Unconstitutional Senator Ted Cruz Thinks He’s Above Our Supreme Court

senatorcruz1On the heels of the Supreme Court striking down the Arizona law that required people to show “proof of citizenship” prior to registering to vote (aka voter ID laws), Ted Cruz has decide to try and bypass this ruling by offering an amendment to the immigration bill that would permit states to require citizens to show proof of citizenship before registering to vote.

And here we go again.

I love how these “small government conservatives” seem to often support more government—as long as it might benefit them.

These voter ID laws have but one purpose—to discourage people who often don’t vote Republican from voting at all.

Ted Cruz, the radical freshman Senator from Texas, has been a huge advocate for strict voter ID laws, and appears determined to undermine the court’s ruling that federal law supersedes state by injecting this measure into the immigration reform bill that he’s already openly opposed.  Even though our Supreme Court sent a clear message with their 7-2 ruling striking down Arizona’s law, Cruz thinks he can find a way to skirt around that ruling to suit his agenda.

In his few months in office, the “Constitutional American” Ted Cruz has made a name for himself by embracing the radical right and opposing anything that President Obama supports.  Even the immigration reform bill, which many Republicans support, is something he’s been an adamant opponent of.  Which I find ironic considering his father was a Cuban immigrant and he was born in Canada.  You’d think someone with that background in immigration to the United States would be more sympathetic to the plight of sensible immigration reform.

But then again, that would require Ted Cruz to have the ability to think sensibly—which he’s yet to show that he can do since taking office.

His proposal of an amendment that seeks to discourage immigrants, as well as other demographics of people, from being able to vote (on a bill that’s supposed to help immigrants become Americans) is reprehensible.

It appears Republicans will never learn that these voter ID laws, which translate to the modern day attempt of a poll tax, are unconstitutional and have no place in our country.

They might even have a case for stricter voter ID laws if voter fraud was actually an issue, but it’s not.  In a 5 year span between 2002-2007, 300 million votes cast, federal prosecutors convicted a grand total of—wait for it…

86 people.  Yes, you’ve read that right.  Out of the 300 million votes cast in a 5 year period, 86 people were convicted of the “rampant crime” known as voter fraud.  That’s a massive rate of .000028%.

But you want to tell me this has nothing to do with trying to disenfranchise certain demographics from voting?  Specifically those who tend to vote for Democrats?

Please, tell me another issue that 38 states have spent millions to pass and enforce that seeks to solve a problem that’s only occurred at a rate of .000028%?

Eighty-six cases—hell, I bet there were more instances of Americans who faced some kind of obstacles trying to vote this past November than that.  And those are just the ones who tried.  I’m sure millions more didn’t even attempt to vote because they lacked the sufficient ID.

My question is, when will Ted Cruz begin to actually govern?  Because pandering to fringe movements within a political party that stand no chance at being implemented isn’t governing.

And if his first few months in office are any indication of the next 5 1/2 years, that’s all Senator Cruz seems intent on doing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • iwannabeapirate

    What can you expect from the village idiot?

  • BigTBone

    Even for Texas this guy is a monumental asswipe. Get these teabagging morons out of office, pronto.

  • Jack

    I’m not fan of Ted Cruz, but your analysis is wrong. The law is unconstitutional because of federal preemption, not because the Constitution says you can’t ask for an ID. If the federal government decides to change the voting regulations they can. Whether they are constitutional is another question, but it would not decided in light of this ruling since the issues are mutually exclusive.

    • wolfhounds27

      For those whose head was stuck firmly up their own ass, Yesterday, 6/17/13, the US Supreme Court stated that it is “Un-Constitutional” to require proof of citizenship in order to be able to vote. Thereby stiking down an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship before one can vote.

      • Jack

        I’m not sure why you chose my comment to respond to, but in any case that’s not exactly what the Court said. In fact, nothing of what you say is correct. try reading the opinion instead of making stuff up.

  • Sams__Computer

    Of Dear Fellow Texan Cruz – All he knows is a little bit of Texas Civics & Texas Laws Such As “Don’t Mess With Texas!”

