Want To Put “Christ Back In Christmas”? Here’s Where You Can Start

Sarah-Palin-War-on-ChristmasIt’s that time of the year again where Fox News decries the “liberal and atheist War On Christmas.” You know, the supposed plot by the evil liberal media and activist judges to pull the presents out of the hands of good little Christian boys and girls on Christmas morning. It’s an annual tradition where D-list celebrities, politicians and some media pundits go on about how we need to “put Christ back into Christmas” and de-commercialize it, while plugging their books or TV shows.

It’s no different this year, as it’s been announced that Tea Party darling Sarah Palin would make a stop at the Mall of America on the last leg of her book tour, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of America.” The tour has such corny slogans as “It’s Ok To Wish Me Merry Christmas” and hits all those “you betcha” hair-flip and a wink talking points that we’ve come to expect out of the 2008 vice presidential nominee.

Via Paul Walsh for the Star Tribune:

Palin will be in the mall’s rotunda starting at 6 p.m., and there are many guidelines for people to follow in order to get a book signed and to meet the former Alaska governor, most notably that attendees must buy the book at any Barnes & Noble in order to receive a wristband that earns a spot in line to see Palin. Also, according to the mall, the only photos with Palin must be taken by her photographer. Prints will then be available for sale and range in price from $15.99 for a 5-by-7 to $29.99 for an 11-by-14.

While signing events routinely require attendees to buy the latest book in order to meet the author and get an autograph, it is highly unusual to require payment if attendees want their photo taken with the writer.

You’ve got to admit, despite all the jokes about her intelligence, she’s got her revenue stream fan base figured out pretty damn well. Just look at the places she’s going. The Villages, Naples and Pensacola in Florida — which just happen to 3 of the most conservative areas in the entire state — and she’s also hitting up the Sam’s Clubs and Wal-Marts.

But back to the “War On Christmas” she’s fighting against. She just needs your support (and by support, I mean buying yet another one of her books and then paying even more to get a photo with her) to turn back the evil tide of atheists and liberals  who are close to washing Baby Jesus out of the manger and down the drain of secularism. You know what? This whole “War On Christmas” thing is just a huge freaking scam run by the right-wing media and kept alive by the people who are dumb enough to tune into their shows and buy their books.

I’m going to be honest with you — I really don’t care anything about the holiday, other than the delicious Pfeffernüsse cookies my mom makes and the paid day off from work that I get. I’m also not a Christian, but neither myself or anyone else is trying to take Christmas away from you. You know who is destroying Christmas? The same people who are making the biggest noise about the “assault on Christian and American values” while hawking another shitty book in a store that makes its money off selling cheap Chinese goods.

If you really want to keep Christ in Christmas as you keep harping on about, how about doing like Christ would have done according to the Scriptures you like to cherry pick? How about not putting yourself into debt buying things you probably don’t need, and instead spending some money on the poor, the homeless and others who have fallen on hard times? How about rather than dropping fifty bucks or more on getting a picture with Sarah freaking Palin, why not use the same money to help stock your local food bank? If you are actually serious about doing the Christian thing, that’s where you should start. Anything less just means you’re doing your part to truly “take the Christ out of Christmas.”


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  • Stephen Barlow

    Trust Palin the quitter to make a SCAM SCAM pay out. if she would only just buy a chopper and become a Caribou Killer Express Guide and STAY in Wasilla.

  • Laura911

    The Baby Jesus is so much easier to love than the adult Jesus who spews all those liberal words.

    • SharNDC

      That’s why Ricky Bobby liked the Baby Jesus the best.

    • JMiller1776

      Liberal? Loving thy neighbor and helping one another is more conservative than liberal. Liberals expect the government to handle their duty as humans, conservatives demand that individuals help one another. I don’t remember Jesus ever saying anything about there needing to be a government that forces you to do things and decides how to waste your money for you.

