Weather Tragedies Prove Republicans are Far From “Patriotic”

mitch-mcconnellOnce again, Oklahoma has been hit by a series of tornadoes, and flooding has ravaged a large chunk of the middle of our country. For the second time in 11 days, there have been fatalities. As sad as this is, it could have been much worse. Thanks to modern technology and NOAA, we’re able to predict severe weather ahead of time and warn people of disasters before they happen.

So why has the GOP repeatedly tried to slash spending for something as critical as NOAA or refused to fund something as common sense as storm shelters in schools? Why are they so insistent that it is not the job of the government to protect all citizens from tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters? There are a few big reasons behind their madness.

First, they seem to believe any tax dollars that aren’t being spent to subsidize corporations and the defense industry are a waste. All the while, they have no problem taking the same tax dollars and getting some private sector company to provide these services, and often at an additional cost to us. They’ll gladly hand out tax breaks and subsidies to companies that are already making money hand over fist and likely contributing to our climate change problem, but when it comes to protecting citizens from real dangers — suddenly we have a debt issue, so there’s no money for that.

Second, there’s the Michele Bachmann-style insane belief that climate change is a liberal hoax meant to force us all into riding bikes or driving hybrid vehicles that don’t have room for gun racks. There’s so many of the fundamentalist Christian mindset who actually think that the world is just a few thousand years old, Jesus planted dinosaur bones to test their faith, and that any day now the world will end. These people who are influenced by money and/or a really screwed up version of Christianity aren’t going to do anything to address the issue of climate change, let alone doing something as common sense as funding public tornado warning systems or storm shelters in schools.

As I outlined in a previous article “Oklahoma Gives Massive Breaks to Oil Companies while Schools Lack Storm Shelters,” states like Oklahoma have the money to protect their citizens but are failing to do so in deference to protecting corporate tax breaks instead.

It’s a given that no matter what happens, we cannot guarantee 100% safety from “acts of God.” However, it’s sad, pathetic and inexcusable when we can prevent the deaths of any of our family, friends and neighbors through common sense safety measures, yet fail to do so. That’s not “patriotism” — it’s simply a chilling display of the greed and corruption of the Republican party.


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  • Marty Eugene Montgomery

    Just because /most/ Christians may be republicans that doesn’t mean all of us are. There are plenty that are democrats as well. Also while I’d like to see a storm shelter in every building possible even private owned ones. It will never happen. It’s not a republican issue it’s an entire congress things. encompassing all political affiliations there. Republican, Democrat, and others as well. While I may not agree with many democrat republican or other Christians on their views on politics in general I do agree with them on their view of Creation and other issues. Yes Climate change is bunk as much as is saying the earth and universe as a whole is billions of years old. At most it’s around 6,000 years old. Look up Archbishop Ussher and his timeline sometime. Also take time to read a good bible with notes. The bilblical scholars who write the notes have done research on every topic they cover in said bible Likely there’s 2 pages or so of notes on the Creation event alone. So before you throw a group under the bus in the future read more. May God and Jesus both bless you and richily so. Hopefully with the revealation of the truth about the real age of the earth and other things that you consider true that aren’t true.

    • Travis

      You need to pray that your deity gives you wisdom, because you are sorely lacking in that department.

    • Laurie

      Just because some biblical scholars disagree with 98% of all the scientists in the world, doesn’t make the science wrong. It’s hard to believe that there are still people in the 21st century who believe the earth is only 6000 years old and that dinosaurs lived at the same time as people. Instead of reading your bible for the answer to science, how about reading some actual science? It might give you some real answers.

      • Goober

        And just because there is a small group that believe Earth is 6000 years old , does not make that wrong either. God gave us the power of free will..we can all believe what we want.

      • Michael Carlborg

        The earth being millions of years old isn’t something that you believe in, it’s a fact.

    • Jason

      You’re as blinkered to actual facts as the GOP, so you might as well wander on over there.

      • Goober

        It’s the Democrats and Liberals that are impervious to that truth. They never address it in an interview, conference,One on one interview…never. And they piss out lies faster than Obama can kick out another executive order.

    • Shedly

      Loony tunes Marty. Loony tunes. Wish you well but you are soooo out there.

    • Amara

      So the Earth is only 6,000 years old, huh? Bet all those people who lived 9,000+ years ago feel really foolish. smh

      • Goober

        That was just plain stupid and you response is foolish.

    • Rosemarie

      LOL! Don’t worry Marty. I got your back. No one here seems to understand your sarcasm. Lighten up people! Marty is an intelligent person but apparently too intelligent for you. He is only reminding all of us of our first amendment rights of freedom of religion and free speech.

      • Dianne Hornick

        I really don’t think he was being sarcastic…

      • Amara

        He may/may not be sarcastic, but there are way too many people who spout this kind of crap in all seriousness.

    • handmadehand

      This MUST be satire, Because NOBODY is this stupid.

    • Adam

      You know what I love about this reply? He’s basically saying that the views of 99% of scientists are wrong while using a computer, one of the most incredible machines ever created by the human race. Humans made and designed this machine, not some monotheistic deity. This machine, like other machines, would not be possible without the advances in science that have been made over thousands of years.

      If you really disagree with scientific facts, why don’t you please write your replies on a stone tablet?

