Wendy Davis Absolutely Hammers Conservatives for Supporting Sexual Predator Ted Nugent

1938089_10152236719997489_1394053150_nWhat’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from Wendy Davis’ opponent for Governor of Texas Greg Abbott’s decision to buddy up with admitted sexual predator Ted Nugent for a few campaign stops?

It’s okay to admit that you had an addiction to underaged girls as long as you love guns and hate President Obama.

Can you imagine if a high-profile Democrat was out campaigning with someone who admitted to having an addiction to sleeping with underaged girls?

Not young women.  If you’re 40 and have sex with an 18-year-old that’s legal.  She’s an adult.

These were minors.  And if his song titled “Jailbait” is any indication, it appears at the age of 33 he found 13-year-old girls sexually desirable.

If you just now vomited a little in your mouth, I wouldn’t blame you.

But this guy is a conservative hero to millions.  He’s a guy that the next potential governor of Texas feels the need to associate with.

Well, Wendy Davis is having none of it.  While I’ve often pondered why Nugent’s past admissions that he’s a sexual predator haven’t been a bigger headline in the news, Davis’ camp seems determined to call-out the reprehensible choice Abbott’s made in associating with a self-admitted pedophile:

Davis’ Facebook posted this:

“Greg Abbott’s embrace of Ted Nugent is an insult to every Texan. Nugent, an admitted predator of young girls, holds views and makes hateful comments that are disrespectful to every woman and every Texan. If this is Greg Abbott’s idea of values, it’s repulsive. Texas women don’t deserve this disrespect.”

What I want to know is why isn’t anyone in the mainstream media asking Abbott, “Why do you feel that it’s okay to campaign with a man who’s a self-professed addict to underaged girls?”

I mean, I know why he’s doing it.  Nugent is a big name, brings in people on campaign stops and it helps bring in money from these right-wing fanatics who apparently aren’t deterred at all by the fact that the man they plan to vote for associates with sexual predators.

But hey, he loves guns and hates Obama – that’s their type of guy, right?

Now some of you might be tired of me writing about this dirtbag.  And for that I do apologize.  But I do feel it’s important that the country knows who Nugent really is.

The fanatical, ignorant, racist, gun nut is actually his better side.  That’s the side liberals loathe and conservatives love.

But most people are unaware that he’s an admitted sexual predator.  That he excuses sex with underaged girls by saying that he always had their parents’ permission.  Which only shows how pathetic these parents were to allow their young daughters to have sex with a much older man.

Though having the parents’ permission doesn’t excuse sex with minors.  My question is, “Why the hell were you in your late-20’s or 30’s (or older for all I know) around girls under the age of 18 to start with?”

To be that age, yet around much younger women (high school aged women) you would have had to make a conscious effort to seek those out.  That’s the definition of a sexual predator.

Then I’m absolutely disgusting to read where Nugent admitted to being a sexual predator around the same time he wrote a song professing his sexual desire for a 13-year-old girl.  Isn’t that around 8th grade?  Middle school? 

It’s absolutely disgusting.

And don’t dismiss music as “just being music.”  Sure, other bands and musicians have written songs about sex with underaged girls.  But there are two massive differences:

  1. They probably didn’t admit to being a sexual predator as they wrote a song about having sexual desires about a 13-year-old girl.
  2. They weren’t out campaigning with someone who wants to be the next Governor of Texas.

Being that this is going on in my home state, I plan to stay fully focused on it.  So, again, I apologize if you get sick of seeing my articles about Nugent and Greg Abbott but I feel it’s important that once and for all the whole truth gets out about both of these scumbags.

Not just that Nugent was a draft dodger – we’re all well aware of that.  Or that he’s said some rather disgusting remarks about the president and Hillary Clinton.  And it’s been well documented what a racist and sexist he is.

But I think it’s time that all comes together with the truth about his past as an admitted sexual predator.  And as a Texan, living in Wendy Davis’ Senate district, I’ll do everything I can to support her in becoming the next Governor of Texas.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • shutdafrtdoor

    Ted Nugent gives the male gender a bad name…

  • For even more pedophilia look up the lyrics to “Girl Scout Cookies” from his album ‘Love Grenade’, 2007.

  • Sandy Greer

    Gotta love it when Ted Nugent hits the campaign trail for the GOP, LOL

    1) GOP counts on the Ignorance of your typical right-winger for victory: Ignorance is their Ace in the Hole.

    2) Wendy Davis should send her opponent flowers. GOP is its own worst enemy.

    Just SMH at Party of No being Party of Stupid. But mostly laughing…

    • disqus_cN1MY6g5YO

      He is not a Republican. He is a twisted tea partier. The GOP doesn’t want his name, nor Christie’s name mentioned in the same sentence with R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N.

