The Truth Is, Conservatives Hate The United States Of America

ted-cruz-tea-party-oath-keepersAs much as I disliked George W. Bush, I never hated the man. Sure, I strongly disagreed with just about everything he did while he was in office, but I never really stooped to the level of blind hatred. In fact, as Americans we should always root for the success of whatever president we have. Because the truth is, to cheer for the failure of a president is essentially rooting for the failure of this country.

But when it comes to President Obama, the vast majority of conservatives absolutely detest him. It’s not partisan disagreement or just a general dislike, it’s blind, unfettered hatred. I truly believe that most of them would rather seen this country burn to the ground before they’d ever hope to see this president succeed.

The truth is, no matter what this president does, they’re going to attack him for it. Even if it’s exactly what they’re saying he should be doing.

Just look at the way in which Republicans and conservatives fall all over themselves trying to praise leaders of other countries, while absolutely bashing and lying about our own.

They consider President Obama an “un-American tyrant” who apparently doesn’t love this country. Meanwhile, I’ve seen Republicans heap gushing praise on the King of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The truth is, congressional Republicans show more respect toward Netanyahu than they do our own president.

Hell, I’ve seen Fox News even praise Vladimir Putin’s “strength” as a leader.

But what is it about this country that they love?

They loathe liberals, so there goes over half of our population. Conservative ideologies (especially those in the South) are almost always on the wrong side of history when it comes to the constitutionality of their beliefs. They detest homosexuals, treat women as second-class citizens and have almost no respect for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their brand of Christianity.

Even when it gets right down to our Constitution, they really don’t “love” it. Outside of the Second Amendment, and the Tenth (because they often claim “states’ rights” whenever they’re trying to violate another one of our amendments), what is it about our Constitution that they “love”? Oh, and the main reason why they adore the Second Amendment so much is because they think guns give them the right to overthrow the government – the government that was created by the Constitution.

Our First Amendment continually prevents them from turning this country into a theocracy. The First Amendment was what gave rise to the civil rights movement. You know, back when Southern conservatives were fighting to keep segregation legal, prevent interracial marriages and oppose the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was the protection of our First Amendment that gave power to those who marched through the streets of Selma and all over this nation, demanding equal rights for those who had been denied them for far too long. This was all done against the resistance of those who clung to their ignorance and their Bible – just as conservatives continue to do today.

Conservatives are the people we often hear uttering the phrase “traditional American values,” which makes absolutely no sense. This nation has been a nation of progress since its inception – we have but one tradition, and that’s progress. But progress cannot be achieved clinging to yesterday, while resisting tomorrow.

I see conservatives kind of like the Blockbuster video of our society. Once upon a time, Blockbuster (a company that at one time dominated the video rental industry) had the opportunity to buy Netflix for around $50 million. It passed. Today, Netflix is worth nearly $30 billion, whereas Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 and is all but non-existent now. All because Blockbuster refused to adapt and embrace the future, instead choosing to cling to the past.

It’s conservatives who are the ones who often talk about secession and revolts whenever they don’t get their way. It’s never made a whole lot of sense to me for someone to claim they love their country, yet hate the very government the Constitution of this nation created.

But the truth is, conservatives hate this country. They hate its leader, its government, over half the people living here and basically anyone with whom they disagree.

The only thing they really “love” is an idea of what they wished the United States was, but has never been and will never be.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • RB

    Allen, you’re my favorite political blogger. I think you’ve hit the nail square on the head with this post. You’ve just said everything that I’ve felt about conservatives for a long time. Thank you.

  • Such incredible.

  • Damien Vukovic

    They are now called the ‘right wing terror group’ by the DHS.

    • Erma

      I prefer the term Tealiban myself.

      • CaycePryhs

        Cute, but superfluous coming from a communist.

      • Erma

        Ooo. Struck a nerve in an America-hatin’ “patriot” did I? 😉

  • I want to learn this kind of job! Teach me.

  • Keith

    We are witnessing the end of the United States as a bastion of freedom and the land of opportunity.

    • Erma

      No, we’re not. Honestly, that’s some serious drama you’ve got.

      • Keith

        We have fallen so far that I don’t believe we will ever have the country back that I grew up with.

      • Erma

        How sad for you that that’s what you see. I look around me and I see a thriving young nation with such potential to cast off the things that hold us back. I see the potential improve our education and health of our citizens, I see the desire to recapture our standing as innovators and leaders in technology, energy and education instead of clinging to the old ways. I see a diverse, multicultural population willing to embrace and celebrate our differences and promote what we are known for – freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Perhaps you just need to get out more?

      • Keith

        your doctors giving you some good drugs

      • Erma

        Never touch the stuff. Perhaps I’m just looking for good things instead of crying in my beer. Have a nice day!