      • Thomas Howard

        Seriously?? Guess you forgot the part about giving unto Caesar…..and clothing the naked, and feeding the poor, and giving the thirsty water, and giving food to the hungry, and…OMG!!….visiting those in prison. Of course you wouldn’t- you only cherry pick the stuff that supports your “prosperity gospel” scam.

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        If you are a Us Citizen and eligible to vote, the YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. So when you do not want the government to help the poor, you do not want to help the poor. Therefore are not acting like a CHRISTIAN.

      • JMiller1776

        Yes, North Korea and the USSR, were very Christian according to your logic, as they were into almost total redistribution.

        Your premise is incorrect. The government gives you no choice, and individuals aren’t government. Being forced to give to government is not righteous, having the individual choice to go out and help the poor through charity is righteous. Conservatives give 30% more to charity than liberals. Individually helping the poor is Christian. No where in the bible does it talk about the virtue of government making laws that takes your property and giving it to others.

      • conservatives are evil

        bullshit! I would love to see some actual stats or scientific data backing up your claim of conservatives give more to charity. Who do you think runs those charitys? a liberal or democrat. Conservatives dont do shit but ruin this country and villify anyone that doesnt believe what they believe or look like them aka old and white.

      • JMiller1776

        And how exactly is your comment not vilifying Republicans? It is also racist of you to vilify the millions of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, etc., that support Republicans. You aren’t being tolerant and your intolerance for other points of view is sad.

      • meonthissite

        Republicans vilify themselves without anyone helping them. Secondly, how about those Chic-fil-a people standing in line to keep people from getting married, When I was sick and just out of the hospital and the food banks didn’t have anything but local corn and some diet soda to offer where were the conservatives then? He’s absolutely right, we are the government we put people in office to make things like the social security department that is the only reason why disabled people like me can survive when we can’t work, we made the medicare/medicaid possible, as well as the medical support of the veterans including expanding it to include the newest forms of injuries from explosives, something else the conservatives wanted to keep from happening transferring that money to the military industrial complex instead. So please stop trying to lie for the very people who won’t even help support fallen soldiers much less anyone else.

      • Shayne Patrick

        It’s hard not to vilify Republicans. Most of them are just plain stupid these days.

      • JMiller1776

        What you are peddling here is collectivism and redistribution, not Christianity.

      • Shayne Patrick

        Acts 2:44-45

      • republicans are evil

        well if corporations werent raping the average American with zero benefits and slave wages the government would need to step up. the problem is the same people you think so highly of, are the same people that have ruined this country. Republicans are dying and deservedly so. They use the bible to spew hatred, and they have sold out Americans to the highest paying corporation. To me, telling me your a republican is like telling me your a nazi. I find them both to be in the same class. maybe you think thats extreme, I really dont care. conservatives only give a shit about the people that look like them, White, Rich, and old. everyone else is a “sinner”. If this country had a purge day like in the movie, I would hunt down republicans.

      • JMiller1776

        You mean the rich, white, corporate CEO’s that give millions to Democrats and Obama who outspent Romney in 2012?

        In exactly what way is the Republican Party like a Nazi. Hyperbole much? Lol. From a philosophical stand point there is far more in common with progressivism and Nazism.

        But you won’t hear me calling progressives nazi’s, mainly because such comparisons are insane and disrespectful to the victims of the Nazi’s.

        But it’s nice to see how tolerant you are except of there were no laws preventing you from committing mass Holocaust against Republicans, oh wait, but we are the Nazi’s?

      • Franky Smitherson

        Its nice how you failed to add all the Rep Super Pac Money that was pumped into the Election. Once you add that with what Romney spent you will learn that Reps outspent Obama. Reps SuperPac spending compared to Dems in 2012 was 3 to 1 Reps. But oh how you was outspent ? Tho if Reps offer a good message then maybe they wouldnt have to worry about how much money they need to spend ?

        Oh by the way if your going to go on a Rant because someone referred your party to Nazi and you find that offensive. Don’t think for one min you can then turn around and use a Holocaust remark and think it applies after you disagree with the Nazi remark. Your doing the very same thing as them. Which doesnt make you anymore right then they are.

