Watch: Woman Decides to Follow Greg Abbott’s Advice to ‘Drive Around’ to Identify Dangerous Chemical Plants

Photo credit: AP/Darren Abate

Photo credit: AP/Darren Abate

The thought of Greg Abbott possibly being my state’s next governor is honestly depressing.  For as bad as Rick Perry is, Abbott might actually be worse.

Recently he told Texans that if they had concerns about dangerous chemical plants, they should just “drive around” to each of these plants and ask them for lists detailing what dangerous chemicals they might be storing inside.

“You know where they are if you drive around,” Abbott told reporters. “You can ask every facility whether or not they have chemicals or not. You can ask them if they do, and they can tell you, well, we do have chemicals or we don’t have chemicals, and if they do, they tell which ones they have.”

He made these comments in response to his support of a government policy where Texas can withhold state records of dangerous chemical locations.  Abbott is using the defense that withholding the locations of these facilities is vital for our national security.  Because by making them public, terrorists could easily use them as targets.


I’m sure it has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars he’s received from Koch Industries which operates chemical plants in Texas.  Money that magically began to flow in (for the very first time) just a few months after the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

Or maybe it’s the fact that if Texans actually knew what kind of dangerous chemicals were being stored near their homes, all hell might break loose.

Either way, a woman decided to “drive around” to a couple of plants in Waxahachie, Texas (near Dallas) to see just how forthcoming these companies would be about handing over lists of what dangerous chemicals they might be storing.

She first went to Magnablend, a chemical plant that burned to the ground a couple of years ago.  And it just so happens I was actually in Waxahachie the day that plant was on fire.  The pillar of smoke could be seen from miles away.  The smell emanating from it was indescribable.  It lingered around the area for almost a year after all the debris had been cleared out.

To this day nothing sits on the vacant lot where the plant once sat.  And it wasn’t located in a remote part of town.  If that plant had exploded with the force that we saw from the plant in West, Texas, I would assume we would have seen well over 1,000 deaths, if not more.  Especially nearly everyone living in the apartment complex right next door.  

Waxahachie is a town of over 50,000 people.  It’s not tiny West, Texas.  And there are several different plants in and around the area.

Well, as this women went into Magnablend, she asked the front desk clerk for a list of dangerous chemicals that might be stored on premises.  You know, just like Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott told Texans to do.

At first employees seemed utterly clueless about what chemicals were stored there.  Finally one woman tells her that she would have to obtain that list from their public relations department.

She then made a second visit to another plant where she wasn’t even given access through their gate.

Needless to say, she was not given a list at either plant.

So, we have someone running for governor in Greg Abbott that wants state records of the locations of dangerous chemical plants to be kept secret from citizens, and the plants themselves refused to give this woman a list of what chemicals they had stored on site.  Even though “driving around and asking for lists” is what Greg Abbott told Texans to do.

And this is the guy Republicans will blindly vote for this November.  Someone who took campaign donations (for the first time mind you) from Koch Industries’ fertilizer division just a few short months after a massive fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

But he’s not corrupt at all, right?

This is so blatantly corrupt it should be criminal.

Watch the woman try to obtain lists from two different chemical plants below:

Here’s a short video I shot that day of the Magnablend chemical fire:

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