We’re No Longer A Democracy, We’re An Idiocracy

Ted Cruz, Sarah PalinThe 2006 movie “Idiocracy” contains the following narrative:

“As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.”

Never have I found this quote to be more true than over the last few days leading up to the government shutting down for the first time since the mid 1990’s. It is as if we, as a nation, have undergone a political devolutionary transformation over the last couple of decades to the point where the average citizen’s grasp of how the government operates is nearly as distant from their understanding as theoretical physics.

The fact that the study of civics is no longer a priority in our schools is most certainly at least one contributing factor, but let’s also take into consideration that we have an incredible amount of willful ignorance and apathy as well.

There are far too many people who know every contestant on a reality show but cannot name their elected officials, let alone find the country they want to bomb into oblivion on the map. These are people who cannot tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim, let alone between a Sunni and a Shiite. These people are a couple of generations almost completely removed from the reality of the world the rest of us live in. The History Channel has gone from programs based on actual history to staged reality shows and Ancient Aliens. The Learning Channel has rotted away from being a channel based on actual learning to Honey Boo Boo.

Yet, many of them still vote. Driven by fear, ignorance and even racism – they show up at polling places. I remember last year in the weeks leading up to the election, I overheard people comment about how they didn’t know who was on the ballot but they were going to vote for “anyone but that (n-word).” Somehow we’ve gone from America the Beautiful to America the WTF. We’ve gone from the land of the free and home of the brave to the land of Honey Boo Boo, monster trucks, jingoistic patriotism, and supersized servings of stupid with the politicians to prove it.

Go to the comments section on almost any local news station’s website or Facebook page and you’ll see the transition to Idiocracy is nearly complete. Long gone is any semblance of sanity. Instead, it looks like a zoo full of illiterate, rabid, feces-hurling primates screaming about fictional death panels and Communism.

The cliché phrase that we as a nation deserve the government we elected cannot be truer here; it just sucks for those of us who know that there are other amendments to the Constitution besides the 1st and 2nd. It seems like all we can do is watch while a few ideological fanatics in Congress look to slowly suffocate the government as their constituents cheer them on. The sad thing is, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets any better. I’ll just leave you with this quote from the movie, which seems quite apropos for our current situation:

“The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes that genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources were focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.”


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  • K.Y.

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H.L. Mencken

  • Anthonij

    The broader masses have always been less educated and informed than those who have had more time and interest to read about and discuss things that do have or may one day have importance for the society as a whole. What is truly depressing here is that in the US, where an excellent system of public education and the best univeristy system in the world helped the nation to rise to power, we had a real chance of having a very broad base of informed people.

    Instead, the media and entertainment corporations have offered more and more anti-intellectual opiates (e.g. reality tv, which is truly the nadir of modern American culture), while the Republicans (and sometimes the Democrats too) do all they can to ruin the public school sytem and dumb-down the universities.

    The old anti-intellectual streak in American society has come to the fore… And — I’ve said this before — the intense hatred for the President is not just about the fact that he is half-black but also that he is at the same time an intellectual, a genuinely eductated (not just like Bush with his ridiculous heritage degree from Yale) and thoughtful and intelligent and extremely well-spoken (what a rarity in US politics these days!).

    Whatever he may or may not believe and stand for, the fact that he is half-black and an intellectual makes it impossible for the Neo-Fascist right (including the Baggers and their pols like Cruz, Palin, etc.) to support anything the president supports.

    And with so many of the people in this country hooked on the mind-numbingly stupid entertainment and Konsumterror that corporate America serves up, the door is open for the lunatic Right to become part of the mainstream.

    • Will

      the 30 year dismantling of the public educational system by the GOP helped here too… it was intentional. Stupid vote GOP. A study told them this.. and this told them to destroy the public educational system to win elections…. The GOP has always been this way….