      • Shayne Patrick

        He didn’t need to. The religion was the Government.
        Try a valid argument for not helping poor people…

  • markm123

    Nice. Love it

  • Matthew Reece

    Christmas is a pagan holiday that a true believer in Christ should reject. Everything about it goes back to the worship of Baal and Mithra, and the pagan festivals of Saturnalia and Yule.

    • DMChasmail

      But that would be true only for those who insist on living only in the past and not moving forward, thus abandoning those pagan things.

      • dragonflygrrl

        Or for the estimated 3 million practicing pagans worldwide, for whom the Winter Solstice in fact is a religious holiday. I have no quarrel with Christmas as an institution, but let’s don’t pretend that those of us who observe the Winter Solstice “insist on living only in the past and not moving forward.” Either you misspoke, or you said a truly offensive thing; either way, blessed be and Happy Yule Sabbat.

      • Sean Jones

        Living in the past? Like worshiping a book that is 2000 years old?

      • Matt N Jen Stewart

        HAHA! Thank you for that Sean Jones!

    • An Angry Scotsman

      “Christmas” is an astronomical event, marking the Winter Solstice. Greed has turned it into what it is today.

      • Burgermeister

        Um, no. That’s why there are two different names for those things. “Winter Solstice” and “Christmas”. Christmas is not an astronomical event, it is a religious holiday.

      • Sydalish

        Well, if we want to get really accurate, Christianity stole the holiday from the pagans as to more easily indoctrinate them.

      • An Angry Scotsman

        Winter Solstice has been observed for thousands of years. It took the Vatican 350 years after the ‘death’ of Christ in order to determine that he was indeed born on Dec. 25th. Learn your history, pal.

      • Page Sparks

        Learn Your history pal, they have determined that he was never born around Dec. 25th, but more like in the summer. The reason they put it at Dec. 25th was to convert more pagans who had gods born on that day.

      • Chupacabra

        Who are “they”? I’m not trying to dispute your statement (well maybe just a little), but could you please send me exactly where you heard or read this, because it’s the first time I have ever heard it.

      • Catholic Church

      • Ignatz

        No, they haven’t. There is no “determination” of when Jesus of Nazareth was born at all.

      • Var Enyo

        Actually there is but not to the day. Had to be around their tax time.

      • still not sure about that, if in reading the time frame of the shepard watching their sheep, it would be more of a lambing season which is closer to late spring or early summer…

      • Oldfart

        The Winter Solstice NEVER occurs on 12/25. It occurs during the period 12/20-12/22 and varies each year.

      • Christmas was incorporated with the Winter Solstice by the Catholic Church to draw pagans to “the light of Christianity”….

    • regressive rightwing trash

      baal from original star trek and MOTHRA from the 60’s Asian movies??? I knew U had good in you!!

      • Matthew Reece

        No, Baal the false god found throughout the Old Testament and Mithra the deity of a mystery religion that competed with Christianity in the 1st-4th centuries.

    • Ignatz

      Saturnalia was December 17, not December 25, and nobody knows when they celebrated the birth of Mithra. It was a mystery religion, its rites were secret.

      The fact that you show FOUR different pagan “sources” that have no connection with each other is pretty much proof that you’re looking at coincidence. It can’t come from Baal AND Mithra AND Saturnalia AND Yule. Those are four different things, separated by centuries and geography.

      And Yule was a holiday of Germanic Barbarians. The people who first celebrated the Nativity on December 25 probably never even heard, and certainly wouldn’t have imitated people they regarded as barbarians if they did. Some LATER customs came from Yule, AFTER Christianity came to Germany and the German pagans converted. The holiday itself did not.

      Anyway, the pagan holiday you probably ARE thinking of is Sol Invictus, which WAS celebrated on December 25 (funny – that’s the one you didn’t mention). However, Sol Invictus may be LATER than Christmas. Irenaeus wrote the Jesus was conceived on March 25 (still the date of the Annunciation) and born nine months later in the middle of the 2nd Century – 200 years before the Romans made it an official holiday.

