Twitter Hilariously Trolls Rand Paul with #RandPaulCampaignSlogans

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

While social media definitely has its pros and cons, you can always rely on it to provide some rather interesting commentary – especially when something goes viral on Twitter. With a simple hashtag, a person can literally be connected with people from all over the world in discussing a specific subject.

These hashtag campaigns have also been known to raise awareness for causes that were mostly being overlooked in the mainstream media. Such as last spring when Boko Haram kidnapped 300 Nigerian girls. All it took was two Nigerians to tweet out “#BringBackOurDaughters” to cause a movement on Twitter that erupted into a worldwide phenomenon which eventually trended under the hashtag “#BringBackOurGirls.”

On the flip side, the hashtag can also be used in some hilarious ways, as we saw last month when Sen. Ted Cruz officially announced that he was running for president.

Well, Twitter has struck again following Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential announcement with the hashtag #RandPaulCampaignSlogans. And I’ll be honest, some of these might be even better than those directed at Cruz.

Here are some of the better ones I came across:

I’ll stop there, but there are a bunch more that are just as funny.

While Rand Paul running for president is a shock to absolutely nobody, I do believe that his campaign will go down as one of the most comical in recent memory. Not because he’s on the same level of delusion as someone like Ted Cruz, but because Paul is somehow trying to be a candidate that panders to libertarians, African-Americans, the young, the old and the radical religious right – and that’s going to be a disaster of epic proportions. He’s literally trying to be a candidate that cannot exist, and I can promise you it’s going to be amazing to watch it all chaotically play out on a national stage.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Macdoodle

    You can smell the fear this guy brings out in the left.The smear campaign has started.

    • Kerry Norton

      That’s not fear from the left. Its the BS that Rand Paul’s been spewing that you smell.

      • Flat Banana

        Similar to the facts barry presents about global warming causing his daughter asthma when she was a kid? Come on, the guy smoked (smokes) for years, which is the leading cause in early childhood asthma. Anyone with a bit of knowledge common sense would know this.

      • Rainbowteacher

        Nice job of misrepresenting what he said. Why are Right wingers so darn obtuse? You believe everything you hear from Breitbart and the Blaze, don’t you?

      • Flat Banana

        How do you misrepresent a direct quote? He said it there are multiple news outlets reporting on it. You cannot sit there and argue or dismiss the fact that he smoked while his kids were young and still does from time to time.

      • Rainbowteacher

        He didn’t say that his daughter’s asthma was caused by climate change – he said he understood the concern for public health because of the fear he experienced when his daughter had an asthma attack. Climate change is and will cause a number of public health issues, including increased risk of pulmonary issues caused by pollution and other factors. Thanks for not reading and jumping to conclusions that support your delusions.

      • Flat Banana

        How can you claim he wasn’t linking “climate change” to his daughters asthma, even was covering it, they are far more left than they are right.
        This is why liberals believe anything this man says.

    • Heywood Johnson Jr.

      The left “fears” Rand like people “fear” diarrhea.

    • stewbacca

      I’m fearful in that he could possibly be the first libertarian ever elected. I’m more fearful that people actually believe libertarian beliefs could work (still searching for a successful libertarian government, anywhere on Earth, any time in history…)

      • androgyne anode

        Umm, Catalonia 1933-1936, before Franco (with backing from the Third Reich and US industrialists) had my comrades rounded up and executed. Then there’s the Zapatistas in Chiapas, and perhaps most relevant given current events, my anarcha-feminist Kurdish rebel comrades of YPJ that are shooting ISIS members in the face as I write this.

        Ohhhhh, I see. You mean propertarians, not libertarians.

        Libertarians value liberty, self-rule, bodily autonomy and shared decision making by consensus rather than the “implicit” social contract that statists (like Rand Paul, and most of you) believe in.

        Propertarians value property rights over individual liberty and autonomy.

        Rand Paul isn’t a libertarian, he’s a propertarian minarchist.

        Like so many things in America – American Football, American Liberal, American Indian, and American Cheese, American Libertarian is a term that means something in the US that it does not mean anywhere else in the world. Americans sure love to redefine words.

      • stewbacca

        Yes, I mean in the context of American Libertarianism. They are distinguished, amongst other things, primarily by their love of property rights over civil rights. Sorry to bring American-centric arguments to what appears to be a conversation about American politics. And Rand Paul is a self-identified Libertarian, so it’s not just me.

      • androgyne anode

        Except that this word was explicitly stolen by Rand’s forebearer’s in a deliberate propaganda campaign.

        “One gratifying aspect of our rise to some prominence is that, for the first time in my memory, we, ‘our side,’ had captured a crucial word from the enemy . . . ‘Libertarians’ . . . had long been simply a polite word for left-wing [sic!] anarchists, that is for anti-private property anarchists, either of the communist or syndicalist variety. But now we had taken it over . . .” (The Betrayal of the American Right, p. 83)

        It would be like hijacking the word feminism and using it to mean everything that is anti-woman in order to derail feminist politics.

        So yes, as a libertarian, I have something to say about that. I know it’s not just you. *That is the problem*

      • stewbacca

        This is probably why I feel so strongly for some stances that “libertarians” have, but then so completely disagree with others. I think here in the US, the Libertarian “party” has obvious left libertarians, and more recently, “right” libertarians like the Paul family and some of the less crazy Tea Partiers. But yes, the fringe of any belief becomes as crazy as all the other contrarian belief systems. I’ll try to be more considerate of all libertarians and remind myself that the current crop of crazy is just a phase.

      • androgyne anode

        The Libertarian party is a propertarian party.

        You can tell the libertarians by our flags – they’re always at least half black, and when we’re in the streets we cover our faces.

    • geezlouise

      Fear? More like pity.