What A Nation Might Look Like Built on Republican Ideology

AhmedinejadRepublicans believe that their ideology is what the United States needs in order to be “successful and prosperous.” Which always forces me to ask the question, “If conservative ideology is so wonderful, why are so many of their states poor, rank near the bottom in median family income and their citizens have shorter life expectancy than people living in “liberal states?” Of course it’s a rhetorical question because most conservatives either won’t answer the question or simply deny that it’s true.  It’s a question which challenges their cognitive dissonance, which means for many they simply can’t grasp the conflicting realities of what they want to believe and what’s actually there. But it did get me to thinking, what kind of country do these people want?  What might it be like?  What would their social structures be like?

So, I decided I’d try to paint a picture of what kind of nation these people want. Based upon what I’ve seen many Republicans support, if they had their way, they would have a country that:

  • Had a government based upon theocracy where all but one religion is vilified.
  • Women are seen as secondary citizens to men, and their rights would often be determined by only men.
  • Rape victims would often be viewed as poorly as those who committed the crime.
  • Prayer would be required in schools.
  • Homosexuality would be seen as an abomination.
  • Contraceptives would be strongly frowned upon or would be outright illegal.
  • Voting laws, and rules, would be structured to favor a particular section of its citizens.
  • Having an abortion would be an offense equal to murder (and punished as such).
  • Immigrants wouldn’t be welcome.
  • Anyone who opposed Republican beliefs would be viewed as an enemy to God and country.
  • Nationalism would be used as a tool to breed intolerance of anyone different.
  • Same-sex marriage wouldn’t be legal.
  • Homosexuals wouldn’t be allowed to adopt children.
  • Education would be manipulated by the theocratic beliefs of the government.

Wait, this all sounds very familiar.  I know I’ve heard of a country that shares many of these same values…

Oh that’s right—Iran.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • TommyNIK

    The constitution would prevent an overt theocracy. The dominionists and the Christo-fascists know that. Having said that, I believe that those same people are trying to institute their religious beliefs in a more “stealthy” manor. Opposition to gay marriage, abortion, and contraception are based upon religious dogma. Yet look at what’s happening concerning women’s reproductive rights.

    We have state governors trying to get state aid to voucher schools for no other reason than to teach creationism to young children, not to mention revisionist history.

    Dominionists infest our government in high places. Read “The Family” by Jeff Sharlet (2007) and prepare to be shocked.

    We are not a “Christian nation” but a nation full of Christians with an agenda. This cannot be ignored. It’s painfully obvious.

    • bailey78

      Republicans are doing what they can to remove our rights and null & Void the constitution.

    • DRoberts001

      Not Christians really. I’m not a Christian. In fact I don’t believe in any religion really. But aren’t Christians supposed to honour the teachings of Christ? Hmmmmmmm.

      • cajquark

        That is one of my complaints about most fundamentalist Christians; they are more adamant about practicing and enforcing the theology of the Old Testament with its vengeful, intolerant, kill-anyone-who-does-not-worship-him god. One of the ideas I learned in my religion classes in Catholic school was that Jesus not only came to save humankind but to bring a new truth: forgiveness; helping the poor; faithful worship.
        While I am no longer a believer, I do think that those who profess to be Christians need to be more like Christ and less like Abraham.

      • jeczaja

        In all religions, there are “by the book” control freaks and “by the spirit” followers. “The letter,” Jesus said, “Kills. The spirit gives life.” Must be careful not to tar all Christians with same brush.

      • Arlene B

        They r supposed to, but apparently the new Jesus of the right wing does not bear any resemblance to the Jesus revealed in the New Testament gospels.

    • lindylou

      “The constitution would prevent an overt theocracy.”
      Sorry but the Constitution of the United States would be one of the first things to go in the form we have now.

  • Bertram Allen

    Prayer in school was, and in some countries is, a REALLY GOOD THING.

    • Kristine Armstrong Woodworth

      So, can we assume that you support the Muslim call to prayer multiple times a day in our schools?

      • Bertram Allen

        They should have that right, it is a way of life with many/most of them. Racisim is UGLY.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        And you know as well as I do the majority of right-wing fundamentalists in the US would have a stroke if that happened. I’m glad you seem to be open-minded.

