Trump’s Rise Has Proven Once and For All That Most Republicans Aren’t Christians

Republicans don’t get a lot of things, but they really don’t “get” Christianity — because it’s not what they follow. Sure, they like to claim that they’re the “party of Christian values,” but there’s almost nothing Christ-like about the GOP. Especially since the rise of Donald Trump, someone who seems closer to the living embodiment of the anti-Christ than an actual Christian.

To their “credit,” a few decades ago, the leaders of the GOP did something quite intelligent when it comes to their twisted bottom line. History had shown that one of the easiest ways to manipulate and control people is through their religion. People will do all kinds of horrific things in the name of “their god” just as long as they’ve convinced themselves that their actions are acceptable because they are the true believers, and those they oppose are the “heathens.”

You see this with radicals of every faith. They take a handful of excerpts from whatever book they follow and manipulate large groups of people, usually through fear and paranoia, two extremely powerful emotions, into believing whatever they want.

It’s using those types of tactics that allow a self-admitted sexual predator billionaire who was born into a wealthy family to convince millions of poor and middle class Americans that he’s a “man of God who can relate to them.” All he had to do was get these other conservative faux Christian radicals like Jerry Falwell Jr. to support him and the evangelicals lined up right behind him.

Decades ago Republicans realized two key issues could easily control millions: abortion and homosexuality. Once they identified their two key manipulation points, all they needed to do was tie in whatever political ideology they wanted with these religious-based beliefs and they knew doing so would give them the power to create a political party that was worshiped more like a faith than a political idea.

That is exactly what they did.

I call it “Republicanity,” and I consider it a cult. It’s a perversion of Christianity mixed with a political set of man-made beliefs. These people view their devotion to the GOP similarly to their belief in God. To them, the Republican party is the party of “real Christians.”

Obviously the problem is that a person’s political beliefs are supposed to be based on facts — not faith.

I’m a Christian, and people like Trump, those who support him, and the GOP damn sure don’t represent my faith. What they follow is some mix of Ayn Rand economic ideologies and a couple of select, cherry-picked passages from the Bible.

I always find that hilarious considering Ayn Rand thought religious people were fools and insane. So people like Paul Ryan, who’s largely built his entire economic ideology on her teachings while claiming to be a devout “Christian,” prove their ignorance and hypocrisy by claiming to believe in both.

Here’s a simple fact: It’s impossible — absolutely impossible — to build an economic platform based on a woman whose beliefs completely contradicted Christianity, while claiming your values are based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

It makes absolutely no sense.

The whole point of being a Christian means you follow the teachings of Christ. Yet I’ve actually seen many of these so-called “conservative Christians” claim Jesus would support assault weapons, cuts to welfare, and back the top-down economic policies of the Republican party. Somehow they believe that if he were to come down from the heavens right now he’d support cutting taxes for the rich, while stripping away health care from millions of poor people — all while holding an AR-15 in one hand and a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in the other, with a “Make America Great Again” hat on his head and a Confederate flag patch emblazoned on the side.

Because — ‘Merica!

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not is not the issue. What he symbolizes and the story of his values isn’t really debatable. He spent his life helping the poor, sick and needy. He never once spoke about homosexuality or abortion. He embraced those from the lowest rungs of society by saying that those for whom much had been given, much is expected. He taught love, hope, compassion and forgiveness. He warned against those who would manipulate the word of God for their own selfish ambitions. He opposed greed and encouraged giving.

In other words, the values for which Jesus Christ lived and died are the exact opposite of Trump’s set of so-called “values.”

Think about it. The party that acts as if they care about Christian values has as its leader a greedy, egotistical, self-serving adulterer on his third marriage, with five children from three different women, who’s been accused by at least 15 women of sexual harassment and/or assault while having been caught on video bragging about being a sexual predator. That’s the person these “evangelical Christians” and most of the GOP enthusiastically support and defend.

To any Republican reading this, or everyone else for that matter, can any of you honestly name one actual Christian value Republicans — and especially Trump — represent? I don’t mean what conservatives think Christianity is, I mean a value directly linked to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Because I hate to break it to these “conservative Christians,” but guns weren’t invented by Jesus.  So saying you have a “God-given right to bear arms” is just ignorant. God didn’t grant anyone the right to bear arms, a bunch of slave owning rich white men did in the late-1700’s. Many of whom weren’t even Christians — just a little FYI.

And there’s absolutely nothing Christ-like about basing your economic policies on greed or stripping away health care from millions. You know, like what Trump just did when he signed an executive order ending subsidies that help poor and middle class Americans pay for health insurance.

So please, stop calling Republicans “Christians” — most of them certainly are not.

I can’t count the times I’ve heard people say they don’t consider themselves Christians any longer because of the ignorance of the Republican party.  Millions have abandoned Christianity because these people have hijacked a faith to distort it for their own political gains.

It’s time real Christians take back their faith from hypocrites who’ve turned so many sour on Christianity. It’s time they rise up against these ignorant fake “conservative Christians” and call them out on their never-ending hypocrisy and ignorance. To stand against them and let them know that while they may call themselves Christians, they damn sure don’t follow real Christianity.

They worship Republicanity. They worship Donald Trump, racism, bigotry, hate, fear, paranoia, guns and greed — not Jesus Christ.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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