Texas Representative Who Voted Against Sandy Relief Seeks Federal Money After Explosion

Rick PerryToday, less than 24 hours following the devastating explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, TX, Governor Rick Perry made a statement declaring the area impacted by the explosion a disaster area. He’s now asking for President Obama to follow suit in declaring this a federal disaster emergency.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rick “Secessionist” Perry”, the man who constantly rallies against government spending, took less than 24 hours to ask President Obama for money—from the federal government.

The same Rick Perry who rallied against the Stimulus bill passed in 2009, while bragging about his balanced budgets—which he balanced with stimulus money, didn’t take long to extend his hand and request government money for his state.

Oh, but there’s more.  West, TX is represented in Congress by Bill Flores, who is also asking that the government declare the impacted area a federal disaster—and is requesting federal money.

Why is this a big deal?  Well, it just so happens that Mr. Flores was one of the 67 members of the House of Representatives who voted against the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.

As always, when Republicans want help from the “big bad government” and federal money, they’re usually the first in line demanding sweeping regulations or funding for what they want.  It’s only when that same government opposes their ideology or spends money on someone else that suddenly it’s “giant government and out of control government spending.”

Then again, as Rick Perry proved by bragging about his balanced budgets (which were only balanced because he took stimulus money) while rallying against Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill, being a hypocrite is nothing new for him.

As for Mr. Flores, feel free to contact him to let him know what you think of his hypocrisy.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Let him twist slowly in the wind…

    • another bitter cynic

      “Him”? He will not suffer for this, one bit.

  • Payback is a bitch, ain’t it.

  • I live in Florida and one of our idiot Senators voted against the bill (then again he never bothers to show his face in Florida and is selling his Florida home). I’m not sure about the house. I’d hate to think anyone would hold it against the people in .Texas. Our President won’t. Let’s just prove yet again that we’re better then the Red State pols.


      Yeah but this is not a natural disaster. It’s not a catastrophe loss of life. It’s a mess up caused by a business. Why should the federal government pay for that? The federal government should fork out money for any sufficient enough explosion?

      • Erika Frensley

        In a town of 2800, latest reports give 200 injuries and 35 dead (some are still missing). 1/10 have been directly affected. 50 houses have been destroyed – 50 families have no home. There is damage across the area. West, Texas is a cute small town that you will pass by in about 2 minutes if you go the speed limit on the highway. It’s a catastrophe for the town and for the area. Yes, it’s nowhere as large as Hurricane Sandy, nor as widespread as the wildfires of 2010, but it’s a disaster, not a messup, not an oopsie.

      • Swtex99

        Thank you Ericka… Very well said! And people in Texas pay Federal taxes so yes…. Our hands are going to be out!

      • paddypaws

        Who is the idiot who decided it was a good idea to put a fertilizer plant across the highway from a town? Doh

      • fitzel

        From what I understand the fertilizer plant was there and the town, schools, apartments, and houses were built near it.

      • Granny Jo

        The plant was there long before the homes, apartment complex, and nursing home.

      • Though ,of course,you pay out less then you receive back in subsidies…so maybe you ought to close that greedy hand for a change and take care of your people with state money…(Which is ,after all,that extra federal money you guys reap.)

      • Perry is a hypocrite and an idiot. There’s no doubt about that. You don’t need to make a good story better by saying the state receives more from the federal government than it pays in. Texas gets back 94 cents for every dollar it sends to the federal government. I don’t have a problem with that. We are one nation and funds need to be disbursed to the area with the greatest need. But I get so sick of seeing the entire state vilified. There are many people like me here who are very liberal. We’re not a majority yet but it serves no useful purpose to lump us all together with the wingnuts. I might also add that many many states are suppressing votes, discriminating against women and minorities, and putting the screws to the poor and the elderly. Somehow none of those states seem to be the object of so much venom as Texas is, however. The progressive cause would be so much better off if we wouldn’t call one another names.

      • I would hope that all of you judgmental people would at least have compassion for all those who have died, are injured and missing. Remember, many of those are innocent living nearby, the school, nursing home. Just be thankful that none of any of your families suffered this disaster.

      • All that you said was true, but when BP’s oil leak was going on BP had to pay a majority of the cost to fix the problem and get those states affected back on their feet. This is the same concept, and yes it was a mess-up better put it was a fuckup by the local government who did a piss poor job of zoning around the structure that was already there. Yes these people need help but it should not all come from the government, that business should be held responsible. Oh and yes Rick Perry is a hypocrite for not treating others as he would like to be treated. There are a few “cute” towns in the gulf that got pretty messed up by BP and guess who is paying for the majority of it”BP”

      • This is also a small, privately owned company, not BP. Eventually the company will be held responsible, but that is many lawsuits and years down the road. The residents need help now

    • Tenn_Tuxedo

      We are better than idiots like the Rep for this area who puts ideology before human needs. But the relation between such issues need to be elevated in the public’s awareness to be teaching moments for the public. We can’t let the ideology of the stupid get in the way of doing the right thing at times of great need.

  • This wasn’t a national disaster, this was a disaster caused by a business. Shouldn’t the business be held responsible?

    • Good point!

    • Yeah isn’t that what insurance is for? (I think you mean “natural”, but point taken!)

      • wilmbear

        well maybe congress should be held responsible for cutting all those safety regulation a decade ago saying it was to much government regulation

      • I believe that’s actually Gov. Perry you want to take that up with. He can have all the regulations he wants.

      • dlasnier

        OSHA monitors companies in Connecticut on a regular basis!

      • I so agree with you all’s comments. I wonder how they sleep at night?

      • Unfortunately, I’m sure they sleep quite well. It’s only people with real standards who wouldn’t be able to live with themselves.

      • they hang upside down

      • @Wilmbear it’s not the responsibility of Congress or the taxpayer to pay for a private business that decided to not follow safety precautions. If they cut corners on safety so they could make more profit then they are solely responsible for footing the bill to fix whatever mistakes they make.

      • very true! Chris
        Christy should of gotten help sooner!

      • dlasnier

        Doubt that company has enough insurance and funds to foot expenses!

