The Truth About Trump’s America: Facts, Reality, Dignity, and Real Patriotism Don’t Matter

Even though I refuse to let our nation’s first dictator succeed in destroying everything I love about this country, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what kind of “America” Donald Trump’s trying to create.

While there are many awful traits you’d definitely not want to see in any person occupying some sort of leadership role, someone who’s an incredibly insecure egomaniac conspiracy theorist who likes to bully people and admires authoritarian dictators are right at the top of that list.

And yet that’s who Trump is.

He’s basically a dictator — at least that’s what he’s apparently trying to be. He wants to be the leader of this country, yet never be questioned by anyone, wants the media to only report what he wants them to say, and anyone who debunks his propaganda is part of some ridiculous conspiracy against him. He wants to be surrounded by “yes” puppets who tell him he’s amazing, that his crowds are the most massive ever, and everything he does is the best way it’s ever been done — ever.

Trump’s the poster child for a neurotic, insecure, weak-minded narcissist who needs a constant stream of reassurance to feel validated about himself.

But the world he wants to create is one where facts, reality, dignity, and real patriotism don’t matter. Because you can’t care about any of those things and support Donald Trump.

This is someone who makes up “alternative facts” to counter whatever real facts don’t support to make himself look better. Show him a picture proving his inaugural crowd was much smaller than Barack Obama’s and he’ll tell you that you’re lying. Tell him that you were there and saw that the crowd was exactly as small as that photographic evidence shows, he’ll just keep insisting that you’re not telling the truth.

He’s a con man — a master bullshit artist.

Ask him, repeatedly, to provide evidence for his claim that “3-5 million people voted illegally” and he’ll avoid doing so, while still making the unfounded claim.

And his supporters are no better. Many of these people are so brainwashed by the “Cult of Trump” that they think the disdain millions of us have for him is derived from some small-minded resentment over losing an election. They’re so childish, ignorant and petty that they truly believe that this reaction to Trump’s “win” is nothing more than the left being “sore losers.”

I’ve said for weeks now that this is not about Republicans winning the White House.

Would the left have been happy with Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Marco Rubio winning? Of course not. But the reaction to any of those men being elected wouldn’t have been anything like what we’re seeing now. We don’t hate and fear Trump because he’s a Republican — we hate and fear him because of the type of dangerous, incompetent and mentally unhinged individual he is.

Even as much of an embarrassment as I felt George W. Bush was as president, I was never ashamed of being an American with him representing my country. I didn’t support him, and I think he was one of the worst presidents in history, but I was never ashamed to be an American with him as my president.

I’m still a proud American, but I’m absolutely embarrassed for my country right now. I talk to people from other nations who say people in their countries are laughing at us. Many have told me that the general consensus is that the United States lost all credibility to claim it operates with any sort of “moral compass” over the rest of the world after electing a vile, racist, lying bigot like Donald Trump. People from all over the world telling me they can’t fathom how there were so many people in the so-called “greatest nation on Earth” who were stupid enough to fall for this con man.

By the way, anyone supporting Trump has lost any right to call themselves a “proud, patriotic American,” because to support that man takes “values” that aren’t American.

Proud patriotic Americans don’t brag about torture, committing war crimes, or killing the families of our enemies as some sort of “deterrent.” Proud patriotic Americans don’t attack our allies, tell them they need to “pay up,” all while praising an enemy. Proud patriotic Americans don’t criticize the men and women who risk their lives to secure the intelligence that helps keep us safe, while defending a country that they all say attacked us. Proud patriotic Americans don’t mock POWs to take a cheap shot at a political rival. Proud patriotic Americans don’t speak poorly about Gold Star parents — ever.

And proud patriotic Americans damn sure don’t support a pathetic excuse for a human being like Donald Trump who said and did all of that.

But this is the type of country Trump and those who support him want to create. One where:

  • Conspiracies are “facts” and actual facts are “conspiracies.”
  • Reality is only what Trump and those supporting him say, no matter how ridiculous or absurd.
  • Treating others with dignity only applies if you subscribe and buy into the delusional propaganda being sold by Trump, his lackeys and those naive enough to believe them.
  • “Patriotism” somehow means you’re okay with mocking veterans; attacking the parents of an American hero; slandering the people who risk their lives to gather intelligence to keep us safe; and defending enemies who attack us.

It’s a country that Donald Trump and his supporters might want to call the “United States,” but it wouldn’t resemble any of the true values that already made American great long before this nightmare was “elected” to office.

However, while that’s the type of country he wants to create — I’m going to fight like hell to make damn sure that doesn’t happen.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you’re with me.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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