      • Christmas absorbed and borrows from several religious ceremonies, of course it does. The Christmas tree, mistletoe, holly and berries, yule log, St. Nicholas, gift-giving and many of the other trappings were appropriated and shoe-horned in there. It gathered elements from all over the place. Kwanzaa and Hanukkah seem to be answers to Christmas, and it would be funny to see if either somehow got more popular, if they gathered some of the same moss.

        I wonder if the crass consumerism will ever go out of fashion, and if people dial back on the craziness that Christmas has become. It’s like the Blob, swallowing Thanksgiving, encroaching further back into the year (and yet, somehow not being celebrated ENOUGH!). It is humourous that the people who used to complain the most about “puttin’ the Christ back in Christmas” are now the very ones insisting that retailers splash his name in advertising sales circulars.

        I see it as the takeover of the religious right by “prosperity theology.”

      • Ignatz

        [The Christmas tree, mistletoe, holly and berries, yule log, St. Nicholas, gift-giving]

        Some are, some aren’t, some are a combination: it doesn’t work in linear fashion. St. Nicholas, of course, it Nicholas of Myra, and Christian bishop. The modern character has also taken on some aspects of OTHER characters. Christmas trees are probably from Reformation Protestantism. The fact that pagans decorated trees doesn’t mean there’s a connection: MOST cultures have decorated trees. The Yule log, on the other hand, is a Germanic holdover from the pagan yule.

  • carl carey

    It’s a stolen holiday anyway.

  • Jay

    Of the many dishonest, made-up stories manufactured by the merchants of idiocy at Fox News, this is easily in the top 5. The objective evidence of any decline in the viability of Christmas is non-existent. I really like Christmas. I like the lights, the decorations, and the sentiment of human kindness celebrated during the holiday. One cannot walk through any downtown area in this country without seeing the festive decorations. Retails stores begin their displays earlier and earlier. This year, Christmas was on display before Halloween, and I don’t mind at all. “A war on Christmas” would involve the arrest of priests or preachers, the shuttering of churches, the censorship of religious speech (all of which I would oppose vigorously.) There would be public statements of opposition to Christmas by important officials. None of that has ever happened here in this country. Yes, a parade in Kansas was renamed a “holiday” parade. Yes, some people say “Happy Holidays,” not “Merry Christmas.” There are at least two other holidays which coincide with Christmas. Public funds are not supposed to be spent on a particular religious holiday, because of the First Amendment’s prohibition against the “establishment of religion” by the government. These are not even blips on the screen.
    The Macy’s parade will be seen this year. Most businesses will close on December 25. The religious television channels will have sermons and carols, as they always do. The radio stations will play Christmas music 24-hours a day. And billions of dollars will be spent on gifts, food and spirits. The “Christmas Carol” will be reenacted in theaters all over the country, the “Messiah” will be performed by orchestras everywhere. People will don their gay apparel and hit the streets to sing to their neighbors. Churches will swell with church-goers who attend only once a year. It will be lovely. It will not be a war.

    • Gregg

      This is quite simply the best post I’ve seen about this supposed “War on Christmas”. Well done!!!

      • Jay

        Thank you.

    • Amy

      I love this. Do you mind if I use it when I read or hear any of the conservatives I know talking about the supposed war?

      • Jay

        You are welcome to it. Thank you.

      • Var Enyo

        Don’t forget to explain to them that holiday comes from holy day.

    • hermanprovi

      Watching the news on black friday, Sarah Palin was proven right ,[“they are trying to take Christmas away from us”.] Watching the HORDES that invaded the stores,some waiting a full day before opening, I guess they were all worried that from now on Xmas will be abolished. watching those people battle with each other, it might be a good thing! If Xmas is the season of love, it starts out with department store wars!

      • CharlieSelf

        Trample thy neighbor to save 50 bucks on an Xbox.