      • Then they should go out of business. Period!

      • jabberwocky

        We have too many regulations. Accidents will always happen.

      • There are never to many regulations when it comes to employee safety.

      • Henry

        BALONEY JABBERWOCKY. You’re just spouting some BS you heard. What regulations are ‘too many’? Can you name any of them? Which ones are ‘useless’? Huh? C’mon, instead of spouting off what you heard someone else say, how about you telling us which regulations are bad and why? How many public meetings have you attended when regulations are being formulated? How many comments have you put forth that were helpful, …. c;mon jabberwocky, your name says it all.

      • “We have too many regulations. Accidents will always happen.”
        Those two statements are at odds, not logical.

      • Y’know, jabberwocky, I’ve seen you posting on a LOT of these articles, and you’re always making comments to refute the article, or other comments… How much are you getting paid to troll liberal/progressive sites with conservative BS? Is it a good racket? I’m sure some unemployed people out there would be able to pretend to be conservative on forums and news-sites for a decent paycheck!

      • Its not the regulations, it’s the fact that these plants are not being inspected for violations

      • Linda Mitchell

        That is true, but it’s not up to the government to bail out corporations when they have accidents. That’s what insurance is for.

      • No way the business’ private liability insurance covers even a portion of this. Probably a 5 million or so cap.

      • thinkmoredomore

        Actually they most likely also have hefty umbrella coverage, which would make the total cap significantly higher.

      • Gort1

        then the federal government need to get a subrogation form from Guv Perry,,,so that when the claim is settled, the taxpayers are paid back from the proceeds? saweet!

      • artisanr

        I don’t give a flaming fig if they can’t pay for it. THEY had the problem of not being inspected, THEY voted for deregulation and refused Sandy aid… PAY THE PIPER, PRIVATE INDUSTRY!

      • Linda Mitchell

        Then the company needs to get out the checkbook and sell off some assets.

      • No, I think Kim meant national. Meaning, why does the nation have to pay for something that was a private disaster by a private business.

    • Erika Frensley

      The business should be held responsible, and should be prosecuted for the failed inspections, but the factory does not exist anymore. I doubt the business can survive this explosion – and at no point will they be able to do anything to provide token aid (if that) to the town they devastated. Sorry, this time Perry was right to request aid, and yes, that’s one of the very few times I’ve even hinted that I thought Perry might be slightly correct on something.

      • thinkmoredomore

        Well, the FACTORY may not exist, but the company itself still does. And it has insurance coverage, and accounts receivable, and presumably other assets as well. Plus, if it’s like many other fertilizer plants in the country, the Koch Brothers may very well have interests in it.

      • How is it living in fairyland?

      • Your Voice of Reason

        Jim, offense intended, your comments dotted around this forum don’t contribute to the conversation. Why don’t you elaborate on your view? Do you have anything intelligent to contribute? Do you even have a stake in the argument? Do you enjoy being a douche because you made bad life choices and you want to punish those around you for them? Speak up or stfu. I’m all for debate, but you aren’t contributing twigs… and for a man of your age you should show some wisdom and stop posting cocky teenage taunts.

      • A bet the owners, the CEO and the investors survive just fine.

      • Gort1

        oh yeah the owners live 8 miles away from the plant….

      • What about the insurance company which covered this factory? Do they not exist anymore? Anyone know who it is?

      • dlasnier

        Texas should update their regulations of OSHA inspections and then request aid…IMO

    • So true. They should make the business responsible. Shouldn’t they also have insurance?

      • angie497

        By ‘they,’ do you mean the people living in the area, or the company?

        The people in the area may or may not have insurance, and may or may not have coverage for damage caused by an explosion. Those that have coverage probably *are* going to turn first to their private carriers (who in turn will try to subrogate against the company).

        The company *should* have liability insurance, and probably does. Of course, their insurance company could take months (or longer) to pay out on claims; if nothing else, they’re going to want to make sure that all investigations are complete first. The cause of the explosion is going to be an issue when it comes to who pays for what and in what amount.

        But until all the causes and all the legalities are sorted out, there’s still a lot of people that are going to need a lot of help.

      • True…The State of TEXAS should see to it’s citizens !!

    • Its not normal for your house to blow up. Its not a natural disaster, but it is a disaster. The Government needs to help, but hold the Company responsible. Allow IRS to bill them. They will get the money back from them. Seems like IRS is the only part of government that don’t play with anyone. They just need to get the ones who live in America and have off shore accounts. But back to the issue, Help those people…….

      • BS. No $$ ever comes out of Texas and they are on their own for this one. They made it, they can clean it up. If Texas does not want to follow any OSHA rules or regs…IT IS ALL ON THEM not the federal government !

      • This is just an Insurance Company Claim.

      • Your an effing idiot!

      • newenglander

        Let Texas oil pay for the victims families and repair the town. No, the government did try to help, but the company decided they did not want to follow the government laws of safety. It was in their own greed that they cut the corners which would have kept them safe in case of this type of explosion. No firewall, no sprinklers, no warning sirens, nothing that OSHA said they needed to do under the law. They broke the law, and should be prosecuted for it. No hand outs.

    • Eventually, yes. But that will be many years in court. Residents need help now. They shouldn’t suffer because their Representative is so self-centered.

      • they voted for that representative, screw all of them.

      • another bitter cynic

        Or turn the other cheek and hope that, next time, Texas is not so quick to abandon her countrymen in their hour of need.

      • Yes they are. Read the comments on Texas newspapers. Many were agreeing with our representatives “we’re broke.” “If they want to build in hurricane areas, get insurance.” blah blah blah. Make note, I voted for none of these buffoons but many in Texas need a lesson on the daily poison they spew.

      • Hello

        I like that! (I’m a nobody and this probably won’t go through because I don’t remember creating an account on this site) But if this message does go through.
        That’s what is called, being the bigger person, and although we are used and abused for our acts of kindness here on Earth. We are putting our treasures in Heaven.

      • Well, first, you don’t know that for sure. Second, what about their kids? And third, just because they voted for the wrong person, we shouldn’t not help them. What a terrible thing to say.