      • Sandy Greer

        Gee. And here I thought Greg Abbott was a R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N, running on the R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N ticket.

        Oh, you mean Ted Nugent? Maybe so; maybe TeaPug. But evidently the GOP DOES want his name mentioned in the same sentence: He made campaign stops with Greg Abbott (R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N)

        Agree GOP doesn’t care for Christie; he’d never get the GOP nomination, even before Bridgegate. The ‘real’ GOP doesn’t like Moderates, and they SURE don’t like anybody Dems like.

        And that’s just the trouble with the ‘real’ GOP: Ain’t nobody right ENOUGH for the ‘real’ GOP except the crazies.

        Which is just the way I like to see the GOP, LOL

      • war_blur

        oh, ha, ha! I can certainly see why you would want to create a little distance, a little space, some distinction, between the Grand Old Republican Party and the Tea Party.

        But you can’t. The Teaturds are part and parcel of the modern teapublican party, hastening its death. the teapublican party is the party that fears and hates change – and women, LGBT people, non-white people – anyone who isn’t a white, Christian, land-owning male.

        the teaturds are the perfect expression of republicanism.

    • Diane Yoder

      Sex crimes don’t seem to bother the GOP for some weird reason. They’re caught with little boys, they go to parties with bondage and lesbians paid for by the party, and their religious sensibilities do not seem to be bothered. But my, the outrage when a woman gets birth control!

  • Pipercat

    I wonder if Greg is going to keep pallin’ around with Ted after the primaries.

  • Bonta-kun

    America, you NEED to take note of just one name from the UK, because you do NOT want the kind of crap we’ve had going down over here.

    Jimmy. Savile.

    Go on, google it. I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya.

    Revered through his life for decades of being a DJ, hosting the biggest music show on British TV, running multiple long-distance runs for charity and generally being considered A Thoroughly Good Egg, Savile was eventually knighted by the Queen. However, it was only after his death in October 2011 that he was discovered to be a raging paedophile of gargantuan proportions. This has all emerged in the past couple of years. And you know what all we could do was?

    Posthumously rescind an honorary degree from the University of Bedfordshire.
    Posthumously remove his honorary Green Beret from the Royal Marines.
    Posthumously revoke his status as a Freeman of Scarborough.

    And that’s it.

    OBE? Still there. Knighthood? That too; the official line is that the honours died with him, but they should be obliterated from all of history. Imagine if Timothy McVeigh had been awarded your country’s highest honour. You would rip that off his ass in a heartbeat (although the current support of Richie Incognito and Ray Rice make me question even that).

    Savile flew right under the radar. For nearly half a century. He got away with the lot. The UK has never seen the like of such perversion, and hopes never to see it again.

    Nugent is obnoxiously vociferous, horrendously loud and sickeningly proud of his paedophilia, and what’s worse, the vile bastard is getting away with it.

    And you know what the worst crime of all is, America?


    My niece is 13 years old. If he EVER went within 30 miles of her I would personally hunt the inhuman slime down, apply high voltage cattle prods directly to each of his bollocks and leave’em to roast until they look like 15-year-old Chipotle chillis.

    Seriously, ‘murica. LOCK. HIM. THE. FUCK. UP. If not for your kids, then for his own sake.

    • Wayne Bassett

      Actually, Jimmy Saville is no longer a knight of the realm or an O.B.E as both of these titles are removed once that person has died

      • Bonta-kun

        Not my point. They should be eradicated completely, as if they were never awarded in the first place.

      • Wayne Bassett

        I know it wasn’t your point, and I don’t disagree with you, but sometimes its best to be accurate in an argument.

    • Pipercat

      Yes, but the Ted’s title of Sir Stenchly, Baron of Hygiene, is still in effect even after the 1-Y/4-F was awarded!

  • disqus_cN1MY6g5YO

    Dems had JFK and Clinton. The real GOP had Eisenhower and Reagan. Tea Party has a pair of Teds, a Kentucky Random sampler, and a couple of half-witted women.

    • Mike Minyen

      I like that !!! Can I use it ?

  • Joseph Logston

    Maybe the right wing want Nugent on their presidential 2016 ticked with the rest of the clowns for their justification elective group!!!……………………….. joe

  • Finnsmom1

    Davis is fighting the GOP by using a page out of their play book. Fighting on their turf is the best way to win. Go Wendy!

  • Kevin Daugherty

    Keep the heat on Allen. Both of these guys are “subhuman”.