      • Var Enyo

        Actually she stated that she loved the commercialization of Christmas as she hawked her latest book.

    • jason1978

      I’m Agnostic but this time of year is one of my favorites because of everything you said. So many fond memories and with aging family members I try and hold onto them as long and hard as possible. Traditions, memories etc. I help my parents decorate, I put up their manager scene. They attend Christmas eve service (I did for a while because it was tradition even though it didn’t feel right to me for other reasons). You see…I am not closed minded. I accept everyone’s beliefs and that’s what this time of year should be about. This is the season to love and respect each other but right wingers need to hate on others, find a way to bitch and complain. The only war on Christmas is from the right wingers trying to shut down other’s opinions and beliefs.

      • Var Enyo

        The only people I know who are vehemently anti-Christmas are my inlaws whose church will not celebrate it since it wasn’t Jesus’s birthday.

    • Caryl Darby

      Jay, I hope you do not mind, but I shared your comment on my facebook page! Thank you.

    • MCG55SS

      Happy Yule the ACTUAL holiday it is, idc for christmas but people should recognize the holiday for what it really is.

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    For a extra $100 Sara will give you a happy ending

    • I wouldn’t want a happy ending from that self righteous b***h. I’d demand my money back!

    • Sean Jones

      except she would get halfway through and then quit.

    • Var Enyo

      I keep wondering who actually writes her books. She couldn’t possibly string together a coherent sentence.

  • hermanprovi

    I LOVE this photograph of Sarah and Christ! They [she, anyway] look so religious!

  • Danny Mathey

    Lets all have a Merry Christmas……And gather to hate the poor.and cuss the Liberals….Bless the rich with Tax breaks,And stop granny’s S.S. check.All in the name of a Conservative Jesus ?….

  • Erik Swagerty

    I couldn’t care less about Christmas, or Sarah Palin.The thing that disturbs me the most, is the schism that divides this country and prevents us from stting policies that actually work.

  • Jingshelpmaboab

    The second sentence in this article should end with a question mark.

    • Matt N Jen Stewart

      It’s a statement, not a question.

  • Sharyn Smith-Jensen

    If Sarah was a “true” christian she would donate her proceeds from her book to some organization that helped the poor. But she will not as she is a capitalist who just wants to make money and talk about being a christina but chooses not to aact as one.

    • Bernie

      Of course she won’t do that, because the poor are poor due to bad life choices and could have money if they tried harder, right? There’s no reason to help them! She and her fellow selfish Teabaggers don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own agenda. The only reason they can call themselves Christians is because they believe in God and worship Jesus; they certainly aren’t Christ-like.

      I’m an atheist, so Christmas isn’t a religious event for me. It’s a time to get together with friends and family, celebrate life, and help those in need. I hate the thought of children waking up on Christmas morning and not getting the same joy out of opening presents from Santa as my daughter does, or a family not getting a meal on that day, or ANY day, because they can’t afford it. I’ve been so lucky in my life, I want to give to those in need during the holidays. So, although I’m not a Christian, I still celebrate in my own way.

      There is no war on Christmas. No one is trying to take it away from anyone else. I’m an atheist and am apparently the most likely person to be waging the war, but clearly I’m not. This alleged war is a fabrication of radical Christians in an attempt to discredit atheists.

      Oh, and if you say “Merry Christmas” to me, I say it back. Sarah is delusional.

  • artdude102

    Btw- Fox News network has an annual “holiday” party. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Right on! You hit the nail right smack on its proverbial head! Glad to see someone finally spoke up in this way. Kudos, my friend!

    I’m reminded of a story I once heard (whether it’s true or not is irrelevant) about little boy who was asked if he got everything he wanted for Christmas. He said, “No, but that’s okay, it’s not MY birthday.”

  • Arch Chaney

    Sarah Palin: putting the cash back into Christmas. Time to put the Palin back into Alaska.

    • Laurie Moore

      Amen to that one!

  • There was NEVER any christ in christmas. It’s a PAGAN holiday called YULE!

