Want to Shut a Republican Up? Just Show Them This…

reaganFor decades now Republicans have championed themselves the party of “fiscal conservatives,” which I’ve never quite understood because they only seem to be conservative on social issues or on tax hikes for the rich.

When it comes to massive government spending, they lead the way.

In fact, the last Republican President to actually balance the budget was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served in office from 1953-1961.

And even he refused to lower taxes until our budget was balanced.  He also presided over the “massive government spending” project which resulted in the building of our Interstate Highway system, and warned against the Military Industrial Complex—which was basically his warning against big defense companies bloating our budgets with unnecessary defense contracts which only serve to grow their profits.

So what that means is for a conservative voter to have actually voted for a Republican President who balanced the budget, they would’ve had to have been born in the late-1930’s (at the very latest) to have voted for President Eisenhower.

“Conservative hero” Ronald Reagan didn’t do it—in fact, he nearly tripled the national debt while in office.  President George H. Bush added almost $2 trillion to it in his 4 years and President George W. Bush added just under $6 trillion (and it would be a lot more except the money he passed in 2008 gets charged to Obama since it went on the books in 2009–Obama’s first year in office).

Not only did they increase our national debt, Reagan, G.H. Bush and G.W. Bush massively grew our defense budgets—something President Eisenhower strongly warned against.

So what I’m really saying is, the last Republican President to actually balance the budget wouldn’t even be a Republican today.  But hell, if you base “being a Republican” on current Tea Party politics, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be one either.

And if you really want a little extra jab at Republicans considering their push to find any kind of “scandal” against President Obama, just remind them of Iran-Contra.  You know, when we were caught illegally selling arms to Iran during the Reagan Administration?  Can you imagine if that happened on Obama’s watch?  Holy crap.

So the next time one of your right-wing buddies (or even a stranger, for that matter) brings up Republicans and their “fiscally conservative policies,” just ask them which Republican President they voted for who actually balanced the budget.

Then laugh because most of them have never actually voted for one.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Diana Bauer

    SO surprised….not.

  • WGAF

    Do you really believe that republiconns….believe in “Truth”?

    • George Melby

      How can you believe in truth when you don’t practice it?

  • Mentioning Iran-Contra wouldn’t do any good since, of course, Benghazi, Obama’s fake birth certificate, AP, the IRS, the Black Panthers, Obama secretly Muslim, terrorist fist jabs, Obama’s dog getting its own plane, Umbrellagate, Obama bowing to Saudi princes, Obama palling around with terrorists, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., are all way, waaaaaay, WAAAAY worse than Iran-Contra.

    I think the absolute saddest part of what I just wrote was that it took about 30 seconds, and I listed all of those things off the top of my head. And what’s even worse is that those things are just a drop in the bucket of conservative insanity.

    • Ruel Smith

      We’ll let Benghazi play out in Congress, but the birth certificate issue was moot because he was born to a woman of natural citizenship and that makes him a natural citizen whether he was born in Africa, Vietnam, China, or the US. Therefore, where he was physically born is not even an issue at all. He qualifies for the constitutional requirement of being a natural citizen.

      The IRS issue is almost comical because under Bush, the IRS scrutinized groups that opposed the war, the NAACP, and Greenpeace. This tactic isn’t new, but rather being politicized.

      The Black Panthers in Philadelphia is a bit concerning, but so is the Koch brothers, who called a meeting with their employees and told them outright that if Obama won the election, there would be layoffs. BOTH cases are voter intimidation – one just being more low key. I, personally, have worked for 2 companies that have done similar acts in the past, where they basically scare you with your job security if the conservative candidate doesn’t win.

      Obama secretly Muslim? Who cares. Isn’t there freedom of religion in this country? I seriously doubt that he his, given the Muslim requirements that Michell Obama would have to wrap herself up in public, as well as the two children. Muslim faith is so strict, they wouldn’t dare not obey.

      Yes, bowing to the Saudi princes was a gaffe, but he just go into office and made a mistake. We all make them.

      The rest is just a bunch of crap that’s unproven and you seriously need to stop believing Faux News.