    • Kristine Armstrong Woodworth

      So can we assume you support the Muslim call to prayer multiple times a day in all our schools?

      • Bertram Allen

        They can be accomodated in separate rooms if needed. Kristine, racisim is UGLY.

      • Kristine Armstrong Woodworth

        Of course, that’s exactly the point, Bertram. Discriminating against any religions is the same as the state establishing one. If you allow one religion to pray in school, you must allow all of them. And who will draw the line as to which is an acceptable religion? Will you allow me to pray to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Who is the arbiter? I would rather keep ALL religion out of school and in the home or church.

      • Charles Vincent

        “I would rather keep ALL religion out of school and in the home or church.”
        This effectually denies people the rights granted them under the constitution as it prevents them from freely engaging in their chosen form of worship.

      • SehWho

        Students don’t have the rights granted to citizens while inside school.

      • Charles Vincent

        Says who? The school?

      • Grace Kelly

        Why must prayers be heard by others? Can’t a student silently pray to whomever they want? Or does prayer only count when forced upon others? Is the objective to pray, or convert non-believers? If it is the latter, it isn’t prayer, it’s propaganda.

      • Jeffrey Allender

        No, it doesn’t. They can enroll their children in a private school that allows them to worship who they choose.

      • Charles Vincent

        Firstly not everyone can afford private school. Secondly it still infringes on their freedom to practice religion please reread the first amendment it says the government shall make no law abridging…

      • Hammond Eggs

        Charles, there is not now, nor was there ever a Federal law passed that denies children the opportunity to pray in school. That prayer simply cannot be lead by a teacher or school staff member. Do some research.

      • Charles Vincent

        I never implied that please reread my comment. If they refuse to allow children the time to exercise their right to worship in what ever manner they choose the are violating the first amendment.

      • Grace Kelly

        School is not a place of worship, it is a place to learn. Church is a place of worship. At school, anyone can pray anytime, as long as they do it silently, and the school has no part in organizing or promoting any religion. I assert that prayer is very popular at school, especially during exams.

      • Aldous

        Well then, isn’t it interesting that schools which tried to introduce yoga and meditation faced swift and hysterical opposition from whom??? The Christians.

      • Charles Vincent

        Incase you missed it I covered that in my statement and whether its a moment to pray or to meditate or what ever people should get to do so period. Should we exercise some common sense in applying this to the topic absolutely.

      • Sherri G

        I thought that was stupid because both can be and is taught via the U.S. version without any religious indoctrination. The program in CA had NO religious undertone AND was helping the kids. They should have left that one alone.

      • Dixie

        School is for learning. If class has to be disrupted all the time so different someones can go pray, how much class time is left? If someone wants to pray silently at their desk or needs to go to the cloak room at certain times with a rug, without disrupting the rest, no one should stop them, but making concessions for all religions every day is unworkable. If they must go pray, they are responsible for finding out what they missed and learning it. Otherwise, leave it at home. Also, to get along in the world and not labeled ignorant, kids must learn things that maybe their religion doesn’t agree with. Parents’ responsibility to teach their opinion, not the school.

      • Charles Vincent

        School is as good a place as any to be taught tolerance. I never said it was schools responsibility to teach an opinion.

      • Ken

        No. No it doesn’t. And in any case, school isn’t the place for worship. That would be church, temple, mosque.

      • Charles Vincent

        Says who you? Who are you to decide that for someone other than yourself.

      • Ken

        “Who says”? The founding fathers, that’s who. They said the federal and state governments could NOT establish a religion. So, in public schools neither administrators nor staff nor teachers can LEAD students in prayer. The students can still pray anytime they want. The school just can’t endorse it. As a matter of fact, students pray in school all the time. Right before a test, when they’re about to get beaten up by a bully or in the last hour of the school day. Some even form prayer groups after school. So, no. I didn’t decide that for someone else. The constitution does that.

      • Charles Vincent

        “The constitution does that.”
        No it doesn’t it says the state cannot sponsor a specific religion, it says nothing about the state allowing people to practice freely.

        “So, in public schools neither administrators nor staff nor teachers can LEAD students in prayer.”
        I never said this in any of my posts nor did I imply it.