      • Let the state of Texas help them, not the federal government. Perhaps if the voters of Texas feel the sting of the policies they endorsed, they’ll learn better.

      • Exactly!

      • Not any more terrible than them saying let the Hurricane victims fend for themselves!

      • newenglander

        Let Texas oil pay for this man made disaster. I cannot wait around smoking hopium that the next time we get hit with a Hurricane, they may decide not to help us again. It smacks with hypocrisy that they did not even wait for some simple facts to come out before holding out their hand. They profess to be christian, yet they do not walk the walk when it comes to helping others in their hour of need.


    • Only if you think that when horrific things happen, every community is on its own.

      Figuring out who is at fault with this small (6-7 employee) business may be meaningless if they do not have the resources to ‘pay.’
      With the Gulf oil disaster, everyone stepped in to clean up and help, government and private concerns – BP got the bill a bit later.

      And…let’s remember that all workplace safety regulations and inspections have been pretty much gutted at the state and local level. If this was human error (as opposed to intentional), it could have been prevented. But that would require Big Gummint to step in and do its work.

      • jabberwocky

        Too many regulations mean jobs fly over to Asia.

      • Too much corporate greed means jobs fly over to Asia.

      • Linda Mitchell

        Where they then poison entire towns – like Dow did to Bhopal and generally make huge amounts of pollutants in those poor countries.

    • absolutely!

    • another bitter cynic

      Irrelevant. The issue is the blatant hypocrisy. Nothing else.

    • None

      By your argument, why should the public be responsible for Sandy? Sandy wasn’t national, it was regional. Why should other states pay that were no where even close to the impact? I had damage from Sandy- I never got in line for someone else to pay for it. And majority of those impacted by Sandy had insurance. My company’s NY office was SLAMMED by Sandy. We didn’t take a bail out to replace our fleet. It’s what insurance is for!

    • I think the business should clean it up like sort of what BP did in the oil spill, but they should do a better job than BP.

    • Blue Wolf Bosh

      On April 9, 2013 Texas Governor Rick Perry bragged about how little industry is regulated in the State. On April 17, 2013 the town of West, Texas is blown off the map by a poorly regulated fertilizer factory.

      Less regulation, less safety and environmental inspections, less zoning restrictions but when those factors combine with corporate greed and result in preventable “accidents” that wreaks destruction and death on those businesses, workers, first responders and innocent citizens as well as the environment, Texas politicians look to Washington to bail them out with tax dollars from American citizens both from Texas and the other 49 states.

      These same Texas politicians also voted against federal assistance for states and citizens devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

      That’s today’s ayn rand libertarian teapublican theology; “me, me, me, me, fuck you, me, me, me, me”. Unfortunately the “me, me, me, me” doesn’t include most of the citizens they are elected to serve, but does include for profit corporations that avoid regular safety inspections by the obstruction, underfunding and under-staffing of OSHA, the EPA and any other organization charged with protecting “We the People”.

      • The hypocrits should pay their own bills and put their hands back into their pockets.

    • GarysInSoCal

      Dozens of people dead… hundreds injured… millions of dollars damage… and you say it’s NOT a disaster?… OMG!

    • “Politics is the continuation of private business by other means” Oskar Spengler I believe. Certainly is the motto of the Tea party types.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I hope new jersey & other states affected by hurricane sandy vote no

  • Just say NO to assholes…

  • Darrell in Iowa

    the fertilizer company and its private insurer should pay 100% of all expenses…not us taxpayers. They were the idiots who built this plant much to close to a residential area.

    • The plant was there BEFORE the growth grew up around it! Get your facts straight before you bump your gums like you know anything!

      • They’re still insured or are supposed to be, flap that past your gums.

      • So who the heck builds a senior citizen home across the street from a fertilizer plant? And two schools? Oh right. Texas. Zoning laws = big government. And now, oh help up big government!

        Got it.

      • wilmbear

        I guess safety regulations and inspections are big government too

    • West is a small, rural community. If you look at an aerial picture of the whole town, you will see how small. Back when town was growing, nobody considered it a big deal.

    • jabberwocky

      I think the company is entitled to a bailout.

  • NJ says F^ck YOU !

    • artisanr

      I’m so sorry, NJ. 🙁

    • Does that mean (NJ says F*ck YOU!) that the next time you have a disaster that I don’t need to donate to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Americares? Because I think you are very wrong. I donated to all of the above during Sandy and will probably donate to a West, TX fund. But you can be assured if I felt that NJ citizens (other than you) felt that way, NJ would never get a dime from me.

  • AuroraMoon

    I’m all for relief support and charity to those impacted by horrible disasters. After all, people will always find some ways to pitch in and help each other in times of need.

    however, Government money spending is a different matter entirely, and so I could understand it when Perry said that he didn’t believe in Government handouts and felt that the government money could be better off used elsewhere. But for him to turn around and ask to make a exception for Texas itself… it’s just… UGH! it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If a person believes in such things, he should firmly stand his ground and not suddenly change his mind when it impacts him personally instead of other people.

    The only time I could accept it when people suddenly change their minds, is if they had proof of their own errors, and decided that they had been believing in the wrong things all along.

    • Hello Again

      Exactly. That’s integrity. And I believe in integrity, therefore, I would try to never make the assumption that I / we / Texas / is doing so well that I would never need help. I would also like to think I would never turn my back on people in need. Although I am sure I do it everyday….BUT! (lol) That’s another matter entirely. Ain’t it?
      This representative is a jerk and I believe made a bad decision. But I hope that the rest of us can show we are better than that. You know?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    They stood up & flipped their middle fingers to the hurricane sandy victims that day it was a despicable act

  • Let West Fertilizer, Inc foot the bill!!

    • jchastn

      FEMA will help homeowners and then pursue the fertilizer maker to get reimbursed. The homeowners would be homeless too long if they waited for an settlement with the chemical company.

