Watch: Michele Bachmann Whines About Obama Being ‘Condescending’ Toward Her During Christmas Party

bachmann-crazyI’m not going to lie, a part of me is going to miss having Michele Bachmann as a member of our Congress. Not because I think she did a good job as one of our nation’s representatives, but because she was just so absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion, I’m not sure if anyone personifies the tea party movement any better than Bachmann. Someone who just rambles off incoherent talking points that make absolutely no sense, but they sound fantastic to people who don’t like to think for themselves.

Oh, yeah – and everything is President Obama’s fault. In fact, that should really be the motto of the tea party. No matter what’s going in on your life, just blame Obama.

Well, as most of you probably know Bachmann’s last days as a congresswoman are upon us. But before she could make her exit from Washington to take a gig at Fox News and retire as a public representative, she had one last congressional Christmas party to attend. And apparently she had one last crucial piece of advice to give to the president…

Bomb Iran.

No, seriously, that was her last bit of “advice” to President Obama:

“The president smiled, and he was fairly condescending and patronizing and said, ‘Well, it’s not quite that easy, Michele. But that’s okay,’ like I’m just, you know, an idiot and I don’t know anything.”

Poor, poor Michele. It seems the president was a bit condescending toward someone who’s spent the last six years lying and fear-mongering against him to such levels that she has one of the most abysmal ratings for telling the truth of anyone on the fact checking site Politifact.

Not only that, but “bomb Iran” is an awfully stupid piece of advice. That in and of itself proves how little she understands about the world in which we live. You don’t just “bomb Iran.” That’s something some backwoods idiot who thinks they can overthrow the government with ammunition and guns they bought at their local Walmart says. Yet this woman served in Congress for eight years. 

It’s terrifying that someone this ridiculous represented this nation for that long.

But I loved how she felt the need to go on Fox News and whine about President Obama dismissing her idiotic “advice.” Did she expect him to say, “You know what, I never thought about that Michele. I think I’m going to do that – thank you”?

Typically when someone who’s very intelligent is approached by someone who isn’t with some kind of asinine comment, it’s really difficult not to be at least a tad bit condescending. Especially when it’s someone like Michele Bachmann who’s structured a large part of her political career around lying about the president.

And while I’d like to say Bachmann’s exit will be the last we will hear from this buffoon, it’s only a matter of time before she takes her place where most ex-GOP politicians go, as a Fox News paid contributor.

Because nothing says “fair and balanced’ quite like employing nearly every single high-profile former Republican member of Congress.

Watch her comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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