      • Rufnuk

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” I think people are misrepresenting the First Amendment. While it states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, nowhere does it prohibit the customary practice of any religion.

      • Guest

        I’m okay wi religion in school as long as the student partake in payer during their own time (lunch/recess). A forced prayer time goes way too far.

      • Charles Vincent

        Not forced, optional as in they can choose too one way or the other.

      • jeczaja

        Keeping church and state separate protects church. Imagine the Church of USA? Horrors.

    • Bobbie McMillan

      What does praying to a god who does not answer prayers do? What good is it to pray to a god who lets 5,000 of his “little ones” die every day? What good is it to pray to a god who sanctions the murder of countless lives? What good does it do to pray to a god who can’t even get his cult followers to decide which is his true word? What good does it do to pray to a god that shows his miracles by letting you find your lost cell phone but won’t stop the man who beats his wife and children? What good does it do to teach our children the absurdity that god answers prayers?

      • Bertram Allen

        I will pray for you Bobbie

      • zonmoy

        who would want you calling on your demon lord.

      • motherunit

        The “I will pray for you” is the xtian version of the southern woman saying “Bless your heart.” Both usually said with a treacly voice and total lack of sincerity.

      • Bertram Allen

        Actually, I DID pray fro Bobbie. Progressive Consevatisim is for Quacks.

      • Baaly

        “I talk to god but the sky is empty”…quoting Plath is all I’m doing 😉

      • Bobbie McMillan

        I have picked up the pieces of babies from the highway who were ejected through windshield while the momma cried for her child and the drunk driver just sat and looked around. I have fruitlessly performed CPR on old women while their husbands begged me to do something. I have wiped the blood up from where a young man bullied one time too many decided to end his pain. I have been slapped in the face by women who screamed at me for not being able to save their husbands. I have tried to clean the blood from the faces of women who clung to me and cried, “Why would he hurt me? I love him.” I watched as Prions disease stole her brain in only 2 years. I have held the love of my life, the one who made me whole while she took her last breath. AND NOT ONE TIME DID ANY OF THE PRAYING THAT WENT ON DO A DAMN BIT OF GOOD!

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Keep your public displays of stupidity and prayer to yourself.

      • Jeffrey Allender

        I say let them worship who they want, to themselves. If they want to pray to their christian god, so be it, or any other god who they choose. It just needs to be done quietly to themselves.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Keep your prayers for yourself. What makes you so special and so full of arrogance to think your god would listen to you and no one else? Saying I will pray for you is used when people know they are wrong and is simply a means to garner attention for themselves. It really means, “Look at me! See how good I am! I’m special! God listens to me!” When the truth is not one single thing has ever been accomplished through all you fake piousness and prayer.

    • Morgan Sheridan

      And the pagan kids in schools can cast their circles and chant for the god/dess, celebrating the new, full and waning moons and the planting/harvest cycles of nature?

      • robingee

        LOL, can you imagine the PTA busybodies clutching their pearls in shock?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Oh! My vapors!

      • cspatrick

        And can’t you imagine the shock and horror on the faces of parents when their kids come home and tell Mom and Dad that a little boy spread his prayer rug, faced Mecca and bowed down, chanting his prayer in a foreign language! 😉

    • I Once Was Andrew

      It wasn’t and isn’t.

    • robingee

      Kids can pray all they want in school. We just don’t want it to be forced or mandatory, especially when its not your religion or you have no religion!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        And how much you wanna bet Bertram Allen won’t come back to this?

      • Bertram Allen

        How are you today self confessed Curmudgeon? I’m here. I’ll stand for my faith any, and every time. : )

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I have faith as well. I just don’t believe in inflicting it on anyone else.

      • zonmoy

        mostly to abuse others with it.

      • Bertram Allen

        If you don’t want to pray, I’ll pray for you.

      • robingee

        sure that helps

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      How so? Does it make the country/people better and can you prove it? Does that mean the churches were failing, so that’s why prayer had to be in school.

      • Bertram Allen

        I am not saying prayer should be forced on anyone. It should be availabe for those who want it.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Yeah, you did. You said, “Prayer in school was, and in some countries is, a REALLY GOOD THING.” Maybe I misread, but I interpreted that as “prayer in US schools has been banned.” Private prayer hasn’t been banned; prayer led by the school has.