  • estfar

    The same party that opposes same sex marriage, increase in minimum wage, unemployment benefits, medicare, social security and frequently wraps themselves in the bible and the flag, sees nothing wrong with a moral degenerate like Nugent and infact embrace his vile behavior, and his irrational and crazy rantings. WTF

  • invisigoth

    As long as he’s a conservative (Nugent) everything he does is A-OK /snark

    • James Thompson


      • invisigoth

        WTF does that mean?

      • James Thompson

        it’s a reference to a cartoon called Pinky & the Brain. Pinky’s laugh was Snark

      • invisigoth

        LOL -thanks for clarifying. I was more of a Ren and Stimpy fan myself 🙂

  • bring down the shadow govt

    nugent is insane, but stranglehold is an awesome song. im tired of the left right pro wrestling style soap opera. you want change, gather a mass of thousands of people and create make citizens arrests and trials of robber barons, boards of abusive monoplies, lobbyists and agents of the shadow govt in the media. we need to break down the division and realize every thing xenophobic gun nut republicans, and liberals are concerned about is due to the criminal activity of government, selling us out to the chinese closing industry and giving huge pay outs to wall street serial theives. if you arent part of the solution you better stay inside when the masses are in the streets looking for the 1% oppressors.

    • Jenx Byron

      So will this revolution be announced anywhere? I need to know when to board up the windows.

  • Green_Devil

    If you froth at the mouth about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski but think Ted Nugent’s a great American, you just might be a fucktard piece of gen-u-wine Texas shit and a subhuman mongrel.

  • rossbro

    Nugent gives shit a bad name.

  • Bravo to the Brave

    Does the GOP/Right Wing not realize who they are using to attract attention? My God that bunch is getting dumber and crazier by the minute. Seriously Greg Abbot, campaigning with a known pedophile! How low can they go. I’m sure Jesus will just love that, you bunch of Bible thumping morons. Go Wendy Davis!!!!! Puhleeeeeeeeese bring back an ounce of sanity to the miserable wretch of a State a/k/a Texas.

  • Michae H from PDX

    Not a fan of the Nuge, but you’re harping on a SONG the guy wrote 33 years ago. He may still be a racist.sexist.moron, but I don’t.think there’s a great case for sexual predator.

    • ceeza

      he admitted it.. what more case do you need?

  • Ted4Life

    aw look at all the saints and angels persecuting someone while hiding behind their own insecurities, least Ted admits to his

    • LindsayCA

      Well aren’t you a disgusting Fuck! Bet your a pedophile too!

    • ProudLib

      Pedophilia is not an insecurity. I understand that you are a troll, looking for a fight. But, really, this guy is sick. The people who associate with him are sick. The people who defend him are sick. Ted4Life, you are sick. Get some help.

    • disqus_cN1MY6g5YO

      Ted4Life. . .pedophelia is NEVER acceptable, and glad you posted, because now the authorities know what you are all about!!!

  • Ted4Life

    oh and if anyone has even bothered to research him he has been faithfully married to his wife for over 30 yrs

    • Pipercat

      Good thing too, she holds his fucking leash….

    • jonjstrine42

      And she has my utmost sympathy. I can only imagine the hell that being married to a misogynist like Ted “Oops, I pooped ’em” Nugent must be like.

    • ProudLib

      And your point is? Obviously, not ‘faithfully’. You understand what that means, right?

  • LindsayCA

    No matter how long ago it was that Ted did that crap, he’s still a pedophile! I hated (and still hate) walking home when I was 13 and having certain men on the way home whistling and howling at me! No matter how covered up I was in school uniform! And no I wasn’t wearing a skirt because they weren’t allowed! Some men are just pigs! And if you look up to this crap, you must be one too! Disgusting! That could be your daughter for all you know! And him being faithful!? Yeah I doubt that! Maybe now because of age he might not even have some care for women, but faithful all his life to that lady? Yeah right!!!

  • ProudLib

    underage GIRLS, not women. Not young women. GIRLS. Children.

  • Night-0wl

    Isn’t Woody Allen donating lots of money to the Democratic party? Guess there’s a double standard when it comes to pedophiles…..

    • MoSack

      False equivalent since there is currently no democratic candidates out campaigning with Woody. And if all Nugent was doing was exercising his political voice with his checkbook, nobody would be talking about it. After all, money = speech is a republican tenet, is it not?

  • lee ward

    They ALL need to be purged from center stage. Ted Nugent = Bill Clinton. Have we forgotten the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. All these scumbags need to go into the garbage dump.

  • lee ward

    Just keep shootin at each other, boys! That’s what the guys in charge want you to do so you won’t take aim at the REAL bad guys.