Trump’s Stupidity on Full Display, Essentially Confirms Comey Told the Truth (Video)

Donald Trump’s incredibly lucky he’s supported by millions of gullible people who are too ignorant to realize what a con man he truly is. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get away with many of the ridiculous lies, and absolutely comical excuses, he comes up with to excuse his horrific behavior and unprecedented incompetence.

For example, his excuse as to why he publicly threatened former FBI director James Comey on Twitter when he suggested that he had recorded their conversations.

After weeks dodging questions as to whether or not these recordings existed, Trump finally admitted that they didn’t. As he told Fox & Friends Friday morning, his excuse for sending out such a blatantly threatening tweet was that it was his attempt to make sure Comey told the truth.

Never mind how absurd of an excuse that is, Trump’s too stupid to realize that taking this stance basically confirms that everything Comey said during his testimony was true.

For starters, before he spoke to Congress, Comey had no way of knowing if Trump had recorded their conversations. So either he didn’t believe Trump had these tapes, or simply didn’t care, because his testimony about the conversations the two had was rather detailed and very damning for the “president.”

Plus there’s always the fact that, when asked about the possibility of the recordings during his remarks to Congress, Comey didn’t seem remotely worried that Trump might provide investigators with any evidence that would contradict what he said.

Yet, well after Comey spoke to lawmakers, it was Trump who continued to avoid answering questions concerning whether or not any such recordings actually existed.

Furthermore, when Trump sent out that threatening tweet, he wasn’t aware that Comey had drafted memos following each of their conversations detailing what was said. A move Comey did because he said he worried Trump would lie about what was discussed if it ever became an issue.

In other words, to believe Trump’s ridiculous excuse for his threatening tweet to Comey, all while thinking that he’s the one who’s being honest, not the former FBI director, you’d have to believe that Comey is one of the most brazen liars in history. Without knowing if Trump had recorded their talks, you’d have to think that he lied during his testimony, as well as when detailing the memos he wrote following their encounters.

Think about it, Comey would be in a world of trouble if Trump produced recordings that disproved much of what he said. That’s called perjury.

However, it’s clear the former FBI director wasn’t worried, at all, about the things he was eventually going to tell Congress, or Trump’s ability to debunk them. Meaning that, he was either confident Trump didn’t have these recordings or, even if the “president” did, Comey knew nothing he was going to tell lawmakers was a lie, so nothing that had been recorded was anything he was going to have to worry about.

At the end of the day, all Donald Trump really did by using this excuse for his public threat aimed at James Comey was add even more credibility to Comey’s testimony. Because as Trump said, he wanted to make sure when Comey spoke to Congress, he was as honest as possible and in fear that any lie he might tell them could be exposed by these recordings that, at the time the former head of the FBI testified, he didn’t know if they existed.

So when Comey went to Capitol Hill to get grilled by lawmakers, he was under a direct threat from the “President” of the United States that there could be indisputable recorded evidence of what, exactly, had been said between the two men.

To put that in another way, according to Trump’s own “logic” and reasoning for his tweet, his threat was meant to put Comey in a position to be as brutally honest as possible out of fear that any lie told could be easily debunked — and all the former head of the FBI did in response to that was testify, under oath, to the entire world that the “president” is a dishonest con artist who can’t be trusted and tried to blatantly obstruct justice.

Watch Trump’s remarks below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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