Watch: Bill Nye Debates S.E. Cupp on Climate Change, Embarrassment Ensues

crossfire-bill-nye-se-cuppBill Nye has quickly skyrocketed to being one of the most well known individuals willing to debate just about anyone who tries to deny proven scientific facts.  And while I have the utmost respect for him, and greatly admire what he’s trying to do, sometimes he’s just too nice and respectful for his own good.  Too often I’ve seen these blowhard conservatives just talk over him during these debates, spouting off their typical anti-science propaganda, hardly letting Nye get more than a few words in.

A great example of this came during a debate on CNN’s Crossfire between Bill Nye, S.E. Cupp and a spokesman for the Heritage Foundation, Nick Loris.  They presumably brought Bill Nye on the show to discuss the recent release of the National Climate Assessment, which is a new report informing people of the very real threat of climate change.

In typical conservative fashion, Cupp and Loris hardly let Nye get a word in while they spouted off the usual cherry-picked talking points from the right.  At one point Cupp showed graph that said cow manure produces more greenhouse gases in a year than the Keystone pipeline or 25 million cars.  Then she poses a typical arrogant conservative question to Nye, “Shouldn’t we all just become – vegetarians?”  She then tries to press this pointless stat, prompting Nye to say, “What a very impressive statistic, thanks for the distraction though.”

Around that time Loris went off on the usual misinformed rant about global temperatures cooling, pointing to 16 peer-reviewed journals that show a “warming hiatus,” prompting Nye to laugh and ask Loris, “Do you know how few 16 is?  Do you know how small 16 is?”

It’s what Nye has said many times before about science deniers.  They ignore the vast majority of information that’s out there, the information that’s widely accepted by over 95% of the world’s scientists, then they take the small bit of scientific uncertainty and use that to try to cast doubt on overwhelmingly accepted scientific facts.

And while Bill Nye didn’t make the impact in this debate he has in others, mostly because Cupp and Loris kept talking over him whenever he tried to speak, his conservative counterparts did a good enough job making themselves look like complete asses during the entire debate.

Check out the clips below, via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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