    • Ignatz

      The people who originally made December 25 Christmas probably never even heard of Yule. Yule is Teutonic. Christmas is Roman. Christianity did not come to Germany until about 200 years after Christmas began to be officially celebrated.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    I wanna go down on her sooooo much! all she has to do is buy me a cold 12 pack of YOO HOOs and im gonna “kiss her in the rain”

  • Ruth

    According to Matthew’s gospel in the New Testament, shepherds were watching over their sheep at night. That is only necessary in the SPRING when ewes are giving birth to spring lambs and vulnerable to predators, NOT in the middle of winter. The church co-opted the midwinter celebration of the Pagans to encourage conversion to Christianity, as they did so many other Pagan observances.

    • Elizabeth Wilson

      You have my Amen!

    • Sandra Grady

      Tis true..like so many “Christian” holidays..they were adopted from Pagan celebrations, or Sabbats, tied to the changing of the seasons..and representing life, death and rebirth.

  • Mike Williams

    Christ would not have celebrated Christmas…

    By the way my Christian friends neither did you until Pope “Steal another pagan day” decried that the 25th of December should be the day…rather than January 6th or 7th or 9th or 9th or 19th (depending on region and sect) like good Christians, not beguiled by the blasphemous Catholic Pope, did.
    Can I get a Protestant “amen” ?

    Next we can thank the accountants and marketing team of Macy’s in the 19th century for the current festivities celebrated on what the Romans called Saturnalia. For it is this celebration that invites one to give gifts to people you know or love.

    As a side note, December 25th was the day Romans associated with the new year. Not as some believe Baal’s Birthday. Kinda funny when you think of that and put it into context. Ball and Christ born on the same day? Twins? Brothers of ‘nother mothers?

  • Moocherin_and_Looterin

    Grifters gotta grift, and in this age of Hi-def Palin’s gotta get her slice before the ‘baggers find themselves another chew toy.

  • worrierking

    This “Keep Christ in Christmas” nonsense that we hear today grew out of the attempt to de-commercialize Christmas in the fifties and sixties. The focus was to put more emphasis on the religious aspects of the season and to do away with the envy, gluttony and selfishness of shopping and gift giving.

    Like everything else, the conservatives want to interpret history to reflect their own agenda. Today, it means that arrogant, imbecilic false Christians demand that merchants and staff in stores give them the proper “Holiday Greeting”. To do otherwise is to denigrate their beliefs.

    At a time where thousands are homeless, hundreds of thousands are hungry and millions are in need of jobs they want to ignore the reality around them and bask in their own reflection in the mirror.

  • Leander Yardley

    wasn’t Christmas based on Saturnalia, a Pagan holiday?

  • Voter4America

    I wish someone in line for Sarah’s autograph would get to the front of the line and pull out a knife and, well, you can figure out the rest. Yes, that’s right, I’d like them to slice off a piece of fruitcake, shove it in her face, and suffocate her to death with it. There. You found a use for that fruitcake. You’re welcome.

  • Daniel Carey

    As has been pointed out… “holiday” is a variant of “Holy Day” so how is it actually ANY different?

  • Edward Krebbs

    Funny that Faux doesn’t decry the commercialism of Christmas (so strong that the Christmas Season is what make or breaks the stores’ books for the year). What does the baby Jesus, without a place to be laid except a lowly manger have to do with the commercialism – including Palin giving her book a title equating her politics with the angels announcing the Christ ?

  • EvidenceBasedDecisions

    I havent met anyone who doesnt enjoy Christmas; I just dont know why we have to spoil it with a bunch of fairy tales.

  • JMiller1776

    Some fair points are made but given that conservatives gives nearly twice as much per capita to charity, is the intended message not directed towards the wrong audience here?

    • Cre

      Cite sources because I call bull.

    • worrierking

      Much of that money is given to churches for upkeep of the church, salaries for clergy and recruitment..

      • JMiller1776

        Sure, just like the upkeep and administrative costs of any charity, most of which surpass the costs of those of a Church.

