Watch: Fox News’ Tantaros Goes off on Embarrassing Rant Proving That She Doesn’t Understand Anything About International Relations

tantarosFox News is somewhat of a conundrum for me.  When I venture over to actually watch the network I get mixed emotions.  Half the time I don’t know whether to be furious with anger over the stupidity I’m seeing or laughing uncontrollably because so much of what comes from that network is utterly ridiculous.

Take for instance the comments made by Andrea Tantaros, an always vocal critic of the president (and failed history buff), where she essentially proved that she doesn’t understand a damn thing about international relations:

“I mean, look, if he can’t even enforce our own borders, he’s not going to be able to enforce the borders of other countries. So, you know what I say? Good let him go. I would much rather have him not playing in hard cities where real armies can march. Let him call gay athletes, let him do ‘war on women’ press conferences. Let him talk about birth control and infrastructure. I don’t want him playing on a global stage, because he’s going to muddle it and mess it up. So, everybody hold your nose and hang on because the next two years are gonna be crazy.”

I love how she acts as if the situations in the Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq are somehow related to President Obama’s policies.  Putin would have invaded Ukraine no matter who was president, our troops are no longer in Iraq due to George W. Bush’s agreement with the Iraqi government and conflicts arising in Gaza are essentially a matter of when, not if.

But she keeps true to the usual right-wing talking points when it comes to our own borders.  Which is really what this rant was about – her pathetic attempt to take the situation with these immigrant children and twist it around to some kind of referendum on Obama’s international policies.

Oh, by the way, the whole situation concerning how these immigrant children must be handled by our government was also determined by a law signed by George W. Bush.

What would they have Obama do?  He can’t just immediately deport all of these immigrant children, that would be breaking our own law.  And aren’t Republicans actually suing the president for apparently “breaking the law” by delaying the mandate for “Obamacare” for about 2% of American businesses?

So they want him to break one law, as they sue him for supposedly breaking another.  Remarkable.

And exactly what would they have him do about Putin?  He’s enforcing more and more sanctions on Russia to squeeze them economically into backing off.  What do they want, World War III?

Because outside of sanctions, there’s not much else he can do besides getting our military involved.

Then there’s Iraq.  I guess they want us to send thousands of troops back there?  Republicans, I’ll tell you what.  Have all of your congressional candidates run on the premise that we’re going to send around 50,000 American troops back into Iraq to restart a war with an indefinite expiration date and let’s see how well that works out for your party at the polls this November.

Then when it comes to the immigration situation, President Obama is actually trying to change the law to where law enforcement at our border can instantly deport immigrants from non-contiguous countries.

There’s just one problem, and it’s the same problem we’ve had since 2010: House Republicans.

So we have Republicans squawking that we need to deport these children, a president that’s actually trying change the law to do just that (ticking off many liberals and Democrats in the process), yet it can’t happen because Republicans won’t allow anything to get done. 

It’s ridiculous.

And the thing is, Tantaros knows all of this.  She knows all of these situations have very little to do with President Obama.  But saying that wouldn’t fit the right-wing agenda of linking just about every domestic and international situation to our president in a negative way.

Which has basically been the Republican motto since he was elected in 2008: If it’s bad, blame it on Obama and conservative voters will eat it up without giving it a second thought.

Watch her comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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