Wacko Alex Jones Exploits Oklahoma Tornadoes to Promote Conspiracy Theory

alex-jones-insaneAnyone who knows me knows that I loathe conspiracy theorists.  To me it’s the lowest form of political debate.  You can never win an argument with any of these kinds of people because whatever proof you present to them will be dismissed as “part of the conspiracy.”

And let’s be honest, anyone can come up with a conspiracy theory.

One of the leaders of the tinfoil hat brigade is Alex Jones, scumbag extraordinaire.

I wrote a piece following the Boston Marathon bombings covering Alex Jones and his batshit crazy list of conspiracy theories—which included the Boston Marathon.

Well, I should have known where there’s tragedy, there will be Alex Jones and his fear mongering.  But tornadoes?  He couldn’t possibly turn the Oklahoma tornadoes into a conspiracy theory against the government, could he?

Well—he did.

You see, Jones has pushed the asinine theory that the government is planning to use a “weather weapon” to “create and steer tornadoes,” and if people saw helicopters and planes in the skies above Oklahoma on Monday, it was most likely evidence that the weapon was used.

I think I’ve finally figured it out — Alex Jones must love comic books.  Because only in comics books do you see the types of villains Alex Jones seems to create every time some kind of tragedy or disaster occurs.

The best DC or Marvel comics writers don’t even come close to creating the diabolical plans for world domination Alex Jones conjures up the moment something tragic happens.

It’s really scary so many people follow this jackass.  I wouldn’t even mention him if he was some fringe lunatic that only matters to a handful of people, but millions of people across the country buy into this guy’s insanity.

What kind of sick and delusional existence do you live in where you believe the government is “creating and steering” tornadoes against American citizens?  And don’t forget, this is on the heels of Mr. Jones accusing the government of being “heavily involved in the Boston Marathon bombing and the cover up of the truth.”

Let’s just look at the past year and what Alex Jones has accused the government of perpetrating.  The government, according to Jones, was behind:

  • The shooting in the Colorado movie theather
  • The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting
  • The Boston Marathon bombing
  • Using a “weather weapon” to steer and create tornadoes

And these just go along with a couple of his ongoing conspiracies that accuse the government of sterilizing women through the water supply, and using prescription pills to cause suicides.

My question is, at what point is someone insane?  This guy argues that mental illness is behind gun violence, not guns, but how is he not mentally ill?  Yet he’s also a huge advocate for the Second Amendment.  How can someone feel a man who lives with such paranoid delusion is mentally stable enough to own guns?

And you can’t convince me that someone who believes that the government ordered the killing of over 20 elementary school children, bombed a marathon and created tornadoes to kill Americans, isn’t insane.

Yet Alex Jones feels he’s perfectly sane and we are all the insane ones not to believe him.  However, anyone who feels the government is using a “weather weapon” to cause tornadoes, in my opinion, is certifiably insane.

And any individual that uses every tragic event that strikes this nation to promote their theories of hate and irrational paranoia—is a pathetic human being.

But the truth is I don’t even consider Alex Jones human.  He’s just a parasite that feeds off ignorance and thrives on fear.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Jerry

    Jones is in business. He sells what his audience buys. There are bad people in this nation/world that do that. And there are those who pay for it. Think kid porn, crack, illegal guns, conspiracy theories, etc. etc. All dirtbag scum.

  • Jakes

    Sorry to say it, but you just gave him huge credit for even mentioning his name and writing this article. Such rubbish should be totally ignored.
    We need to just focus on the GOOD things.
    Otherwise you are amazing and doing a fabulous job with ur calling.
    God’s power 2 u.

  • kurtsteinbach

    I’m still waiting for someone to blame the Tornado on Oklahomans not hating the fags and on not beating them up often enough…. That’s what I was thinking when I saw this in my Facebook News Feed. Alex Jones should write fiction, because even stephen King doesn’t come up with sh*t this colorful….

    • Saffron

      Actually the Tornado has already been blamed on the gay community. Fred Phelps has already done that.

      • kurtsteinbach

        I must have missed that in the midst of my not giving a sh*t about the bullsh*t ongoing hatred of the WBC and their brand of preaching the Devil’s Word.

  • Josh Delarosa

    so where in his show did he say it was a weather weapon? that’s right not one quote on the whole article. rubbish excuse for journilsm

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Use the link, doofus.

      “On May 21, Jones told a
      caller that the government has the ability to “create and steer groups
      of tornadoes” and that if people spotted helicopters and small aircraft
      “in and around the clouds, spraying and doing things” in Oklahoma, it
      could be evidence that a “weather weapon” was used.”

