Unlike Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders Actually Shows Up To Work

marco-rubioSenator Marco Rubio has taken heat, even from his own party, for missing a lot of Senate votes while he has been campaigning. Last week during the CNBC Republican debates, he was slammed by Jeb Bush for not showing up to work.

Now Marco Rubio is also catching flack from presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, who has managed to be in Washington for many important Senate votes while still campaigning for the Democratic nomination.

Via The Hill:

“My job [that] I’m paid to do right now is to represent the people of the state of Vermont in the United States Senate,” he said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

“I will miss votes, but I’m trying to miss as few as I possibly can. I am extraordinarily proud to represent my great state in the Senate,” Sanders continued.
“We’re working very hard on a number of issues,” he added. “And while it is difficult and very time-consuming to be a full-time candidate and to be a full-time senator, that is at the moment what I’m trying to do.”

Sanders was responding to a question about Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) track record in the Senate. (Source)

Marco Rubio has also complained about hating the Senate, and one Florida paper has called for him to resign his seat if he hated it so much. Considering the fact that he is paid $174,000 a year plus insurance subsidy, you would think he could at least fake it for the remainder of his term in office.

To add to the incredible hypocrisy, Rubio did manage to show up for work in the Senate to vote on a bill that would crack down on federal employees who were ineffective at their job.

I think that like many other candidates in the Republican field, Marco Rubio finds the allure of being a political celebrity more appealing than doing the job that the voters of Florida elected him to. We can go back to the half-term governor from Alaska where this trend was started, and see how it’s continued today with presidential novelty candidates like Donald Trump or Ben Carson.

If you’re running for president, it’s a given that you’re not going to be able to do your job as effectively when you’re campaigning. However, while Marco Rubio has missed over 12% of Senate votes, Bernie Sanders has missed only a quarter of that total at 3%.

Marco Rubio doesn’t have an excuse. Whether he dislikes his job in the Senate or not, he can still show up and do his job like Bernie Sanders has managed to do – and still run for president at the same time. Or he can resign and devote all of his time to pursuing the Republican nomination.

I have the feeling that while he complains about the Senate, Rubio loves that easy paycheck and health insurance courtesy of the taxpayers a bit too much to do the right thing and quit.


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