Trump’s Too Stupid to Realize He’s Just Completely Screwed Himself on Obamacare

In what Donald Trump has admitted was a blatant attempt to sabotage Obamacare trying to blackmail Democrats into “helping him fix it,” the White House announced that it’s going to end subsidies for the health care law.

The so-called “master negotiator,” as he likes to portray himself, seems to believe that if he ruins the law enough, it will force Democrats to come running to him to help him fix it.

Except, that’s not what’s going to happen.

In his spiteful desperation to get anything accomplished, he’s let his ego blind him to the fact that, because he’s decided to end these subsidies, millions of Americans are now going to lose health insurance (especially the poor and middle class), or will end up paying much more for it — and it’s all going to be because of him.

When premiums spike — and they’re definitely going to — the story isn’t going to be “Obamacare is causing premiums to spike for millions of Americans,” it’s going to be “Trump’s executive order ending subsidies leads to millions of Americans paying much more for health insurance.”

It’s not just going to be Democrats out there making sure everyone knows their increase in premiums is linked to the ending of these subsidies. The health insurance companies are going to make sure that their customers know the drastic spike they’re about to see isn’t their fault, but the fault of the White House that just screwed them over by ending the help they were getting to pay their premiums.

And this isn’t just going to impact the people who received these subsidies. Because this unhinged buffoon waited until after companies had already set their 2018 premiums, the entire industry has been thrown into total chaos. Health insurance companies now stand to lose billions of dollars in lost revenue as people either drop their insurance because they’re no longer able to pay for it, or default on payments after they realize the costs are too high.

Though that’s just part of it.

When it ultimately comes down to who does or doesn’t continue to find ways to pay for their much higher premiums, odds are healthier people will drop their insurance if it becomes too expensive, while those whose health isn’t as good (aka higher risk people with serious health issues) are going to be the ones who desperately try to hold on to their coverage. That means health insurance companies are still going to be paying out for higher risk patients while taking in less money as healthier Americans drop their coverage.

Then next year when these companies set their premiums, to make up the money they’re going to lose this year (and I promise you they will make that money back) they’re almost certainly going to drastically increase rates for everyone.

Let’s also not ignore the reality that as millions of Americans see drastic spikes in health insurance, that’s going to give them less extra money to spend. Seeing as consumer spending is the driving force behind our economy, that’s going to ripple out and hurt everyone from small businesses, to Uber drivers, to large corporations.

Then there’s the political issues Trump’s going to face as local and state Republican lawmakers, the people who really have to face American voters, are going to be the ones forced to answer to their constituents about why the “president” from their party ended their subsidies, causing their premiums to skyrocket. Seeing as there’s no other “logical” explanation for Trump doing this other than out of spite hoping to sabotage the law, for the very first time, many Republican voters are going to see, firsthand, how much they benefited from Obamacare.

Trust me when I say that the last thing Trump wants are other Republicans calling him out for ending these subsidies, especially at the state level where local news coverage can have a huge impact on voters.

Furthermore, there’s the main reason why the GOP’s repeated attempts to “repeal and replace Obamacare” have failed in the first place: too many of their voters benefit from the law.

Republicans knew if they simply repealed the law, the political backlash they’d face from their own voters would be swift and harsh. Only now Trump’s taken it upon himself to ensure that backlash comes. Except now they can’t blame the law, because these spikes in premiums for millions of Americans will be tied to one thing — Trump ending Obamacare’s subsidies.

All Trump’s incompetence has done is the one thing Republicans were trying to avoid: having their voters finally realize the benefits they were receiving from Obamacare. When essential benefits are no longer offered, at least not on plans that are affordable, and subsidies no long exist, causing premiums to drastically increase, Republicans can’t blame Obamacare — the law that provided those benefits — the only person they’ll have to blame is Trump.

There’s no need for Democrats to “work with him” to fix Obamacare now. Trump’s already essentially ruined it by signing these executive orders aimed at undermining the law. Now all Democrats really need to do is sit back and wait for millions of Americans, many of whom voted for Trump, to experience, firsthand, how much they benefited from Obamacare and how screwed they now are because of the actions taken by Trump.

With midterms right around the corner, Trump just screwed over millions of Americans for absolutely no other reason than the fact that his ego can’t stand that long after Barack Obama’s been out of office, he’s still beating him. No matter how many hissy fits he’s thrown and threats he’s made, he couldn’t bully Congress into repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Going forward, when people talk about the issues with the Affordable Care Act, they’re not going to be talking about the law, itself, but what Donald Trump’s done to sabotage it.

His ignorance has also forced members of his own party, many of whom are heading into elections next year, to now answer the question: Why did Trump end these subsides from which mostly poor and middle class Americans benefited?

That is a question that has absolutely no rational or logical answer.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pat

    I get no pleasure from people suffering from this, not even his gullible supporters, because there were countless Americans who marched, made phone calls, attended town halls and even got arrested and dragged from their wheelchairs, and he ignored them because his hatred for Obama is all consuming. They above all don’t deserve this.

    This is a disaster. People will go without medical care, people will be cut off from life saving treatment, people will die. Donald Trump did this out of spite, he owns this and it is no longer Obamacare, it’s Trumpcare now and the backlash is all his. And the Republicans in congress aren’t innocent bystanders, not when
    they allowed CHIPs to lapse, putting millions of children’s health in jeopardy.