      • MJC

        Ironically, GOP’ers will say that the Democrats have ruined the public educational system. I guess there’s enough blame to go around. Probably the most damaging entity to public education is the NEA and other teachers unions. Considering that the NEA (as well as the other teachers unions) is one of the most powerful unions in the country and it is (at the “power” level) 100% democrat, I would say that the Dems could be said to have been the most destructive force in education.

      • Stewart Gruey

        I would agree that the teachers unions are far too powerful. I mean, in what other job can you get tenure other than teaching? That should never be on the table. However, Republicans defund the education system through tax cuts. Some teachers who have been protected by the union don’t suck, but a teacher who has low funding can only do so much.

      • kcwookie

        If you think the teachers unions are too powerful, you don’t even begin to understand the problem.

      • ChaosRain

        You have absolutely zero understanding of the reality of being a teacher in a public school. The teacher’s union has never been as powerful as you seem to believe…….and what power they DID have prior to the ignorance of Scott Walker and his ilk…..was NOT anywhere near the power everyone seems to be OK with corporate interests commanding. Now, school boards can demand ridiculous concessions, harmful conditions, and compensations that will not attract the best and brightest. I’ve been in this game for many years. I have had more taken away from me in the last two years than I’d ever have thought possible. But a strong teacher’s union? Naw….too dangerous. Give power over education to the Waltons and Bill Gates, right?

      • Cthulhu0818

        Teachers unions are far too POWERFUL?
        Then why are teachers so poorly paid, regarded, and respected?
        Why are the Teachers Unions losing at every level.

      • Mrs_oatmeal

        Teachers unions were started in the 70’s because schools were letting older teachers go and hiring newbies just out of college for less $$. That was the basis. If you put twenty years into teaching and were let go for no other reason than money, where would you go to get another job? Many high quality teachers were sent packing and the newbies had very few mentors. Made sense to unionize… We must remember that back then the teaching profession was well respected, now teachers are often vilified.

      • talktothe hand

        They’re vilified by the uneducated. I get so tired of the comments about public education/schools being so liberal.

      • CB

        When teachers can’t speak their minds in the classroom, you end up with curricula that support whoever is in charge at the moment. If you want the same thing to happen to education that has happened to the mainstream media, go right ahead and do away with tenure. The idea that education and business are sectors that can operate in parallel is a HUGE false equivalence.

      • kcwookie

        Nice assumption. Teachers are no different than anyone else. They have their biasses and preconceived fixed beliefs too. Don’t lay this at the feet of the teachers. This goes deeper, much deeper to the man in the mirror. How many people actually think critically?

      • Cthulhu0818

        Speak their minds about what, pray tell? They’re there to teach children to think critically, and teach them facts, not just spout their opinion.

      • DAME

        Since when do teachers teach children to think critically?? They are there to learn how to be a mindless ready-made employee of some company in America….period. In at 8 or 9, Lunch at 12, out at 3, with one 15 minute smoke, I mean recess, break….They aren’t there to think for themselves; they are there to better understand how to remember stuff…that’s it…

      • Dan Schmidt

        Blame the unions. Sounds very Republican to me. Tell me, do the unions set the budget for education? No. Do the unions set the curriculum for the kids? Nope, politicians fight over that. Hmm… Seems to me the union doesn’t do anything but represent the teachers, while politicians set policy that sends the schools down the drain.
        But, nice try blaming the unions.

      • Jill Elizabeth

        Let’s not forget the increased spending for the military and decreased spending on education. Last stats I read were 57% of the budget goes to the military, and 6% goes to education. Give or take a few percentage points. Unfortunately, Denmark has one of the best educational systems now. And it is free to all Danes.

      • Cthulhu0818

        Which begs the question. Rethuglicans claim you can’t fix education by “Throwing money at it”, cut education funding, but throw trillions at the military, then cry, “We have the greatest military in the world!”

    • Realist12

      Good post and insights – thank you..