      • Bowing to the Saudi Prince was not a gaffe, it’s called protocol. Every previous President did the same freaking thing, including baby Bush, he even held hands with the Prince. The New Black Panthers Party in Philadelphia at the time of the elections turned out to be 3 people. He’s not Muslim, but that doesn’t matter, there are no religious tests according to the Constitution, the birth certificate has been produced a million times and the governor of Hawaii has made a statement to the fact the the President was born in Hawaii. Every one of the “scandals” this idiot brings up is being proven false. Republicans are the ones who reported falsely about the emails, they are the ones who altered the context of the emails to the press. The Republicans are the ones who cut State Dept. funds for security over the last two years, over $500 Million. The IRS “flap” was low level employees trying to interpret the regs of 501 (c) (4) and the legitimacy of these groups applying for this status. No one was turned down even though they did not fit the perameters of code because these were all political groups. If this Republican stooge in the original post wants to believe the crap he hears on Fox and other right wing extemest blogs there is nothing we can do to improve his intelligence, If you are going to try to edcuate people like this please get your facts straight.

      • Chicpants

        Although you bring out good points it won’t matter to certain conservatives what you tell them, they seem to have a selective memory when it comes to other Presidents actions during their terms. They are SO focused on worrying about the 2016 election that they just want to keep things stirred up because they think that’s the only way they stand a chance on winning that election.
        And your right they made all those changes to those emails but wanted to keep it from being known, why do you think they blocked that Bill on the AP, they didn’t want it to become common knowledge.

      • Scout

        The original poster is not a republican stooge, rather saying that it won’t matter to the republicans, because they will list off all the things he mentions. Note his use of the term “conservative insanity”.

      • Sorry Sandra get your facts straight. The MSM is just now looking at Obummer’s list of shit a little closer and boy they are going to have a field day real soon.

      • George Melby

        I would seriously doubt that. This is President Obama’s second and final term in office. If you think things are progressing in a positive direction now, you haven’t seen a thing and have been lying to yourself. It’s not nice to treat yourself that way.
        PS: You might want to start practicing the new phrase right now…”Madame President….” President Hillary Clinton sounds good to me. She’ll put those wily Repugs in line… if they have any majorities left to rule.

      • Wren Paasch

        I have an even better Madame President… can we get Elizabeth Warren for president, please? With Bernie Sanders as her VP?

      • xnerd

        Yes I would vote for either Warren OR Sanders!
        These two are about the last real Americans left.

        Boehner (pronounced boner) Is a criminal and should be tried for reason. He will go down in history as the worst speaker in our history. And you thought that Newt would be hard to top…..

        Dont no why I added the BONER part…. I just hate him so…..

      • babyowl53

        I dislike boehner very much but it pronounced bay-ner

      • xnerd

        I hope to GOD they don’t run Clinton. Although personally I WOULD vote for her, she is much to abrasive, and would lose. Most men would NOT vote for her.

        If she ran it would guarantee a repug in office.. Omg I shutter to think of that.

      • Mark Strange

        Untrue. She is popular even among liberal men HELL even some conservative moderates. I personally love her. I want her as my president.

      • Hahaha! Yeah, right! Real soon!

      • Lib_IN_YOUR_FACE

        Ha! It’s always “wait until your father gets home’ with you conservatards. Too bad for you! You have been played again by your teabilly buddies in Congress and their corporate masters.

        Jokes on you, moran. (misspelled intentionally to show I’m not an elitist, lol)

      • langranny

        And they are going to love it in a few months when the crash of 2007-2008 looks like a boom time…

      • Lin Barber

        Sorry , you are the one who needs to get your facts straight and show some respect for your President no matter what bs you believe.

      • Bad Bob

        Obummer..oh that is so original. Lets just look at the holy republican party. Watergate..not just a breakin, but a president who wiped his ass with the constitution. His VP Spiro Agnew also resigned in shame for actually taking bribes but was allowed to plead no contest for failure to report income, tax fraud. The Iran-Contra Affair which was a big deal, let us not forget 9/11 in which 3000+ people were killed on American soil in less than 2 hours on Bush’s watch. He ignored many warnings including the warning on August 6th at his ranch which they actually told him that Al Qaeda was planning on flying airplanes into buildings. Ignored that warning and spent the month of August 2001 at his ranch. Of course he also lied about yellow cake in Nigeria and used that moral authority to get us into the Iraq War which cost thousands of life’s and trillions. If he would have told the American people. We are going to war to give Iraqs their freedom and lets call it Operation Iraq Freedom, I don’t think you would have found two people in this country willing to send their kids off to that war. Last but not least the republicans laissez faire attitude toward regulating business gave us the financial meltdown of 2008 and sent the world into a great recession.