      • wendy

        Optimism is a good thing, but reality sometimes gets in it’s way

      • orwellsworstnightmare

        I thought all those things were possible in 2008 but the Republicans immediately went to work to squash all that and succeeded in doing so. When the Koch brothers get their puppet in the White House in November 2016 and have total control of the federal and local governments, none of those things you listed will happen. I can’t really get a reading on your political leanings, but I hope you’re not going to ask me “what about George Soros, Bloomberg, and Steyer?”. Are you?

      • Erma

        Nope. I’m a conservative democrat. Get out the vote. We can do this again. 🙂

      • David

        Erma++JFK will never be back. The Dem/Party of Kennedy is gone. I wish it were not true. But, it is.

      • Brenda

        Yes, the Republicans have destroyed this country, and have turned it back to 1962! All of this, because of a BLACK man who became president, and is a very successful one at that!! ……Hatred for no reason other than he is black! So disgusting! Yet throughout these 7 years God has had his back, regardless of their hatred!

      • orwellsworstnightmare

        Well, not only because he’s black but also because he’s a Democrat and has an exotic, nontraditional American name. And if the Koch brothers have their way, they’ll bring this country back to 1862 when slavery was still legal.

      • David

        Your mind has been bought, What you said is as much a demonstration of Collective Thinking that no dictionary could define.

      • RIconservative

        LOL.. Anyone who disagrees with you is a racist. Those same people disagreed with Carter, and Clinton…but now you can call them racists…and when they disagree with Hillary I guess you will call them sexists. Anything to not have to use your brain and think about things.

      • David

        Riconservation++ Only the Democrats, through Obama, only in America, do we have a Party that our dialogue with each other must be PC, and certain words must be ERASED from our dialogue with each other. Only, in America, does Law Enforcement have a Directive called WORD ENFORCEMENT–the erasing and SCRUBBING of words not acceptable in investigating and cateloguing of evidence.

        Yet, the Sheeples of the Socialist/Dems Party call that Freedom. I call that BRAINWASHED.

      • Darthpilsner

        God? Who’s that? You mean that guy that the jews made up thousands of years ago? You should know, he doesnt exist and never did

      • David

        Brenda++It is a man who has put America into a world government and makes deals with terrorist countries without telling the PEOPLE what he is doing and what he did. He never explains his deals, because, he cannot make Treaties, because he by-passes the Constitution, which swore to uphold.
        So, for just starters, why don’t we be truthful. It is not because he is black, it is because he does not uphold the Constitution, he swore, as president, to uphold and support.
        He had created a NewSpeak in this country. Word Enforcement. Brenda, that is CONTROL.
        Shame if you cannot she the obvious.

      • Brent

        Here we see the first thing wrong with America today. People automatically assuming hatred for Obama is fueled thru racism.. It does not matter the color of our presidents skin. Presidents will be ridiculed by opposing parties no matter what. 62% of Americans are working. Lowest in 3 decades. Median house income is also down. Yes hundreds of millions of citizens have healthcare.. But can’t use it. Obama failed to keep forces in Iraq to treasure our hard fought territory that we won. And now we are going back to take what we already had and fight a group that was nothing before Obama’s administration. Also lets not forget how he free’d highly dangerous terrorist in a negotiation with Terrorist.. ILLEGAL. So let’s stop blaming everything on his skin color because whether Obama was republican or democrat he would be ridiculed for his failures just like every other president in our history..

      • RIconservative

        LOL!!!!!!! Get the tin foil off your head.

      • wendy

        Where is this place? Sounds great!

      • CaycePryhs

        So this is where all of the naive Obama sycophants were hanging out 10 months ago. It would be charitable to cast this generation of delicate cry babies and teenage breastfeeders as superfluous losers. Here’s a tip from an old white male. If you’re a business owner whose bottom line isn’t what you’d like it to be, remove the narcissistic progressive baggage from your payroll. The little bitches will implode, but they can always go back to mommy. More importantly, you and your talented employees will be more happy and prosperous once they’re gone.

      • Erma

        I’m doing just fine with my dedicated and talented team of “delicate cry babies” thank you! We’ll be adding about 14 more before summer. Ah, business is good when you’re working toward a common goal of community enrichment and caring for elderly and disadvantages instead of trying to screw people over for an extra buck. 🙂 Don’t worry, old fella, we’ll catch you when you fall. That’s what real Americans do.

  • Beegowl

    President Obama represents the end of white male power. Fear of losing power combined with fear of the other creates a nastiness that goes beyond the partisan political attacks of the Clinton years. That fear brings the shameful legacy of racism into the open. Right wing politicians and their christian fundie science denying allies are like cornered rats and we would be well advised to consider that they will stop at nothing, including undermining our democracy (gerrymandering, campaign funding as free speech), to retain their power in spite of the progressive arc of history.

