Two Huge Trump Controversies that Republicans Would Be Having a Meltdown Over if They Involved Democrats

When you really sit back and look at everything Donald Trump has said and done, if he were a Democrat, there’s absolutely no way in hell Republicans would have said any of this was okay.

Conservatives threw a fit when President Obama saluted Marines with a cup of coffee in his hand. Imagine if he had mocked POWs or attacked Gold Star parents.

Well, there are two huge things Republicans would be losing their minds over right now had they happened after Hillary Clinton (or any Democrat, for that matter) had just won a presidential election.

1. For the second time in the last five elections — and for only the second time since 1888 — this nation is going to elect a Republican president who lost the popular vote: When this happened in 2000, it was a big deal, but Al Gore only won the popular vote by 0.5% or just around 500,000 votes. While that’s still a decent amount of votes, and it was fairly controversial at the time, it wasn’t an emphatic popular vote victory.

But that’s not the case this election.

With estimates of around 3-7 million more votes left to count (most coming from California, New York and California), Clinton’s overall lead in the popular vote is over 2 million votes and is expected to grow fairly substantially by the time all the votes are counted.

We’re looking at a situation where a presidential candidate may win the popular vote by a margin close to what President Obama won it with in 2012 (4-5 million/4-5%) — but lose the election.

Donald Trump and many his supporters were already on the verge of calling for an all-out revolution if he didn’t win this election. Now imagine what their reaction would have been if he lost the election, yet received around 4-5 million more overall votes than Clinton.

It wouldn’t have just been Trump and his supporters — the entire Republican party would be losing their minds. They would have lost 2 of the last 5 presidential election even though their candidate had won the popular vote each of those times. Especially this year considering how much Clinton will win the popular vote by, yet isn’t going to become our next president.

I think it’s time we realize that the electoral college needs to go. When the candidates for 40% of your presidential elections over the last 16 years became president despite not receiving the most overall votes — that’s a problem.

Let’s not pretend like there’s nothing wrong with a system that hands a “win” to a candidate who actually lost to his opponent by several million votes, when that’s happened for 2 of our last 3 presidents.

2. He just settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million where he was accused of conning people out of tens of thousands of dollars: Throughout most of his campaign, the “Trump U” fraud lawsuit was an issue that lingered around Donald Trump. As expected, he proclaimed his innocence the entire time and insisted he’d never settle the lawsuit. He also falsely said that he never settles lawsuits, when he has many times.

Well, that all changed after a ridiculous list of demands was denied and he eventually agreed to a massive $25 million settlement.

He can say he settled just to “focus on being president,” but that’s ridiculous. To settle for that much money is a clear indication that there was plenty of damning evidence he knew was going to be made public and he certainly didn’t want to be found guilty of fraud after he had taken his Oath of Office.

For a moment, think about what Trump and the GOP would be saying if Clinton had been facing a lawsuit where she was accused of defrauding people out of tens of thousands of dollars, declared her innocence up until after she won the election… then settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million

They would be losing their damn minds.

These are two examples where, if reversed, Donald Trump and the Republican party would be having an absolute meltdown. They’d accuse Clinton of setting up deals behind closed doors that would only be made public after she won. Meanwhile, I’m almost certain we’d be seeing a very… very dangerous situation in this country if she was declared our next president, yet Trump was on his way to winning the popular vote by around 4-5 million votes.

Yet here we are, weeks away from swearing in a president who’s going to receive a few million votes less than his opponent and just settled a lawsuit for $25 million where he was accused of defrauding people out of tens of thousands of dollars by setting up a fake school where he conned them into believing it was a legitimate university.

I’m really glad so many folks couldn’t get over a woman who repeatedly admitted making a mistake in how she handled her emails over four years ago. It’s much better that we’re going to have a man with a history of exploiting people for his own benefit, who basically just admitted to setting up a fake university to steal money from people.

Along with all these other horrific things he’s done.

Donald Trump’s entire campaign was basically an elaborate version of “Trump U.” Only this time, over 60 million people were conned into believing his bullshit.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    Donald Trump has normalized lunacy. He has gotten people used to things that would have doomed any other candidate in history. I strongly suspect he is counting on ‘outrage fatigue’ on the part of the public that will allow him to go about the business of destroying Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and anything else he can get his hands on, while taking this country into another insane, unwinnable, multi-trillion dollar war.

  • Leonard Lipstein

    20 minutes ago
    Trump claims of possible voter poll fraud before the election. Funny how through out history all those that yelled some kind of mismanagement was going to take place it always bore out that the one yelling was in fact the fraud artist. I wonder after just scratching the surface we find not in just one area but 4 or more have false results. More voters than the local population. And that includes a population counting children who are too young to vote. Which means e.g. 5000 total population say 1500 children, leaves 3500 less inellegable of say 500 leaves 3000.
    How much did Trump pay or how ignorant are these people to think that they Won’t be prosecuted. How long is it going to take until they agree that there act was a deceptive act. Or will they begin to spin a tale

  • strayaway

    It is possible that Republicans, and whomever else voted for Trump, would have had a meltdown if (fill in the blank). Lots of imaginary things are possible.

    It’s also possible, in the land of imagination, that were there no electoral college, Trump would have had two million fewer votes than his warmongering corporatist opponent. It is also possible that, for instance, Trump would have campaigned in California and New York were there no electoral college and that Trump leaning voters would have voted there in larger numbers had they thought their votes would have mattered. Either result is possible but unprovable. The reality is that Trump won the more important electoral vote spending half as much campaign money doing so.