      • Goober

        Just because something is proven true by science, does not mean anyone needs to believe it. Just like this “Global Warming “hoax. Every time a new “discovery” comes along making it worse, if you would take notice, it comes from a government subsidized scientific organization or an agency hired by the government. Any privately run scientific research lab I would believe 1000 x over anything from the government. And those reports get very little media coverage. There was a huge story about how the numbers are all upside down based on the government studies—it was in one small newspaper. It was an AP story but only saw it in one place.

      • Michael Carlborg

        But the only scientists that deny man made climate change are the ones funded by big oil and coal. I can give you numerous scientists that do not receive any funding from any government or liberal corp. You spew exectly what exxon wants. Funny.

    • Jerry Edgell

      WOW you must be drinking some real good moonshine because the earth is 4.5 billion years old science has proven it by carbon dating rocks from different places on the planet. Your beliefs in god have really messed your mind up. The bible is a book of interesting stories that are all fake. Man wrote the bible to control the masses. Your problem with science is that it totally debunked the bible. Science is the truth and your bible is just a book.

    • Jason

      These same scholars said the earth was flat, that the sun went around the earth, that diseases couldn’t be cured except through prayer, that the black plague was caused by the devil, and that witches needed to be burned at the stake.

      In other words, your scholars are bunk.

    • grwurown

      To what do you credit your “knowledge” of the earths age? You seem to be pretty certain about your claim. Yet you tell us to read more. Maybe it is you that should read more. That does not mean , read the same book again. Reading more means get a different book with perhaps ideas that you do not already possess. When you get sick do you simply boil some leaves and call a priest to pray over you? Or do you use medicine that “scientists” discovered/created ? And if God gave the scientists the ability to produce these things then why is their knowledge of the real history of the earth incorrect? Wouldn’t have “God” given them that too. And if “He” gave it to them then wouldn’t that be enough to have you believe in their “findings” ?

    • Robbie Newall

      you’re a [email protected]#%ing retard!!!!!! plain and simple, and if you think jesus likes/loves modern christians, you’re way off, you’ve all preverted his werds, grossly! God and Jesus HATE ALL of you Wacko Christians!!! if he does come back, you are all fucked!!

  • Dianne Hornick

    I believe that everyone is free to worship, or not to worship, in any way they choose, even if I think it’s total nonsense…but to dispute what 99% of scientists believe to be true is utterly idiotic! My advice is to not read the bible, but to pick up a science book for the first time in your life…Earth…6000 years old? REALLY?

    • Dianne Hornick

      P.S. I would fight for your right to believe that, too…

      • learn_why

        Good, fight for my right to read the Bible then. Fun fact: Bible was one of the first pieces of literature confirming the earth was round.

      • Dianne Hornick

        When did you lose the right to read your bible? The fight begins when you actually lose the right…you just don’t have the right to force everybody else to read your bible…Is that the problem?

  • Mayrine French

    Well, I was raised in a Southern Christian home, my parents are still praying people. I believe there is a higher power, to not believe that to me seems a little self important, and I believe that this higher power interceded with the missing link. I also believe that higher power looked down and saw that man needed civilized, therefore thats where the Bible came from. But, that is just me. My point here is…I have never heard the theory that the earth is no more than 6,000 years old! Heh? Where did that come from?

  • learn_why

    First off, it should be “Act of Satan”. Next, Oklahoma and Kansas had, is and always will be in the line of fire of tornados. Next, Repubs and Dems are all in the same bed. For many years now, both parties have been shifting left. Have you noticed lately that both dems and repubs play the victim on some issue, and when an agreement can’t be made, WE get stuck with the bill? Yup. Now, do I believe HAARP and Chemtrails play a role in this “amped up” weather pattern? You bet I do. When I fly, I look down and see lots of lush greenery, but understand that man has cut a lot of shrubbery away. Tree’s, hills etc. do play a part in our weather. I know Oky and Kansas have a lot of flat land, giving a storm a head start, but still………..I go back to my original statement. So, there it is. Take it how you like.

  • Honest Truth

    IMO, call me heartless if you want but if you choose to live in an area prone to natural disasters, it is your fault; no one else. The rest of the country should not have to be burdened with the choices you have made on where you live. That is why there is such thing as insurance for the home and yourself (aflac).

    • Phenoy

      So are you saying nobody should live in Oklahoma? Or Kansas?

    • adella

      and exactly what part of the country is free of natural disasters?

    • anonamouse

      What about the Native Americans who forcibly moved there and whose descendants remain? What about children, they don’t choose where they live, their parents do. So schools shouldn’t have storm shelters? What about all those people in the desert, like Las Vegas? What do you say to them?

    • Dianne Hornick

      And just where exactly should we choose to live? Is there a place where we would be safe from all natural disasters? I believe this would include hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, and tornadoes. Oh yeah…don’t forget volcanic eruptions. There’s a super volcano (Yellowstone Caldera) just waiting to explode…and believe me…when she blows, we’re all screwed!

      • Dianne Hornick

        Tsunamis, avalanches, mudslides, sinkholes…

  • Carol Martin

    the tragedy is neither the bible, believers or non believers. The tragedy is that we no longer have a sense of national community or compassion. The almighty dollar has become the deity of this land. We have no sense of common welfare anymore and I’m not speaking of social services.