      • dmcinc50

        @Bad Bob who ever said the republican party was holy, not me. My opinion of every single one of our elected officials right now in Washington is very very low. I do prefer a conservative approach in government and smaller government. I don’t need big brother telling me what and how to do everything. I also haven’t seen a single program or system set up by the government really work as planned. Back door deals, Corruption, Golden retirement plans, Porking up every bill they can. Did you know Michigan received funds in the Hurricane Sandy bill for Harbor repair, I live in Michigan and we’re over 700 miles from the coast. The latest bunch of crooks is really slinging the crap around. Bob you said unregulated business was to blame for our meltdown in 2008, I beg to differ on that one. The banking commission ( Barny Frank & Cris Dodd ) should both be in jail for there part in the meltdown. There the A-holes that made it easy for anyone to get a loan. Fanny & Freddie we’re the main reasons for the whole meltdown.

      • Timdog

        Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
        Look it up!!!!!

      • rick

        selected memory dmcinc I remeber the I am the decider Bush giving many speeches on how every American should buy a home.Wether they could afford it or not,

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        You forget the outing of a covert CIA operative. And then commuting the sentence of their chosen fall guy.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        Nonsense…come back to me with indictments.

        You (R)s DID indictable stuff, and got caught….no evidence that’s happened on President Obama’s watch.

      • langranny

        Don’t worry dear, you’ll love it when you lose your house, job, car, Social Security and Healthcare…Just wait about six months.

      • Not so Ruel, Check your facts.

      • Ruel Smith

        Prove me wrong. I can produce proof of everything I stated.

      • Aaron Levesque

        He can’t, Ruel. Unless you consider quotes from Fox News pundits as “proof,” hahahaha.

      • Lib_IN_YOUR_FACE

        PRODUCE IT THEN and be king of the world.

        Otherwise, slither back under your stone.

      • debzp

        Correction: the Black Panther (singular)

      • Rick

        Ruel you forgot one the Savings and loan buyouts of daddy bush which included neil his son.

      • Joseph Olson

        Plus the Republic of Kenya wasn’t formed until 1963 and Obama was born in 1960. So, he could not have a birth certificate from Kenya. Because the country did not exist.

      • babyowl53

        Just for grins and giggles…please share that Obama was born in Africa with hard proof. I’m curious to see that.

      • Look, you’re the one still whipping the ‘birther’ dead horse, but since you asked… A 1991 literary client list booklet listed Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya.


        Now did they just make that up, didn’t ask him, didn’t clear it with him?

        I’m not saying he WAS, mind you, but surely before this claim was ACTUALLY PUBLISHED he had the chance to say “no, this is wrong, fix it” – unless he actually TOLD them (and others) that to get some sort of ‘different treatment’, perhaps? Is this connected to why some of his past is still under wraps? Did he falsely POSE as being from Kenya to get special treatment?

        The truth is we don’t know. We may eventually find out, or not.

      • langranny

        I hope you found another (and much better) job…LOL

    • Gwen66

      You’re an idiot.

      • Nikos

        Thank for that concise, well-argued post. You are surely a keen mind.

      • George Melby

        Heh heh heh… thank you!

      • George Melby

        How did a TPod extremist get on this blog?? LOLOL… Comedy time.

    • You Are An Idiot,And Racist….

      • George Melby

        How did a TPod extremist get on this blog?? LOLOL… Comedy time.

    • rish_the_insane_fish

      I do believe your sarcasm was lost on a few of these fine, defensive posters.

      • Christopher Salihe Payne

        lol, little late, but yah, it would appear you were right. Ahh well, no accounting for knee-jerk reactions, I guess.

    • whitey tape

    • Richard Smothers

      Amen. Terrifying, if one stops to think about it. These people are allowed to drive, have children and own guns as well.

    • Tom

      Fox talking points. 70% untrue or not a big deal. You are a moron.

      • Sean Jones

        only 70%? I thought it was closer to 99% bullshit

      • Americans For Common Sense

        I don’t know why people read something but ignore crucial parts of what they read! Did you not see where he said that is what the conservative insanity would say? He doesn’t believe any of that, it is just what the conservative insanity will say when you question any of their hero presidents.

    • Ben Wilkins

      Survey says!!: You’re an idiot, Christopher.

    • Rob Swindol

      Only morons will bring up Obama’s “fake” birth certificate.

      News Flash, retard! You don’t have to be born in the United States to be an American citizen.

      Remember the guy who ran against Obama? His name was John McCain. You probably voted for him. Well he wasn’t born in the United States either. So if Obama wasn’t eligible to be president, then McCain wasn’t eligible to run for president either, you dipshit.

      It’s called Jus Sanguinis. Look it up, Dumbass.

    • What about the Fast and the Furious, Benghazi, Drone attacks in Pakistan lol at least be honest. President Obama is just as bad if not worse than President Bush. Its a tough job so I respect that. But stop acting like President Obama is perfect lol

    • Fish

      Yup republicans believe all the conspiracy theories.

