The Truth About the Horrible Pre-Obamacare Health Care System Republicans Seem to Love So Much

jesus-healthcareThere’s no way to beat around the bush about this topic: For-profit health care is one of the worst ideas in a long human history of bad ideas.

I’m so sick and tired of hearing Republicans whine endlessly about how horrible socialized medicine is. Never mind that basically every industrialized country on the planet has some form of socialized health care, or that practically every nation that leads the world in life expectancy and infant mortality rate has socialized health care, these idiots continue to endlessly go on and on about the “horrors of socialized medicine.”

Tell me, if socialized health care is such a “death sentence” as these pathological liars Republicans say it is, and our health care system is “the best in the world,” then why do countries with socialized medicine have citizens living longer, healthier lives? Why are their infant mortality rates better? Because those aren’t “liberal lies,” those are indisputable facts.

Take North America for instance. Why is it, if socialized medicine is so awful, that we rank closer to Mexico as far as average life expectancy than we do Canada (a country similar to the U.S. that has socialized medicine)? How in the world does that make any sense? Shouldn’t Canadians be dying much sooner than Americans? All I ever hear from Republicans is how “superior” our health system is to theirs, but I’m not seeing it. One would think that if our health care system was so wonderful, Americans would live longer.

Well, I guess I should rephrase that a little. We do have a wonderful health care system – if you can afford it. And tens of millions of Americans can’t. Even millions of Americans who do have some form of health care often struggle to pay for it.

And to see Republicans fight so feverishly for the right for Americans to own an arsenal of weapons, proclaiming it’s a “God-given right,” while simultaneously condemning tens of millions of Americans to suffer because they don’t believe health care is a human right – it’s appalling.

Health care is absolutely a human right. No one in this country should suffer with sickness or pain because they can’t afford to seek help. No American should be burdened with a life of struggles and debt because they happened to have been born with genetic obstacles that they’ll never be able to overcome.

We deserve to have access to affordable health care so that we can maintain our own wellbeing not just for ourselves, but for our families – if that’s not a basic human right, then what the hell is?

Oh, that’s right, guns. Just ask Alabama where they just passed a law declaring gun ownership a human right. Because it’s much better to fight for the right to perpetuate the ridiculous and paranoid notion that one day a group of idiots and their guns are going to overthrow the most powerful military the human race has ever seen.

Alabama: Where access to guns is a human right, but access to health care after you’re shot by one of those guns isn’t.

Jesus would be so proud.

But this notion of for-profit medicine where companies looking to make as much money as possible are in control of our health care should terrify every single one of us.

Let’s just look at the insurance industry, shall we? Do you know what the goal of an insurance company is? To pay out the least amount of money possible. Insurance agents are trained and told to find ways not to cover customers. I once went on an interview with an insurance company where the gentleman conducting the interview literally told me my job would be to find ways not to cover claims. He actually asked me if I would be able to deny my sick grandmother (hypothetically speaking) by informing her that the damage to her house wouldn’t be covered and it would leave her homeless unless she paid for it out of pocket.

Those are the kinds of companies that are in charge of our health. Companies that don’t look at us like human beings trying to protect our health, but expenses that they’re desperately trying to avoid incurring. When someone has a heart attack, and the health insurance company is informed, they’re immediately finding ways to not cover as much possible. That’s the health care system that Republicans cherish.

And hospitals are no better. On one end we have a company “covering our health care” that’s desperately trying to pay as little on a claim as they legally can. Meanwhile, the hospital is often trying to charge the patient as much as possible. It’s like watching two con men continually try to one-up each other with the lives of tens of millions of Americans hanging in the balance.

Then there’s the notion pushed by Republicans of “I’m not going to pay for someone else’s health care!”

First, just what in the hell do these people think health insurance is in the first place? It’s a group of people paying into a “pool” to supposedly lessen individual costs.

Oh, and guess what? All those Americans who don’t have health insurance, yet visit ER’s anyway when they need treatment without the ability to pay – you’re paying for their health care anyway. Their unpaid expenses aren’t absorbed by the hospital, they’re simply distributed out to paying patients via higher costs for their health care.

But the bottom line is, when it comes to our lives, our health and the ability to maintain both – neither should be determined by how much profit is in it for greedy hospitals or immoral insurance companies.

Americans aren’t profits, revenue or expenses – we’re human beings. Every last one of us should be able to take care of our health without the terrifying and often crippling fear of whether or not we’ll be able to afford to do just that.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Politician

    Just once, could you do an article about an important subject without bringing up the subject of gun control. It has nothing to do with the importance of providing good, affordable health care to all of our citizens, and immediately stops a significant portion of your readers from reading any further. There are many of us gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters who are in favor of a single payer, government run health care system.

    • Kim Serrahn

      But most of those that are the biggest 2 amendment supporters are in the south and they are the ones who hate the ACA or any type of healthcare for the masses.. They would rather see a gun in every house but not see people healthy. And every time you talk to someone about healthcare here in Tx they always go off and it’s them that start with guns. The two are linked here in the south and especially in Tx. They see health care for all as socialism and ain’t no commie socialist is gonna make be do anything I don’t want and once the socialize healthcare they are coming for my guns. So you see that is why you can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. It’s really sad how they think down here.

  • WhammerJammer

    The basis for those citizens opposed to the AHA is the political use of calling it Obamacare. Thereby, you immediately get a negative perception of what the AHA is and its goal. When you attempt to engage anyone opposed to it as why they are against it, they struggle to offer sound reasoning. Even the citizens it would help in many cases are opposed to it because of the political spin put on its implementation. It never ceases to amaze me how easily the general populace can be swayed and its usually because they avoid the effort needed to formulate their own idea on a subject matter.

    • Brian

      Well, research and reading about laws and what they do takes up time that could be better spent watching the Kardashians.

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      A*C*A, not ‘H’

  • SHRED56

    Medicare, Medicaiid, TriCare…A large bulk of our health:care is already socialized. We need a Medicare for all option.

  • Ellen Massie

    I agree with this 100%. Americans seem to believe everything the news media feeds to them. Watch how the Republicans are going to make a big revenue taking mess out of Americans illnesses. If you didn’t like Obamacare before watch how the Republicans are going to play survival of the fittest.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The Truth About the Horrible Obamacare Health Care System Democrats Seem to Love So Much – IRS hiring 6,500 new enforcers to collect Obamacare tax

    • Lizard

      BS. If you post some stink, provide a link. The rest of us would rather think.

  • Lizard

    Eat sheet, GOP!!!!!!

  • Kim Serrahn

    Had an argument with some one that told me that because healthcare wasn’t an inalienable right it’s only a privilege and that if people couldn’t pay for healthcare that they should just hurry up and die. How sad is it when people don’t think of it as a right, a right to LIFE.

  • charles junior

    I agree with the general premise of this article, but we are closer to Canada than we are to Mexico in both years of life expectancy and rank. Mexico is ranked 94, US 42, and Canada 14. (52 ranking separate us from Mexico and 28 from Canada). Canada’s life expectancy is 81.67, US is 79.56, and Mexico is 75.43. Difference between Canada and the US is 2.11 years while the US and Mexico is 4.13 years. I agree that socialized medicine is better than for profit medicine, but at the same time you lied when you wrote this article, which pisses me off, because you make it difficult for our side to be taken seriously.

  • smithson63