    • dsadlowski

      It all comes down to the White western males and losing their power they never were very nice more like DIX’s

      The Western notion of masculinity goes back a long way. It doesn’t allow for women, and it’s also racist—it doesn’t allow for other cultures.

      Larry McMurtry

    • wendy

      I agree…Psych 101. Fear is usually expressed with anger and hatred. Our POTUS’ intelligence scares the crap out of the far right

    • Brent

      America is not meant to be a democracy. It’s the worst form of government that even our founding fathers hated. The fact that majority rules takes away the freedom of 49% of Americans. Democracy is what they want you to believe we are because the elites can practically tell us what the majority votes. To state that “conservatives hate America, they hate its leader, it’s gov, and over a half of Americans..” Conservatives hate tyranny. Obama has broken American values when he negotiated with highly dangerous terrorists. ILLEGALLY they hate what America has become and to also say that it has always been this way is nonsense. I could go on and on, on why conservatives do not respect or “love” our leader

      • Beegowl

        The U.S is not a direct democracy and you are correct when you write it was not designed to be a direct democracy. It is, though, a representative democracy designed to protect the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority. When you write that conservatives hate tyranny you imply that those of us who don’t identify with the current cultural definition of conservative don’t hate tyranny, and that’s false. Bullies and tyrants, including the Republican presidential candidate for 2016, are opposed to a representative democracy, and would prefer authoritarianism. I stand directly opposed to tyranny of any kind. That’s why it is important to identify those tyrants, who are willing to undermine ethical political activity, and keep them out of the political conversation. A president who is willing to negotiate with enemies in an attempt to avoid killing people is a president of whom we can be proud and I think that we can agree that our current president, Barack Obama, does not hesitate to use force when it is deemed necessary to protect the American people. Just ask Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders removed from existence by our military actions.

        I’m sure that even conservatives, who believe that change is not always a good thing, must admit that a country, whose ideals include justice and equality before the law for every citizen, is making much needed progress when it begins to govern for all its citizens, not just the wealthy white ones who more and more control the way justice is served (or undermined) in our country. You can hate our constitutional law professor President because he doesn’t agree with your particular political worldview, but you can’t argue with his legal bona fides or his knowledge of government.

      • Rodney Morano

        The Republicans do the same as Obama and they like those Presidents. Why? It has to be racism.

  • Sam

    Hear, hear.

  • Mark Erickson

    Opponents of the liberal left, which wants wide-open borders to overcrowd and over-burden America, and proponents of “climate action” which includes “reparations” by America to other countries(obviously just catering to countries jealous of America wanting America to suffer)–opponents of that crap are the ones who hate America??? Uh, yeah! Tell me more, doc.

    • Erma

      got hysterical fear-mongering? Nobody wants wide-open boarders of reparations for pollutants.

    • jimmywitz

      Where do you hear such crap, Mark? Actually, the only ones who want “wide open borders” are big corporations who think it is the perfect way to keep wages as low as possible in the US. As for “reparations”. No one I know has ever heard of them. However, as for climate change, if you don’t believe that it is a problem, then you need to get out and talk to a few farmers around this country…. or to our military who consider climate change to be the greatest threat to our national security facing us in the next 30 years.

      • Brent

        The only person I’ve heard state climate change is our biggest threat to national security is our president and Killary Clinton. Go talk to our Troops that were just sent back to Iraq to fight ISIS and win back what we already won and tell them climate change is our biggest threat to our national security. Just because our failed commander in chief and our failed sec of state claim this doesn’t mean the whole military believes this. Climate change isn’t a threat to our national security it’s a threat to the worlds national security. To bad whatever we do from this point on could never reverse what has already been done. Considering 200 nations just signed a deal to limit dangerous green house gases and if it’s followed its predicted it will reduce the worlds avg temp by .5 of a degree by the end of the century. Not even a full degree but half of one.

  • Noah Alott

    Kyle Moore, Well be let’s kick off our boots .pull up a stump , raise a rebel flag and throwback a jug of shine. I don’t think so, anyone who wishes for the Commander -in-Chief to fail doesn’t love his country and is nothing more than short of being a treasonist.Under this administration we’ve had an uptick in the market from 7,949 to over 16,000 under this administration unemployment has dropped from 7.8% to 6.7% Under this administration the GDP deficit has gone from 9.8% to 3.3% . If you don’t love this country i’m sure Isis has a spot for you or you can join Mr. Snow in Russia.

  • Through the history of the US and the Colonies it has been the same. The conservatives wanting for them selves what they deny to others. Slavery, war, famine, indentured servitude, famine. In the end the people moderates and some liberal leaners come together and become the vocal and physical force that keep them in check. We seem to be missing that this time.

    • CaycePryhs

      Look! An idiot!

