Wendy Davis, the next Governor of Texas? Let’s Make It Happen

wendydavis1Sometimes I wonder if most people outside of Texas think every politician here is some right-wing lunatic that subscribes to the deepest reaches of the bowels of the Republican Party.

Sadly, for a lot of them, that’s absolutely true.

But last night the entire nation got a good look at what Texas also has, a rising star in Senator Wendy Davis—who just happens to be a Democrat.

I’ve followed a lot of politics, but I can’t remember another time when one individual, who seemingly was unknown to 99.9% of the country, took center stage the way Wendy Davis did yesterday.

I saw actors who I’ve rarely ever seen speak about politics, “Tweeting” about what was going on.  Facebook and Twitter were blowing up with “#standwithwendy” and “#sb5”.  It was hard to keep up with the social media chaos.

Who would have ever thought a Democrat from Texas would gain such national notoriety.  Many Americans probably weren’t even aware Democrats existed in Texas.

Well they are now.

In a state where politicians seem to make daily comments that sound like something rejected from The Onion, Wendy Davis captured the hearts of millions in Texas, and millions more who don’t even live in her state.  She had Americans staring at their computer screens cheering her on like it was their favorite sports team.

But little do most know, this was not her first filibuster.  In 2011, Ms. Davis staged an 11-hour filibuster which forced a special session to be called by Governor Rick Perry when she opposed a measure which cut $4 billion from Texas’ education budgets.

Rick Perry, in an apparent attempt to belittle her, once called her a “show horse” simply because she has a tendency to not back down from Republican leadership in the state—which is something Texas desperately needs from its Democrats.

But if you look at Senator Davis’ past, she’s anything but a “show horse.”

She was raised by a single mother, and had to start working at 14 to help take care of her 3 siblings.  At 19, she already had a child of her own.  After finishing community college she went on to graduate from Texas Christian University and followed that by attending Harvard Law, where she graduated with honors.

Rick Perry was barely a C student.

Which is probably why he’s the face of the Republican Party here in Texas.  Republicans often don’t value intelligence or education.

But the moment I read the comments from Senator Davis, saw her passion and witnessed the way her courage gained the support of almost every Democrat who knew about her actions—“Governor-elect Wendy Davis” instantly came to mind.

Now I want to do my best to make sure that happens.

I recently started a Facebook Page, Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas.  I hope to use it as a means to build support for the Texas Senator, and show her just how many people want her to take that next step and lead the state of Texas.

She’s energized Texas Democrats like I haven’t seen in many years.  She’s the person this state needs to bring sanity back to Texas politics and start undoing all the wrongs Republicans have shoved down the throats of Texans.

Her passion, courage and dedication towards helping Texans is something that could propel her to the Governor’s Mansion.  And if she were to become governor, it would signal a giant step towards turning Texas blue.

And then there’s good news, according to her comments from today, she stated that she’d be lying if she told us she didn’t have aspirations to run for a state-wide office in Texas.

I truly hope she does, Texans need her.  Hell, Americans need her to restore sanity back to Texas.

So, please help us let Senator Wendy Davis know that she has your support by heading over, and “Liking” our new Facebook Page, Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas, sharing this article or by doing whatever you can to let her know that while you really like her as “Texas State Senator Wendy Davis”…

You’d absolutely love her as Governor of Texas Wendy Davis.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Cheryl Lagow

    Great article Allen! I love to read everything you write. You are a true credit, yourself, to those of us Texans who value logic, education, tolerance and adherence to constitutional law! Thank you for being an outspoken voice in an oftentimes hostile environment!

  • Greg Richards

    “Who would have ever thought a Democrat from Texas would gain such national notoriety. Many Americans probably weren’t even aware Democrats existed in Texas.”

    Do you not remember Ann Richards?

    • luckypenny13!

      my thoughts exactly!

  • Joe from Arizona

    Texas….poor (not monetarily) Texas…. where the education is so bad you have to go to in state colleges, G.W. Bush and Rick Perry’s combined IQ score is ROCK….. Texas, my sister lives their, they brain washed her to accept the shoveled B.S. they feed her to the point of when she talks politics in sounds like school yard kid making up stories to impress their friends. I guess you must not be immersed in it to see how ridiculous it sounds.Texas where closet racists thrive, and you are surprised they let women vote. Whenever I go to Texas (in my Delorian) its like taking a trip back into time when society was racist, sexist, ignorant to what is truly going on in the world. Texas is bizarro world to me, everyone is so self adsorbed and they confirm every stereotype I have ever seen on a television in a Texas setting.

    Texas will do well no matter who is the Governor, but with dim wits in charge the state will never run efficiently. The people of Texas are nice folk, but they are not that bright when it comes to politics….the poor shoulder the highest amount of taxes, they vote against themselves on to many issues, and the Republican party would not know Jesus Christ if he punched them in the face.They voted for a white non-christian over an African American who is Christian (conspiracy theorist be dammed).

    If Wendy Davis wants to be Governor I would support that as a conservative, my heart goes out to her, to govern a state that is a good example of why we have equal protection laws under the federal government, and equal opportunity employment…she could only improve Texas education, the working class, and the fat cats would not like that.

    Educated people realize when they are being used as slave labor and demand reform of the establishment….welcome to the 1970s Texas…. God bless any Democrat that would be an overnight improvement to infrastructure, that would want to Governor Of Texas…..and more importantly has my prayers….

  • Taylor

    There are so many of us here in Texas that are appalled by what’s been happening in our state. Thank you for not grouping all Texans in with the likes of these morons such as Bush and Perry. Against popular belief there are still some sane people down south.

  • Peter Gatliff

    Payback are in order.