Watch: Mike Huckabee Featured in One of The Most Absurd Anti-Gay Videos I’ve Ever Seen

mike-huckabee-video-screenshotI’ve lost all patience in dealing with people who oppose giving homosexuals equal rights. At first I tried to be cordial, but now it’s impossible for me to hide my disdain toward these people. They are absolutely obsessed with homosexuality. The Bible is literally hundreds of pages in length, with thousands of rules written inside (most of which go ignored by every Christian), but for some reason these radical evangelicals have decided that homosexuality is the most horrific thing to ever happen to the human race.

I just don’t get why they care. I always go back to the adage that if you’re someone who believes that homosexuality is a “sin before God” and that those who are gay will be “judged” – then let God judge them. What the hell do they have to do with it?

I’ll never get why so many religious people, regardless of what religion they follow, often have this drive inside of them to force their views on other people. It makes absolutely no sense. What do the personal religious views of someone else have to do with your beliefs? How exactly do two homosexuals getting married “violate the rights” of someone who opposes gay marriage? Nobody is forcing them to enter into a gay marriage. They’re still free to oppose homosexuality all they want. But what they’re not free to do is force their views on other people.

That’s it. 

Nobody is trying to eradicate Christianity. This isn’t about someone else’s faith, it’s about equal rights for Americans regardless of sexual orientation. That’s what these religious zealots don’t understand. They act as if gay marriage has something to do with them and their religion – it doesn’t.

Take for instance possibly the most absurd anti-gay video I’ve ever seen featuring none other than probable 2016 GOP presidential candidate, and former Fox News personality, Mike Huckabee. In it he basically says we don’t have freedom of speech if a business is denied the right to discriminate against homosexuals based on their religious beliefs.

It’s amazing how many of these arguments people like Huckabee use against homosexuals are almost the exact same ones used by bigots decades ago who opposed desegregation and interracial marriage.

But Huckabee’s comments were just some of many in this promotional video for an upcoming film from Janet Porter that essentially calls homosexuality “evil” and implies that the push for equal rights for homosexuals is nothing more than a direct attack on Christians.

It’s just under 4 minutes in length but I would encourage everyone reading this to watch it. It’s rare to see this much stupid wrapped up in just 239 seconds.

Here’s a line from this video that best sums up its idiocy: “It’s not really about marriage. It’s about forcing the acceptance of homosexuality on people.”

Because that’s really how these people feel. Somehow by not letting them force their views on other people, that’s restricting their “rights.” Their brains just don’t seem able to grasp the irony that they’re whining about how their “rights” are being attacked – because they aren’t being allowed to force their views on other people and deny them their rights.

And what always makes me laugh is while these people try so hard to demonize homosexuality and gay marriage, Canada legalized same-sex marriage almost a decade ago and God didn’t wipe our northern neighbor off the face of the planet. The country continues to thrive and Christianity is still the overwhelmingly dominant religion.

These people just can’t get it through their heads that nobody cares what they believe. If they want to personally oppose homosexuality, then go right ahead. Nobody is forcing them to be gay. But what they cannot do, and what our courts (via our Constitution) are finally not allowing them to do, is force their religious views on other people.

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

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