    • Cthulhu0818

      Theres a reason 3rd world dictatorships kill all the educators and educated first, y’know.
      And the GOP is NO different.

  • Pipercat

    Guess where that thumb was…

  • Arik

    Preach it, Brother Manny! Sadly spot on.

  • Realist12

    An estimated 35% of the population of The United States have completed studies beyond high school. Compare this to Switzerland, where an estimated 70% of the population has completed studies beyond high school. Switzerland currently has the Number One best performing economy in the world. And we are surprised by this….why?!?!

    • Teech

      Come visit Maryland…a “Nanny state”…and better yet Baltimore and you will see why. Stop the give-aways and make people responsible for their own destiny.

      • Realist12

        You are pathetic. The point of my last posting was that THE GOVERNMENT of Switzerland takes tax dollars and provide FREE higher level education to its citizens. Not guns and bombs, but an EDUCATION. Clearly something you don’t have. People in advanced civilizations WORK TOGETHER for the good of all. None of this “Stop the giveaways and make people responsible for their own destiny” crap. If people need a hand, most countries give them a hand. They use tax dollars for the good of the people, not to make more gus and bombs. Has your overly independent, by the “bootstraps” bulls**t made YOU rich yet? Probably not. It’s just propaganda the 1% is feeding you, fool.

      • jamestdubs17

        absolutely brilliant post!!

      • disqus_ExGoeRMqjJ

        You sound like just another jealous lackey from the left

      • DAME

        Jealous of what, unintelligent thought?

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        No, you apparently have that in abundance.

      • DAME

        Nope, not really…damn shame u got the keys to that vault, though…

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        A damn shame only for your ilk, as long as I don’t use the keys, you can’t get loose. I’m sure you’re used to being locked up though so no great lose to you and a definite gain to society.

      • DAME

        You might as well lock me up, since you and your cave race are so scared and inferior of my ilk anyway…How does it feel to put me so far down, and yet, still have to look up to me?? Film at 11…foh, chump…

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        We’re only scared that your ilk will use their gnashing teeth to spread diseases. I do enjoy looking up at your kind though, you look so pretty swinging from a tree branch. The film was already on the History Channel, I saw your leader and his fraulein had committed suicide, you must really miss him. Please don’t let anyone hold you up from joining him.

      • DAME

        Hey SweetChuck…you come straight from a comic book..Im surprised u can even talk; Apparently, my assumption that all cavemen can only write on walls is wrong. But thats okay; When u an ur family come to my house and clean my basement out, I’ll make sure to throw a slab of meat down there for u…

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        You’re too kind, but unlike you and what you try to pass off as a family, we work for what we have and don’t rely on handouts. If you needs someone to come over and clean your feces, sorry I meant children out of your basement, call your mom at planned parenthood, I’m sure you have them on speed dial. They can come and clean up your mess again.

      • DAME

        I dont rely on Handouts…Just your mom and those hand jobs she gives while I read my paper every morning

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        You’re paying my mom for handjobs? Figured you had to pay for it, kind of disgusting since she has been dead for 12 years but not surprising that you would be attracted to that. What a slave 🙂

      • DAME

        Awww…you gettin sore now, eh? Seems pretty funny how we cant intelligently and cordially agree to disagree, but you, like all of the other scabs who dont deserve to be called Americans, want so desperately to be tough and witty, I guess…as a way bigger person than u will ever be in ur life, I’ll apologize, because most folks on my side have hearts. Now, go and read ur Bible, sexually stimulate your boyfriend, and convert me back into a figment of ur imagination….

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        Does it seem hilarious to you that you find it funny that we can’t seem to “intelligently” agree or disagree and then you go on with name calling? Are you 10? Are you trying to displace your latent homosexual tendencies onto someone else? Are most folks on your side the kind that also joke about others dead mothers? Am I sore about your juvenile attitude? No, she’s been dead for 12 years and we never got along anyway. Are you a little sore? Of course you are, that’s why you have begun resorting to name calling. Are you an American? No, not in heart, not in spirit and certainly not in attitude. Most folks on your side are actually in line with you waiting for their handouts from their massah. I do agree that you will apologize, because in more ways than one, your sorry.

