was actually upwards of 20,000.

Yet he has the gall to whine about the media reporting “fake news” because they refuse to treat his delusions like reality.

Then there’s his cheap shot at Senator Flake. Trump doesn’t have the courage to say such things to the faces of the people he insults, so he runs on Twitter like a cowardly bully to flap his gums.


Next up Trump continued to distort the truth about what he said about Charlottesville and how the media covered it:

If you actually watch his speech, what Trump didn’t mention while he was whining about the media’s coverage of his remarks was the part where he put the blame on “many sides.” He also initially refused to specifically condemn white nationalists, the KKK, and Nazis by name — that was the controversy surrounding the speech he gave that Saturday.

What Trump did was completely distort the timeline of what took place, what he said, and why he faced such intense backlash — including from many members of his own party — for not only initially refusing to call out these groups by name, but then taking two days to finally do so.  He then made things worse when he later claimed there were some “good people” among the white nationalists, the KKK, and the Nazis, while, once again, blaming “both sides.”

If you want to talk about “fake news,” Trump was spreading plenty of it during that speech. There’s a reason why Trump distorted the context of what he said, while specifically omitting the “many sides” part of his initial comments when he read them to the crowd Tuesday night.

Finally, Trump continued his whining by lying to his supporters about the filibuster:

As many have pointed out before, for years Democrats controlled the Senate, with Republicans using a record number of filibusters, yet they didn’t “get rid of the filibuster” as Trump claims they would. Then again, why should his supporters believe anything that’s real? Donald Trump and those who support him seem to believe that “reality” is whatever fictional nonsense he says, even if basic, indisputable facts debunk the drivel he’s trying to sell.

What’s ironic concerning his whining about the filibuster is that his first major legislative defeat, repealing Obamacare, had absolutely nothing to do with Democrats filibustering Trumpcare. All Republicans needed was a simple-majority vote to give Trump what he wanted. However, even though the GOP controls the majority in the Senate, they couldn’t even manage that.

Will the filibuster come into play later on? Probably. But up until this point, it really hasn’t. The problem for Trump is he’s such an ineffective, incompetent “leader” that even with his party controlling both the House and Senate, he can’t get anything done.

This short rant was nothing more than Trump’s weakness shining through.

His rally last night wasn’t that large, so he felt the need to keep bragging about it. Since Sen. Jeff Flake has been rather critical of him, he felt the need to personally attack him. Then because he’s faced such intense backlash over his terrible response to the violence in Charlottesville, he decided to whine more about the media’s accurate coverage of his incompetence. Finally, because he seems to realize that it’s very possible that he’s not going to be able to get any of his bold campaign lies passed through Congress, once again, he took to crying about the filibuster — even though his failure to repeal Obamacare had nothing to do with Democrats using it.

Petty little meltdowns like this help back up my stance that Donald Trump’s a sad, clueless loser and a weak little man.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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