Was Michele Bachmann Paid Off to Stay Home Next November? A Theory…

bachmannmoneyThe unexpected announcement by Michele Bachmann that she will not seek another term as the Congressional embarrassment from the state of Minnesota had me very puzzled today. She had recently started running campaign ads for her re-election just a few months after winning the last one by 1 percent of the vote. Why would someone with an ego the size of Mount Olympus (without the brain to match) suddenly decide not to run for re-election?

Some have speculated that it stems from her potentially illegal campaign finance activities that the FBI and other agencies are currently investigating. Others have said that she wants to run against Senator Al Franken for his Senate seat, or against Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton for the governorship. These are real possibilities.

However, I’ve got a different theory — and while I cannot back it up with verifiable proof, (oh hell, that never stops Fox News) it still bears consideration.

In 2012, a number of Tea Party-backed candidates embarrassed the GOP with comments about “legitimate rape” and other incredibly stupid remarks. The ones who managed to get elected in 2010 and 2012 have been more than an annoyance to the party establishment, and I believe that the sudden resignation of Jim DeMint (now president of The Heritage Foundation) and now Bachmann’s out of the blue decision points to something else going on behind the scenes.

The hard tack to the right that Mitt Romney took on his way to a solid thumping on Election Day demonstrated to the likes of the Koch Brothers and others that they’ll never regain the White House or the Senate, so long as they keep pandering to the hard right. It may work in some state elections or in some Congressional districts, but it’s a flawed overall strategy. For decades now, the GOP has tried to curry favor with religious fanatics and the people who miss the days of segregated water fountains. However, that base continues to shrink and the moderate voting base is completely turned off by the not so subtle racial and misogynistic dog whistles used by candidates in the primaries.

The party used to be able to count on the right wing for votes by making a few promises about abortion and such, but now the foot soldiers want to run the show. There is a civil war going on within the GOP, with the establishment trying desperately to wrest control of the clown car wheel before it hurtles over the cliff into oblivion.

So how do they regain control before the Tea Party destroys the GOP? It’s kind of simple. As the saying goes, “everyone has a price,” and my guess is that’s what is happening. Sarah “Caribou Barbie” Palin, Jim DeMint and now Michele Bachmann — they each had a price they could be bought off at. Whether it is a spot on Fox News, leadership with The Heritage Foundation, a lobbyist position or whatever Bachmann ends up doing. I think the GOP establishment has decided to buy off politicians who become high-ranking members, and even leaders, of the Tea Party movement.

Whether or not this plan works will remain to be seen. However, they know that the brand has been severely tarnished. People like Michele Bachmann have been a thorn in the side of John Boehner and the establishment GOP for the past several years. They know that they cannot remain relevant as a party so long as influential Tea Party politicians like Bachmann continue to keep writers at Comedy Central employed with endless material, while continuing to give the establishment a massive headache.

Like I said, I have no proof that it all boils down to this, but it’s certainly worthy of consideration. If Tea Party politicians continue to sabotage the Republican party with their utter stupidity and obstructionist attitudes, it’s game over for the GOP.


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