      • motherunit

        It is available. In church.

      • Jeffrey Allender

        If someone wants to bow their head quietly and pray, I see no problem with it. It should be done quietly to themself. If you dont want to pray, you shouldnt be forced to. I see no problem with prayer in school as long as one particular religion isnt pushed onto everyone….it should be non denominational prayer

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        AMEN Brother!

      • Carol Lynn

        Your Christian privilege is showing. “Non-denominational” is a form of Christian prayer not something that all religious and not-religious people could possibly agree on. A student could easily be an atheist and see no value at all in any prayer and yet you would would force your “non-denominational prayer” on them. Could Christians of all denominations, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Mormons, Wiccans, Unitarians, Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and about sixty other separate religions and some atheists and agnostics agree on even the *form* of a “non-denominational prayer” much less approve any common content? Only naive believers think God won’t be able to figure out they are praying without the head bowing, or the body bobbing, or the floor touching, or doing whatever other motions and gestures they have come up with to signify piety. Pray in school, if you must, not just quietly but only in your head so no one knows you are doing it, and leave the outward gestures of piety at home and in church.

    • Peggy Fischer Kesler


    • DRoberts001

      Prayer is OK for anyone if that’s what they choose. Just not in schools please.

      • Bertram Allen

        Privately in school should be acceptable.

      • robingee

        It is. So there you go.

      • Jeffrey Allender

        i agree with that…and Im agnostic.

    • auntymama

      If you are a Christian, you are free to pray wherever you want to; you don’t have to do it out loud for show (according to the Bible); you are to do it reverently & to the Lord, in private & no one can stop you from doing that. Problem is, too many people want to do it for show & want to force everyone to join in, whether they are Christian or not. And… I’m a Christian.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Yeah. I don’t get cable but many of my friends were deliriously happy that in Duck Dynasty showed them praying & they waxed poetically about how wonderful that was…I didn’t get it. We eat out frequently & often see people with heads bowed, hands joined, etc praying over a meal…Big whoopie. No one says anything to them. They aren’t hauled out or made fun of. I guess I am not “Christian” enough anymore. But I don’t remember seeing anyone thrown into jail for prayer in America…

      • Bertram Allen

        Everyone to their own……

      • zonmoy

        though considering what the bible says about prayer, their own god is very likely to throw them in hell for it.

      • Bertram Allen

        I’ll leave you to your cinisesisum. Good luck with that.

      • robingee

        no one knows what that word means

      • Bertram Allen

        You need God in your life.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon


      • motherunit

        Home schooled, I’m guessing?

    • Bart

      Matthew 6:5-13

      New Living Translation (NLT)

      Teaching about Prayer and Fasting

      5 “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get. 6 But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

      7 “When you pray, don’t babble on and on as people of other religions do. They think their prayers are answered merely by repeating their words again and again. 8 Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him! 9 Pray like this:…….

    • jeczaja

      Fact is, anyone can pray silently at any time, anywhere. Math tests inspire piety.

    • Sym Smith

      A Prayer to whom?… A pledge to self sufficiency…yes. The notion of “God”..is an enormous one, with no two individuals seeing it exactly the same. There are concepts on which we all should agree. They may fall among the many religions…but a pledge to
      one Religion….”NO”..!!

    • Baaly

      Yeah. In the UK, prayer in school is still pretty acceptable. We prayed in school and were taught religious education. This lead me to ultimately to a higher education in theology which, in turn, enhanced my atheism. So yes, it can ‘do good’.

      • Bertram Allen

        Another lost soul.

      • Baaly

        No, just a person who is too old to believe in fairy tales.

    • Gini Barrett

      Prayer in school is perfectly legal in the U.S. today and always has been. The prohibition is on the school choosing and requiring the prayer. Any school can declare a period of contemplation that can be used for prayer, be it a minute or a half hour, as long as every prays quietly to themselves (or privately where they would not intimidate or disrupt others) and chooses their own prayer – or nonprayer. The prohibition is not upon the act, but on requiring everyone to fit into one religious box. Schools choose not to try to walk this political minefield for good reasons. Students often say – prayer is alive in well in schools – prior to and during every exam.

    • Ken

      Thing is, kids can pray in school anytime they want. The school just can’t, and shouldn’t, lead/force them to pray.

