Wednesday Featured Two of the Most Insane Pro-Trump Interviews I’ve Ever Seen (Videos)

Since Donald Trump launched his campaign over two years ago, I’ve seen and heard his defenders say a lot of incredibly ridiculous things while trying to make excuses for the never-ending stream of dishonest bile that spews from his mouth — or his Twitter account via his tiny little hands.

As time goes on, and Trump’s behavior becomes more and more impossible to defend, his supporters are being forced to sink to bizarre depths in their desperate attempts to act like something he’s said or done isn’t completely absurd, disgusting, or flat-out not true.

However, in the two plus years since Trump began his march toward becoming this country’s biggest national embarrassment, the behavior I’ve seen from his defenders following the stunning news that last year his eldest son, son-in-law, and campaign manager met with a Kremlin-backed lawyer with the specific intent of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government has been, by far, the most bizarre.

Case in point, two different interviews I watched Wednesday night that were some of the most insane things I’ve ever seen.

Normally I’d do a detailed breakdown of each, transcribing the parts I felt were the most noteworthy, but these two spectacles were so unbelievable that nothing I say or transcribe from this will do them justice.

First up was CNN’s Anderson Cooper trying to deal with White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka, an individual who they really shouldn’t even bother interviewing because there’s absolutely no point. No matter what facts are used, or direct questions are asked of him, all he’s going to do is deflect, divert, and spout off the usual “fake news, this is a witch hunt” talking points Trump himself rambles about daily.

Nevertheless, Cooper tried to no avail. The CNN host repeatedly attempted to get Gorka to address Trump’s accusation that the media is making up fake sources concerning his son’s meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer — when the fact that this happened is indisputable and has been verified by Trump’s son — only resulting in the deputy assistant avoiding the question, instead choosing to attack the credibility of the network and its viewership.

After a while, Gorka began to whine about the number of minutes they had spent talking about Russia — something he’s whined about in previous interviews — only for Cooper to mockingly ask him if he was a producer, inviting him to go if he had better things to do. He also poked fun at Gorka for apparently devoting a good deal of time monitoring cable news ratings.

If you want one of the best examples of what happens when a wannabe authoritarian dictatorship clashes with the freedom of the press, please, take a few minutes to watch this exchange.

Though not to be outdone in the category of “What in the heck am I actually watching here?,” one of the top performing clowns of the Trump circus, Kellyanne Conway, made her way over to Fox News to have a little chat with Sean Hannity.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone reading this that watching any Republican do an “interview” with Hannity is almost completely pointless. He’s nothing more than a GOP cheerleader and conservative talk show host who likes to portray himself as a credible member of the media.

That being said, his “interview” with Conway last night was noteworthy for one main reason: She actually used visual aids in the form of oversized notecards.

One such visual had “Conclusion?” written on top with “Collusion” crossed out written on the bottom. Another had “Illusion” written on top with “Delusion” written on bottom.

No, I’m not kidding — though I wish I were.

No matter how much of this insanity I witness, it will never cease being surreal that this is actually happening and, sadly, millions of people are defending it.

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Watch the interviews below via CNN and Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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