    • babyowl53

      So, Christopher Salihe Payne……you think Obama’s birth certificate is fake…right? Well, mr. smart one if that were true wouldn’t you think that the GOP would have made sure that was made public so Obama couldn’t run for president? Or didn’t you think of that one? Guess you believe and tell all the lies you read and hear….you certainly don’t think.

      • Again YOU are the one whipping the birther dead horse, but the facts are this supposedly fake birth certificate wasn’t even released until long after he was elected and, I believe in office. Why are you even still bothering with this ‘issue’ – aren’t there more relevant Obama issues to discuss?

  • Their most popular phrase is Bush hasn’t been president for years, it’s all Obama’s fault now.. They don’t understand that you can damage a country quickly and it will take a long time to repair it. How do you get them to feel any shame for anything they have done since 1980. Impossible. The new republicans have no shame. The old school Republicans have no shame, let alone sense.

    • Ruel Smith

      Well, the crap hit the fan in 2008, right before Bush leaving office, and the recovery has been slowed by a lack of focus in the stimulus packages and the stone wall of political sabotage put up by the GOP. Remember, it was priority number 1 that a man they had little knowledge about his stance on issues at all, having only served 2 years of a 6 year term as a senator, be a one term president…

      • Sorry, I did this post late last night and didn’t say it right, I was tired. I still honor what you have to say, but I have rephrased my post.

    • George Melby

      I’ve talked to many Republicans who are horrified at what the party has become. The Tea Party (TPods) and the extremists have ruined a once fine political party, and THIS compliment from a diehard Progressive!

  • wow, politicians are crooks, who knew,,,, i got an idea… lets blame it on republicans.

    • or Obama?

      • George Melby

        Nope… that’s reserved for the republicans to do, lolol.

  • Npeben

    Get over it…. Remember YOU Repubs LOST the election.

  • Does any of this excuse Obama?

    • Justifymyconfessions

      Excuse him from what? Does he need an excuse?

    • pshad

      I agree with Justifymyconfessions. You need to be specific.

      • papabear1789

        Specifics??? Specifics??? ha ha ha…we don’t NEED no stinkin’ specifics!!! (sarcasm, of course)

  • Amy

    Facts don’t matter to these people. You could tell them that the sky is blue, clouds are white, the sun is a giant ball of burning gas, and that trees grow up from the ground. They would still call you a liar.

    • It’s plasma actually…. the sun.

      • SCIENCE!!

      • Chris Henson

        Actually, it’s not plasma, it’s a super dense ball of gases, so dense that the atoms fuse.

  • I love how Republicans pass the buck, play the blame game and point fingers. But when they get called on something they get amnesia. Their like lil kids, but these are serious matters and serious times. Iran-Contra (Ollie North) are REAL events that took place in our history. I wonder sometimes if other countries are secretly laughing behind our backs. We can’t and won’t get it together but we’re the United States. The most diverse, divided country in the world.

    • glebec

      Yes, other countries are laughing – some. But it is frightening to them that a loony, corrupt country like the U.S. has all these nukes. Remember we were headed down a path that made it possible that Sarah Pallin might have had her finger on the nuke button. We scare the crap out of me!

      • papabear1789

        Those other countries ALSO REALIZE that ONLY one country has actually nuked any other country in the entire history of the world. and THAT country has appointed ITSELF to be the planet’s “nuke police”. ..yeah, uh huh, they’re laughing

      • Steven G. Swaney

        Is the country corrupt or is the very nature of politics a corrupting force? How do we compare to countries like Venezuela, Haiti, Syria, North Korea, or Zimbabwe? Those are examples of corrupt countries. If you compare the United States to other countries in the world, you will find that we are some of the most honest and ethical people on the planet.

    • greenearthman

      The laughter isn’t secret.

      • George Melby

        You got that right. If we as a government and a people would SHUT UP, the din of laughter would be quite obvious!

    • George Melby

      Believe me, as a European and South American traveler, we are the most comedic nation on earth! They were very wary of me until I proved that I was against GW Bunnypants and an Obama supporter. THEN they really had questions, like “How could the people ever have voted for the Bush dynasty? Simple. Simple. We as a nation were looking for easy answers were just downright stupid. They agreed and we became the best of friends.

      • debzp

        They don’t care about those things George. They’re xenophobes and hate Europeans and people of color even more. But the fact is we didn’t vote for Bush. He stole it. Twice.