  • Guest

    Today, LESS than 24 hours following the devastating explosion of a fertilizer
    plant in West, Texas, Governor Rick Perry made a statement declaring the
    area impacted by the explosion a disaster area. He’s now asking for
    President Obama to follow suit in declaring this a federal disaster
    emergency. Rick “Secessionist” Perry”, the man who constantly
    rallies against government spending, took less
    than 24 hours to ask President Obama for money—from the federal
    government. Yes, The same Rick Perry who rallied against the Stimulus
    bill passed in 2009, while bragging about his balanced budgets—which he
    balanced with stimulus money, didn’t take long to extend his hand and
    request government money for his state.

    • Hypocrite.

      • Very well said. I have empathy for the people in Texas; like the people who was effected by Katrina, Sandy, Fires on the West Coast, Floods in the Midwest, Floods in Georgia, and the other devastations in the USA. I can’t wait until some major shootings happened and then they have to rethink what they voted down in Washington. Why do people have to be so greedy and proud; and then when it hits home they want you to jump for them and forget they threw mud in your face? Yes, those people need help, but the insurance companies need to pay back every cent…. The law suits are going to be tragic….. I pray for comfort towards the ones in Texas. I know they are suffering….

    • artisanr

      F that guy.

  • It would have been nice to send a message of condolence to Mr. Flores but he’s only accepting messages from people in his district.
    I think, being from the Northeast, tjat yes his district should get aid from the Federal government but I’m thinking we should wait 2 or 3 months so that we can see if any claims that come in are legitimate and it would give enough time for the government to do drug testing of anyone requesting aid.

  • freeopinions

    I guess you meant (three times, no less) that he “railed against” the various bills to provide relief to others, not “rallied.”

    But having said that, I am in complete agreement with the sentiment of the article. This is nothing new, of course, and it’s common for “conservatives” I know to be be on Social Security Disability, subsidized housing, Medicaid, etc. all the while bemoaning all the deadbeats their taxes support. Of course, they don’t pay any taxes either, because they don’t make enough money to pay taxes.

  • SariaKiri

    I live in Texas…was actually not far from the explosion. But, I don’t think this is needed…maybe some donations from people would help.

  • Bunch of candyass haters! We here in Texas don’t want ya’lls help! We take care of our own here!

    • Tell that to your governor.

    • Absolutely right Mr. Mills. All you inbred yahoos in Texas should take care of this yourself. Maybe your original ( and hopefully future) home country, Mexico can help.

      • Emanuel
        When you die can I have your brain? Its like brand new never neen used. Emanuel I am glad to live in Texas and also happy you dont

      • wallygator60

        Mexico doesn’t want teaxass back.

    • Ray Lusk

      Wow you are just making all kinds of idiotic posts here.

      • Hello Again

        You’re right. He is. And most of the post that I see most of y’all posting here…your right also. But try, if you could, to remember that David (as loud as he is) does not rep. the people of TX.

        Also, someone posted up there: “Those who vote against federal funding for other districts should be deemed ineligible for any funding themselves for future events in their own district.”

        I hope it’s understood that if we followed this logic (if it were to somehow become a law) that, eventually none of us would get help by any of our ‘sister-states’ (Is that a correct term?)

        Although the gov. would still take the money from us to ‘put to the side’ for us. But, one by one we would all be ‘outing’ ourselves. That’s not what we want really….

    • paddypaws

      Good! And stay down there where you belong with the vermin.

    • ooh, i wish my ass was made of candy. Cotton candy. The kind they grow in Texas

    • artisanr

      Good. Stay there and secede, and tell your governor to stop mooching off our broke government. We have more important things to do like build more F-32s.

    • Josh Kiem

      …says the man whose state is so full of $hit that it literally blows up and kills people. Our President will most certainly help out those Texans whose town was ripped apart. The Governor has to declare a state of disaster before the Feds can send in any help–financial or logistical. Mr Mills, why are you on the Internet instead of going to West Texas and helping the good Americans (who happen to be Texans!) that do need help? Texas–the land of big hats and no cattle, as usual.

  • leelee

    I’m so freaking glad he asked for help… Now Obama can say “NO” and we can use it against him.. give us a damn card to play.. WOO HOO. Idiots actually believe Perry asked thinking he’d get it.. Stupid’s

    • Ray Lusk

      You are an idiot. Obama is a real man. He will do his job and provide the needed help. Unlike the clown show in Texas.

    • A card to play on people’s misery???? Why do people have such blood thirsty attitudes against people?? These people are hurting. They need help not a game of Politics….

      • artisanr


      • dlasnier

        In the coldest winter months too!

      • Too bad the Republicans in power don’t think that way.

  • artisanr

    The answer should be one big gigantic flaming N O ! ! ! ! !

  • From a friend…

    I’m so freaking glad he asked for help… Now Obama can say “NO” and we can use it against him.. give a damn card to play.. WOO HOO. Idiots actually believe Perry asked thinking he’d get it.. Stupids

    • TexanagainstPerry

      Who said Perry thinks?


      you must be related to Rich

    • Ray Lusk

      You are an idiot. Obama will give the help. Obama is a real man. Unlike the clown show there in Texas.

      • artisanr

        I hope he does say NO because this was an accident in the PRIVATE INDUSTRY, and the private industry needs to pay for it. Saying NO will set a very important precedent for the future the next time we have tragedies like this and the PRIVATE INDUSTRY has their hand out to “mooch” off our “broke” government.

  • I swear, liberal tears have been leaking out of my computer screen today. It’s been glorious. Now jump in the lake.

  • Reason WHY so many voted NO on Hurricane Sandy relief… Look at the wasted money spent on New Orleans… Money pissed away with NO accountability! We don’t trust you new england crooks! Nuff said!

    • TexanagainstPerry

      Perry and his cronies are the crooks. It was actually proven. Just rednecks like you who didn’t finish the 5th grade don’t realize it, and keep voting for Gov Goodhair! “Nuff said!”

    • Swtex99

      Very well said!

    • Ray Lusk

      It wasn’t New England people that spent the money in New Orleans, it was Southern People. Get a clue.