  • robingee

    They scream about Sharia Law taking over the USA (cuckoo, cuckoo) but then advocate the very same things, only under a Christian umbrella. So it’s OK!

    • AlfredLehmberg

      It’s a tactic they employ used by the likes of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich… they accuse what THEY are doing so they can hide in the dust raised. Scurrilous! Repugs extinct in 2014.

  • proud2beDem

    The ones who spew the religious dogma are the people that live in a box that was buried thousands of years ago , they take the literal meaning and try to apply it to today and it will never work . Organized religion is slowly dying because it is outdated for our times . Like my Nana use to say “those that live in glass houses shouldn’t through stones”.

    • Baaly

      They try to take some literal meaning, yet ignore the inconsistencies within the text which make a lot of their stances a) obsolete, and b) nonsensical. While this turn to implement a theocratic rule is scaring the life out of me (how long until I have to walk three steps behind my husband in the supermarket by law?), the positive I can see is that atheism is on the rise.

      However, and this is an important point, atheists are banned from running for office in certain states, Texas being one of them. This means that no one here is able to be a representative for this growing population of ‘out of the closet’ atheists, such as myself, and thus our views/opinions are not being considered on a political level.

      Maybe, and I live in hope for this, the atheist agenda will follow in suit now that other important social policies (repeal of DOMA, for example) are garnering more political support.

      By the way, I think your Nana and my dear aunt would have got on great. She would complete the “those who live in glass houses” line with “bugger them all, big and small” 🙂 I proudly submit her tag line.

      • Grace Kelly

        Is it legal for Texas to ban atheists to run for election?

      • Baaly

        Grace, I don’t know about the legality as it is discriminatory. I think there’s 6 (or 7) stated which don’t allow us to run for offices.

      • Karey Cummins

        Texas Constitution Article 1, Sec. 4. Religious Tests. No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.

      • John Cross

        Definitely unconstitutional. Surprising it has not been challenged.

      • cspatrick

        It is a part of the Texas constitution. It is probably not legal, but I don’t think it has ever been challenged.

  • MarkBousquet

    Add to that list the extremes of Christofascism…

    * Women would be returned to the possession of men, either their husband, father, or brother (or the state to marry you off if those three don’t exist)
    * Gay people will all be exterminated
    * Only white heterosexual males of property will have the right to vote
    * Blacks will be forced back into slavery, refusal will result in death
    * All latinos/hispanics will be put on ships to send them back to Mexico. In the middle of the sea they will all be dumped out. The private contractors running the ships are thinking about the bottom line and fuel costs $$$! 😉

    • MarkBousquet

      * Unbridled capitalism
      * Total devastation and pollution of all our natural resources especially of the national parks.
      * No more minimum wage
      * Etc.

    • robingee

      Men would be able to marry their guns.

      • Haterpatrol

        Lets see them rape that smith and wesson.

      • hpdonle

        Stop giving them ideas.

      • Arizona Willie

        Most of the tea-baggers stick their tiny johnsons down the barrel of a pistol .. a .22.

      • Baaly

        And a spate of these marriages will be shown on Jerry Springer….

    • Vicki Trusselli

      they are bigots and backward idiots

    • louis

      this is the first time i ever heard the term Christofacism, but i think it hits the nail right on the head. you should def copyright that term, its kinda genius and very well fitting.

  • Persian

    All of your remarks do not describe Iran. They only describe your perception of Iran. For instance, contraception is readily available there; many people of different religions live there (except Ba’hai); voting is not restricted; rape victims are not treated the same as the rapist; Iran is second in the world after Thailand for sex change operations. Do your research. Stop depending on mass media for your information.

    • DrRick65041

      Yes Iran does have the second highest rate of srs…but why? Most are done because homosexuality is punishable by death and srs is seen as the only option. You need to do your homework as well.

    • corwin02

      True rape victims are not treated the same as rapists, rapists go free , rape victims are tossed in jail , voting in a one party system is not voting , trans-sexuality is condoned as long as they keep a low profile, stop depending on wikipedia for your answers !

      • Baaly

        Ummm, maybe with a handle like “persian” he speaks from personal cultural/locational experience?