      • DAME

        Listen, dude…I will grow up, if u do…I didnt call you names until after u felt like being the racist that u are…just call me a nigger so I can get some sleep already…lmao…foh, Klansman…

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        Racist? Are you one of those morons that sees racism everywhere you look? Do you like being called a nigger? Does that turn you on? Are you a nigger? You seem to identify your self worth with that word. Is that what this whole conversation was leading up to? You needing to be called a nigger? WOW, you need some meds and a VERY qualified psychiatrist! Go to sleep, no one is stopping you but you and your obvious non-existent self worth.

      • DAME

        My phone beeps, only to wake back up to this…Let’s end this shit right now, because obviously it’s going too far…Selective-amnesia-guy…Let’s review your (seemingly) racist bullshit that you were on from the beginning…. …”You look so pretty swinging from a tree branch”…”massah”….”What A Slave”…”…you’re used to being locked up…”…What am I supposed to think? But, of course, my self-worth is limited because you want to hopscotch around the word all night, yet when I just want to end this shit, it’s all turned around on me as if I got the problem C’mon, man…Get REAL!! Acknowledge that looking at this whole conversation from my point of view, you’d understand why I’m looking at my screen all stupid…I understand that you are non-Black and you have this big sense of entitlement that you can insinuate things and then play the victim when it’s been thrown back in your face, but c’mon, man…See it from my side!! I challenged the fact that you called someone else a lackey for making a point that I felt was intelligent…And then it escalates into all of this. I apologized about three comments ago, just so you can let it go. But obviously, you wanted to keep poking and prodding this parade of insults for no real prize. What did you win?? …I’m sorry that we both stooped to such a low level when it comes to the differences we have in our lifestyles and our perceived notions and stereotypes of the guy on the other side of this conversation. that’s the problem in this damned country: We can’t actually sit down, recognize that we want the same thing in different ways, and find a solution that is comfortable for everyone. But NOOOO, we sit scared in our own corners, listening to the idiot boxes that are owned by folks who don’t give two shits about democrats, republicans, tea partyers, independents, or whatever other labels that are out there to keep us divided and from talking to each other. I’m Black, from Philadelphia, and I work with folks with Developmental and/or Intellectual disabilities. I make music in my spare time; I have a studio and I run a website with my friends that tries and open up outlets for folks to make music who don’t really have the outlet to do it. I’m in school, finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, and will be moving on to get my Master’s, and hopefully that will land me in a good-paying job, which will allow the government to take the majority of my money for several years after I’m hired, JUST so I can pay the loans back. I’ve worked all my life and other than my lady and my son, I don’t really have shit to show for it, and it’s all because of how this system we are living in is set up for folks with my skin color and lower-to-middle class socio-economic status to fail. There are so many things that differ when it comes down to the skin, and I wish folks on BOTH sides of the fence would acknowledge it. Just because a black dude is president, doesn’t not mean that racism ain’t alive and kicking. At the same time, I feel like folks have to work harder than what they’ve been working to try and get this country to work for us, for a change. However, it doesn’t mean a thing if we are forever demonizing each other. But because there are more of yall than there are of us, your cuts come way sharper than whatever knives we have, and it’s corny. But go head and be the victim, like you didin’t contribute to this asinine commentary in the first place….If you aren’t racist, then I’m sorry for calling you a Klansman…but if you can’t see how I’m pissed off, then obviously everything that I just typed was a waste of both of our time…AGAIN…