    • Well, that l’il disaster down in New Orleans was Dubya’s rodeo, NOT Obama’s. And, last I checked, Dubya was a TEXAN. So, y’all might wanna get your facts straight, ‘fore you go spoutin’ off nonsense like that!

  • Gov Perry wants Texas to have it’s own Fort Knox, Texas wants to secede from the Union. Texas can take care of themselves.

    I’m sorry that people died and were hurt, homes were damaged. But I believe the company and their insurance should take care of this. It is not a natural disaster.

    When the Imperial Sugar Plant had it’s fire back in 2008 in Georgia. The company and insurance took care of that problem and now it is one of the most modern plants of it’s type in the world.

    Pull up your big boy pants Rick and take care of it with your so-called Texas style.

    • liberalTexan

      Texas doesn’t want to secede; very vocal whack jobs in Texas want Texas to secede.

      • artisanr

        unfortunately they are winning. Perry, Dubya, Cruz, etc. ARE getting elected. The loudest sqwaukers ruin it for everyone else, but we have to draw a line somewhere. NO to aid. This was a private accident, let the company go bankrupt paying for it!!

      • Henry

        You need to shut down the WacoJobs then, liberal. How bout a little civil disobedience down there.

    • From Texas : That state has has had so many lines for voting redrawn by the GOP it is incredible. The boundaries for the voting districts are laughable. They laws to allow it have been challenged but the deck is stacked. Hopefully some of the die hards for Perry even in those crazy districts will wake up soon.

  • Erika Frensley

    The fertilizer factory was there before the neighborhood. West, Texas is a town of 2800, of which more than 50 homes were destroyed, as was the school and a nursing home. At least 100 injured, possibly 15 dead – 1/10 of the town has been injured or killed, including first responders (many of whom were volunteer Fire Dept). Yes, Texas has a miserable workplace safety record, and nonexistent zoning, but this town has been utterly devastated. Just as it was reprehensible that the Radical GOP voted against Hurricane Sandy relief (and especially reprehensible coming from Hurricane-prone areas like Texas), this community, these people need help that only the Fed Gov’t has the resources to provide. I don’t think the business will survive – and then no one affected will get help. Rail against Perry all you want (I am working to get him out of office myself), rail at the radical GOP, but please don’t rail against the actual victims in this disaster. Just as with Sandy, it’s wrong, it’s unAmerican, and frankly, it’s tacky as hell.

    • Ray Lusk

      I agree with you. But the people of Texas need to get rid of the idiot politicians that preach limited government and then put their hand out. It’s great you are working to get Perry out, he needs to go. Many of the Reps from Texas need to go also. If the people of Texas want a Federal Government that has the resources to help in time of disaster, they need to quit sending politicians to Washington DC that vote to destroy the Federal Government. In addition if the people of Texas want a State that can properly supervise big businesses and respond to disasters they need to elect politicians at the State level that support a robust State government. It’s really that simple.

    • Erika, well said…. Yes, we need to help those people and then get those butts out of office…… I do agree….

    • This company, even if it will no longer be in business after this disaster, it should have had insurance. If I want to drive my car I have to have insurance just incase I damage other peoples property or impact other peoples lives. So why is this company not held to the same accountability? Just askin’

      • angie497

        And no one is saying that the company won’t be held financially accountable. The problem is, sorting out who is liable for what (there’s probably going to be multiple insurance companies involved) is going to take a while. For that matter, none of that can even start until the investigation into the cause is complete, because that’s going to play a part in the issue of liability. At best, that’s going to be days or weeks from now, possibly months. If your home or your business has been destroyed, if you’ve been injured and need medical treatment, you can’t wait for things to be sorted out.

        This may not be a natural disaster, but it’s still a situation where people need help immediately, and it’s exactly the sort of situation that emergency response agencies like FEMA are intended to address. The government can always subrogate against the plant and its insurance to be reimbursed.

    • Nobody is railing the victims in this disaster. Perry’s request was premature and hopefully will be denied NOT because of his unethical voting on previous disaster relief bills, but denied because this explosion, as devastating as it must be to this small town, was not a naturally caused disaster. It’s obvious that the business, regardless of depletion, along with it’s chosen insurer should be held accountable for any relief funds. The state happens to house a million millionaires and two billion billionaires, although someone who is as on point on the state’s shotty workplace safety record and disregard for zoning, someone such as yourself, would know this. By the way, and no offense is meant, but your post is too parental in it’s entirety. You may know more than me, but you certainly don’t know it all. I know what tacky is. Rather, I know who tacky is. But what tacky is NOT is a taxpayer who wants his/her opinion heard when government funding/tax dollar spending is being considered. And unless the freedom to speak our minds and opinions has been taken away there is nothing unAmerican about it. Good luck with your endeavor to remove Perry from office.

  • I’m quite certain that Congress will show Mr. Flores’ district all the same respect he showed for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Babagamma

    I wonder if there was any PORK and side agendas in Gov. Perry’s request. That is usually why good requests and ideas are voted down….more money for the pork and side jobs and other stupid requests than is necessary to take care of the REAL singular problem!!!! I wish all bills and financial requests, etc. were voted on individually and not lumped with stupid stuff!!!!!!!!!

    • Alot of us wish that also Babagamma. One issue, one agenda….

  • wilmbear

    conservative and republicans are only against hand out for everybody else not them and their friends look at all the tax dollars that go to their large corporate donors. Tax cut here incentive there, how about they pay their fare share. Pay roll tax doesn’t count because thats not their money thats money they took from employees paychecks and they get to keep a cutm of it.

  • The ones who vote against federal money when someone else needs it are always the first ones to ask for money when something happens to them.

  • Disaster relief? They need to be calling the private business’s insurance company. Don’t try and pass this off as a national disaster. This is a private workplace accident, just on a larger scale.

    I’m a general contractor. If I blow up someones house, I don’t get any welfare checks.

    • angie497

      If a house explodes when you’re working on it, do you (or your insurance company) just open up the checkbook? Or do you want to know why the house blew up before you assume that you’re liable? Are you going to want to know whether the explosion was caused by the actions of one of your employees, whether it was a break in a section of pipe owned by the gas company, or whether the homeowner did faulty repairs?