    • Jan

      Stop being a smart aleck. The author did not say ALL of his points describe Iran. You completely ignored the sentence, “I know I’ve heard of a country that shares many of these same values.”

  • Persian

    In Iran, abortions are legal in Iran if the health of the mother of infant is at risk.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    Good points!

  • D Daigneault

    I’m not a republican but do all republican’s fit this profile? Or just the loudest? And putting the picture of an obvious middle eastern Muslim under the title is manipulative. Why do both sides, and is there really only 2 sides, have to resort to Them (Republicans) = BAD and Us (not Republican, not fundamental Christian, Pro a Woman’s Right to choose, Pro Gun Control) = GOOD? Have we completely given up on the millions of us somewhere in the middle?

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      The whack-job wing of the Republican party fits that profile. Sadly, they seem to be in the majority.

      • Rufnuk

        They’re just loudest.

    • Gini Barrett

      Not all Republicans fit all of this profile but it seems that all Republicans fit parts of it. And all Republicans have ceded control of the party to those who fit all of the profile and are daily engaged in a contest to take the extremes further and further. The seeds to this mess were planted by the Reagan administration, and their foreign policy planted similar seeds in the oil / Middle Eastern countries. These trees, both foreign and domestic, have grown and are now bearing fruit. Lots and lots of horrible fruit. Every vote for a Republican during these years has been a vote leading us in this direction. So, yes, all Republicans are part of this. Being blind followers to obviously hateful and harmful ideas and growing extremism and dishonesty makes one responsible for the results. The world held the German people responsible for ceding control to Hitler and the Nazis. We are – sadly – responsible for allowing the rise of the American Taliban / Randian nutjobs. The horrors they will visit upon the earth and upon humanity are not yet fully realized, but certainly the end of democracy in America has been achieved.

      • Aldous

        That is the most intelligent response I have read all day. Kudos.

      • Ken

        Just remember, those “American Taliban / Randian nut jobs”, are, in fact, fascist. Just like the Nazis.

  • JoeBS

    You left out that the streets would be cluttered with trash and all the asphalt (if there was any at all) would be cracked and broken. Bridges would be falling apart. Maintenance of these things would have to be outsourced to private industries since Republicans traditionally are against anything that would increase spending to infrastructure, and their voters are taught to buy the line that any such maintenance represents “Big Government.” Schools, likewise, would be privatized and only the wealthy could afford them past a certain age. Imagine a country where you pay Walmart a bridge toll, and your kid’s education came with a mortgage from Chase.

    • Haterpatrol

      That sounds like…the Tea Party version of the US of A.

    • Aldous

      The world you just described sounds like that from The Hunger Games. Wealthy corporations would take the place of world governments, and every single human being would belong to them.

    • Wendy Emlinger

      If that’s what they want, they should move to Mexico where they already have all that. But on the other hand Mexico provides healthcare for their citizens so that wouldn’t do. Ah, Somalia, no infrastructure, no big government, no schools, no healthcare only the very rich and the desperately poor. They should feel right at home.

    • John Cross

      “…and your kid’s education came with a mortgage from Chase.” Thanks to Saint Reagan this is already true, It used to be that you could pay your tuition at a first class public university by working summers and being frugal. Not anymore.

  • Frank DiSalle

    More proof that liberals don’t anything about conservatism.

    • Jeff Blanks

      OK, then, school us.

    • Baaly

      …Said the stereotypical republican demographic representative.

      • Frank DiSalle

        Oooooh, you got me !
        Too bad you can’t possibly refute it…

      • Frank DiSalle

        Cool unsubstantiated, nonresponsive smear. How liberal of you. More proof that liberals know nothing about Republicans/conservatives.

    • Frank DiSalle

      should read “that liberals don’t KNOW”

  • Wendy Fox

    Sorry I am a republican and I dont agree or believe any of that stated above. I know many other Republicans and they dont fit the bill either. Stop believing what is being spoon fed to you by the Liberal Left. You only believe what the media wants you to think. Those of the republican party that do fit that bill are extreme. Just the same as a liberal thinker does not fit in a box, we dont either. Open your minds close your boxes, we are all humans wanting a better life!