    • Andy_Kreiss

      …given that conservatives gives nearly twice as much per capita to charity…

      I’ve heard this claim ( well, I’ve never seen “twice as much”, but I’ve seen a lot of right wingers claim that it’s a fact that they give more) pretty often over the past few years, but any time I ask for backup on this, the best I get is an an opinion survey that asks people how much they give.

      I’m not even sure how it would be possible to collect empirical evidence of this, but I’m open-minded, if you have a source.

      Otherwise,I’ll have to join Cre in calling bull, but I won’t expect you to apologize for trying to sell BS as a “given”.

      • JMiller1776

        How would you go about proving this? Have you ever taken a statistics course? You could do a random sample study of 1500 people and come to a finding with 95% CI or higher depending on how you run the numbers and a low margin of error. You could also increase the sample size to come to an even more accurate finding. Not hard. I await your findings.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        You made a claim that you called a “given” ( or fact), I asked you for some evidence to support this claim, now you’re asking me to do your work?

        Looks like calling BS was the right call.

  • hermanprovi

    Christmas, the celebration of a Jewish baby being born to a Jewish Mother in Bethlehem. Joseph was incidental in this birth! He grew up in the Jewish faith, lived as a Jewish man, whom the Romans were afeared of, so they crucified him. He was a Jewish man when nailed on the cross and a Jewish corpse when they took him down. He had never renounced his religion! So in Fact Christmas is about the life of a loving Jewish man who live two thousand years ago. Instead of going to a “christian church” on that day, perhaps the believers in Christ should go to a Synagogue!

  • hermanprovi

    What does one call a married woman who has a child by someone else?

  • jason1978

    It’s funny how Happy Holidays has been around forever yet all of a sudden they have become anti-Christmas words. You see dumbass right wingers…not everyone celebrates the same religions, holidays. Doesn’t mean they hate Christmas but i’m not going to say Merry Christmas to a Jewish friend…think about it. Happy Holidays is wishing them a happy holiday season aka Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Hanukahh…everything).

  • CharlieSelf

    It took me a long time, but I’ve finally decided Palin is not really stupid. Oh, she’s not really smart, either, but she’s slick, sly and evil, doing her little gigs to keep the big bucks flowing.

  • whtwtrva

    If she’d spend as much time being there for her family as she does being a media whore, the that whole abstinence thing might have worked out for Bristol!! I’ll bet the other two daughters are knocked up before the graduate high school!!

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    Secularism is for grownups.

  • imapayne

    Before anything else, they need to put Christ back into Christianity

  • Jeff71

    The next time someone mentions the war on Christmas, just ask them during what year(s) were they unable to celebrate it.

  • APC7667

    They need to stop worrying so much about Christmas which is a renamed pagan holiday anyways, because Christ wasn’t born in the winter Dur. The birth was only the start of the story, his death and resurrection are the true reason for the Christian faith. There actually isn’t any true faith base to their argument, just a chance for them to bluster and start trouble and divide the nation even further.

  • omg….thank you!!! great article!

  • Fuck Christians!

    I would love to see Xmas and all religion gone. Its nothing but a tool for enslavement and it is responsible for mass genocides, tremendous amounts of murder, and has caused much more harm than good. All because people cant handle the fact that one day they will die. Christians in this country are some of the most vile people i have ever known. Nobody spreads more hate than American Christians on their high horse dictating to everyone how morally superior they are and how condemned everyone that doesn’t believe what they believe. I hate them all. If god is real, he should’ve chosen better messengers. Anyone that claims they “KNOW” what happens when we die is a fucking LIAR. anyone that actually believes they KNOW is mentally ill. The most humble and honest answer is none of us no for certain claiming you do makes you delusional. Period.

  • Thomas Collins Jr

    Well, those Ultra Right Winged Christians say they are, but they will find out later when they take that Dirt Nap they aren’t

  • James

    Who would Jesus hate ???

  • NightStar

    Well said.