  • Scott

    Josh Delarosa, you should learn how to spell before you attempt to criticize someone else!

  • Allen, I am curious as to why you think there IS a political debate right now. I think “debate” implies that facts are involved and that people are acting in a rational way. None of our political “debates” are about facts (they’re about getting the first untruth into their followers head) and we’re constantly “debating” people whose minds do not change when given evidence. This makes people like Alex Jones possible. If our political system was sane and healthy right now people like Alex Jones would never get any airtime anywhere. The more we pay attention to him the more we’ll hear from him.

  • Tim Crowley

    The more you write about him, the more money he makes

  • Daniel Phillips

    Listening to these guys is mostly a guilty pleasure–they’re so nuts that it’s hard to turn off the radio. That said, we need to protect people from themselves; Listening this crackpot will soften your brain. Children and the developmentally delayed are vulnerable to this stuff and need to be protected. I think we need to start by taking away the platform from which they speak–what advertiser would pay to support this guy?

  • Kyle

    Yeah why the fuck did you go through so much effort in writing this whole thing, if he is, indeed, such a waste of time. You guys have a lot in common with mainstream media. Haha Journalism is supposed to have a removed personal opinion.

    • Diana Bauer

      ‘Cos Allen Clifton isn’t a journalist, he’s a columnist. A blogger, and thus is only required to give a personal opinion. And for a waste of time, a lot of really stupid people believe Alex Jones’ insane statements. It’s a travesty of the First Amendment that it should have to protect the verbal vomit of these sick bastards.

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    There was no ‘conspiracy’ to obstruct justice for the 2001 09 11 crimes. The destruction of evidence, the burying of the evidence before it could be examined, is a crime itself, yet you blow it off as some rantings of a loonie tune Jones??? Jones is what he himself calls “cointelpro”, but the conspiracy to obstruct justice is there. If you can not see that, you shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street all on your own. I am no “fan” of that a-hole Jones.

    So are you blind or a paid shill.

  • Diana Bauer

    Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are in a contest to see who is the biggest lunatic.

  • christian_707

    Some people like to believe in God, some people like to believe that the government is hiding things. Leave the guy alone.

    I am not a fan but I admire his tenacity and I find him quite entertaining to watch. I disagree with a lot of what he says but that’s no reason for me insulting him and calling him a complete idiot.

    • Edward K. Jordan

      So we should just THINK that he is a complete idiot? As a public figure, he is open to any criticism from anyone. If he was not a public figure, I would agree that he should not be criticized…at least publicly.

  • Zeepheus

    The local morning DJs here found a clip from GI JOE where Cobra Commander was going to Employ a weather control weapon and the played it right after playing this idiots comments. I nearly drove off the road I laughed so hard.

  • Edward K. Jordan

    Jones is a class A Jackass! As someone who lives quite near the tornado devastation I have found yet another reason to loathe Alex Jones! He, of course, took the same position with the Boston Marathon Bombings, 9-11, and even the Oklahoma City Bombing (which gives him another black mark in my book). The very idea that some dark, sinister force in our government is staging terrorist attacks and even WEATHER EVENTS is absurd. I know a few people who listen to his ridiculous talk show and most all of them are complete morons and one is a certified Schizophrenic. Conservatards should try a good book once in awhile.

  • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

    I remember an episode of the tv show called Sliders titled “Electric Twister Acid Test. Evil man controlled the weather and used tornadoes to keep the town in check. Maybe Alex Jones watched the episode?

  • Vasco DeGama

    Allen, if you want to be taken seriously by your 20 readers you might want to check you facts before you regurgitate incorrect information. Unlike you, I actually listened to Alex Jone’s story on the tornadoes. He DIDN’T say the government was responsible for the Oklahoma tornadoes. MULTIPLE TIMES during and for many days after. what he said is that he believes that the government is working on/has achieved possibly some limited success with weather manipulation. he also said the US government funds Al Quaida several years ago and was called, in your words, “batshit crazy”. Now confirmed to be true. He said that Benghazi had nothing to do with a video and was instead a botched/intentional coverup of weapons running to Syrian “rebels” (hint Al Quaida) the day after it happened. Again called crazy. and gasp! he was right again. sure he rants and acts up on air. he is after all an entertainer. he is also genuinely upset about the dismantling of our rights and country. and, unlike you, he provides reference material that backs up all his “crazy theories”.