Twitter Hilariously Erupts with #ChickenTrump Tweets After He Cowardly Ducks Sanders Debate

The moment the news broke that there was a “tentative agreement” between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to potentially have a debate, the political world went into a bit of a frenzy debating the merits of such an event and even the possible ramifications of it actually happening. I think in the back of our minds, most of us knew it was never going to take place for any number of reasons. Either the two parties were going to do whatever they could to stop it, or Donald Trump, the spineless blowhard that he is, would find some way to cowardly excuse himself from it to avoid actually following through.

So it shouldn’t take too many people by surprise that someone who skipped one GOP debate because he was scared of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, then refused to participate in another because he was afraid of being exposed by Sen. Ted Cruz, found an excuse not to participate in the debate with Sanders after a tech company offered to pay the ransom $10 million he said he wanted to be given to charity in order for him to show up.

After Traction and Scale CEO Richie Hecker offered to pay the $10 million he had demanded, Trump was quick to release a statement saying that, even though his own requirements were met, he wouldn’t be participating in the debate:

Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher. Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders –  and it would be an easy payday – I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be.

To translate: I really didn’t think anyone would offer the ridiculously high amount of money I demanded for this event. However, now that someone has called my bluff, I’m going to prove what a coward I am and make up an excuse not to follow through on something that was my idea, because like my campaign, I am completely and totally full of sh*t.

Well, Twitter users did what they do best – they hilariously responded under the hashtag #ChickenTrump:

Those are just a few, but there are many more.

This is the sort of stuff that baffles me about Trump supporters. They really do believe that he’s a “tell it like it is, macho” individual when he’s one of the most thin-skinned cowards we’ve seen run for president in most of our lifetimes. While this debate was never confirmed or even officially scheduled, this will be the third debate he’s backed out of in just a few months.

I’m sure Donald Trump and his supporters will spin this in some way, but the bottom line is, someone called his bluff and when it was time to “man-up” and face a challenge he issued – he ran away like the coward we all know that he is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • strayaway

    If Trump won’t debate Bernie, maybe Hillary will.

    • Fatma Tounsi

      Hillary backed out of CA agreement herself. This is why Bernie challenged #chickentrump to debate him in the first place

      • Nancygspruill

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      • strayaway

        It would have been a win-win for Bernie had the Trump debate gone ahead. No matter how the debate went, Democrats would have seen Bernie as the winner and Hillary would have come off as the wall flower no one asked for a dance. For Trump, there was less upside unless he and Bernie could have pounced on the absent Hillary. Had Trump personally ripped Bernie, Trump would have jeopardized the approximate 15% of Bernie voters expected to vote Trump. With Trump backing down, Bernie still comes out looking like the winner.

      • The Reader

        But alas, Bernie is the loser so why debate?

      • Michael M.

        With a negative favorability just short of Donald Trump’s; a debate before the California primary would help the people decide…. and if Hillary did well it would help boost her chances in the general election as well.

        Unless, of course, you believe hiding from adversity is a leadership quality?

  • The Reader

    Get real. There was absolutely no purpose for a debate between the GOP candidate and the loser Democrat except, maybe, to undermine the winning Democrat. There is no reason for Hillary to waste time debating Bernie this late in the game either since her real opponent should be Donald Trump. A debate between those two will be worthwhile. Either Hillary will show her “tough side” and take Trump apart or the Donald will be his usual self and over shout any discussion in which he can’t compete. I expect the latter scenario will be more likely.

  • Ellen H.

    I’m not at all surprised. Trump is all blow and no show. If he can’t win by screaming, bullying, or buying it, he doesn’t have the guts to participate.