    • David

      Historically, it is the Democratic Party that enforced slavery. It was the Republican Party that worked to free the slaves. It was the Democratic Party that tried to keep the black people in the South from voting.
      That’s the part the Socialist/Dems today keep quiet and change histiory by saying it was the Republicans.
      You see the Socialist/Dems can do that because of DUMMING-Down. Their Sheeples will believe anything they tell them called Political Correctness—twisting the truth. Truth is a lie–The lie is truth. It’s called COLLECTIVE THINKING–ONE LIE FITS ALL.

  • Bailey Nix

    Sad to see the followers of Harry Reid lies drink the psycho tea..Let’s see why do conservatives really dislike Obama and the so called progressive movement?
    The total hatred displayed towards those that disagree..Feces being thrown around buildings.The intolerance towards disagreement. The indifference towards life.The willingness to embrace mob violence by the left.The constant regulations telling everyone what they can or cannot say think or do. Censorship. .
    Look at society and it’s further gaps, the lost wages , destruction of the middle class, the destruction of small businesses.Ies.Its becoming a further divide into elite and poverty. The increase of government dependence rather than economic independence. .
    Failure of the welfare state locking entire classes of people into poverty rather than opportunity. Education that lowers standards and locks parents out of involvement and assistance to their kids..replacing responsibility with self indulgence. .
    Openly excusing of lies as policy and when caught instead of accepting responsibility, casting it off as mispoken.Exaggerations and condescending towards other views..The militants hatred and divisive politics of the left, putting factions above inclusion, fear mongering just as what this very article itself is about.
    I’m conservative , and a Christian, I love America, I love freedom, I love equality, I say live your life as you wish, Do as you please as long as you hurt no one, have at it..
    All progressives want to do is ban everything they disagree with and drown out the voices of opposition.
    Look at the universities, say anything that isn’t in line with the liberal world view and be demonized.
    Who actually is the party of hate? Democrats that bind voters to their will through economic dependence.

  • SOMEGUY7893 .

    No, they love America, they hate the United States of America.

    • Darthpilsner

      So they love the continent but not their country what abunch of dumbasses

  • Merle Burbaugh Jr

    Truth shall never pass a liberals lips and this articel is proof of that. There is a reason Liberals are considered insane and the party of violence, hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, and racism. Glad to see they haven’t changed since they called us baby killers in the 60’s. How many you murdered since? 60 MILLION?

  • RIconservative

    LOL.. I could post about 5 million articles, pictures, memes, tweets, and posts by Progressives despising Bush, wishing for his death, and hating everything about the man. Also, you Progressives claim that anyone who disagrees wth you is a racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe….since almost half the country is Conservative you actually believe that about almost half the country. You constantly speak about fundamentally changing the United States (why would you change something you like?), and now your party is actually supporting a Socialist who disagrees with our entire economic model. You hate the wealthy, hate corporations, hate the military, hate religious people, you hate gun owners, you hate people who disagree with you…. Oh, and you hate all the hate from the other side. LOL!!!!!!!

    But I do love how you constantly speak of the death of the Republican Party. LOL.. You lost the House, you lost the Senate, and you are about to lose the White house, since you’re running a criminal who thinks she deserves the job because of her gender, and a crackpot who wants a 90% tax rate. You keep predicting the demise of the people you hate…they keep gaining power. Thanks God.

  • Dwest174

    Black or white, Obama has failed on every possible level. It’s must easier for progressives to say “HATE!!!” instead of actually facing and accepting the failures of their messiah.

  • Daniel

    I just ran into this article, interesting, but you still showed your progressive one sided slant of history. I.E., conservative southern, you mean democrats. The use of conservative is simply ignoring history. At no point in time did those democrats simply just wake up and change.

    Sure the democrat party changed it’s plat form after republicans passed the civil rights act. That change is what caused a lot of southern democrats to switch parties.

    What was the change, the democrat party decided to become a more secular party and the religious southern dems didn’t like that. Was it two or three elections ago the democrats boo’d God and wanted him taken off the plat form? It had nothing to do with racism and the plat form of the republicans did no changing.

    Just look up the plat forms before the civil rights act and after. You will see very little to no change coming from the republican side.

    You want to see which side supports the constitution and freedom? Just go on any progressive website as a guest and simply start talking about how proud you are of America and God. If you have an open mind and aren’t afraid of being called names, it just might change the way you think.

    Why the right didn’t and doesn’t like OB will never be understood by progressives. Why should it, it is much easier to hide behind his skin color and call the right racist.

    One more thing, the right loves the first amendment. They support the second and are louder about the second, simply because it assures them they will be able to defend the first. I don’t see conservative colleges banning speech and demanding (with violence) a speaker they don’t agree with be banned from campus.

    But then again a lot has changed in the past 8 years under OB. Hint, one of the reasons conservatives don’t like him.