      ‘Just on a larger scale’ is a bit of an understatement. The company’s private insurance will probably be footing the bill in the end, depending on the cause of the accident, but today, there are people that need help. FEMA can bill the responsible party (or parties) once liability is determined.

      • Henry

        Agree with all you say, except it is the nut jobs in the Tea Party and far right and ‘religious’ (not!) right who want to shut down FEMA. No more FEMA for Texas, no prob.


    GO TO HE??! HE MADE HIS BED NOW LET HIM LAY IN IT….Don’t help until they put someone else in his office… So sorry for the Texans who didn’t vote him in!

  • Those who vote against federal funding for other districts should be deemed ineligible for any funding themselves for future events in their own district.

  • Unquestionably, we cannot violate Rick Perry’s God-Given beliefs in self-reliance. Frankly, why would the Federal Government want to subvert God’s will in this matter? God is in charge of the ammonia, the spark, the whole nine yards, and now Rick wants to undo God’s will?? Shocking.

    Yes, the Federal government SHOULD help those who were devastated by that explosion, as they should help the people in New Jersey, and Sandy Hook, and anywhere that American’s are suffering. Frankly, that’s what government is for.

  • Krista

    Leave the politics aside and worry about helping the community right now. Those people need our support. They don’t need politicians pointing fingers.

    • Yes, Krista, I agree. All this hate and angry words and people are suffering…. Sad……

  • Do you people ever stop and think for yourselves? Rick Perry was just one of 67 Republicans to vote Nay on the Sandy Relief Bill, and for good reason, I might add. It was a pork laden monstrosity, that 20% had nothing to do with Sandy Relief. Furthermore, the relief it called for wouldn’t come to fruition for greater than 21 months. You bunch of mouth breathers should be thanking him for trying to make the most out of our money, in the most expeditious manner. You’re all blinded by the messiah’s godliness.

    • Josh Kiem

      Rick Perry is the GOVERNOR of the State of Texas. You might want to read up on the US Constitution as to who gets to vote on the Sandy Relief Bill. Yes, we stop to think for ourselves.
      But we think of people OTHER than OURSELVES, as in the people who suffered through Katrina, Sandy, and yes, this fertilizer plant explosion. You might want to try it sometime.
      Speaking of pork laden monstrocities, there are an awful lot of defense plants and military installations in Texas that we pay for, as well as an oil depreciation allowance and other tax benefits that create stimulus and jobs in Texas.

  • Angie

    Is anyone actually surprised by this? I mean, really

  • No soup for Texas!

  • yeah we’re sick of Perry too. Too bad he hold the elite in Texas by the balls and it will be a while before his old ass is out of office.

  • Right now people are suffering. Yes, we see the hypocrisy. Yes, we know that the Politicans are for special interest and bill money. Yes, alot of people feel the insurance by the Company should pay; but these people need help now. Racism, Agendas and Special Interest Groups need to set aside and help those people.

  • duzitickle

    These elected assholes make me slightly ashamed to be a Texan right now. I’m sorry our officials are jerks. We’re not like them, I promise.

  • “I don’t want to be part of the united states, but i want the united states government to pay for the damages in my state” is basically what rick perry is saying with this.

    • I was thinking the same thing!!!!! I thought Texas wanted to secede from the U.S. Who would they be asking then?

  • Sage on the Hudson

    The people in West, Texas should get their federal aid…the moment that these ideological pricks they elected appear in Times Square on their KNEES and beg forgiveness of the people in the Tri-State area.

  • As much as my heart is with those in West TX, this was totally expected from the TPOGs.

  • Texas obviously has some very poor zoning laws. Communities should never be built near companies that deal with dangerous chemicals like this. It’s just asking for trouble. Mr. Perry….this is not a natural diseaster. It’s a diseaster caused by humans therefore the tab should be picked up by the company’s insurance carrier not the federal government.

  • yourstruly

    Shouldn’t Mr. Perry be ruled out as a suspect, first…

  • Douglas

    Texans pay into the federal coffers like everyone else in every other
    state, and they have to help pay for everyone else. Therefore it is
    debatable as to whether Governor Perry and Bill Flores are as
    hypocritical as insinuated. Just like with Obamacare, regional
    officials may be quite right about questioning it’s viability and
    constitutionality, while participating because their constituents would
    be unfairly penalized if they did not.

    And finally….always
    remember….that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung) were the most forward progressives of the 20th century.

    • ziggywiggy

      Texas takes in more than it gives back

  • @Joe Carlin. While working in Louisiana, I came across a large senior citizen home right next to a huge graveyard.

  • Carolyn Blake

    Throw the bum out!

  • Shannon Ealy

    So, I guess it was wrong for FL, AL, MS, and LA, to ask for fed funds after the gulf incident also? It was a business disaster, not an act of god. Oh, that’s right, in your life there is no such thing as god. My mistake.

    • angie497

      You’re missing the point, and it has nothing to do with religion. Try to keep up: politicians that oppose giving aid to others that need assistance are hypocrites to ask for that same aid for their own constituents.

  • LucidGal

    Sandy Hook was a widespread natural disaster. This is a business that effed up. No federal money, hombres.

  • prt1231

    Screw Perry and Flores. They want to be independent and not help others…let TX and the business pay ot it. I feel sorry for the people of TX who have a-holes for leaders.

  • Perry balanced the state budget with stimulus money AND creative accounting. In the last session the bill that provided the funding for the next 2 years actually only funded 18 months. The legislature had to pass a quick band-aid bill early in this current session to patch the gap. This is on top of all the massive cuts to education, volunteer fire departments, and other “unnecessary” expenditures.

  • aliberalsliberal

    insurance will pay for this not the govt….ask george bush for the money

  • unknown

    Texas produces almost everything America consumes, unless you don’t like commodities such as gas or diapers and etc, I don’t think you have a say in this. If it was up to me I would cut eveybody off the goods we produce.

    • ziggywiggy

      Texas takes in more Federal money than it gives out… NY pays out more than it receives….hmmmm

  • I lived in Texas during then the Bush era and the Perry era. They did that all the time, because we didn’t have the internet to keep us inform of they’re good ol boy tactics.