    • barzan

      i agree with u on everything except the gullible trump supporters part, at every step of the way they put the middle finger up to reason, logic, common sense, and to educated professionals who try to warn them about the consequences of trumps actions. i can only tolerate stupid for so long

      • Pat

        I keep thinking of the Kentucky voters who didn’t know KINECT was ACA and voted against ACA, because, you know, Obama and were devastated post election to learn they just voted against KINECT. It all goes back to the eternal question of why people continue to vote against their own best interests. Some of the answers are painfully obvious.

      • noah vail

        ranks right up there with “we hate Obamacare but we lovee the ACA”…if it weren’t for stupid, ignorant, assholes Rump would have no base at all

    • noah vail

      but they LOVE children, haven’t you heard them say so….yeah, except when their owners, like the Koch Bros., tell them to throw the children under the bus…then those gutless pieces of shit cave in and kneel before their masters…oh, yeah, let’s not forget what great “christians” they are….hahahaha

  • strayaway

    The ACA vote was close. If Obama had revealed the real cost of the program, it probably wouldn’t have become law. As long as Obama was in office, he could be counted on to run up the debt and bill extra ACA costs it to our children. these spikes in premiums for millions of Americans will be tied to one thing; Trump has stopped billing our children for fraudulent expectations legislated with Obama’s pen. Solutions are available. Congress could legislate more ACA spending. If that fails, states could roll out their own single payer systems. There are 14 states with Democratic governors and legislatures. Why not have affordable state run plans like those of any Canadian province without insurance profits, so many bureaucrats, and so many lawyers?

    • Sicarri

      The states are not the most efficient or effective entities to deal with this matter. Economies of scale dictate that the federal go ernment is the most efficient player in the game, best able to regulate the situation to the benefit of the absolute majority.

      • strayaway

        Iceland, population 334,000, has a single payer plan. Prince Edward Island has a single payer plan although Canada’s national government collects the money and sets some standards. Why don’t you think that US states, most with larger populations than Iceland, or for that matter, Denmark, Norway, or Finland’s, can’t do the same? Of course, Iceland even put its top bankers in prison instead of rewarding them with bailouts.

      • Virginia Liberal

        The reason that single payer or Medicare for all is not going to work here is because we are completely a capitalistic society. Doing single payer will force new laws restricting the market and it would put insurance companies pretty much out of business. When you do that, Repubs are going to fight like hell. Obama was economically viable. You see what happened when the ACA demanded that all states comply and have exchanges. Supreme Court ruled that unlawful and that part of the plan was taken out.

      • strayaway

        Canada was and is capitalist too. One of the ACA’s problems is that it kept all the lawyers, bureaucrats and insurance companies gorging themselves with healthcare dollars and consequently not delivering healthcare for less societal cost. The average US family’s health care plan’s costs have increased $2,500 since the the ACA went into effect. Single payer delivers healthcare to Canadians for 40% less than the same thing costs the average American. It isn’t just Republicans who are going “to fight like hell”. A good many Democratic politicians would also have to give up substantial contributions from lawyers, Rx companies, insurance companies, and the like. The alternative is to continue with the most expensive health care in the world whether or not it is financed by charging it to the next generation.

    • Grannyb2

      Having state run insurance plans, hmmmm. Sounds like a good idea, however, if that were the solution, it would have been done decades ago, at the time that Nixon was pushing HMOs. Thing is, state governments won’t do it, simply because the now entrenched insurance companies won’t allow it. Take a state like AL, where there is really only ONE insurance provider, BC/BS. Do you think that the state government is going to force that company to ensure all at a cost that is affordable? And why not? Because BC/BS contribute heavily to politicians and expect them to do their bidding–or be gone. The ACA, through the federal exchange, allowed Alabamians to choose from other insurers, compare pricing and benefits, etc. Now, Big Blue is back in charge and we will have reverted to where we were before 1970. I guess we could always do like that candidate from AZ suggested and trade our chickens for treatment.

      • strayaway

        Alabama votes red. However, states like Rhode Island and Connecticut are wealthy and have Democratic state governments and populations who want single payer coverage. But much like Republicans who claim to want to kill the ACA as long as Obama was in power to appeal their their base, Democratic elected representatives don’t want to have single payer where they are in power either. I guess what you are saying is that democrats are bought off by the insurance companies too. At the national level, who was Elizabeth Fowler?

      • Virginia Liberal

        I respectfully disagree. Insurance companies, like other corps, try to manipulate conditions that would benefit them. I can’t say that is bad because we are capitalists. If Elected officials didn’t have to crawl around trying to raise money for themselves to run in elections, then maybe a lot of what you said, we stop. Leave the money like it is and it will just get more corrupt.

    • noah vail

      have another glass of Kool-aid strayaway….and drown in it..


    It’s hard to believe that Trump and the congressional Republicans could be stupid enough to think blowing up healthcare as a way to finance upper income tax cuts is going to be a good thing for them.

  • Gina Coats

    Do you honestly believe that the voters who blamed Obama for mishandling the KATRINA crisis will reach those conclusions? If tRUMP blames Obama, they will too!

  • Virginia Liberal

    You know, sometimes I just can’t get over just how far into denial Republicans are. They don’t even believe their own common sense. That’s why it is important that WE KEEP TALKING TRUTH. We are going to talk it enough that eventually they might believe it.