    • Jeff Blanks

      Well, now you know what it’s like being a liberal. We’ve had to deal with the Conservative Right calling us Communists for decades–I guess the taste of your own medicine isn’t that sweet, is it?

      We want a better life not just for ourselves, but for everyone. If you can show us how to do that, well, let’s hear it–assuming your idea of a better life is the same as ours, of course. One thing I can tell you is that OUR extremists only seem to want to punish the big guys, not the little guys. The fact that the kind of extremists we’re writing about do seem to have a home in the Republican Party is bad enough. Where are our extremists? Probably not in the Democratic Party, for one thing. What are they proposing? Probably not the subjugation of anyone.

    • Baaly

      If you want a better life, why do you vote for career politicians who aren’t in it for the betterment of humanity, only for the rich and big businesses? Do you fit into one of those categories? Likely not.

      Living in Texas and experiencing the theocratic impositions implemented by the GOP, I can say that this article is pretty much spot on.

      Oh, and as for your buzz words and fox talking points, they don’t work with us. Trying thinking for yourself once in a while.

    • Gandalf

      As mentioned in the article, not every Republican believes in the things listed. However, you are complicit if you vote for Republicans that do, and a majority of Republican representatives in all levels of government do believe these things (or put on a show of believing these things to keep their seats). What you actually believe is unimportant if your vote goes to someone who is extreme.

  • Shell

    Sad thing is most of the conservatives I know would totally agree that all of these ideologies are what they want for America but completely deny that it resembles Iran in any way shape or form. Sad, sad sheeple.

  • De Neice Kenehan

    In an Authoritarian government, like Iran, there is a high degree of SUBMISSION by Authoritarian Followers to the established, legitimate authorities..

    Also, AGGRESSIVENESS directed against various OUTGROUP members is sanctioned by established authorities. These may be minority ethnic groups, immigrants, women, homosexuals, feminists, poor people, or intellectuals.

    CONVENTIONALISM – there is a high degree of adherence to social conventions that are endorsed by society and its established authorities.

    Tribalist/Cultist INGROUP COHESION. Authoritarians and followers use religion to erase guilt over their acts and to maintain their self-righteousness. These `fundamentalists’ are the most prejudiced members of whatever religion they belong to. They strongly believe in group cohesiveness and `loyalty.’ They Insist on traditional sex roles. They accept unfair and illegal abuses of power by authorities, such as police or their political party. They trust leaders who are untrustworthy.

    They show Hostility & Fear Toward socially-designated Outgroups and would

    Punish severely `common’ non-violent criminals in a role-playing situation.

    Admit they get pleasure from punishing others.

    But go easy on authorities who commit crimes and people who attack minorities.

    Be prejudiced against many racial, ethnic, nationalistic, and linguistic minorities.

    Be hostile toward homosexuals.

    Support `gay-bashing.’

    Be hostile toward feminists.

    Volunteer to help the government persecute almost anyone.

    Be mean-spirited toward those who have made mistakes and suffered.

    Be fearful of a dangerous world.

    The AUthoritarian personality shows Faulty Reasoning. Are more likely to

    Make many incorrect inferences from evidence.

    Hold contradictory ideas leading them to `speak out of both sides of their mouths.’

    Uncritically accept that many problems are `our most serious problem.’

    Uncritically accept insufficient evidence that supports their beliefs.

    Uncritically trust people who tell them what they want to hear.

    Use many double standards in their thinking and judgements.

    Profound Character Flaws–they tend to

    Be dogmatic.
    Be zealots.
    Be hypocrites.
    Be bullies when they have power over others.

    Help cause and inflame inter- and even inner-group conflict. They are aggressive and pick fights. Their language is disrespectful toward others, eg use sarcasm and name-calling.

    Seek dominance over others by being competitive and destructive in situations requiring cooperation.

    Blindness To Own Failings. They are more likely to:
    Believe they have no personal failings. Avoid learning about their personal failings.Be highly self-righteous. Use religion to erase guilt over their acts and to maintain their self-righteousness, eg “God’s plan.”

    In western nations, Authoritarians have a conservative economic philosophy, do not believe government should help people; believe in social dominance; are ethnocentric; highly nationalistic; believe the government should regulate birth control; support capital punishment; oppose gun-safety legislation; say they value freedom but would undermine the Bill of Rights; do not value equality and oppose measures to increase it; support voting suppression; skepticism about science; faith-based vs fact-based belief.