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        Hilarious that you claim to be apologizing and all the while throwing out insults. You are truly a sad little boy. You cry racist at every perceived slight and then beg to be called a nigger! Ask yourself, How would he even know my race or color? You outdo yourself with your preconceived notions of what words must mean because you are a slave to those that demand you believe what they tell you. Poor you that you have the opportunity to go to a place of higher learning, poor you that you have to pay for that privilege, poor you that you continue to defend the very gov. It is mystifying to me how with all the opportunities this country offers, someone of your “color” still cries about the system setting you up for failure. America guarantees you the right to try to succeed, nowhere does it guarantee success. It is a shame that someone of my “color” (which is half Asian by the way) wouldn’t give you a job in his store, must be racism of course, what else could it be, you should find a street corner and cry racism day and night for the rest of you life! That would make infinite more sense than actually getting out there and starting your own business. The only system in place that has set you up for failure is the system that you continually vote for and allow into place. Don’t re-call you calling me a klansman, must have been someone else you didn’t agree with.

      • richardolsonhatesAmerica

        Perhaps the real problem is that you were just born into the wrong country, you seem to feel that you’ve worked so hard that the people of this nation owe you something, the great thing about this country is that as hard as you work or as lazy as you may be, you still have the right to fail. There is currently a plague on our society and it is the mindset of many people that the gov. owes them, someone wealthier owes them, the great unwashed masses owes them something, great portions of this country wanting something for nothing and complaining about not getting their fair share, they want to drag this country down and bring about their version of hope and change, the problem is their version involves dragging others down to their level not elevating themselves. So please, continue to be a self imposed victim, continue apologizing for ridiculous insults while still throwing them out. I will continue being me and laughing at the ridiculousness of them.

      • dee

        What are the monetary demographics in Switzerland country? Serious question.

      • mjc

        Realist, before calling other people’s answers pathetic, maybe you should do your homework.
        Do you know how much money the US Federal gov’t spends every second on giving people “a hand” or are you willfully ignorant? Just social Security paid out $713B in benefits in 2010 (the most recent number I could find), which is double the entire GDP of Switzerland. Just Medicare spending totals $471.2B, which is also more than the entire GDP of Switzerland. I could go on, but I don’t want to embarrass you any more
        Ultimately, it’s not equitable to compare a nation that has a population smaller than some of our US cities against the US whose population, geographic size, etc. is SO much larger. By the way, the US does have the highest GDP per capita **in the world** at $49,800, even compared to tiny Switzerland at $45,300.

      • Stewart Gruey

        You cant compare GDP’s. The costs of living are completely different. You seem to have ignored the 689 billion sent to the military as well. Social security was paid into as the person works, it is not a handout. My father recently retired and paid into it for all 40+ years he was employed and how he is getting it back. Medicare is also not a handout, its insurance… a highly effective insurance at that. Your notions of these programs are just stupid. I also have a mentally retarded sister who suffered a stroke before she was born, she gets about 300 dollars a month from welfare. Maybe we should take those “handouts” away from her, I mean, she is being lazy by not working. It has nothing to do with the fact that the majority of the left side of her brain is totally non-functional.
        People on social security cant live off of it alone, yes, some abuse it but the huge majority don’t. Grow a heart, asshole.

      • DaveO

        Pardon me, I hate resorting to name-calling so early in the morning, but you have Dumb-Ass written all over you, mjc.
        After having SSI and Medicare deducted from my paychecks since 1967, after my employers contributed equally into my old age savings account all of those years, WHOSE money is the US spending every year?

        It’s OUR money previously taxed!

        Not only does THAT ignorant premise of yours suck, but comparing the US GDP per capita is so ludicrous in this instance it makes me want to cry for you and the U.S. state of education instead of the derisive hoots of laughter you deserve.
        All that ‘comparative’ money is at the Top of the pile, the One %, the Aristocracy!
        It tends to skew things, hmmm?
        Not being aware of where SSI and Medicare comes from: Priceless!

