Using Donald Trump’s Own Logic, He Should Instantly Be Disqualified From the Presidency (Video)

In a huge story that didn’t get covered like it should have, it was announced on Friday that Donald Trump had agreed to a $25 million settlement in the lawsuit concerning Trump University.

Let’s be clear about something for a second because this is important. The “Trump U” lawsuit was brought against Donald Trump by former “students” alleging that the school was nothing but a giant scam aimed at defrauding innocent people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

To put it in another way, this lawsuit alleged that our soon-to-be president concocted an elaborate con based upon using his name and “brand” to scam people into thinking they were paying for a real education that would help them become successful.

Even the State of Texas, under Republican leadership, kicked this “school” out of the state because they recognized it was scam.

Well, Trump just settled that lawsuit for $25 million, effectively admitting that Trump University was, in fact, a complete fraud aimed at stealing money from naive people who thought this was an actual school.

While it’s not a legal admission of “guilt,” according to Trump’s own words and logic, when someone settles a lawsuit that’s basically admitting that they were guilty.

After all, Trump tried to use Bill Clinton’s $850,000 settlement with Paula Jones against Hillary Clinton to imply that settling with her was an admission of guilt and all of that somehow disqualified Hillary for the White House.

Because it’s definitely not sexist to say that a woman should be held accountable for her husband’s behavior

Furthermore, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway also said that Bill Clinton’s settlement with Jones was basically an admission of guilt.

“The last time I didn’t sexually harass someone, I didn’t pay them $850,000,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during an October interview.

Can someone explain to me how a president-elect settling a lawsuit where he was accused of setting up a “school” specifically aimed at conning people out of tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t disqualify him from the White House? Are you telling me that had he settled this lawsuit before the election it wouldn’t have had any kind of impact on the results? I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine a presidential candidate settling a lawsuit (which is viewed by many as an admission of guilt) accusing him of blatant fraud wouldn’t have been an issue for a good number of voters.

You can’t tell me a headline like Donald Trump Settles Fraud Lawsuit for a Whopping $25 Million wouldn’t have been something that might have swayed some Americans away from supporting him.

This was a case accusing Donald Trump — our next president — of being a fraud and a con man who used his “brand” to trick people into believing that the lies he was selling them were real.

This lawsuit alleged that Trump did the same thing with this “school” as he did with his entire campaign: He used his fame, brand and skills as a salesman to con people into thinking that outrageous goals were achievable. He manipulated them into believing that his “knowledge, success and business know-how” were qualifications to teach them how to accomplish things that were almost completely unrealistic.

While I know his supporters are too brainwashed to see that this is a very big deal (they’re already making the excuse that the only reason he settled was to “focus on being the president”), we just had our next president settle a lawsuit for $25 million that accused him of being a blatant con man who defrauded unsuspecting people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

A settlement that, based on the words of logic of Donald Trump and his own campaign manager, should instantly disqualify him from being our next president considering they both implied that Bill Clinton’s settlement with Paula Jones was an admission of guilt. Using their logic, that would make Trump’s settlement an admission that he’s a fraud who sold lies to unsuspecting people in a blatant attempt to steal tens of thousands of dollars from them, ruining lives in the process.

And a con man like that has no business being president.

Watch the videos below via CNN and Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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