Vacuous Fox News Co-hosts Should Win Award For Dumbest Segment On Planned Parenthood Attack

tantaros-school-snow-daysTo say I’m shocked by some of the ridiculous conservative responses to the recent Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs would be a lie. Basically from the moment I first saw the report of the shooting fly across my Twitter feed, I began contemplating how Republicans were going to try to spin this. After all, now that we have confirmed reports that rhetoric taken directly from the anti-Planned Parenthood lies Republicans have been pushing over the last several months was used by this murderer, it’s undeniable to anybody with a functioning brain that Republicans have blood on their hands.

Sen. Ted Cruz seemed to have taken the award for the most ridiculous response to this attack when he ran with an idiotic article from a right-wing blog that suggested Dear is a “leftist transgender activist”… a claim based on his voter registration that has him listed as “female.” Yes, random nonsense from a right-wing blog trying to turn an obvious clerical error into an attack on liberals was something Ted Cruz found appropriate to quote in response to a tragedy.

Well, seemingly in an attempt to outdo Cruz’s stupidity, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros tried putting the blame on liberals for declaring a war on “Christian white Republicans.”

“I think this was pretty predictable,” Tantaros said. “You saw on Twitter a lot of people rushing to judgement. The same people who hesitate using the phrase Islamic terrorism were very quick to use the term ‘Christian’.”

Okay, to be fair, she’s partially right on that. While many liberals did rush to call Dear a “Christian terrorist” (even though being a white male does not automatically make someone a Christian), she’s wrong in suggesting that liberals hesitate in using the phrase “Islamic terrorist.” Sure, politicians do because people like President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders don’t want to legitimize a terror group by giving them what they want. But I see liberals frequently use the phrase “Islamic radicals/terrorists.” It’s also important to point out that, while many liberals did rush to call Dear a “Christian terrorist,” President Obama and other leading Democrats did not.

But then things got nuttier.

“And it was quite a leap, to point to a shooting and somehow link that to women not being able to get abortions,” Tantaros stated. “They had not released information and people were already indicting an entire religion, Christian white Republican, before we even got details.”

This is why I warned liberals to wait for facts to come out before stating things as “factual” based on assumptions – even if those assumptions turn out to be true. Now people like Tantaros are validated in saying that some liberals were simply out to bash an entire religion before they knew verified facts.

Then the conversation shifted to the debunked propaganda videos, when Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy suggested that liberals are “embarrassed” by these videos. That’s a comical claim considering most liberals are well aware that they’ve been selectively edited to depict something that’s untrue.

“They are deeply embarrassed about these videos,” Duffy insisted. “It pulled the curtain on what really happens in the back rooms of those abortion clinics. And that’s what this is about, they want to muzzle us.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Even after this shooting conservatives are still pushing the propaganda about these videos even though they know that it’s not true.

Then Fox Business host Charles Payne really added to the stupidity of this entire segment.

“And also, what if more people had guns there, guys?” Payne asked. “What if people could have defended themselves?”

“It may have been a different outcome,” Tantaros responded.

Are you freaking kidding me?

First, let me point out the fact that there’s no proof that anyone who was around the shooting at that time didn’t have a gun. Just because someone has a concealed weapon doesn’t mean they’re going to use it. Not only that, but an on-duty officer who was armed was killed. How did his gun prevent/deter what happened?

Colorado Springs is a very conservative town where citizens are allowed to openly carry guns. In fact, before Dear opened fire on these people he was nothing more than a “good guy with a gun openly exercising his Constitutional rights,” as many pro-gun conservatives would say. As we found out on Halloween when another madman with a gun was allowed to slaughter three innocent people after 911 dispatch informed concerned citizens who had phoned in that there was nothing the police could do because it was legal to openly carry a gun in Colorado Springs. Nothing they could do, of course, until it was already too late. 

Again, every “bad guy with a gun” is a “good guy with a gun” in these pro-gun/open carry towns… until they start shooting people.

But this entire segment was an absolute joke. From suggesting that the fictional liberal “war on Christianity” might have helped push Dear to commit this crime, to the continued pushing of the debunked Planned Parenthood videos, all the way to the ridiculous suggestion that more guns in the very pro-gun town of Colorado Springs might have prevented this – this was, by far, the most absurd response to the shooting that I’ve encountered thus far.

Watch the video below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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