      • Martin

        MJC yet you come back with another pathetic answer thinking you’ve trumped realist when in fact you’ve again backhandedly proven his point. It is in fact perfect to equate a small nation with limited resources to the US with vastly more resources and abilities to us and our lack of a spine to educate and support our citizenry. WE the Majority are calling for a mandate to support us in Education and healthcare so that we may support others, more easily in the future. Notice I said. “So that we may Support others in the future.” Just in case you missed that… It’s a social contract the GOP has refused and believes in their fascist manner that everyone owes them but that they owe no one…

      • kcwookie

        How much of those benefits were contributed by the citizen for that purpose?

      • Dwayne Hunter

        Americans pay into SS and Medicare. It is not a handout.

      • Cthulhu0818

        And how much did we spend on corporate welfare (Which is posting record profits and paying zilch in taxes) or the military?

      • DAME

        mjc, before you think you’ve embarrassed someone’s debate, which is dead on btw, Consider this: If the government actually spent what they should spend on educating EVERYONE and spent money on the actual things we need, like fixing highways and bridges, improving energy consumption, etc., wouldn’t you think there would be fewer handouts and a better economy because there would be an influx of intelligent folks who would be working??? Just a thought….

      • Jill Elizabeth

        If I remember correctly, gun ownership in Switzerland is compulsory. Yet they have no mass shootings. I may retire to the Alpine country that is Switzerland.

      • Realist12

        Quote from website Wikipedia… “Gun politics in Switzerland are unique in Europe. Switzerland does not have a standing army, instead opting for a people’s militia for its national defense.” Hence the high gun ownership. Of course, Switzerland is a tiny country compared to the USA, with just a fraction of our population.

      • Mskby

        I believe they also have a lot of oversight, such as frequent ammunition counts – to insure that the guns/ammunition/etc are being kept for their purpose and not abused.

      • Dwayne Hunter

        We need more Americans like you! You are right on target. I fear its too late for America – we let the idiots take over and run it into the ground.

      • talktothe hand

        Yes we do, but the people that need to hear it the most would consider him a socialist.

    • kcwookie

      You don’t understand the problem if you think high school and college are the solution. We lack people who can think critically and solve real problems. Critical thinks starts at a young and and starts at home. The problems we have are far more serious than a college diploma.

      • Realist12

        I agree with you. It’s not simply about education, although education helps a person to think beyond their own nose and care about something more than just their own skin. Empathy for others is becoming more and more rare, which is sad. There are many people, for example the physically and mentally disabled (including veterans returning from war), who cannot work, cannot hold down a job. An advanced civilization cares for these people as well, and considers their needs. We are all in this together – something which self-serving Republicans/Tea Partiers do not seem to understand.

      • kcwookie

        Spot on.

    • nobonesl

      America’s ignorance results not from a lack of college education, but from anti-intellectual choices millions of people make in their daily lives—-NOT to EVER read; Constantly watch TV’s stupidest offerings;
      Rely on gossip for opinions on issues instead of reasonable research, etc etc

  • Larry Dague

    All too good to point out that this obvious evolution of ignorance is occurring…but the scary thing is that the GOP knows how to influence it while the left continues to speak to adults as if they were educated.

    It was glaringly apparent when Al Gore put up a chart that read “derived demand” and the nation went “huh”? And Bush offered them $5 and a glass of bear and they said: “Bring it on”.

    • DAME

      I understand, good man….but we can’t fight ignorance with ignorance; Its never been the left’s style….

  • Teech

    Stop the “Nanny states” and giveaways and make citizens responsible for their own futures. Get rid of illegals and take care of our own.

    • Cthulhu0818

      Do you somehow believe that if you post the same easily disproved bullshit over and over, it’ll somehow become true?

  • Monica V Lucas

    Thank you. I feel like I’m wearing an oxygen mask while reading this article. Sense. Ahhhhh.

  • disqus_ExGoeRMqjJ

    This article was nothing more than a handjob for all the leftwing nutjobs that wish their gubnant would stoop down and wipe their asses for them.

