Want To Put “Christ Back In Christmas”? Here’s Where You Can Start

Sarah-Palin-War-on-ChristmasIt’s that time of the year again where Fox News decries the “liberal and atheist War On Christmas.” You know, the supposed plot by the evil liberal media and activist judges to pull the presents out of the hands of good little Christian boys and girls on Christmas morning. It’s an annual tradition where D-list celebrities, politicians and some media pundits go on about how we need to “put Christ back into Christmas” and de-commercialize it, while plugging their books or TV shows.

It’s no different this year, as it’s been announced that Tea Party darling Sarah Palin would make a stop at the Mall of America on the last leg of her book tour, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of America.” The tour has such corny slogans as “It’s Ok To Wish Me Merry Christmas” and hits all those “you betcha” hair-flip and a wink talking points that we’ve come to expect out of the 2008 vice presidential nominee.

Via Paul Walsh for the Star Tribune:

Palin will be in the mall’s rotunda starting at 6 p.m., and there are many guidelines for people to follow in order to get a book signed and to meet the former Alaska governor, most notably that attendees must buy the book at any Barnes & Noble in order to receive a wristband that earns a spot in line to see Palin. Also, according to the mall, the only photos with Palin must be taken by her photographer. Prints will then be available for sale and range in price from $15.99 for a 5-by-7 to $29.99 for an 11-by-14.

While signing events routinely require attendees to buy the latest book in order to meet the author and get an autograph, it is highly unusual to require payment if attendees want their photo taken with the writer.

You’ve got to admit, despite all the jokes about her intelligence, she’s got her revenue stream fan base figured out pretty damn well. Just look at the places she’s going. The Villages, Naples and Pensacola in Florida — which just happen to 3 of the most conservative areas in the entire state — and she’s also hitting up the Sam’s Clubs and Wal-Marts.

But back to the “War On Christmas” she’s fighting against. She just needs your support (and by support, I mean buying yet another one of her books and then paying even more to get a photo with her) to turn back the evil tide of atheists and liberals  who are close to washing Baby Jesus out of the manger and down the drain of secularism. You know what? This whole “War On Christmas” thing is just a huge freaking scam run by the right-wing media and kept alive by the people who are dumb enough to tune into their shows and buy their books.

I’m going to be honest with you — I really don’t care anything about the holiday, other than the delicious Pfeffernüsse cookies my mom makes and the paid day off from work that I get. I’m also not a Christian, but neither myself or anyone else is trying to take Christmas away from you. You know who is destroying Christmas? The same people who are making the biggest noise about the “assault on Christian and American values” while hawking another shitty book in a store that makes its money off selling cheap Chinese goods.

If you really want to keep Christ in Christmas as you keep harping on about, how about doing like Christ would have done according to the Scriptures you like to cherry pick? How about not putting yourself into debt buying things you probably don’t need, and instead spending some money on the poor, the homeless and others who have fallen on hard times? How about rather than dropping fifty bucks or more on getting a picture with Sarah freaking Palin, why not use the same money to help stock your local food bank? If you are actually serious about doing the Christian thing, that’s where you should start. Anything less just means you’re doing your part to truly “take the Christ out of Christmas.”


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