    –Bob ALtemeyer, Univ of Manitoba “The AUthoritarians” and “The AUthoritarian Spectre”

    • Aldous

      Kudos for quoting Bob Altemeyer!!! Can you imagine the shift that would occur in this country if FAUX News were taken off the air and replaced with 24/7 lessons from “The Authoritarians?”

  • Keith Hammond

    This article is one of the best illustrations of how seemingly intelligent, well educated people have on idea what they are talking about. These points that he makes have nothing to do with Republican ideals or any type of Christian values that I am aware of. Yes, there are probably some radical Republicans that believe all of these things or some of them. But if you look at liberal beliefs or what the Democrat party supports, we would be much better off. Democrats have pretty much run the education system, media and entertainment for years. Look at our schools in liberal strongholds like Chicago, Detroit, and many other inner cities, as well in the rural south. We already have a theocratic education system in our schools. The religion of liberal theology is taught. How well has that worked out? Let me see… what else do you guys run into the ground? Most of your media outlets like newspapers and mainstream news are tanking. How well do you treat your base of voters like minorities. Keep them barefoot and pregnant and on the government dime. They do not need a father and mother at home as long as they have a mother and the government. Through some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world, the true “War on Women” is being waged on unborn women. When you look at cities and counties that have been controlled for years by liberal policies, you will see these cities and counties forced into financial problems and bankruptcy. When your policies lack accountability, no one assumes responsibility. And we are seeing what happens when Democratic ideology is in power. Our country’s foreign policy, is confused. People that own businesses never know what new healthcare, environmental or tax policy is going to be crammed down their throat. When our leaders speak, they speak of climate change, gay marriage, and gun laws. They are afraid to discuss jobs, national security, term limits for congress, or our insolvent social security system. Next you post an opinion, write an article or just spout off, understand what we have now is a far cry from a society like that in Iran. Oh yeah, I almost forgot how we abandoned the Iranian protesters a few years back that were screaming for freedom. The admin we have now will endorse known enemies of our country, but we throw our strongest allies like Israel and Great Britain under the bus all the time. I could go on and on about the ignorance displayed in this article, bit I will quit. Goodnight and God Bless! Keith Hammond

    • Rufnuk

      He’s just another rabid liberal spouting lib propaganda

  • imapayne


  • Grace Kelly

    I sure don’t want to be living in Iran, or a theocratic USA . Thanks for the Democrats,

  • john

    there are some problems with comparing republicans versus democrats and social conservatives versus social progressives. you will find both social groups in both political parties. I am a Christian, a libertarian and have gay friendpts. To be Christian is defined as living like Christ. Christ said the most important thing to do is to love one another.

  • 3amArt

    Just the fact my local school system teaches “both” sides the beginnings of life on our planet. You know, the scientific one and the fairy tale one where the earth was populated twice through two incestuous families, speaks loudly that these dominionist whack jobs have far too much influence as it is.

  • EXACTLY! Extreme conservatism or Talibangelicalism is DANGEROUS to the American way of life.

  • Republicans = Talibangelicals

  • Robyn Kern

    I Love your columns Allen!!!

  • Nathan Buchanan

    Just because something is disallowed by the constitution really means little to Republicans. If they don’t know it is illegal or unconstitutional they are also counting on everyone else being as uninformed as they are about it.

    They will make whatever law they want, even if it has already been ruled unconstitutional and dare you to stop them or sure them. They are banking on having way more money to finance their ideology than you do to fight them and they will just keep doing what they want and try to buy judges until they find one that is for sale and swiftly have him appointed to their cases.

    Already bought a couple Supreme Court judges, why not buy a few in lower courts too?

  • Emily Hartsell

    “Homosexuality would be veiwed as an abomination” ? Psh… It would be outright legally reprimandible….

  • D.j. Maverick


  • katherine norton malek

    Americans have NO right criticizing the Middle East for embracing the Taliban, or Germany, for embracing Hitler’s ideology. What we have here is exactly the same and it’s growing. People better wake up & vote them out. The only thing they have yet to do is make Jews, and all so-called non-Christians register & forfeit their money & property. Voter suppression instead.