  • Greg Meyer

    Damn, that was both funny and sad as hell. Brilliantly illustrated. After I’m finished laughing my ass off from your description of a commentary thread, I’ll suddenly realize I should be crying because its SO TRUE…

  • Vintage Rock

    There are dummies on both sides of the fence because parties like the Democrats and Republicans, and labels like “liberal” and “conservative” are just plain stupid. Why on earth would anyone want a label attached to their name? People with brains vote for individuals and issues, not parties and platforms…

  • DallasGuy

    And FAUX News is 100% the culprit!

  • Amy Hernandez

    I have been espousing the same feelings often in the last few years. We do not have cable at home, so over the summer I was excited for the chance to watch some of my old favorite channels during a visit to my parent’s house. I was sadly disappointed to discover that channels that used to have shows that were interesting AND educational, were filled with generic, low brow, shlock. An assorted mix of colorful rednecks, different kinds of truckers, pawn shops, storage unit auctions, and other random and “kooky” professions. I felt my IQ slipping as I shuffled through the channels. How sad it is that curiosity, wonder and an interest in discovery has given way to entertaining ourselves with the exploits of the uneducated, and watching people profit from the implosion of someone else’s life.

  • Robin Martin

    It’s time to re-visit the writings of HL Mencken. In the 1930s, His “Notes on Democracy” detailed the problems with an American-style democratic republic. This country and culture has always had a strong anti-intellectual current that is now dominating popular thought. A majority of people are under-educated, want only easy answers (common sense), and are quite gullible in every aspect of their lives. They are easily manipulated by wealthy power mongers. I think technology has allowed this path. In the near America could easily become dominated by a reactionary, fearful, violent, and greedy class. Or not. We’ll probably know after the 2014 election if it’s all over, and whether or not to get the hell out of Dodge.

  • Kimberlue

    Although I love the article and completely agree, I feel I must point out that America have never been a Democracy. Accurately defined, a democracy is a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly–through town hall meetings or by voting on ballot initiatives and referendums. A republic, on the other hand, is a system in which the people choose representatives who, in turn, make policy decisions on their behalf. There is a very clear difference between the two and for an article who’s intent is to show the idiocracy among the American people, I think it’s important to be clear about how we are actually structured.

    • Ben

      On the other hand modern America, is fortunatly closer to a democracy then the famous Roman Republic it was originally modeled after, because in modern America there are no slaves, and women and people without property can vote.

    • Karkadann

      The definition of “Democracy has already been shifted to include indirect democracy centuries ago. Usually the important part is that all citizens have equal voting rights, but this definition is rather new (women’s suffrage), and democracy is still rather unclearly defined.
      A republic describes a political system where postions within the state are not inherited, but always elected. But the right to vote or hold an office might still be a subject of inheritance, like with old aristocratic republics (eg Venice).
      Under modern definition the USA is a democratic republic.
      But yes, there is a clear difference, a republic doesn’t need to be a democracy (Soviet Union, Venice, China, in some way the catholic church/Vatican, even if they don’t describe themself as republic).
      And a democracy is not necessarily a republic (Netherlands, Sweden,Norway, Denmark, still the UK, but they do their best to make Airstrip One true).

  • dr.blais

    corporatocracy you mean

  • Greolk

    Brawndo! It’s got electrolytes!

  • kk

    “Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest”

    Incorrect definition of natural selection..

  • margieR

    Even Jeopardy gives the answers in the questions.

  • Rusty Horn

    I didn’t know Manny was the same guy that did WATMAB. I love that page too. And btw, surely that can’t be your real name?…

  • cjmarley

    Definitely one of my favorite movies…just because I already saw at the time it came out how our nation really is dumbing down.

  • Doris Kelsey

    Maybe it is the fluoride in the water.

  • tjcole

    I’m well known for saying, and I’ve been saying it for some time now…

    America is Stuck on Stupid..!

    TJ Colatrella aka TJ Cole..