    • Steven G. Swaney

      Both political parties pass the buck and point fingers. Ideology aside, politicians have done that for years. We do need to be more united. I think we can do this by finding a common ground and refrain from name-calling. How do you suggest we maintain our diversity (a strength) and also improve social cohesion?

  • Quit arguing over who did what and work to fix the problems. Vote out the idiots who are there just for financial gain for themselves and not the best interest of the country.

    • Fredt1430

      Thanks for the reality check Charles…The fact is,,, no matter what party, our elected officials are turning this country inside out. People blindly taking up for either party is crazy….we should hold each of our presidents with the same stern scrutiny. And that is our problem, since our media is mostly liberal, all most of them try to do is find reasons why Obama is so good and Republicans are so bad. Having this much bias in the media is the most insane thing I have ever seen in my life, and it’s really alarming, or should be to people.

    • sogi

      Charles…you got it right. Lets vote out the corporate state….

  • Magdalena

    Is anyone looking at the house and senate majorities during these presidencies? Just wondering…

  • Magdalena

    So for some reason this comment was deleted the first time I posted it. Is anyone looking at the House and Senate majorities for these presidencies?

  • This article conflates conservatives and Republicans and treats them as if they were one and the same. I can tell you that they are not. Mr. Clifton uses the old bait and switch, luring the reader in thinking he will be talking about conservatives and then switching to republicans one in the story. Very clever by half!

    • papabear1789

      I think it has something to do with the Republicans being willing to bend to the whims of extremist conservatives JUST to get votes…all the while opening their tent to include them instead of making them form their own (tea) party and spout their own extremely regressive agenda. Notice how they (Repubs) run from openly distancing themselves from that tea bagging idiocy that is driving the overall Republican narrative and subverting traditional Republican conservatism.

      • JonesRobynj

        Yep, I think you are right. They are like rats on a sinking ship. They are desperately trying to find a way to stay on board before drowning.

  • yourwelcome


  • AL

    Every time this particular issue comes up, the first thing out of the repuke’s mouth is that the budget was the fault of whichever Democrat congress was in control at the time. Can’t win.

    Not to be trite, but I do believe the answer is to just keep calm and carry on…vote, donate, volunteer, etc. Barring something truly awful happening, I believe the tide has turned, and we just need to gently keep prodding it along.

    • Adult_Content

      It’s the fault of the Democratic majority for passing legislation or of the Democratic minority for not filibustering.

    • Steven G. Swaney

      Please continue to prod along gently while keeping your insults to yourself. You might find a broader audience that way.

  • Samantha

    You guys are still fighting against republicans? Have you noticed its a group of men that are in both parties? Did you all miss the memo? We all need to stand united against what is going on.

    • Steven G. Swaney

      (and only vote for women)

  • sogi

    Show me a Republican these days who would read past the title, or engage in a conversation based upon historical facts. please….this is a polarized mess. Then throw in the ignorant racists or those who would allow our liberties to be taken from us in the framework of their religion & it looks like a hopeless self-serving mess…

  • Joel A. Edge

    And about thirteen careers were ended with Iran Contra. Ya think that would happen now with, let’s say……Benghazi? Not a snowballs chance in h**l. The only careers ended today are military careers.

  • AZComicGeek

    Doesn’t matter what you tell a Republican, Facts are only Liberal Lies to them. The only way to shut them up is to cut off their access to Faux News.

  • Rodney Bernard Hubbard

    All of you on these threads are just fine group of followers. Think for yourselves. Enough with these talking points. Find you own point of view. And good luck finding it.

  • Guest

    Only morons will bring up Obama’s “fake” birth certificate.

    News Flash, retard! You don’t have to be born in the United States to be an American citizen.

    Remember the guy who ran against Obama? His name was John McCain. You probably voted for him. Well he wasn’t born in the United States either. So if Obama wasn’t eligible to be president, then McCain wasn’t eligible to run for president either, you dipshit.

  • Deb C

    I’ve had this debate with conservatives and they just don’t believe it! In fact, one FB friend posted an article by Bruce Bartlett, a conservative who was Reagan’s domestic policy advisor, a great Reagan admirer, and author of several books about Reagan. Bartlett stated in his article that there would be no place for Ronald Reagan in today’s Republican party. My FB friend was incensed! He thought the article was written by a liberal who was out to discredit Reagan and accused Bartlett of being a total crackpot and a fraud. Even Reagan insiders are not to be believed when they attempt to dispel the myth of the Reagan who has become the hero of today’s far right conservatives!

  • Brian

    Want to talk about government spending? Why not Obama more than doubling the national debt and reducing America’s credit rating to pay for welfare and his failed ACA?