  • NotTexanAndProud

    Texans proudly vote for representatives that proudly vote against industrial safety regulations. This company has had issues since at least 2006. Just because you’re suddenly out of a home from an industrial accident doesn’t make it a federal responsibility to bail you out. Oh, and by the way, Texas already sucks out more federal money than it kicks in.

  • Why must dems always make a disaster a political issue…this area needs help and the man asking for it is the man in a posission to ask for it, makes no dif what political sway he is from, it is his people that need help! FFS

    • Blue Wolf Bosh

      “Why must dems always make a disaster a political issue…”

      What party are the Texas politicians who voted against federal assistance for states and citizens devastated by Hurricane Sandy?
      The same ones who are first in line when a disaster hits close to home. The same politicians who preach less regulation, less safety and environmental inspections, less zoning restrictions but when those factors combine with corporate greed and result in preventable “accidents” that wreaks destruction and death on those businesses, workers, first responders and innocent citizens as well as the environment, Texas politicians look to Washington to bail them out with tax dollars from American citizens both from Texas and the other 49 states.

      That’s today’s ayn rand libertarian teapublican theology; “me, me, me, me, fuck you, me, me, me, me”. Unfortunately the “me, me, me, me” doesn’t include most of the citizens they are elected to serve, but does include for profit corporations that avoid regular safety inspections by the obstruction, underfunding and under-staffing of OSHA, the EPA and any other organization charged with protecting “We the People”.

      Also under Rick Perry in 2011, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires by 75%. During the 2011 wildfire season around 27,976 fires burned 3,959,040 acres, 2,862 homes, and over 2,700 other structures were destroyed. A woman and her 18-month old child died when their home was engulfed in flames as well as two firefighters. Rick Perry sought and received millions in federal disaster relief.

  • Screw them….NO MONEY FOR THIS!!!!!!!! Karma’s a bitch Ricky!!!!!

  • jim roby

    I’m sorry for the victims but let’s face it. These folks allowed this business to flout every effort for the government to regulate workplace safety. The ironic part of this is the fertilizer plant is gone. With this bit of justice served, screw those tea baggers. Let em find some solace and recovery in church, it’s the Texas way.

  • This is a private business that decided profit was more important than safety. They are financially responsible for their own mistakes. Trying to pawn it off on the taxpayers of this country is absolutely ridiculous. It’s about time private businesses in this country start taking responsibility for their own mistakes. A natural disaster is one thing. Negligence is another.

  • May the Presidents compassion and common sense prevail over Texas politicians narrow mindedness. Mercy!

  • don Hudson

    Two Tongued, Texas Twits, can vote Sandy Relief down?? Now, Secession Suck-ass, Loon Star State, Skunk Buckets, have both hands out, wanting Uncle Sam to ease their Pain?? Texas Rattlesnakes, refused relief for Sandy Hurricane?? Please Secede Texas!! Take Turd Cruz, Prick Perry, Loser Loony Louie, & The Crawfish from Crawford with Ya!! Cross that Red River/ Redneck Reptiles!!

  • jabberwocky

    Is this news?

  • Henry

    Can you please investigate also their stances on government regulations such as OSHA, Process Safety regulations, environmental regulations, emergency preparedness planning, etc? This is crazy.

  • lilyvonshtupp00

    As I read these posts..what comes to my mind is, What is wrong with you people ?

  • James G

    What ever comes of this, I think it would be good to remind gov.Perry what it means to need and want! It seems impossible to think that a small company would have insurance enough to cover this huge amount of damage. President Obama should go directly to the village and by-pass the gov., possibly eliminating the opportunity of Perry profiting from this disaster! It would be good to know which was there first, the village or the fertilizer plant. Such an operation should never be near a village.

    • Josh Kiem

      Constitutionally, the President cannot give aid unless/until the Governor or Legislature of Texas asks for it.

  • Josh

    All assets of this company, including shareholder assets, should be immediately frozen pending investigation.

    If it is decided that the company is at fault, all expenses should come out of the said assets.

    If this bankrupts the company, then too bad. It will serve as a message to other corporations, and their investors, that they need to think about more than their bottom line.

  • Kay L

    It doesn’t matter what the republicans did. The people of West, Texas are suffering hard, and need help. I for one will be upset if Obama doesn’t say anything. Politics should not stand in the way of our people.

    • Blue Wolf Bosh

      “Politics should not stand in the way of our people.”
      You are right, though politics and politicians stood in the way of east coast citizens needing help after Hurricane Sandy, just as they did following the tornado in Joplin Mo. in 2011.
      Politics and politicians avoided regular safety inspections by the obstruction, underfunding and under-staffing of OSHA, the EPA and any other organization charged with protecting “We the People” from preventable “accidents” that wreak destruction and death on businesses, workers, first responders and innocent citizens as well as the environment.
      Politics and politicians under Rick Perry in 2011, slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires by 75%. During the 2011 wildfire season around 27,976 fires burned 3,959,040 acres, 2,862 homes, and over 2,700 other structures were destroyed. A woman and her 18-month old child died when their home was engulfed in flames as well as two firefighters.
      In all these events politics and politicians stood “in the way of our people.”; of “We the People”. and in all these cases President Obama and others offered assistance to “our people”; and “We the People” in spite of the objections and obstructions of politics and politicians.

  • All Texas needs to do is establish a state income tax effective immediately, that should be more than enough to take care of their business. This is not a federal problem, it’s a business problem. So if Texans are taxed to take care of their own business, then they will also have the ability to pursue reimbursement in court. Unfortunately, while I feel very sad for those who were killed, injured, and lost everything, I believe that this is the wake-up call for Texans in 2014. What goes around comes around…none of my tax money for you!

  • Proud to call Texas home, but Rick Perry is an idiot.

  • Dave Maschek

    When Texas conservatives say they want businesses to self-regulate, this is what it looks like. Oops! We blew up half the town.

  • This was caused by errors. This is localized and NOT a natural disaster. Private business should cover the cost of making this right.

