Virginia Revokes Out-Of-State Concealed Carry Permits, Gun Fanatics Flip Out

NRA gun nuts concealed carryConcealed carry laws allowing people to carry concealed handguns are in place in many states across the United States. In the hands of a responsible individual who is trained and understands the laws, the ability to carry a weapon isn’t necessarily a bad thing – an opinion I know many liberals will likely disagree with me on.

Virginia has moved to bar people with out-of-state permits from carrying weapons, because those 25 states have lax regulations that allow individuals to transport guns they wouldn’t be allowed to under Virginia’s laws.

“Evenly, consistently and fairly enforcing Virginia’s concealed handgun permit law, as we are now doing, means that it will be more difficult for potentially dangerous individuals to conceal their handguns here in Virginia and that will make Virginians safer, especially Virginian law enforcement,” Herring said.

The move means that Virginians will no longer be able to use their concealed handgun permits in six states that require a mutual reciprocity agreement: Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wyoming.

John Whitbeck, chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, said Herring’s announcement was further proof that Democrats have “declared war on the Second Amendment.” (Source)

Attorney General Mark Herring is acting in the best interests of the residents of Virginia, and he is trying to stem the tide of people who have decided that their only protection against Islamic terrorism is being heavily armed.

As a liberal who owns guns and carries a concealed weapon at times, I have nothing against law-abiding citizens who have been properly trained doing the same. When you have to wait minutes or even hours for a police officer to show up, many people have no other choice to defend against a violent intruder or a carjacker.

These are reasonable circumstances when a responsible gun owner may have to use deadly force to protect themselves, but that isn’t what the gun lobby and the NRA is promoting. They want everyone to buy a gun, often without background checks, and even to be able to openly carry that weapon into any building that individual wants to. These places include government buildings and schools, places that should only have trained members of law enforcement with weapons.

In some states, people are even allowed to carry guns into bars, which is just a disaster waiting to happen – but the NRA cares nothing about responsible ownership anymore and promotes guns anytime and anywhere.

Virginia is making this move to protect the residents of their state, despite the howls of the gun lobby and the NRA. They aren’t banning guns by any stretch of the imagination and they are allowing people from places like Louisiana to obtain a permit in Virginia, so long as they qualify by Virginia’s standards.

This isn’t an assault on gun rights, it is simply requiring people who travel to the state to abide by the laws of Virginia, and reduce the chances of an untrained or unqualified individual taking a life they didn’t have to.


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