    Cruz obviously failed Supreme Court Civics. Cruz is a CowGirl with an overblown serving of Texas Bragadocious Narcissisms to boot. In the Lone Star State, he worked under Gov. G.W. Bush & now he see’s himself riding into Washington sporting a 10 gallon hat. He’s come there for a shootout with them Washington Liberal No-Nothing smart Intellectual Elite’s.

    Cruz happens to No-Nothing about a Republican Supreme Court that just slam dunked him. It’s the Law of the Land. I’m so ashamed that my dear State of Texas is electing Idiots like this man. And Gov. Rick Perry’s Ooops-Word in his Presidential Primary Debate has Texas Voters saying to themselves, OOooops, The great state of Texas is very embarrassed to have these 2 stupid men in elected office.

    The wonderful conclusion: A comeback for Democrats in Texas.

    • mikerush

      Texas. Is embarrassed about just those two? What about Louie Gohmert and Stevie Stockman? Surely, they’re not someone you guys are proud of, are they?

      • JenniferAnn

        Currently Perry and Cruz are the most prominent idiots, which is why we focus on them. We’re surrounded by stupid and can only take on so many at a time.

      • Pitt90

        LOL! “We’re surrounded by stupid and can only take on so many at a time.” Kudos for that one. 🙂

      • Sams__Computer

        Thanks JeniferAnn – That was nice of you to explain that.

      • Sams__Computer

        mikerush Sams__Computer

        #1- Why jump to false conclusions on me by saying I am “you guys.” Just who is “You Guys?”

        #2- Both the Supreme Court & Cruz are within this Topics Title. And I decided to add Rick Perry.

        #3-Gov. Rick Perry is in my comment A.-Cruz worked for him B.-He’s worse than Cruz is so far.

        Now if I had room & I had more time – I would’a written some books for you on all the nuts from Texas such as 4 men from a family called Bush. And many more scoundrels that you may not even know – But I damn sure don’t see any good reason to cut you down if you don’t know all of them awful Texans.

  • bolobill

    Stop calling these right wing extremists radicals. This country was built by radicals, and radicals led the way in changing things to make them better. These right wingers are REACTIONARIES. Please start using the correct language. Radicals deserve praise and respect, not association with the likes of Ted Cruz.

    • southside mike


  • southside mike

    I agree with him, if you weren’t born here you have to go back. Soooo

  • Dave Pavlatos

    That means a lot coming from a son of a communist that was born in Canada…..

  • Dissenter

    Remember that when Congress makes a law, Congress can un-make it.

    • Michael Cruise

      And the SCOTUS has it’s role, as well.

  • JenniferAnn

    Ted Cruz is almost as embarrassing as Rick Perry. Why must the rest of state keep voting these idiots into office? Even if twisted, I am not understanding the logic there. Come on Texas, not ALL the democrats can live in Austin. I know its a big red sea of stupid but we can’t keep letting these backwards thinking people speak for us.

  • hate all religions

    Im nearly masturbating ( nearly) watching FOX “news” clamoring over these new YOUNG STARS of the repuklican party,,,,, this idiot: rand paul,,,,paul ryan ( he’s al;ready finished) and marco ( alopecia) rubio- but MY fave is texas idiot CRUZ– these micropenile gerbil stuffers will do and say ANYTHING ( PLAYBOOK courtesy of Michelle Bachmann) to get re-elected and look pwerful huffing and puffing about ANY democrat and left wing attempts to get USA back on equal footing. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! palin for pres!!!

  • Michael Siever

    I want a t-shirt that says “I’m with Sen. Stupid (R-Texas)”.

  • mmmmikkimac

    Tell this idiot that undocumented workers fly way below the radar, trying NOT to draw attention to themselves. They do NOT go and fill out voter registration cards, since they “KNOW” that is fraud and automatic grounds for arrest, so they will hardly show up at the polls to vote. The GOP moron’s have no common sense. If anyone were to try and vote illegally, it would be a registered voter or citizen not registered who would try to vote twice at two different polling stations.

  • Jim Tarvin

    I grow weary of this battle….If I could leave this planet alive….I would.

  • Michael Siever

    “Supreme Court rulings are the law of the land, just so long as we agree with those rulings. Any others rulings we will declare unconstitutional, and try to pass laws to overturn them.” – The Teapublican Party

    You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?