  • Moose

    The lousy part is, they’ll get the money too! And yeah, the business should indeed be held responsible. Unlikely though.

  • LAguy323

    time he threatened to secede, then begged for fed $ to build a fence to
    keep out all those pesky Messicans. He talks out of his face & his culo at the
    same time.

  • Perry’s got a lot of nerve. i feel sorry for those poor people whose lives have been destroyed by this horrific event, and i have no issues with the government coming to their aid- but that prick of a governor in Texas really should stick to his so-called ‘conservative’ values and make that company bleed to death if it must in order to take care of those poor people.

  • waldoB

    well…well…I guess the government is needed after all!!!

  • facts Please

    This is more of a pitty anty rant then a news column. When you grow up please come back and start writing again.

  • Remember Hurricane Sandy. I feel bad for the people of West Tx but to the politicians of Texas that voted against funding Sandy Relief, stick it in your arse!

  • As a Texan, I feel we should follow Chief Justice Roberts advice. “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”
    Trust me, I can guarantee many of those now wanting helping were sneering down not to long ago at those in need. People need to follow the garbage they spew daily.

  • Sorry you get NOTHING

  • Annie

    I worked with the American Red Cross for two weeks with hurricane Sandy the devastation is unbelievable. This is a totally different thing. Insurance money should pay to repair the businesses. It was not a natural disaster so why should they get federal aid?

  • andygee

    It seems to be a common thread- when it’s “the other guy,” you fight having to help, when it’s your town or your own kid that turns out to be gay, everything changes, doesn’t it? How bout this: all those folks you think are so very different from you……aren’t.

  • Private business should be responsible for clean up, not federal government. This was not anatural disaster

  • carole brodey

    Mr. Flores, You and Governor Perry must now realize that safety inspections needed to be made in a much more timely fashion. It is not the Taxpayers job to give Texas money because your State did not do their job properly. I am sure that business has insurance. I agree, It was not a natural disaster. Your Safety Inspectors visited that site 38 years ago.

  • This was a private company disaster so they need to go to the private company.. Tax payers are not required to pay for disasters caused by mismanagement in a company unless it affects the environment – which in this case it does not… Perry and Flores are just going to use the denial as a political tool for the tools who think that this should be paid for by the taxpayers…

  • Please show me the vote record where Congress by Bill Flores voted against Federal assistance for the State, County or Parish, and Cities affected by Sandy. The vote that I remember was against assistance to individuals.

  • Oh this is crazy.. The very same people below who think tax payer dollars should go and help people in a private business catastrophe are the very same ones who have issues with tax payer dollars going to help majority of americans get food stamps, education, healthcare.. Go away.. Figure it out yourselves.. Next time don’t be so friggin stupid to vote stupid people into office – just because they are republicans…

  • Gigi

    To bad it would be un-Christian to make they wait as long as New Jersey had to wait.

  • RJ

    I’m curious to know how this “town” voted when Texas was looking to succeed from the Union!!! Anybody???
    Be careful what you wish for. You may need the opposite one day!!!

  • The business should be held responsible, BUT this is a super chance for the liberals to tack on some money for zoos, clinics, and whatever else they wanted to fund with “:Sandy” money!

  • Irritated

    “As always, when Republicans want help from the “big bad government” and
    federal money, they’re usually the first in line demanding sweeping
    regulations or funding for what they want. It’s only when that
    same government opposes their ideology or spends money on someone else
    that suddenly it’s “giant government and out of control government

    It goes both ways moron. Denying funds for one “disaster” and then begging when it’s your state involved is just asinine. But people like you are why this country and it’s government can’t get anything done. To busy pointing fingers from behind a computer screen or other “cover”

    A billion friggin websites now days. And a billion wannabe “reporter/writers” that can’t just report news any more.


  • Plhamel

    This is the result of a 28 year inspection gap. Hopefully this will begin to change the attitude that less regulation is a good thing. It isn’t. Now the secessionist governor Perry is asking for money to clean this mess up.

  • LH

    Hurricane Sandy was a natural disater and Perry voted NO MONEY. What goes around, comes around. Call us when you have a disaster caused by NATURE, not corporations and man…and then we’ll say, “NO MONEY” to you!

  • GarysInSoCal

    They BOTH deserve federal relief funds… and every overpaid senator and congressman should take a SERIOUS cut in their ridiculously overpaid salaries to fund it.

  • Guest

    WHO deletes messages here after they’re posted?

  • Linda Mitchell

    President Obama – Just Say NO!! The corporation that had a failure of some kind here either in failure to follow safety regulations or whatever should be paying for this; they and their insurance company, not the American people Damn hypocrites.

  • I understand that this is hypocritical of them based on their past decisions, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t ask for help. We need to think about this as humans and not let our prejudice get the best of us. Though, i think it should be pointed out to Perry and the senator that they are being hypocritical, I hope the government employees act as humans for once and still helps the families that were devastated by the explosion

    • Noting that the business should also help and be put as most responsible.

  • Sign the Budget of the President or in Perry’s case, have your KKK friends in the House and Senate sign it and then we’ll see if there is any money for you there. At this time there is none…as you should know, there is a budget crisis.

  • As far as I am concerned, no Federal relief. It is a private business and insurance should cover this. The hypocrites in Texas want their cake and eat it too. After they told the Sandy survivors to go F off…..

  • David Blackburn

    this wasn’t a natural disaster. It was probably caused by lax or no regulation. I say no disaster relief. The private business is responsible and should be liable for all damages caused by its actions.

  • Newts4thWife

    Republicans + Hypocrites = Par for the Course

    • chris

      And they’re different from the Democrats how?

  • Keen

    It MAY be that this company was in willful and deliberate disregard to Homeland Security laws re: storage of ammonium nitrate. Since this caused many MORE deaths, and much MORE destruction than the Boston event, should owners of this company be prosecuted as terrorists? Is breaking the law and causing death and destruction permissible, if it is pursuit of profit?

  • The Sandy Relief bill had over $20 billion worth of pork in it. Why vote for that crap?